Matthew 24:11-13 ~

“Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many.

False prophets
Because lawlessness is increased,
most people’s love will grow cold.

Cold heart
But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.”



Folks, words can NOT adequately express my DISGUST
at the number and level of FALSE “prophecies” going out right now. . . . Giving people the FALSE hope that “all will be well”.

False prophet

There is also an INCREASED lack of wisdom and discernment within the PROFESSING “Christian” community that is absolutely mind-numbing, VERY disturbing.


I’m about FED UP right now!!!!


With the exception of some of my “blog buddies” (and others I don’t know who have been seeking the truth, with wisdom and discernment) I feel I’m shouting TRUTH into the winds of a desert, where the sounds get sucked into a vortex….. POOF!! Bye-bye!!!

Time dimension

. . . . . While the masses continue to AVOID the truth.


I KNOW PERSONALLY that I must DAILY and diligently seek the Holy Spirit for wisdom, clarity and discernment or I WILL get sucked into the vortex of deception too.


FOLKS . . This is NOT something to take lightly!!!


I can’t stress this enough:



Don’t assume you’re ok, for DECEPTION has oozed around the globe like a thick tar from the very depths of hell.


YOU MUST KNOW THE LEADING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT YOURSELF!!!! Only HE can and will lead you into the TRUTH and help you stay on the narrow path of righteousness.

Holy Spirit

I don’t have anything else to say right now, but know this:

I feel my time to continue posting on this blog is going to be coming to an end, for I sense I’ll be ministering to people IN PERSON.


LORD WILLING, This blog will still be up for reference, when I’m no longer posting.

I don’t have a time or date when my last post will be posted, but LORD willing, I’ll let you know. I do sense this is in the very near future.

Time clock



Wake Up warn

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Remember, we are Ambassadors of Christ. Let’s act accordingly, for the Heavenly Father IS watching us.

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37 thoughts on “8-15-16 ~ I AM EXTREMELY DISGUSTED!!!!

  1. The timing of this word is incredibly Inspired! My wife and I have been experiencing the deception that is engulfing this world, at an increasing rate, as we’ve been interacting with family and other people!! God has been showing us both about the deceptions and delusions that are prevalent and some that are coming (they’re at the door). God reminded me that some deceptions (actually many of them) are sent by Him in response to mankind’s choices. His Word affirms this Truth…

    The only thing I can say right now is this: AMEN, and that TRUTH is the antidote to deception, and TRUTH has a Name: Jesus!

    Blessings to you sister… Heb. 6:10


    1. It’s actually not only distressing, but very concerning to me, disciplinare. ANY of us, including myself, can fall into deception if we are not diligent in our walk with the LORD and diligently seek the TRUTH. That’s why it’s so important for ALL of us to pray about any “Words”, dreams, visions or prophecies that we read, watch or hear . . Including my blog posts. Make sure we get a confirmation (or not) from the Holy Spirit. It’s a great way to develop an ever closer walk with the LORD.



    1. Hello Aida,

      I’m not sure when I’ll stop posting . . . I only know it’s in the near future. It will be in the LORD’s timing and I’ll be ABSOLUTELY clear about it, when He wants me to stop.
      He did that with my LinkedIn account back in 2014 . . . Later (last year) with my Facebook account . . . No longer submitting posts on Z3News and I know it’s coming with this Blog. . .
      It’s all in the LORD’s timing and in His will.

      There are now over 200 posts on this blog, so there is quite a bit of resource info here, even when the time comes when I’ll no longer be posting.
      Blessings to you, dear sister.


  2. Timely word for me sister. This past week I’ve been drifting backwards, like a gentle tug onto more worldly living. Had a check in my spirit today that reminded me to whom I belong. We can’t let our guard down, even for a second.
    You are in my prayers.


    1. You’re very welcome, Sam. We EACH must be diligent in this area. I’m telling you. . This spirit of deception is SO THICK and so heavy . . We MUST BE SEEKING THE TRUTH. And we MUST be able to hear from the Holy Spirit OURSELVES.



  3. Linda,
    I’m with you. It is mind numbing. For sites to even post this “All is well in this world. Trump will save the day… ” or whatever, or whoever they say is going to turn things around, is confusing to a lot of sincere Christians.

    We have to be very careful to turn our attention to the Lord, to hear ONLY from Him in these times.

    God Bless!


  4. I agree too, it seems like we get several prophetic dreams/visions and then one that seems to come out in total opposition, very confusing!

    I still feel in my spirit that the Obama/Clinton forces will see to it that she gets in, and even if by some ‘miracle’ of Trump getting elected by popular vote I agree with the comment on Z3 of how he may not actually take the role of president because of some false flag event.

    Getting elected and becoming president are two different things and there is a time frame between the election and the inauguration where some kind of event could happen.

    It also bothers me how there are so many prophecies about how wealth is somehow going to come flowing in, that seems to also go against the Bible prophecy of money becoming worthless, an economic collapse or anything else monetarily related.

    Maybe I’m wrong, God knows I’ve been praying for a particular situation where my husbands inheritance was stolen from him and his siblings, and for God to eventually make this situation right. But there just doesn’t seem like there’s time left to expect things like that.

    Nathan Leal had a new audio about a dream he had that relates to the elections, Trump and some kind of ‘division’ coming. His website is http://www.watchmanscry.com.

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    1. Thank you for speaking up, Nancy. What does the Bible say about “wealth”?

      Matthew 6:19-21 ~
      19″Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”…

      SO . . . Folks focusing on material posessions (AKA, wealth) are not focusing on the things that matter in eternity. What if the “transfer of wealth” is actually the LORD removing the corrupt “ministries” and instead raising up the TRUE followers and believers of Yeshua. . . Where the Kingdom of Heaven is TRULY being exhibited. Now THAT would be a Heavenly “transfer of wealth”.

      Regarding Nathan Leal . . . I do believe he is a TRUE voice, crying out in the wilderness. . . “PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD”. Thank you for sharing that link.

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  5. Sis Linda,

    I feel that the Lord doesn’t even want me to warn anymore. Why? Because the people’s hearts are so hard and deluded. It’s like throwing pearls to swine. I feel frustrated because the world is getting worse and more insane and I just have to SIT and WAIT.

    But I also sense that things will flow like a river once the severe judgments begin (which I agree, is SOON). Hard hearts will start to break and some will actually want to listen! That’s why a part me looks forward to the judgments because I really want to see some movement for the kingdom of heaven, instead of increasing darkness and delusion in the land.

    Yet I know this time is a gift and I should enjoy it more. I’m torn.



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    1. Mike, I’m with you. Right now I feel the PRIMARY focus is helping those who want to be in the truth. . . To be ready for what’s ahead and to be a part of the “Bride of Christ.”

      I also believe once the tangible judgements are seen in our nation, it will be wave- – – upon wave- – upon wave. One thing right after the other. It’s to bring us to our knees and to bring as many souls into the Kingdom of Heaven, while possible.

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    2. Hello Mike,
      I wasn’t sure if I answered your comment or not, so I would rather repeat myself. Right now I feel the main thing we can do is intercede for the professing Christian community. So many are under deception, but with prayers, we can petition the Heavenly Father on their behalf. Also, to pray we individually don’t fall into deception; we can only rely on the Holy Spirit to help us in this.

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  6. I want to say that I have appreciated your blog since I have been receiving it. The truth to me is uplifting and encouraging. I often say I would rather know what is going to hit me than to be blind sided. I do feel frustration as I go through my day with people as the truth is obvious, sleep walking through life being apathetic and not wanting to listen. I have learned to move on when they won’t listen. Bottom line is that I appreciate your blog and getting it.

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    1. Thank you, Keenan. What we can so is pray for people (and mostly I find it has to be quietly in our heart) . . . That they WILL call on the name of the LORD in the day of trouble. This is why discipline is needed now. MOST souls are heading into hell and thinking all is well. So, so good ole whooping from the Heavenly Father is indeed needed so Satan doesn’t get so many souls sliding into the eternal flames. . . And that includes MOST professing Christians in the Western World today. 😦


  7. I just wanted to thank Nancy for posting the link about Nathan Leal. He is truly a voice crying out in the wilderness, and has endured many attacks by so-called believers this past year.
    Thank you Linda for your heart, and your ministry. Whether by blog, or face to face, I know you will do mighty works.
    Blessed be the name of the Lord. Blessed be His glorious Name.

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  8. I just started receiving your blogs and have been so blessed. When those sources of blessing have the potential for no longer being available it strikes me with great sadness and also a little of a panic feeling. That should and does shake me up to realize that my source is always and only Jesus and when I look to others, no matter how inspired those messages are, that I have a need to repent. I do have great respect for prophets and know that they pay a great price in terms of time and persecution and travail. I thank you so much for what you give as to the Lord. May God’s future assignments be richly blessed. Roxy


    1. Thank you very much, Roxy and blessings to you.
      Indeed Jesus is our source and HE will lead and guide us through the Holy Spirit that abides within each true believer.

      About this blog. . . I’m not sure how long I’ll still be posting, but there is quite a bit of info on here that can be accessed anytime. I’m also praying that NOTHING will be able to shut it down, so it can be used by the LORD, even when the global elite try to silence anything that raises up the name of Jesus (Yeshua).


  9. When it comes to my home country Finland my spirit tells me Russia will be fed up with us soon and the finnis’h people will know what it means to leave the Lord out of the equation.
    I have been looking at this foolishness in our country’s politics and instead of presenting an independent and trade positive face to Russia our politicians are pandering to eurocrat’s and Obama.

    During ww2 the finnish people collectively sought God and we were rewarded with an period of plenty lasting 70+ years. But foolishness has a price.

    Thx Linda for standing at the wall


    1. Hi Stig-Ove,

      In Daniel’s vision of four beast-kingdoms, I believe Russia is the bear:

      “And behold, another beast, a second one, resembling a bear. And it was raised up on one side, and three ribs were in its mouth between its teeth; and thus they said to it, ‘Arise, devour much meat!’” – Daniel 7:5

      I suspect the three ribs in its mouth are the U.S., Europe and Israel. So the bear has its eyes on all of us!

      God bless, brother.



      1. Yes a very plausible idea that one. But one could make a strongs concordance search of ribs and bear and see if there are any other interesting leads it might lead one too. Off hand here at work the bear sounds to me something that devours spiritually malnourished nations or things. Like Ezekiels valley of dry bones depicts Israel.

        Just a thought!


  10. I just want to add my thanks for your blog as well Linda. I feel the same way and find as long as I seek The Lord everyday on my own first before looking at all the prophecies out there it helps to remain on track with the truth. But it is still confusing when so many are not seeing the judgements that are upon us. Distraction is huge and my family and I just cannot seem to be able to find a church that preaches the Word with the conviction needed to live Holy and apart from this world, so we press on and keep praying and watching for Jesus to come amen!


  11. Just for openers the Bible says the whole world is deceived. The “great wealth transfer” sounds like the last gasp of the “prosperity message.” The hyper grace message is another effort of the enemy to spin us off course. The Devil is a liar and the father of lies. Those who are led by the Spirit of God they are the children of God.


    1. AMEN, Dolph.
      I believe there is too much emphasis on “the great wealth transfer” (kinda gives me a gag response actually). Also, the hyper grace message is another revolting false doctrine. I call it “greasy grace” and it is a LIE from the pit of hell.
      Grace is the ability to do the things the LORD wants us to do, that we can not do in our own strength and ability.

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      1. Here we are at the climax of all history, at the human race’s apex of six thousand years of rebellion and God is giving America a Moses???? America who has started war after war and destroyed the world’s financial system and polluted the world’s mind with pornography? Politics is a false religion. We must keep our spiritual hats on and not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.


  12. Linda,

    We made it up to Jim Bakker’s show today and saw Rabbi Jonathan Cahn – it was wonderful!! And then Pastor Bakker asked him the question I was dying to ask: ‘what do you think is coming for the country in the near future?’

    He had such a STRONG word, to sum it up he feels like the country has not repented as a whole and even the churches are lagging and are not preparing the flocks for what is coming, basically what we’ve been hearing.

    But he really stressed the importance of true repentance and how that just electing someone that may give us a small glimmer of hope of turning the nation back around, there would still have to be true repentance from the heart of the people to turn back God’s judgments, and that no one man could do that.

    He likened it again to ancient Israel and how they continued down the same path, slowly getting rid of the ‘reminders’ of God in their nation like we have been consistently getting rid of the Ten Commandments, prayer in schools, etc., and how in the absence of God in our nation it leaves a vacuum for evil to fill it’s place.

    Also if we allow (if we have a choice) Hillary to become our next president that he feels like within months we will see a drastic change in how our religious freedoms will disappear on a even faster scale, and how she is very much opposed to EVERY CHRISTIAN RIGHT that we still retain in this country, to expect persecution to begin.

    One more thing, he said that the one main thing that caused God to cause judgment to fall on Israel was the fact that they not only continued to ignore the warnings to turn back to God but the sacrificing of their children was one of their worst sins. And if ‘Hillary’ wins one of the things they are going to do is to start using tax payers money to fund abortions! I felt such a strong desire to go today and it was worth it, I feel the need to prepare even more so now.

    Friday (this is part of a Preparedness and Survival Conference/Revival that lasts through Sunday), and Friday he is going to have Steve Quayle, Gary Heavin and Pastor David Langford on his show, for anyone who would like to see them.


    1. How can they prepare them if they don’t talk with Jesus? I mean a two way conversation. They have to confess their sins so their heart is pure. They will never learn the plans Jesus has if they keep doing what they want. They need to repent and ask for Jesus’ mercy.


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