7-5-2020 (Reposted from 8-9-2015) DREAM: Earthquake in California & Radiation Falling

Back on 4-11-98, I had this dream, which I feel I must share:  Earthquake in California & Radiation Falling

Zechariah 14:12 – “And this shall be the plague with which the Lord will strike all the peoples that wage war against Jerusalem: their flesh will rot while they are still standing on their feet, their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths.”


I was going to be in a movie. I was NOT the “normal” choice for an actress. In other words, I did not fit the “Hollywood image.” Some time during the dream, I saw buildings move and sidewalks splitting. . . an earthquake! Shortly after that, something happened that caused radiation to fall on the city. I saw people who had to wear scarves and things because their hair had fallen out. I also saw people whose face looked red (as if it had been burnt), with their skin mottled. I remembered how remarkable it was because these had been people who had been very particular about their appearance: they had previously gotten face lifts and had been overly concerned about their physiques.


The United States is under God’s judgment, for turning away from His saving grace through Jesus Christ. Hollywood has spewed forth evil into the world causing many to stumble and fall. It has projected evil, violence, death, rape and murder, while lifting up demonically inspired depths of depravity, glorifying that which the Heavenly Father hates. It has lifted up hands and voices of defiance against the Holy Creator of all, blaspheming in word, thought and deed. The Mighty Hand of the LORD is against those who have used innocence for gain, corrupting the minds of all, both rich and poor, young and old.



Most people are aware of the likelihood of “THE BIG ONE” occurring some day in California, so a prophetic dream is not necessarily adding to that knowledge. However, this dream highlighted the radiation that will occur at the same time this earthquake occurs. What came to mind is the possibility of radiation coming from nuclear power plants in California, that will be impacted by an earthquake (similar to what happened in the 2011 Japan Fukushima disaster, that is still impacting the globe).


Nuclear power plants in California: http://www.energy.ca.gov/nuclear/california.html

Japan Fukushima nuclear disaster : http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/Safety-and-Security/Safety-of-Plants/Fukushima-Accident/

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