6-26-2020 (Reposted from 5-9-16) ~ I Saw Obama’s Face Shifting into a Reptilian Form

Folks, I’m re-blogging this from a Z3News Post that I did, dated 7-22-15.  This is a (repulsively disgusting) vision that I had about THE AntiChrist, OBAMA (EWWWW!!!)



5-10-16.  In an interview, L.A. Marzulli describes the antichrist will be a “Nephalim” (part human-part fallen angel), with DNA from Satan . . . This interview is another confirmation to the vision I had about Obama-THE-antichrist turning into a reptialian (part human-part fallen angel).  Here’s the link to this (less than 30 min) interview:


“Here is yet another opportunity to “get on the full armour of God, because the verbal onslaught is about to commence…” I was walking around my apartment . . . .”

CLICK HERE FOR THE ARTICLE—-> I Saw Obama’s Face Shifting into a Reptilian Form

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