1-30-16 – Two DREAMS: The Bride of Christ Getting Ready

Psalm 117 –

“Praise the Lord, all nations;
Laud Him, all peoples!
For His lovingkindness is great toward us,
And the truth of the Lord is everlasting.
Praise the Lord!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Revelation 19:6-8 –

“Then I heard something like the voice of a great multitude
and like the sound of many waters
and like the sound of mighty peals of thunder, saying,
“Hallelujah! For the Lord our God, the Almighty, reigns.
Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him,
for the marriage of the Lamb has come
and His bride has made herself ready.
It was given to her to clothe herself in fine linen, bright and clean;
for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.”



I’m going to give the interpretation of these two dreams first, then share the dreams, then give you the detailed interpretation of the dreams. I pray that ALL who read this are TRULY spiritually ready for the LORD’s return.




We are in an amazing time, where the LOVE of the Heavenly Father will be seen by those who are truly serving and following Jesus, Hebrew name Yahshua.



Both of these dreams point to the Bride of Christ getting ready for the return of the LORD Jesus.

Spirit Bride

It will require going to the highest spiritual level possible, with the Holy Spirit, so we can be fully surrendered to the LORD.

We MUST listen to and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit.




Holy SpiritWe will be undergoing a greater “death to self”, that will remove all that hinders us from entering into the place prepared for us by the LORD Jesus.

We MUST use ALL of the gifts we have been given by the Holy Spirit, whether we like how it “looks” or not, it’s STILL a part of who we are in the Body of Christ.



We MUST come out of the worldly system, as well as have that worldly system removed from us.


OUR generation is THE last generation this Scripture refers to:

Luke 21:29-26

Then He told them a parable:
“Behold the fig tree and all the trees;
as soon as they put forth leaves,
you see it and know for yourselves that summer is now near.
So you also, when you see these things happening,
recognize that the kingdom of God is near.

Truly I say to you,
this generation will not pass away until all things take place.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.

“Be on guard, so that your hearts will not be weighted down
with dissipation and drunkenness
and the worries of life,
and that day will not come on you suddenly like a trap;
for it will come upon all those who dwell on the face of all the earth.
But keep on the alert at all times,
praying that you may have strength
to escape all these things that are about to take place,
and to stand before the Son of Man.”




I was with a group of women, waiting at an elevator. We all went into the elevator and somebody said,  “we’re going up”.

Quickly somebody pressed the button for the 117th floor, before any of us could choose the floor we wanted.


The elevator started going up at a normal pace, then accelerated more and more as we went up.

When we got to the top, the door opened and we were instantly and quickly plunged off of the building into the water below.



I remember crawling out of the water, completely soaked, then headed into the hotel to find my room. I was told my room was behind the beauty shop.

Baby water

I saw people learning cosmetology, along with regular clients there as well. I found my room behind the beauty shop and went inside.

Beauty shop


As I was waking up, I knew this dream was about the Bride of Christ getting ready.

Bride jesus


Psalm 117 came to mind, related to his dream:

“Praise the Lord, all nations;
Laud Him, all peoples!
For His lovingkindness is great toward us,
And the truth of the Lord is everlasting.
Praise the Lord!

I started drifting back to sleep and this song came to mind (yes, the same song from my post yesterday):




I was at the house I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, located on Fairview Street. I was in the process of planning my wedding and working on the details of the wedding.


I took some speakers, electronic equipment and music outside to set it up in the yard so I could listen to it.


I didn’t know it was set up to turn on as soon as it was plugged in and I didn’t know the volume was loud.
I plugged in the equipment and out came some blaring music that was quite loud. My sister didn’t like it and rather than turning down the volume, she unplugged it.


Another part of the dream I was looking at the wedding glasses that had flowers embossed on them.


The flowers looked like white hydrangea, which bloom in the Summer time in Missouri.

I wanted to smear royal blue onto the glasses, but it didn’t look right, so I removed as much as I could, but it was still there on the glass.

I was also getting other items of the wedding prepared. These were all located in the back room of the house.



The Scene changed. Doc Marquis, a former member of the Illuminati who became a Christian, was going to make my wedding cake.

Flower cake

He wanted to see some of the wedding items, so he would know what type of cake to make, which he did.

It had the same white hydrangea flowers on it as the wedding glasses.

~ End of Dream




As I’m typing up this post, the following song keeps coming to my mind:




Both songs (above) that came to mind refer to the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit and being led by the Holy Spirit (John 14:26).

Holy Spirit








Dream One –

Standing with the group of women at the elevator, refers to those who are waiting on the LORD. . . Those who want to be a part of “the Bride of Christ” (Revelation 19:6-8).

Stepping into the elevator is a picture of stepping into the position and calling on our life (Matthew 22:14, 2 Peter 1:10).

Somebody else choosing to press the button that takes us to the very top, is a picture of the Holy Spirit wanting to take us to the highest spiritual level possible, to prepare us for the return of the LORD Jesus.

Floor 117 refers to Psalm 117.

Stepping out of the elevator, then being plunged into the water, is a picture of stepping out of our “comfort zone”, and into the FULLNESS of the Power of the Holy Spirit . . To be Baptized in the Spirit (Acts 1:5, Acts 2:38, Matthew 3:11, John 3:5).

Getting out of the water and heading into the room prepared for me, located behind the beauty shop, is a picture of going through all that we must go through to be ready as “The Bride of Christ”, so we can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, the place that Jesus has prepared for us (John 14:2-3).



Dream Two –

The house I grew up in, on Fairview Street is a reference to “the church”, which is in fair condition right now and NOT ready for the return of the LORD Jesus.

All of the details of planning the wedding and getting ready for the wedding is a picture of all that we must do to “work out our salvation in fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12), to “pick up our cross daily” (Luke 9:23) and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit (John 14:26, Luke 12:12).

The electronic equipment that had to be plugged in, then the music came out loudly, which my sister didn’t like and unplugged it . . . . is a picture of the general “body of Christ” not wanting to hear the anointed “Word of the LORD” or prophecy/revelation given through His people. It’s viewed as undesirable, unwanted and something that is generally ignored and even despised. (Jeremiah 7:13, Jeremiah 25:4, Jeremiah 29:19, Jeremiah 35:15, Jeremiah 5:21, Ezekiel 12:2, Mark 4:12). Rather than taking the revelations to the LORD in prayer, they are generally ignored/avoided.

The White Hydrangea refer to summer time and the days we are now living, THE FINAL GENERATION, where Jesus Christ returns for His Bride (Luke 21:29-36).

The smearing of royal blue on the glasses, then trying to remove it represents wanting revelation and prophecy to be a part of my life, but not wanting the negative consequences that it has had in my life . . . It doesn’t “look right” to most professing Christians. It’s mostly not received by most professing Christians and is generally ignored.  Note: Royal blue in my dreams generally refers to Heavenly revelation/prophetic, in the “dream language” I’m given by the Holy Spirit.

Personal note: At one point, I laid down all of the gifts and didn’t want to have anything to do with the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit, except prayer for healing.  However, the Holy Spirit wooed me back into a deeper walk with the LORD in 2011 and had me again pick up the gifts and step into the calling on my life, even though it still “doesn’t look right” to the majority of professing Christians and comes with rejection, verbal abuse, mocking and  scorning.

BUT, I still had to accept this role and so must each and every person who professes to be a Christian: to accept the calling on his/her life, or they are living in rebellion, which is sin and that means he/she will NOT enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. . . It’s into hell he/she will go in that state of sinful rebellion (1 Samuel 15:23).

Doc Marquis represents leaving the world system and stepping into the calling we have on our life, from Kingdom of Heaven. The Holy Spirit will help us with all of the details in our life, if we allow Him to lead and guide us (John 14:26).







RESPECTFUL COMMENTS are most welcome in my “virtual home”, here on this blog, where the LORD JESUS CHRIST, Hebrew name is Yahshua, is lifted up and the TRUTH is being told.





AND ——– >

I don’t need to hear why you don’t believe what I share. I’ll tell you again, to take these posts to the LORD in prayer. I won’t engage in debate. . . time is too short. . . I’m too weary and it’s a WASTE of time!!!

If you have honest questions, yes. . . Or not quite sure, that’s absolutely understandable, some of this stuff is difficult for me too, so I must seek the LORD for confirmation and FULL TRUTH, just like you.

If it’s to bring the “you are wrong” comments. . .no. . . Those won’t be posted, Nor will the comments of Mockers & scoffers, those with hateful comments, and those who bring discord. . . .

POOF!!! There They go . . . Comments Bye-bye to the trash!!!!





ANY ADS LOCATED ON MY BLOGS ARE NOT MY CHOICE, NOR DO I ENDORSE ANY OF THE THEM. . . I have a free account from WordPress, which may place ads of their choosing on my posts. I suppose it’s a good example of “you get what you pay for”. Currently “free” is all I can afford, but THANK YOU JESUS, I’m able to do this at all.


80 thoughts on “1-30-16 – Two DREAMS: The Bride of Christ Getting Ready

  1. Thank you SO much for posting this!! This has brought me confirmation & a renewed desire, hunger & spirit to chase after my King💕 Daddy is awesome & you’ve blessed me in ways I can’t even describe!!!! Thank you so much for being obedient to God & the call he has on your life. Woman of God you’re doing amazing things for the kingdom! God bless you & I love you! 💜✝


  2. I hadn’t noticed any NW locations for mounds either, deb but I didn’t click on all the links that were available the either. I can tell you there is a LOT of tribal land there though.


  3. Linda, did not see any burial mounds listed for the NW but I am sure with all the Native American culture there are lots of things, maybe even hidden.

    Off to see the hand doctor, please pray for divine apt and supernatural wisdom and healing. I will touch base when I get back.

    Love you all so much!


  4. The post on Debra’s page was the 2nd time I’d seen it online since Friday. I’ll share the link later this afternoon.
    The Hunger Games books were if, reads (though I was disappointed with how she concluded Book 3: Mockingjay).
    I’ve already seen trailer for 5th Wave. I don’t believe I’ll be able to watch the movie, though.

    I saw The Maze Runner & (thought) couldn’t wait to see Scorch Trials. How wrong I was. I do not plan on reading or watching that series.


  5. I believe you are on the trail to uncovering more truth, Kenzel . . That will be very sobering and eye-opening at the same time. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you and show you TRUTH as you walk forward in this search.


  6. Although I have not heard any sirens, ear ringing or shofar sounds — This morning when I woke up I felt an overwhelming sense of urgency. A sense that there is very little time left before Judgments begin and people will have to make the decision to follow the Lord while they still can. May whatever is to happen, cause more people to come to the Lord, Amen.


  7. Thank you and Yes we are, Peggy . . . Yes we are living in “The Book of Revelation” . . .
    When the asteroid hits this planet, a few more might “get the clue”


  8. Thank you, Kenzel. If you have a link, can you share that?

    I didn’t watch the Hunger Games, but Dave read the books and told me about them.
    One of the newest movies that is out, I believe, also “tells” what they have planned and that includes an “alien invasion” (but remember, that will be FAKED . . They will use both fallen angel technology and blue beam technolog. . . Some of it will be real and some of it will be projected. . It’s ALL planned by the “elite” . . . . The future lake of fire swimmers are going to do to subjugate the masses). Here’s a movie trailer from “The Fifth Wave”:


  9. Linda, thank you so much for this Word and follow-up comments. My best friend also hears the Shofar blowing occasionally. She started hearing it about 6 month ago. God bless!


  10. Linda,

    Interesting link you shared about the “mounds.”
    After our emails last night I also did a search. The whole star gate thing is totally confusing to me but I did find that those areas I mentioned have been labeled as regional centers of “dark” worship and practices. I’m not sure how “d” activity and stargates might be related, though.
    I will say this, there is a reason that the “Twilight” saga was set in the PNW, it was not a coincidence.


  11. GMO mosquitos. I noticed on Debra’s twitter account she shared the link where Donald Sutherland addresses the real meaning of the Hunger Games. I saw this video last week. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s worth the couple of minutes. It is interesting to watch. And Sutherland did a masterful job of portraying “Snow.”

    The real reason for my comment: If anyone here has seen the Hunger Games, do you recall the scene where Katniss knocks down the Tracker Jacker nest?


  12. Take a look at this recent video created by Jason A. The Truth May Scare You: EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS! (2016): https://youtu.be/j2hxkH19WrU
    It has a ton of current events on it. Some include: demonic television series, satanic worshipers, large volume of unexplained animal deaths, strange noises, unexplained shaking, new diseases with no cure, a company that claims it now has ability to view “entities” in real-time, bizarre weather, and just a host of other information.


  13. FOLKS . . . I’m going to be offline for a while today. I need to process this dream and have some quite time. So, if you don’t see comments posted for a while, you’ll know why.
    Blessings all and HANG ON TO JESUS . . . There’s a bumpy ride ahead.


  14. OH MY, Stig-Ove. . . That’s so difficult to consider a 12 hour shift.
    I know for Dave and me it’s really a challenge sometimes, so we just cut as many corners as possible . . Now it’s turned into a circle LOL. . No more corners to cut.


  15. Yes, Peggy, even now I hear that Shofar/Air Raid Siren sound as I’m typing this reply.
    I also know the dream I had in the early morning hours was a warning dream that I must write up, thanks to you sharing that warning from Ali.

    About the Ohio Valley, I “just so happened” to be looking for info regarding ancient burial mounds and their location and noticed there are an unusually high number of them in the Ohio Valley area. That may very well be related to ancient “star gates” or demonic practices, I’m not sure, but I find it interesting that is something I looked at yesterday. Here’s the link to that:

    LIst of Burial Mounds in the United States


  16. Linda,
    Thanks for sharing. Do you still continue to hear the Shofar/Air Raid Siren?
    The ringing in both of my ears continues. It has “stepped up.”

    Also, in the above post, Ali Winters gives a word about “The Ohio Valley.”
    In her January 16th post, “The Ohio Valley” is defined as Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. The date given in that post– for problems to begin there is MARCH 4th. (“MARCH FORTH”?—– my idea— could mean simultaneously that evil will March forth AND TRUE BELIEVERS IN JESUS CHRIST WILL MARCH FORTH!)


  17. My personal experience of late is that im being pushed lower and lower because im trying to live an life that the bible talks about, having family etc the traditional thing.
    Most of the laws and restrictions as the economy tanks are hitting the future of society, child families.
    With the current level of tax i would have to work 12 hours per day to make means end.

    And would you know it those kind souls at the Imf suggested 12 hour workdays in Finland and at the same time while we have about 10% of the population on welfare they bring in migrants because we are in short supply of educated workers.
    Its good i have been able to prepare a little before SHTF scenario.
    How do you make it as families or individuals in north America?


  18. Stig-Ove,
    Thanks for reminding us in your first sentence about the truth of how we will be viewed.
    It will be a trial by fire….. a refinement by fire.


  19. Very sobering words, Peggy. We shall see if this unfolds. I do believe we are on the edge of the beginning of the Tsunami waves of judgement. I didn’t sleep very well at all last night. . . I feel a deep grief.


  20. Also this is a test for christians if the love of life is greater than the love for Jesus. Once you are marked an narrowminded bigot who endangers everyone with your archaic beliefs!
    The people of Christ will soon go through testings like never before and its good Christ shortens this time.

    Bless your blog ut is needed!


  21. That’s where they released the GMO mosquitos. . . And yes, it truly goes along with the global elite “depopulate”, as well as another reason for people to scream for a new vaccination. So they can kill people off, help to give reason why the predominantly Catholic countries will want to offer abortions, and make money all along the way.

    They also know this virus will spread throughout the globe and at some point in time, it may very well become a mandated vaccination (even possibly mandated with a bio-identification system . . Oh, let’s say, THE MARK OF THE BEAST). . . Where people will turn you in, if you didn’t get that, for fear it could spread a horrific disease. Can you see where this horror show could go? AND why Christians or others who wouldn’t take that mark (or vaccination) will be hated?


  22. Francis Boyle also an bio weapon expert was interviewed on infowars and he came also to the same conclusion. Its an weapon of depopulation specifically targeted at the southern part of the world.

    So we are seeing Matthew 24 step by step!


  23. I really like your interpretation of “Fairview Street.” That’s the church alright. And I love that first dream, every symbol was significant.

    On dying daily, the Lord has been speaking the same thing to me.
    Thank you for your ministry to the Body and Bride of Christ.
    Much love and many blessings.


  24. “HEAD’S UP” . . . According to Dr. William Mount, who shows documentation on this 4 min video, the Zika Virus is connected to the Rockefellers (see link below). Now. . . Start visualising praying for these babies, asking the Heavenly Father to reverse that man-made curse and to supernaturally bless those babies with fully-functioning brains. Also visualize yourself praying for any who have that virus, that they will ALL be healed in in the name of Jesus, by the blood of Jesus. GET READY FOLKS . . . SUPERNATURAL HEALING AHEAD . . . So start believing it. This is going to be NECESSARY because of the evil being unleashed upon humanity.

    Here’s the video:

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Almost everywhere I turn today there is something that gives me Holy Spirit goosebumps. I am so, so blessed to feel an extreme blanket of the power and safety of God Almighty today. I know so many are feeling the darkness and urgency and I have too. Today is a blessed relief!


  26. AMEN . . . May the Heavenly Father dispatch warrior angels of HOLY BOLDNESS to surround you and protect you as you move forward in what the LORD wants you to do, in Jesus’ name. Amen and AMEN


  27. All,
    I am spontaneously requesting prayer. I just now had to shut my laptop down. I knocked my water glass over, not once, but twiceand my laptop was involved! It somehow turned “on” even after I thought I shut it down and did some weird stuff. I have shut it down again and hoping for the best…
    Lord, I pray for peace and grace. ❤
    – Kenzel


  28. Deb,
    That truly correlated perfectly with this article.
    It was unusual, beautiful, and so appropriate for this urgent time.

    Hosea 2:19 states “And I will betroth you to me forever. I will betroth you to me in righteousness and in justice, in steadfast love and in mercy.”

    That’s probably God speaking to His people, Israel. But I’d like to believe it applies to the Jesus speaking to His Bride, too. Note that “I will betroth you” is repeated TWICE in the verse. That implies EMPHASIS!

    P.S. I keep getting a RINGING in both ears that reminds me of an alarm sounding and sounding in the background of daily (supposedly “normal”) life.


  29. Deb, that was an AMAZING video that TRULY spoke to my heart. I hope all listen to it. I’m putting the link here again .. . Just to be sure it goes through:


  30. Agreed thank you Linda for posting that Book Of Matthew film -will watch that this afternoon – Lord bless you.


  31. GREETINGS EVERYBODY, If you would like to watch what I believe is one of the BEST movies made of the Book of Matthew, here it is (below). Much of the movie was filmed in South Africa. I actually got to visit the site they used for the “Temple” scenes. I truly believe they captured the depth of emotion our LORD Jesus had when He walked on this earth, not like some of them who show Him all sunken-cheeked, not smiling and no laughter. I do believe you will enjoy this, but it’s quite lengthy, so may need an “intermission” break (just like in the old days, when movie theatres or drive-in movies had them). Blessings 🙂


  32. Very welcome, Bette. I believe I’ll be reducing my time on the Internet as well. More time needed with the LORD, for I sense we have only a little more time for “prep” before the tsunami waves of judgement start hitting globally.


  33. Blessings to you Linda,I have not been on the internet much right now…..Thank you for sending this…..When you know the truth ,the truth will then set you free…….The truth will everyone know,whether they adhere to it will be another matter…….Shalom!!!!!


  34. You are welcome, Kirsten and yes prayers for Brittany, that her heart will be opened to and fully captured by the LOVE of the Heavenly Father for her. That all blocks and barriers in her life will be removed, so the full truth will be revealed and she will be set free from all that bind her, in Jesus’ name. Amen and AMEN.

    Blessings to you, Kirsten and (((BIG HUGS)))

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Thanks Linda. There were some things I needed to be reminded about. Righteous acts are the clothing of the bride of Christ. Blessing you. We are all firmly in the grip of his love and grace. Please pray for my daughter Brittany. Something is up in her life this weekend. I don’t know what it is. I’ve been up for a few hours praying for her. Love Kirsten

    Liked by 2 people

  36. Thanks for sharing that. I’ve seen that news information. Hard for me to even pull up news with Mr. Sulfur’s picture in them — it makes me want to bring forth the contents of my stomach 🙂 LOL.


  37. Now IF i were an american Liberty minded constitutional Christian which im not, im a finnish swedish Liberty minded have to live under social democratic valvet glove tyranny.
    But back to the point Obama is topping his hand and Only christians with the royal straight flush of Christ can beat his four aces of islam, idolatry, ingeniousness, impiety.

    Take this people to prayer because IF this is not a warning Very little is!


  38. Here James, another news item: Obumbum-antichrist is scheduled to speak at a Mosque in Baltimore, where the Imam condoned suicide bombings:


    Visualize the movie “Back to the Future”, with the actor saying “HELLO, MCFLY!!!” . . .
    I mean really, what’s it going to take for the Koolaid drinkers to realize Obumbum is a Muslim, he hates Christians and he is the antichrist. . . .
    Most won’t see it, even when they stand in line to get their bio-identification marks, rolled out under obama-could-care-less.

    But hey, what’s “the Word of the LORD: OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST” . . . Nothing to most people. . . Absolutely NOTHING!!! But the warnings have gone out.

    Ok, stepping off of my “WAKE UP PEOPLE” portable soap box, but ready to grab it and stand on it again at a moment’s notice.


  39. Yes mam or frau i did an excellent post and the Japan radiation could Very well be what the book of revelation says is one Third of the sea dying.
    IF the timeline is since Israels rebirth we would be just 2 years short of 70 years which is in itself a marker because IT gives max 5 years for the 7 Year tribulation to start or IT has started already.

    So give or take Max 14 years to Go IF 1948 is the baseline!

    But you have as always valid arguments and i stand like a horse tied before the saloon eating the hay of facts looking at My own hay deciding which to eat. 😁


  40. May the Holy Spirit help us all to know the truth. . . Sometimes what we analyze with our minds, is not the full truth from the Spirit.

    Let’s stay with “Biblical Reasoning”, Stig-Ove and look at all of the global events taking place right now. The Scriptures that come to mind, in light of the “Biblical Reasoning” are these:

    Matthew 24:22 – “Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.”


    Mark 13:20 – “Unless the Lord had shortened those days, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom He chose, He shortened the days.”

    While analysing info based on Israel’s rebirth, which would place it would have been 1948 . . . But, “unless the LORD had shortened those days. . . . “. . .
    I don’t believe this planet can make it even 10 more years, if you just look at the radiation spilling out from Japan for several years now.

    Also, Obama-antichrist and Pope-false prophet are alive and ready to take their full end times roles on the global stage.
    The global economy is looming on global SPLAT. . . Setting the stage for the “cashless society” and the Mark of the Beast to be mandated.

    Check out JCSouthwest’s news info on his blog today . . . He also discusses planet Niburu being spotted . . . Which, according to several who have been tracking it, may have impact on this globe this March. So, no, I don’t believe this planet can sustain the way it is going for even 10 more years.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. The Shofar was blown in the prayer/fellowship conference that Bette & her husband hosted not long ago. That sound is truly amazing and you can almost feel it clear the air of anything that will try and block a closer relationship with the Lord. I know they are also blown as a sound of warning — I’ve heard many of these on youtube videos — quite amazing.


  42. Once again i feel in my spirit you are right.
    Now that generation thing since Israel was reborn as a nation.
    I found 2 possible interpretations, the bible defines a generation as 70 years or 80 if its powerful.

    Based upon what i read its either 70 to 80 years to the arrival of Christ from 1948 Israels birth or the same amount of years since Israel conquered the temple mount in 1967.

    One of this it might be because Israel is identified as the fig which Jesus commanded to bear no fruit in the gospels.

    Im loathe to put times but if it is 67 that counts we might have to wait until 2047 for his return.

    Just biblical reasoning no timesetting here, i have sometimes been labeled killjoy because i ruin fun with facs. This however is just reasoning on scripture not fact.


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