7-4-2020 (Reposted from a 1990s dream on 9-16-15): The United States – Cataclysmic Event, FEMA Prison Camps, Provision for (True) Christians

2 Timothy 3:1-5 –But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these.


July 4,2020 update:  The “cataclysmic event” discussed in this dream is related to the comet that WILL hit our planet; it is JUDGEMENT written about in Revelation Chapter 8 (please consider reading that whole chapter).


DREAM (1-18-98, Warning: Graphic Content)
A major cataclysmic event had occurred. I was inside a tall building, in an elevator, which rapidly descended, while the building around me disintegrated. I went outside.


There was no more gasoline for cars.  imageWater was scarce.

Some Christians figured out how to make and to use fermented wine to pour into their cars, which would allow them to drive. The wine took one year to ferment.

The time lapsed and I saw a married couple that I knew, filling their car. The Christians were trying to get to St. Louis.

I only had one bottle of wine, which would only fill the tank. My husband and I got into the car and started driving.

There was a message from my Mom telling us of a place where food was available and things were fine. We got to that place, which was off of the road, on the left-hand side. It looked like a place where people would normally stop to have a picnic, however, the people who were there had to set up camp to stay.


The problem with the place was that wild foxes were allowed to run loose in the camp. People were not even supposed to feed the foxes. The people were not allowed to kill the foxes.

The people at the camp had access to a shower across the road, in the town.

I watched how the foxes seemed to have free reign of the area and I did not like that. I wanted to leave, but didn’t say anything.  My Mom and Dad were there and said “the only problem is that the foxes are here 2 months out of the year, but it’s not too bad.”

There was a man who said he wanted to leave. My husband said he wanted to leave also. Then a group of men stood up and said “we’ll show you what happens when somebody tries to leave.”

Then they got both sides of my husband’s mouth and ripped his lips from one side of his face to the other. They then ripped off the top of his head and smashed his brains as they threw his head to the ground. I was horrified! I knew I couldn’t say anything or that would also happen to me.

I said “where’s the shower? I want to use the shower.” People acted as if nothing had just happened. I crossed the road to go to the shower, and also to leave the area.

When I got to the place that had the showers, I went inside. It was a trap. There were men only in there. Somehow I was able to leave there safely, with God’s intervention and protection.

I then started walking down the street and saw this woman carrying a mesh bag with a few groceries.image  I asked how much it cost. She said $6.00.

Then the Bible verse flashed through my mind “a measure of wheat for a day’s wages” (Revelation 6:6).

I knew I was still around during the tribulation.

I kept walking and saw a small church, then went inside.


My sister, Karen, was there. I also saw a tambourine near the door and picked it up. There was a sense of Divine protection over the church. They had water and the people did not seem affected by what had happened “in the world”.

My sister took me downstairs where they had showers and clothes to give to people. She took my old clothes and threw them into the washing machine (they were black pants and a turquoise green jacket and shirt).

I washed my hair, which was very dirty. Yellow came out of it. It took me three times of washing to get my hair clean. I was given a white dress that had different types of flowers on it. I felt safe there.




The United States is under judgement as a nation, for turning away from the LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. There ARE true believers and followers of Jesus within the United States, just as the prophet Daniel was within Israel when Israel was judged; the righteousness of Daniel and those like him, did NOT stop the judgement of God upon the nation. The righteousness of the true believers and followers of Jesus will NOT stop the judgement upon the United States, BUT. . . there will be protection and provision for those who are TRULY in Christ, who Know Him and He knows them.

Some will die as martyrs. Some will be taken captive. Others have been and are even now, being called to leave the country. Some will be called to defend, but must do so under the leading of the Holy Spirit, or they too will be caught up in darkness, from hatred and anger, which opens up a door for the demonic spirit of violence. Grace will be given to ALL to “endure until the end.”

I am not sure what the “major cataclysmic event” will be . . yet feel it is imminent. I also now know the United States IS UNDER JUDGEMENT, but it’s to turn people back to JESUS in repentance.


– Cataclysmic Event(s) in the United States
– Food and water shortages
– No access to gasoline for cars
– FEMA PRISON CAMPS. . . where you will NEVER be able to leave and people will die there
– PROVISION & PROTECTION BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. . . FOR ALL TRUE BELIEVERS & FOLLOWERS OF JESUS . . but caution. . . we MUST, MUST, MUST be led by the Holy Spirit and OBEY that leading, or we will NOT make it in the days ahead.

FEAR NOT!!! Keep trusting in, leaning on and relying on JESUS to carry you through the worst storms this planet has ever seen.


REMEMBER: All true believers and followers of Jesus are “Citizens of Heaven”. . . pray for an eternal (Heavenly) perspective of your life. We are here now to serve the LORD Jesus in the way HE wants us to serve Him. Each person has a calling on his/her life and it will NOT be the same for each person. SEEK THE LORD and Ask Him to clarify what you must do in these final days.

What if you can’t hear His voice? SPEND MORE TIME WITH THE LORD in prayer, reading the Bible, worship and even just quietly enjoying His presence throughout your day. You can’t have a strong, intimate relationship with anybody that you don’t spend time with; how much more so, for the LORD Jesus Himself?

Jesus is coming back for those who have PASSION for Him and who are in love with Him. People who spend time with Him and yearn for His presence. If you find you are struggling in focusing on Jesus, spending time in prayer, Bible reading, worship . . . then you are LUKEWARM!!! REPENT (which means turn back to JESUS . . . your First love). . . ask HIM to help you; He will even help you with that.


*NOTE:  I believe there is more interpretation for this dream, but the basic understanding is here to share with you now.


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“Hosea, Come Back to Me” by John Michael Talbot

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