8-4-16 ~ INTERCESSOR ALERT!!! ~ Launch PRAYER Countermeasures: Target – Bioweapon: ZIKA VIRUS

Psalm 91

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress,
My God, in whom I trust!”
For it is He who delivers you from the snare of the trapper


Zika virus

He will cover you with His pinions,
And under His wings you may seek refuge;
His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark.
You will not be afraid of the terror by night,
Or of the arrow that flies by day;
Of the pestilence that stalks in darkness,
Or of the destruction that lays waste at noon.
A thousand may fall at your side
And ten thousand at your right hand,
But it shall not approach you.
You will only look on with your eyes
And see the recompense of the wicked.
For you have made the Lord, my refuge,
Even the Most High, your dwelling place.
No evil will befall you,


Pandemic plague

For He will give His angels charge concerning you,
To guard you in all your ways.


They will bear you up in their hands,
That you do not strike your foot against a stone.
You will tread upon the lion and cobra,
The young lion and the serpent you will trample down.
“Because he has loved Me, therefore I will deliver him;
I will set him securely on high, because he has known My name.
“He will call upon Me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble;
I will rescue him and honor him.
“With a long life I will satisfy him
And let him see My salvation.”

John 3:16


Greetings my brothers and sisters in Christ. I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit that TODAY is the day to LAUNCH PRAYER COUNTERMEASURES . . . .

Fire prayer


Zika virus

My prayer below (and please add yours as the Holy Spirit leads and please share this post with other prayer warriors):


Prayer Bowing


Father we PRAISE YOU for sending us Your son, Jesus Christ (Yeshua), who died that we may have everlasting life in eternity, reconciling us back to You. We petition You, as Your sons and daughters from the Kingdom of Heaven, to release the angelic forces to remove this deadly demonically-inspired, man-made plague called the Zika Virus.

We ask for Your Mercy upon us, Father, for these dark forces have plans to destroy humanity even before your people are born. We ask for a SUPERNATURAL Holy Spirit anointing to reverse the curse of this evil virus, for healing of ALL who have been hit by the Zika Virus. WE REBUKE THAT PESTILENCE IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. . . YESHUA OUR MESSIAH!!!

We speak healing and hope on those who have been harmed by this virus and we ask that ANY who have been bitten by these mosquitoes be UNHARMED and the virus be SUPERNATURALLY removed, by the POWER of the Holy Spirit. 

We thank you Father, for Your mercies endure FOREVER. We ask that this demonic plan be REVERSED and what was unleashed upon us to cause harm, will become TESTIMONIES of the TRUTH of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We pray that the number of mosquitoes unleashed upon us to destroy us, will INSTEAD represent DOUBLE that many MORE souls, that come into the Kingdom of Heaven, as retribution for this EVIL plot that originated from Satan himself. . . . AND those mosquitoes will be ALL Supernaturally destroyed.

We THANK YOU, Father and we PRAISE YOU. We ask that You hear our prayers. Let ONLY YOUR will be done. We petition You in the MIGHTY name of Jesus Christ, Yeshua Our Messiah. Amen and AMEN!!!

Prayer warriors armour


PLEASE, if you have not repented and turned to Jesus Christ (Yeshua) to receive the Free Gift of Eternal Salvation, or if you have fallen away and have not turned back to Jesus Christ (Yeshua). . . DON’T WAIT . . . DO THAT TODAY. . . For today may be the day you step into eternity.

Baby    Are YOU ready?


For Information About Salvation, please go to this link:

What is “SALVATION”? | believeacts2’s Blog

INFO LINK (please check this out):

——> Rockefeller Foundation Owns the PATENT to the Zika Virus:

Top 5 Zika Virus Secrets – Rockefeller Foundation Owns Zika Patent

NWO New World Order



David Rockefeller – “Depopulation” (meaning kill off/eliminate people from this planet):



Current Global Population: Over 7.4 billion

Planned Global Elite Population: 500,000,000 (according to the Georgia Guidestones)

Georgia Guidestones NWOGeorgia Guidestones NWO


Total PLANNED Destruction of People: 6.9 billion people . . . MURDERED!!!!

New world order



—-> The United States of America

Current USA Population (2014 stats): 318,890,000

Planned USA 2025 Population: 64,879,100

Total Planned Number of People EXTERMINATED In the USA: 254,010,900

Time Salvation



8-4-16 ~ DON’T TAKE THE ZIKA VACCINATION!!! . . This afternoon I saw this research about the Zika Vaccination (see link below).  We got a “head’s up” from the Holy Spirit about ZIKA.  Let the LORD heal and protect you . . NOT vaccinations!!!:


Here’s what Bill Gates, A “Global Elite” has to say about the REAL reason for vaccinations: TO REDUCE POPULATION GROWTH!!!



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32 thoughts on “8-4-16 ~ INTERCESSOR ALERT!!! ~ Launch PRAYER Countermeasures: Target – Bioweapon: ZIKA VIRUS

  1. Amen and Amen! Praying alongside all the other warriors! As a former resident of NY state, let’s just say that the Rockefeller family is not held in high esteem in my family… May God multiply His granting of repentance as we battle this plague of the enemy! Blessings to you sister, and all.

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    1. Thank you, Peggy and please launch some Warfare music on the piano. . . The sounds of an anointed musician I believe increase the efficiency of the prayers. ((((HUGS))) my sister.


      1. Thank you for the post and prayer. I’ve been warning everyone for months, since the incident reported on the Olympics and all the troops sent there. Praying with everyone. So far family simply changes the subject when I bring up the Zika virus being intentional. There’s a map of global outbreaks on Steve Quayle. It is spreading fast. Psalms 91. Shared your post on my FB page.


  2. Here in Finland its quite peaceful when it comes to depopulation. Its mainly because the finnish people are depopulating themselves by having too little children. The most prosperous region in Finland is what is known as the bible belt of Finland, go figure


  3. Linda, I don’t know if you realize but there actually is no real harm from a Zika virus carrying mosquito. It’s a hoax and there really is no harm from being bitten by these mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus. It is the pesticide spray they want to use on the public to eradicate this virus/mosquito that has all the harmful chemicals in it that will cause destruction and not the mosquito/Zika itself. Mike Adams makes this clear in the article you posted above. It’s the chemicals from the pesticides that caused the birth deformities in those babies and not the mosquito virus. The government wants an excuse to spray the population with deadly chemicals. That’s what we need to pray against.


    1. Hello Shelly and thank you for bringing that to my attention. I still felt prompted to pray against the Zika virus, so will keep the prayer up. I also agree the chemicals in the pesticides and what we’re being sprayed when they do the “chem trails” are causing us harm. . . We’re being bombarded with all types of biological weapons to “depopulate” the planet.

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      1. DON’T TAKE THE ZIKA VACCINATION!!! . . This afternoon I saw this research about the Zika Vaccination (see link below). We got a “head’s up” from the Holy Spirit about ZIKA. Let the LORD heal and protect you . . NOT vaccinations!!!:


        Here’s what Bill Gates, A “Global Elite” has to say about the REAL reason for vaccinations: TO REDUCE POPULATION GROWTH!!!


  4. Heavenly Father, we ask to cover everyone in the Blood of Jesus for exposure to any man-made Bio-Weapon. Those Bio Weapons may also have include HIV, Ebola and so many others that were released elsewhere and claimed to be new discoveries. May the Lord show mercy on all the Pharmaceutical companies and their employees that just happen to have immediate drugs that can either slow down the disease or get rid of it all together; not too long after the discovery of these “new unknown virus”. May the Lord have mercy on all those responsible for their part in these evil plans. May each and everyone of them repent before it is too late. In Jesus Name .. Amen.

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  5. This is slightly related: Are “they” also releasing very small “nanobots” so that our DNA can be altered by them? B. mentioned in a recent video that there were very small “demons coming down” (I think she said “the size of a pin head.” Since that sounded incredible to me, I asked a friend about it, and she seemed to think that the meaning of that was really “nanobots” (which could be considered demonic).

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    1. Howdy Peggy,
      Indeed what you are sharing is significantly related (not slightly related). While indeed there have been genetically modified mosquitoes released, the “chem trails” and sprays they are spewing out are even more deadly.

      The “nanobots” are smaller than the size of a pin . . . . Even the size of dust. These indeed are designed to change DNA and yes I do believe these are demonic; inspired by fallen angels.

      Here’s just an example of what the Luciferian scumbags are doing when they spray us like bugs (see following link about “SMARTDUST”:

      This is yet another reason why it’s important to have a clean heart/walk with our LORD and to pray protection over our lives. The blood of Jesus cleanses us from sin, but also protects us from these demonically-inspired evil plots and plans.

      Blessings to you, dear sister.


  6. Thanks for the increased clarification on that! I never heard of “smartdust.”
    I didn’t read the article yet, but it has to be “dumbdust.” (grrr…..)


    1. You’re welcome, Peggy.
      I recently signed up for some more “geeky” groups on Google+, so I can be as up-to-date as possible on all of this very creepy technology.


  7. There is even a video online somewhere, where Bill Gates releases mosquitoes into the public that are modified to inoqulate against malaria.

    Morgellons was said to have been nanoactivated producing fibrous growth under the skin.

    But there is even an more advanced tech than nano. Its called femtotech. It is said to be theoretical still but i doubt it.

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        1. Indeed, Peggy and we have authority to pray against them as well, because these are demonically “inspired”. When we are hidden in Christ, I believe these sulfur dwellers and their human minions have limited ability to “spy” on us . . . If we but pray and ask to be hidden from these things.

          Psalm 91:1 –
          “The one who lives under the protection of the Most High dwells in the shadow of the Almighty.”


  8. They have put a suggestion for a law into processing in Finland that would deny the normal monthly monetary aid for parents who wont vaccinate their children in Finland.
    People are in increasing numbers waking up to the biological and chemical hazards of vaccines and government puts the boot down on dissent.
    Parlamentarician mr Kärnä is behind the initiative to punish vaccine deniers.

    Its against the finnish constitution so its still in process.

    Looking at my own kids they are a picture of health compared to my sisters who have received all vaccines.
    So this is really demonically inspired lunacy!


  9. Thanks so much for sharing this info!!! Seriously, a church we USED to attend had Mrs. Gates come and speak for them a few weeks ago. None of the clergy seems aware of what the Gates really stand for and is perpetrating on people. Horrible!!!

    As a side note, I had a dream around a year or more ago of being chased by a Russian agent. He caught me and his assistant attempted to extract info from me via a needle/injection (truth serum). It wouldn’t work and his assistant told the agent…”it (truth serum) doesn’t always work.” Well, glory to GOD!!! He does in fact have us covered by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus, Yeshua.

    God Bless You, Linda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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