9-19-16 ~ What Does This Mean: “To Pray to the LORD”?

Matthew 6:5-15 ~

When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites;
for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues
and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men.

Religious pharisee

Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.
But you, when you pray, go into your inner room,
close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret,
and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.


“And when you are praying,
do not use meaningless repetition as the Gentiles do,


for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words.
So do not be like them;
for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.
“Pray, then, in this way:
‘Our Father who is in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
‘Your kingdom come.
Your will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
‘Give us this day our daily bread.
‘And forgive us our debts [trespasses/transgressions],
as we also have forgiven our debtors [trespassers/transgressors].
‘And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.’

For if you forgive others for their transgressions,
your heavenly Father will also forgive you.




Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus (Yeshua) and hello to those who do not know the LORD (hopefully it’s a “not yet”).

Baby    I felt prompted to share with you a really SIMPLE understanding of what it means to “Pray to the LORD”.

Ready? Get your pen and paper out (or get ready to write on your iPhone, iPad or computer). . . .

Lady writing pen

It’s this:


Baby wow    WOW and WOW again!!! Yes, it’s THAT simple!!!

Lukewarm question

Just talk to the LORD like you would your closest friend, sharing ALL with Him: your hopes, fears, concerns, joys, tears, frustrations, anger. JUST TALK TO HIM LIKE YOU WOULD A CLOSE FRIEND.

You do NOT need to use any special words, like some people do, thinking it’s more “holy” to use the King James Elizabethan language, such as “Thus. . . Thine. . . Thou . . . Doest . . .”    UGGG. . . NOT!!!


Tell the Heavenly Father what’s on your mind. If you have sin in your life that you just can’t seem to get free from . . . TELL HIM!!! Ask Him to forgive you and to help you. HE IS WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!


Another thing you do NOT need to do is have a special “prayer closet” or “get on your face” or kneel or wait for a particular time. . . . NOPE!!! It’s ANYTIME . .. ANY PLACE . . . And about ANYTHING. . . YES, ANYTHING!!!


So, my friends . . . You can get some ideas on what to pray about or how to pray from others. . . . BUT . . .

Throw out those printed out, prepared, prescribed (and truthfully . . . BORING and RELIGIOUS prayers, because you are repeating somebody else’s) prayers and  . . . . .

. . . .  get rid of that Elizabethan language when you pray (who talks like that to people in “real life” anyway). POOF!!! OUT IT GOES!!!! BYE-BYE!!!



Holy Spirit

Here’s something else that’s really important for you to absolutely know:

REPENTANCE and asking for the LORD’s forgiveness, actually brings you closer to the Heavenly Father. . . . It removes sin from your life that is a barrier to intimacy with Him. You see, sin in your life is like a baby with a stinky, poopy diaper . . . EWWWW!!!


So PLEASE REPENT from ALL of your sin, because it REALLY STINKS in the nostrils of the Father.

Baby uh oh

Go to Him, he will forgive you, when you repent and ask for forgiveness . . . Turning away from sin and HE forgives you, which cleans you up. 


Also, remember to FORGIVE ALL who sin against you. If you don’t, it’s SIN!!! Unforgiveness is like YOU going to another person who has poopy diapers and putting them on. . . . EWWWWW!!!!  YOU STINK!!!!!


Enjoy your increased personal intimacy with the Father . . . .HE LOVES YOU, even more than the Dad of a newborn baby loves that baby and remember . . . Repenting from ALL sin and forgiving ALL who sin against you . . . . is just getting your spiritual poopy diaper cleaned up.

Dad baby
NO UNCLEAN PERSON CAN ENTER INTO HEAVEN (Revelation 21:27), but you can get cleaned up NOW from your sins, by repenting, asking for forgiveness and turning FULLY to Yehshua, who died for YOU!!


Don’t wait another moment. . . . TURN TO JESUS (Yehshua) RIGHT NOW. . . Today may be the day YOU die and step into eternity. Are YOU ready?


John 3:16


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Remember, we are Ambassadors of Christ. Let’s act accordingly, for the Heavenly Father IS watching us.


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38 thoughts on “9-19-16 ~ What Does This Mean: “To Pray to the LORD”?

  1. Matt Smith (Z3 news author) of the America 2016 poem shared this prophecy by
    a PROPHET ESTHER HADDASAH. I have never heard of her. I believe that Matt seems reliable in his discernment.
    The part in this that stuck out to me is “This is the same thing that is going to happen in this land [America] in a FEW DAYS.”

    Those words caught my attention since Linda had made a comment today on the previous post “ANY DAY NOW.” ALI WINTERS seems to be saying “in the coming weeks.” It seems like we could be getting very “close.”

    As Linda always says, read, pray, and take it to the Holy Spirit. [I just saw lavendar light.]

    Posted by Matt Smith
    September 19, 2016 3:49 pm
    Go to the link, or you can read it here

    Beloved, this morning the LORD woke me up and put me in a place of prayer. As I prayed He told me to open the book of Exodus 10 and read verses 22-23.

    “So Moses stretched out his hand toward heaven, and there was thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days. They did not see one another; nor did anyone rise from his place for three days. But all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings.”

    I read them out loud and as I got done, He said to me, “This is the same thing that is going to happen in this land [America] in a few days.” There is going to be total darkness over the land.

    And then I said, “Is this going to be metaphorical or is this actually physical?” And the LORD says “It is going to happen,” and that when it does, may things are going to be affected.

    Networks will be completely disrupted. Communications will be completely disrupted. Systems, important systems, would crash down and that many things will be crippled in the nation. Many things. Transport systems and everything else.

    We know that many things depend on power, and the LORD told me that this time, there are people will attempt to try and solve this by themselves, but they will only end up causing chaos.

    He showed me people who were restless and unable to sit in one place, and some people actually went into looting and just people who were driven by crazy thoughts, crazy thoughts, and they began to think of weird things they will do. A lot of notoriety and it would overwhelm the police, and if it does, then there is a possibility that the Military would be the one that would have to take care of the order.

    The LORD said to me that unrest is going to be there, because this is a national crisis. And when there is a crisis and there is no proper crisis management, people get irate and people get mischievous.

    The LORD said this is what we need to do. In the event that this thing happens, which He said will happen in a matter of days, we need to have a stock up of batteries, lots of batteries. We need to have a stock-up of torches that use batteries.

    We need to have a stock-up of basic medication. Those that depend on a daily does of medication need to purchase their medication and have it with them. People that need pain killers must that as well. People that depend on inhalers and certain kinds of injections must purchase that in advance and keep it with them.

    And we must have our warm clothes ready. And apart from the warm clothes, we must have our shoes ready as well.

    The LORD told me what we need to have a good stock up of bottled water and non-perishable foods in cans or in packages, because it might not be possible to warm food or to have cooked food in this period.

    The LORD also told me to tell us, that when ever this thing happens, wherever it finds you, stay there! Do NOT attempt to move. Do NOT attempt to move because it might not be safe. It might not be safe!

    The LORD told me that the Police will try to do something, but will be overwhelmed. And therefore, there is a high chance that the military will be the law keepers. Hence a situation likened to Marshall Law might be in place.

    I also had the LORD telling me that there might be an assassination attempt on a national leader, and that this is something we need to pray for. Because if this happens, or should this happen, then it definitely will lead into more chaos. And what I saw was trouble after trouble, because of people just not listening to what instructions they were receiving.

    Then I heard the LORD telling me. “New York City must be speedily evacuated!” because New York city is facing a threat that is massive and of a very high magnitude.

    The LORD told me that there is something destructive, catastrophic that is about to hit New York City and it, it can flatten the entire city down. And that the government and the authorities need to evacuate people. They need to evacuate the city NOW, before this thing happens.

    The LORD says there are many innocent lives of children, pregnant mothers, people that are completely helpless who need to be saved, but the instruction must be followed.

    The LORD told me that He did not want any man to perish, and this I know is the heart of the Father. He does not want any man to perish and that is why He warns us of such things even before they happen. Amos 3:7 – “The LORD will reveal everything to His prophets.”

    The LORD also reminded me, that I should not keep quiet at a time such as this. That even though it looks like it is a bit scary to speak out such things, those who are covered by the Blood of Jesus, those who know the LORD and hold onto the LORD, call onto the name of the LORD, they shall see the salvation of the LORD.

    The LORD guarantees us safety if we obey all the instructions He is giving in this time.

    Beloved, i am a Citizen of Heaven. I am here on an assignment that was given to me by the LORD Himself and I believe that is we join up as Citizens of the Kingdom of God and join hands to pray, that it will be well.

    God told me that I must proclaim a three days fast. Now, I have started my fast from today for the next three days and I am kindly, humbly asking that whosoever is led to joining in this fast, whether you are in the U.S. or not. But you know you are a Kingdom Citizen.

    Let us pray for America.

    The LORD told me that this thing, some of them are inevitable, some of them are inescapable, because the souls of men must be turned back to God. That God might or will allow some things to happen, not because He wants a man to die, or because He wants a country destroyed, but because He wants the people to humble themselves and turn back to Him.

    I believe that the LORD has good plans for this nation, because He told me that after certain things happen in this land, America will turn back to Him.

    He has shown my a big group of remnant in this country. He has shown me this in visions, people that are praying, and He has told me, He has told me, that I am one of those that he has called to stand with this nations at a time such as this.

    I am asking us, to raise our voices in prayer over this nation.

    Yes, many things God is warning about, because He cares and because He wants people to be saved. But He reminded me that in the days of darkness in Egypt, the Israelites were safe. In the days of the plagues of Egypt, the Israelites were safe. God is guaranteeing safety to those that call on the name of the LORD!

    He told me that our only weapon in this time is the Blood of Jesus. Let us continually plead the Blood of Jesus, even over this city.

    Yesterday I happened to be in Manhattan, as the explosion happened, but I thank God because I was there praying. I was there speaking in tongues, and when it was just about to happen, the LORD told me an explosion was going to happen. An explosion is about to happen, but it will be negated.

    I thank God, because He is our salvation. When He calls us to do things and we obey, we bring about that salvation and deliverance.

    My Brother, my Sister, it is not a time to be in fear; it is not a time to be in panic. We are hidden in the arms of the Lord. But we must know that He will speak about everything before it happens. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

    Somebody! New York needs to be evacuated!

    Somebody! There is about to be a national, a national blackout of total darkness. Pay attention!!

    The LORD said, take your notes in a booklet. Write everything down that you need to remember, because our [electronic] devices will not work. We will not be able to do any Facebooking, or any networking, but just call on The LORD.

    I am praying and I am praying for mercy and I know that God who hears our prayers, He is in heaven hearing us. He says to me, “As you fast, pray that ONLY My Will shall be done in America!

    Pray and plead the Blood of Jesus upon all those that are helpless, the little children, the innocent ones and the entire place.

    And you shall see that My salvation shall come speedily to all those that depend on me.”

    Be blessed my Brother. Be blessed my sister. Take caution as the LORD has told us and everything will be well with you. Amen!

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    1. FOLKS, as Peggy said. . . Take that prophecy to the LORD in prayer. . . AND be led by the Holy Spirit in ALL things. I must confess, I have a problem with somebody who needs to put a title like “PROPHET” . . “PROPHETESS” . . “APOSTLE” to their name. . . It’s not necessary and puts an unnecessary barrier in the body of Christ. Anyway, that’s my “soap box” moment for today.

      Just make sure you pray about those words (and ALL prophecy shared). I already had two people ask me about it in a private email. What I will say is this:
      Indeed, the USA is under MAJOR JUDGEMENT. Many, many calamities, tragedies and horrors will happen here. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE HOLY SPIRIT AND OBEY HIS LEADING. . . Otherwise you likely will not be able to fulfil that which you were created to do.

      I feel I’m about done posting on this blog, unless the LORD lays more on my heart. I feel what I call a spiritual silence. Things are about to go LIVE. Either you KNOW and TRUST the LORD or you don’t. . .it’s that simple. If you don’t. . . STOP NOW AND SEEK HIM WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART. You may not have tomorrow.


      1. Linda,
        In all fairness to Esther Hadassah, I copied “Prophet Esther Hadassah” from someone else on Z3news that mentioned the prophecy before Matt Smith. I thought that I would include the title only because I had never heard of her before, and thought perhaps others didn’t either. I just located her prophecies/articles here on “His Kingdom Prophecy.” I even saw one article where she writes AGAINST titles as you have suggested, Linda.

        Also, the part about fasting that she mentioned sounds like a really good idea right about now!

        Esther Hadassah’s word here seem questionable to me.
        “I believe that the LORD has good plans for this nation, because He told me that after certain things happen in this land, America will turn back to Him.”

        Other than that, the prophecy seems like it could be quite credible. The overwhelming content of the prophecy focuses on the critical nature of the hour and that seems correct.

        And in all fairness to you, Linda. I quoted you in my post above as writing “ANY DAY NOW.” You wrote that it COULD be ANY DAY NOW (or something to that effect). You did not specifically write that something WOULD happen ANY DAY NOW. I really didn’t mean to mis-quote you. I do apologize for any mis-understanding that may have caused!!

        Also, I wouldn’t blame you Linda for closing the blog for now as it seems like we all need to “fast and pray.”



        1. Hi Peggy,

          No apology needed. I just want to be sure folks truly get the point of praying about all of these prophesies. I’m actually glad you included that title, because it’s another point for me to address (my own personal bias, if you will).

          About this blog. . . I don’t plan on closing it down. What is going to happen, however, is this:

          When things GO LIVE on the dark side. . . So too will those who are fully in Christ. . . GO LIVE for ministry. That includes me.
          There will be much too much work to do for this virtual world. Also, it’s quite possible there may be a barrier to continued postings from the Beast System.

          Regardless, I’m still feeling what I call a spiritual silence. . . A sense my job with this blog is about over (with posting), as I get ready to GO LIVE; this will be what I have fully been created to do. . . “For such a time as this”. BUT SO WILL ALL step into their full calling/anointing.

          Now, what I’m also sensing as a POSSIBILITY . . There may be a time delay between the Darkness GOING LIVE and anointed people from the Kingdom of Heaven. . . GOING LIVE. Again, only a POSSIBILITY, I’m not positive about that, but be prepared for some rough times. Some of us will be stepping into eternity “AND SUDDENLY” . . . Ready or not.


          1. I want to thank you Linda for your blog, it has been so important in my life as so much is confusion out there. I happened to like that prophecy and if it is wrong then I am truly sorry for liking it. I appreciate your careful guidance and discernment in these things. God bless! Andrea


          2. Hello Akdoig,

            Discernment is truly something needed in our day and time, particularly related to prophecy. It’s for each person to take these things to the LORD in prayer for confirmation. It’s also for each person to utilize wisdom in applying that which is given as prophecy.

            While there may be words, dreams, visions that are given “in the name of the LORD”, there is also an increased mixture within the prophetic community. There may even be a “Word” given that’s mostly right, but that means there’s still a “mixture”, which is actually quite dangerous, for it may give people false hope.

            It’s much better to hear the full truth, than to hear a partial truth that may lead to deception.


        2. Hello Peggy,
          Here’s a comment from “Carmackian”, that went into an email, instead of on the comments by mistake, but both you had discernment about that statement regarding America. Here’s the comment:

          Hey Peggy, that is an interesting and pretty intense prophecy that you shared with us. Some of it seems to line up in that we are all expecting a major Calamity soon including the destruction of New York City. I feel like that calamity will likely involve loss of power and chaos just like the prophecy stated.

          One area that was sort of a “check in my spirit” was this sentence :

          “I believe that the LORD has good plans for this nation, because He told me that after certain things happen in this land, America will turn back to Him “.

          Although on some levels, I agree with that statement in the sense that after judgment there will be a level of repentance and a great harvest of souls. But Part of me interpreted that sentence as if there was going to be a great revival and America would become a godly nation again?

          I believe the fall of America will lead to the full blown end times Beast system/tribulation and there will be no nations on earth ” coming” back to God…. Especially Babylon. Once America falls, the one world system will be implemented and the man of lawlessness will deceive and rule the world.

          That part of the prophecy seemed a little “off” to me but it may have been just how he worded it? I do not believe the revival of America after the judgment is biblical considering the times we are in. Rather, the rest of the world will fall like dominoes immediately after our demise bringing about the worst time in human history. Also the part where he called for a three day fast seemed off to me as well .

          The Lord usually convicts me of when I need to fast. It is different for everyone. This prophecy made it sound like fasting could help prevent this three days of darkness judgment?

          I will always pray for mercy in the midst of judgment and I do go through periodic fasts when I feel led to but I’m not feeling that now.

          I believe judgement is coming no matter what and God has brought me to a place where I am not to pray against that anymore. Granted, the author of this prophecy did insinuate that the fasting and prayer would be for the will of the father rather than to avoid the judgment. Something about it just didn’t feel right to me. However feelings can get me in trouble sometimes :). I don’t always trust my feelings but trust the word of God.

          Anyways, I just wanted to contribute my two cents. My discernment maybe off here which is why I would like feedback from others on their thoughts. I will definitely be praying to the Lord to show me confirmation about this and hope that he brings clarity on it soon.


  2. PRAYER REQUEST from Steve Quayle’s “ALERTS”:


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    1. Here’s HAWK’s Thursday (9-15-16) broadcast:
      [audio src="http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/survive2thrive/091516.mp3" /]

      Here’s HAWK’s Friday (9-16-16) broadcast:
      [audio src="http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/survive2thrive/091616.mp3" /]

      You can copy the http and paste it in the browser bar, OR, for non-geeky people, go to this site and access the archives, for September 15th and 16th).


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  3. I’m learning all the time to stand firm in the Lord and yesterday I had over an hour long conversation on the phone with that reiki practicing lady. She got mad at out little church for calling her out of that practice. But yesterday’s talk with her brought progress and we finished it by me praying for the Holy Spirit to clean her of any unclean spirit to make her a fit habitation for the Spirit of Liberty, the spirit of the Lord.

    And I used my own words putting in scripture as backup. Making headway for the Lords kingdom as all here wish and want!
    New York might be up for judgement as pastor Paul pointed up in the video you posted the other day and Peggy posted that long prophecy! Times are becoming tough, Christs own get tougher as the word works in them!

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    1. Yet, another friend had a dream last nigh of a tornado and hail storm hitting her area, but even though she saw her friends/people she knew in the dream what she saw, was tall buildings like NY. Her words.
      I saw this as a two fold warning so am praying for her confirmation. The Esther video warning was truth yet am praying over the same things you picked up on it, along with the timing……timing or setting dates always gives me checks……..


      1. P.S. Over the past week there are now 2, as the one above not used to having visions or dreams. That is exciting! It’s showing Abba pouring out His Spirit over more and more


  4. Stig,
    The Word works for those that “work the Word.”

    Linda and All,

    I copied and pasted these two comments from Z3news.
    This sheds more light on “New York”— the actual birthplace of our nation.
    Judgement returns to the birthplace as Jonathan Cahn has instructed us in “The Harbinger”
    and other books.

    DeeVC September 19, 2016 6:14 pm
    Sadly the unholy Arch of Triumph went up today in Town Hall Square in NYC. Dear Lord “what just happened today”???!!. How sad for New York and America period. I’m so grieved. May God have mercy on us all. Please keep NYC/NY in much prayer. There are still some saints in New York who really love the Lord Jesus Christ. The “nerve” the Deputy Mayor said that it was a symbol against terrorism. No. It’s a portal for Satan!! This monstrosity is in the city for a brief period of time ( time enough for the enemy to slither through ), and the arch is headed for Dubai. Jesus cover us all with your precious blood and draw a blood line around us. Thanks for letting me share. I am so sad. Yet I trust Jesus Christ ( PS 91 and God’s word and love period ).

    Monia September 19, 2016 7:28 pm
    I was just coming in to make a comment on this as well. yes they put the temple of Baal arch in City Hall for a week. Look they also consider it a symbol of freedom read this on article someone posted on FB. The location of the arch, which is very close to the World Trade Center, is also significant, Glen said. “What could be more appropriate than to have this symbol of freedom in front of City Hall, so close to where we had our own challenges?” http://www.theverge.com/2016/9/19/12972504/palmyra-arch-of-triumph-isis-3d-replica-new-york-city- wow how defiant America continues to become. Yes we have to continue to pray.


    1. Thank you very much, for sharing that, Peggy.

      We also need to be aware. . . . Obama-THE-antichrist is scheduled to speak at the UN on Tuesday, 9-20-16, to “define his global leadership” (I know EWWWW!!!):


      And Obama-THE-antichrist is schedule to speak with Israel Prime Minister on Wed, 9-21-16. Here’s a quote for the link (below the quote):

      “With America’s support for Israel reaffirmed by this deal, however, Obama will seek to push his own view for peace. According to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, “The meeting also will be an opportunity to discuss the need for genuine advancement of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the face of deeply troubling trends on the ground.”


      NOT GOOD FOLKS!!!!
      ANY TIME the USA has pushed that agenda. . . The Heavenly Father’s judgement came back upon us in retribution.


      1. Details can be found in Israel omen 1&2 by David Brennan.

        As Linda stated that is serious business messing with Gods work!


  5. A word through JEFF BYERLY (holyspiritwind)

    Monday, September 19, 2016
    How Much Longer Shall Judgment be Held Back?

    The Lord of all spoke these words to me:

    What more should I say about the coming judgment?
    Have I not warned over and over and over again?
    Shall I tell you, repent or a financial collapse will devastate your economy?
    Shall I tell you, repent or disease and famine will strike the earth?
    Shall I tell you, repent or civil war will erupt in your land?
    Shall I tell you, repent or foreign troops come and divide your land?
    Shall I tell you, repent or hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, meteors, and asteroids will cause calamities and destruction?
    Shall I tell you, repent because the fallen ones will ascend and descend upon the earth and rule over it until I return and destroy them with the brightness of My glory?
    Shall I tell you, repent or you will go through the great tribulation, hell on earth?
    Shall I tell you, repent or you will be cast into the lake of fire with Satan and all of his followers?

    I have spoken all of these things and more!
    All of these things will come upon this generation.
    Yet My words go unheeded for the most part.
    How much longer shall judgment be held back?

    The longer I hold back, the more the world mocks Me. They say “Where is the promise of his coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.” And they say things much worse than this!

    I AM the one holding Satan back and he would be more than happy to destroy you all.
    Most of those who claim to know Me in the “churches” are deceived. They believe that I have sent another savior! They say that prosperity and peace are on the way. Which is the one who speaks of Me and follows My ways? Is it not your flesh speaking? My concern is men’s souls not the comfort and ease of the lukewarm and spiritually asleep.

    There is no man or woman that I will appoint to stop or delay judgment, IT COMES NOW!
    My mercy and longsuffering are exhausted toward those who have turned a deaf ear to My warnings and stiffened their necks in disobedience to My laws.

    I cannot and will not change My laws or My word to accommodate man’s fleshly comforts and desires. My plans for you are for good and not for harm, I do not rejoice in the destruction of the wicked.
    Have you prayed to me with all of your heart or have you offered Me lip service with the lust of the world in your heart? You cannot fool Me!

    I hate religion, for it is man’s attempt to come to Me in his own way. It originated after the fall. It was not this way in the beginning. I walked with Adam and Eve in the garden in the cool of the evening until our relationship was severed by sin and they tried to hide from me. I gave My life on the cross to get this relationship back with all of you.

    I paid for your sin even if you never want to know Me.

    Most will not make it through the next few years on this earth without My hand of protection on their lives. It will come to pass that all who call upon My name, Jesus, will be saved.

    I love you all and want to spend all of eternity with you in paradise.

    Every one of you reading this message have been chosen to be with Me.
    Please give Me your heart.

    I came as a lamb, now I come as a Lion!

    Posted by HolySpiritWind at 10:19:00 PM


  6. Don’t quite know what to think about all this except I have a strong feeling in my spirit that something is coming, something that will make 911 pale in comparison. I have already had several things come together to confirm this in my spirit. And God’s timing with the Jewish holidays coming up. It feels like we are at the edge of a huge falling off point in this country and anything could happen at any moment ‘suddenly’. I am getting the same feeling I got before 911 happened about New York. It’s time to hang on and be prepared for whatever may come. God has been sounding warnings for some time now, and I just read Esther’s prophecy last night and prayed about it and then found it on your site (Peggy) this morning and had to read it to my husband. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach right now as I type this. Pray for NYC and this country, especially the unsaved!


    1. Nancy, I’m feeling the same thing, particularly about tomorrow, Sept 21st. Please look at my comment regarding the warning alert sent out by Russ Dizdar. Will tomorrow be “The Islamic Day of Wrath”?

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    1. Thank you for sharing the link, Peggy. I think that entity she describes in there may be the “Fake” alien Jesus/antichrist. Her description sounds like what UFO-ologists describe as “Nordics” and they look like this:

      It would add up that Obama-THE-antichrist would want that entity to be let in. . . Especially since he will be a part of “the alien reveal”.

      Here’s a reminder post about that:
      8-15-15 – ALERT DREAM – The “Alien” Jesus Deception | believeacts2’s Blog


      1. Oh, wow, Linda. That’s ingenious.
        I thought that maybe the blonde-haired attractive blue-eyed “thing” was obama shape-shifiting,
        but that didn’t quite “add up” because she stated that “o” let him in……meaning 2 separate entities.
        THANKS for that clarity!


        1. You’re welcome, Peggy. That’s what the Body of Christ is supposed to do and be. . . Helping one another. None of us can “do this” by ourselves. Hmmmm. . . I feel another post possibly brewing.


  7. On top of that, the pope is meeting in Jerusalem with Christians, Jews, and Muslims through September 23rd to establish what they have in common (one world religion). There’s much more to it than that, and there are videos available if anyone wants to get more insight.

    Are the signs of the times coming together right now– or what?


    1. There is also an alert sent out yesterday by Russ Dizdar, regarding Sept 21st. That is the satanic day of ritualistic slaughter. The following is quoted from the newsletter alert I received last night:

      .. Jesus taught/revealed that the work of satan in creating counterfeit ‘chosen ones’ would be done in secrecy (2Thess 2 the mystery-secret power/system of) in the night. Millions of satanic rituals are being done now monthly … because there are now so many who have be brought up in that dark underground.

      So Sept 21st-22nd millions world wide during the night in satanic secrecy-presence and in radical evil will perform a ritual so evil that it does bring them power and in it they seek ‘the powers of invisibility and cloaking from all who they attack and all who may be in their areas.

      They will shed blood and the powers they summon/raise and release will cause harm. It will all add to the goal the dark side has to…. ‘ lead the whole world astray’ Rev 12

      Satanic rituals are what fuels
      (the summoning and sending-releasing-receiving of demons) 0ppression, spiritual attack, darkness over cities and increases violence, the drug trade and deeper evil.

      It is designed to be done in secrecy so no one will counter it…


      1. Wow, Linda. I think it is a valid concern, and as you have mentioned, Russ is the “real deal.”
        I listened to several of his links which you provided on The Spiritual Warfare Link.

        Yes, in one of the videos, I do remember him emphasizing the importance to them of the various dates on their calendar.

        My opinion: their calendar is a direct and opposite mimic/counterfeit of God’s appointed dates and times on the Hebrew Calendar.


  8. I feel the Holy Spirit on me. YES, Linda. Let’s pray, pray, pray, and even fast as led.
    This is NOT “business as usual.”
    Our prayers could really make a difference for souls teetering in the valley of decision.
    My biggest concern is for human beings who have not made Jesus Christ 100% number one in their lives. If we don’t have the Holy Spirit, we have and are subject to unholy spirits. It’s just that simple.

    Choose this day who you will serve.


  9. I like being able to talk to the Lord anytime I want and in my own way. Simplicity in prayer and faith is what is needed. Nothing complicated. As many have stated: “there’s nothing to small or great for the Lord” .. just talk to him, ask question… Excellent Post by the way.


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