7-15-16 ~ INTERCESSOR ALERT: Pray Against Witchcraft Planned to Hit Washington, DC Christian Gathering (July 16, 2016, 9am-9pm Eastern)

Ephesians 6:12-20 ~

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood,
but against the rulers, against the powers,
against the world forces of this darkness,
against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.
Therefore, take up the full armor of God,


so that you will be able to resist in the evil day,
and having done everything, to stand firm.
Stand firm therefore, having girded your loins with truth,
and having put on the breastplate of righteousness,
and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace;
in addition to all, taking up the shield of faith
with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.
And take the helmet of salvation,
and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.


With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit,


and with this in view, be on the alert with all perseverance
and petition for all the saints,
and pray on my behalf,
that utterance may be given to me in the opening of my mouth,
to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel,
for which I am an ambassador in chains;
that in proclaiming it I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.”




Prayer warriors armour

In intercession today, I was praying about the “Together” Christian Gathering, scheduled for July 16, 2016, in Washington, DC; I got a really BAD feeling about this.


I continued to seek the LORD about this and what I sense is planned witchcraft against those who are gathering, along with the infiltration of witches, occult members and those who plan harm at the gathering.

I’m also sensing there may be participants in this “event” that are actually a part of the “New World Order” . . . “One World Religion” (UGGGGG!!!!)

New world order


Fire prayer

Here’s my prayer, please add yours as the Holy Spirit leads:

Father, I lift up this July 16, 2016 Christian gathering in Washington, D.C. to you, in the MIGHTY name of Yahshua, our Messiah. Please release the Angels of TRUTH, SALVATION, and DISRUPTION . . . . To go forth and shine the light of truth down on any and all who are planning evil . . That salvation will be granted to those who do not know You and let there be disruption of the plans of the enemy may it be STOPPED in amazing ways. I ask that you release HOLY PROTECTION over ALL of your people who are attending this event. That the POWER, POWER, POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT . . . . WITH FIRE is released. That those who are truly seeking YOU, will gain a supernatural understanding of YOUR love and turn to you in repentance, receive forgiveness and becoming SHINING LIGHTS for the Kingdom of Heaven. I ask for MERCY in this Father, that you will amplify the prayers of YOUR people to cover this situation by the blood of Yahshua. Let this be another VICTORY for the Kingdom of Heaven. We thank you, Father, that you answered our prayers to protect the police officers during all of the protests that occurred on July 15, 2016. PLEASE, LORD, continue to give us Holy Spirit Intel, that we can partner with YOU and come against the plans of the enemy that are outside of Your will for the discipline of our Nation. I ask for a HOLY, DIVINE HUSH come over the attendees of the event in Washington, DC. Show YOUR power, Father . . . . In a way that can NOT be ignored. I beseech you about this, as Your daughter from the Kingdom of Heaven. LET YOUR WILL BE DONE, in all of this, I pray in the name of our Savior, Yahshua.  AMEN AND AMEN!!!













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48 thoughts on “7-15-16 ~ INTERCESSOR ALERT: Pray Against Witchcraft Planned to Hit Washington, DC Christian Gathering (July 16, 2016, 9am-9pm Eastern)

  1. Folks, please remember the United States is STILL under judgement. However, we ARE given opportunities by the Heavenly Father to pray against some of the things the global elite have planned against us. This takes wisdom, discernment and the leading of the Holy Spirit, for we can NOT pray against the will of the Heavenly Father regarding the judgements decreed upon us.

    The judgement/discipline is NECESSARY to awaken a slumbering, lukewarm, rebellious people that have turned away from the Holy TRUE Heavenly Father’s gift of Salvation through Our Savior, Yahshua, who was and is and is to come.

    PLEASE . . . Seek your own intimate, in-love relationship with the LORD and listen to/obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. If you can’t “hear” or discern the will of the LORD for YOUR life. . . Then spend more time in prayer, reading the Bible and following through promptings in your heart by the Holy Spirit, for NOW is the time to do it, while you can. SOON, we will be in the full-blown crisis times and you won’t have the time to “practice hearing”.

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    1. Linda,
      Thanks for including the link to that August 2015 post. The list of “what’s ahead” looks very inclusive, and certainly worthy of review.
      I have a question about this part:
      ~ “One of the “aliens” will be a fallen angel masquerading as “Mary” (which occurred in the “Fatima” apparition); this will be a massive delusion, that most of the globe will embrace.”

      I DO agree that your statement has to be correct. It just leads me to this question:

      I suppose all of the “appearances” of “Mary” at the various locations: Lourdes, etc. (I can’t think of all of the places) were all demonic?


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      1. Indeed, Peggy . . . Those were ALL fallen angels, masquerading as “Mary” . . This will be one of the MASSIVE parts of the delusion that most of the globe will embrace. I can’t tell you the level of deception I was allowed to experience when given this revelation . . . It will be SO MASSIVE that any who are not fully dedicated to the TRUTH of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, listen to/obey the leading of the Holy Spirit and maintain a clean walk . . . WILL BE DECEIVED.

        If you do further research, particularly on the “Fatima” appearing . . You’ll discover the description is that of a “spaceship”.

        SO, I continue to pray for Wisdom, Discernment (and that includes Discernment of spirits) and Clarity for my siblings-in-Christ . . . Too many are “going along to get along” and are not using Wisdom.

        LORD HELP US ALL!!!


        1. Wow, this “Mary” deception will be a huge downfall of “serious” Catholics.
          They LOVE these “holy places” of “Mary’s” appearing and “holy messages.”
          Apparently, there has been “healing” taking place at many of the sites of “Mary” appearing.
          I suppose it’s a classic example as satan appearing as an “angel of light,” luring them in by the appearance of healing.

          Interesting that my husband (born into Catholicism) has always doubted the credibility of these “appearances.”


          1. Indeed, Peggy.

            Here’s a warning post, with research regarding the next “Mary” appearing (which will be a fallen angel):

            9-24-15 – The Soon-Appearing Fallen Angel, Manifesting as “Mary”, TO DECEIVE THE WORLD!!! | believeacts2’s Blog

            Also, for those who are not aware of the Catholic doctrines, “Mary” is referred to as “The Queen of Heaven” . . . Which actually was a demonic force worshipped in ancient times. . . .hello? Is anybody listening?

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  2. Amen, Amen and Amen sister in Christ, May God continue to bless you in his service and as a follower of Jesus. Your blog continues to help me in my journey. In his service

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  3. Praying in agreement Linda. We love the music you posted, as always but this was new to our ears.

    Your blog is and has always been an inspiration to me. Thank You Heavenly Father for leading me here to this place of God’s TRUTH, LOVE and PEACE….in Jesus Name, AMEN


  4. As I opened my front door this morning to let the” light” in…. I was greeted with an image of the CROSS over my house! Right in front. But…when I looked to the right I saw another one. I felt directed and so I turned to the left but my view was blocked by the tree in our yard, so I went upstairs and sure enough there was a third CROSS in the sky. Beautiful lines that formed three CROSSES in a perfect row in the sky in front and over my house. What could it mean?

    Only now and then do we see centrails here but it seems like the lines came from centralia??? OR NOT! Only how could that happen, lines in two different directions so close together. Either way…the LORD was also busy this morning, no doubt His hand was in this picture…AMEN

    I wish I had taken a picture.

    Please note…as I typed this the LORD corrected my writing His CROSS in caps. He would not allow it to be written in small letters the first time I wrote it. It took me three times to understand it was His will that it be in caps. As it appears each time after His direction…. I automatically wrote it in caps to
    honor His wishes.

    I’m humbled by His presence!!!

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    1. VERY interesting, Vicki. In the recent past, James (JCSouthwest) and I were walking Cody and we saw what looked like a pentagram from the chemtrail sprays. We rebuked it and prayed against it. We also asked that there NOT be any more of that and they would turn into crosses. We also pray that any spraying will be turned into Holy Spirit blessings. . . That any contaminates would be removed and the air cleaned/purified.

      In addition, there is the likelihood all of this chemtrail spraying will be used as a backdrop for the FAKE “alien invasion” that will use both blue beam technology, as well as actual back-engineered fallen angel technology. I prayed that if there are any hologram images projected up there, that they would break up and show pixels . . . That the FAKE images would look FAKE, for those who have discernment and are seeking the TRUTH.

      See, we do have more authority due to our citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven. As we partner with the leading of the Holy Spirit in our prayers. . . It’s POWERFUL.

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      1. I should have mentioned, the three CROSSES were not high in the sky like chem-trails normally are, they were just above my house, very close.

        Although I didn’t think to take a picture, I do know that our God is not a God that requires proof of all His messages and signs. He requires faith and trust that He is everywhere and that we are all blessed to be part of His glory when we allow Him to be the biggest part of our lives. Prayer, Worship, Faith, Trust and Obedience is ALL He wants from us.

        I will be in prayer about His message. I feel His love and peace around me.



  5. Great experience, Vicki, and TRULY CREATIVE prayers, Linda!
    May we all remember to pray along those lines. (what satan intends for our harm, God will use for our good, especially when we pray along those lines in our full authority!)

    I have a friend that has seen the sign of the fish (Christianity) superimposed on the side of her house (about 3′ in length) and sidewalk (about 1 or 2 feet in length). The signs appeared in bright white light and she has pictures of both. These were seen several years ago at a time when she was praying for Salvation for various members of her family.


  6. Queen of heaven was Astarte, Hislop in two babylons equalizes Mary with Semiramis. Mother and wife of her son Nimrod. She was Isis the mother goddess in Egypt. Some have doubted the authenticity of Hislops claims but the parallels to IHS which is Iesus Hominis Salvatio or Salvator is used according to Jon Phelps author of Vatican assasins as a Jesuit code on crucifixes for Isis,Horus,Set.

    Which is the egyptian holy trinity! More careful observation would note its also inverted putting Isis or the mother first. Or worship of the sacred feminine which is sex worship of babylonian origin.

    There is a free one for Chrissy from vatican assasins.

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  7. The Best of The Best to you this and every day Linda, The Lord would have me get tie following message out A.S.A.P.

    BE IT KNOWN TO GOD’S OWN there IS great power in the spoken/verbalized Word of The Living and True God. I have learned this truth first hand from my own experience in dealing directly with demons AND demonic entities.

    I never asked for ANY of my encounters with satan’s own. The experience is UN-FUN! Do not ever ask The Father for an audience with any dark entity or take it upon yourself to communicate with them by any means.

    We have absolutely nothing in common with them. We may have to deal with their physical presence by utilizing The Word, (The Bible) or by incorporating the verbalized (spoken) word of God read ALOUD directly from an open Bible…Some saints can actually see the Spiritual energy emitting from THE WORD. I cannot see, nor have I ever seen this energy manifest itself visually.

    I do however KNOW that powerful Spiritual energy exists. In my younger years my younger brother and I were accosted by a group of nine demons in the form of gargoyles. Yes….They ARE real. These particular creatures were black in color, about five feet tall and exceedingly grotesque, clad in nothing, (naked) with the exception of a small two foot square cape on their back. They were muscle bound, (humped over) with thick arms and legs. Very impressive indeed.

    Their purpose was to drive us from our home, with the intention for us never to return…They were nearly successful in their mission. While they taunted us, my brother George was clinging to my shirt, sobbing and terrified. I did not know how to deal with this scenario…It occurred to me that (THIS) experience cannot possibly be actual or REAL and to prove this I learned somewhere that pain cannot be felt in or during a dream (physical pain) that is.

    I instructed my little brother, (he was 14 at the time) to grab a portion, (pinch) of my midsection, squeeze hard and twist, explaining to him that we must be dreaming, and that when pain was inflicted upon us, we would simply snap out of our dream state. At that time in my life I was a “fine figure” of a man and an optimal physical specimen with little or no fat whatsoever globing on me. George had to grab skin….Just healthy skin. He grabbed a sizeable amount of skin, squeezed hard and twisted. It hurt BAD. Real bad. I did not awaken….I was already awake. I reciprocated the pinch, squeeze and twist procedure on George. It hurt him bad too. We were not dreaming.

    A stark reality indeed was taking place. We briefly discussed our options by “pooling our spiritual ignorance.” We settled on the ploy of calling someone by phone to receive wise council in dealing with the enemy. I called my girlfriend. She and I were WAY out of the will of God at the time…..But, none the less, and interestingly enough she suggested finding a bible and reading the content of the context ALOUD.

    I found my Mother’s old King James Bible, opened it up, and by flashlight, read from the Word of God out loud. Immediately upon releasing the power of my sword (The Word) in the presence of, and against my foe, all nine of the “monsters’ DID AVAST in their activity, screaming and shrieking in extreme anguish while retreating in unison.

    Their shrieks could never be duplicated by Hollywood in any of the worst horror films I have ever seen……Sooooo…Listen up Beloved…You have the SAME power available to you today that I used against the enemy back then.

    Incorporate the Word of God into your prayers. Read its contents aloud while in prayer. Pray-read aloud-pray-read aloud, and so on. You WILL feel the presence of The Holy Ghost while praying in this fashion. Please realize and exercise/utilize the power given you.

    Jesus used scripture VERBALLY when dealing with Satan. Jesus IS our example. Claim The Power. It’s God’s will.

    Thanks for reading what The Father has given me to proclaim/share….Always in love, Captain Bill

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    1. Thank you for sharing that, Captain Bill. Indeed there is POWER in speaking forth the Written Word of God. Let the Holy Spirit lead and guide us in that, so we don’t use even that as a “religious exercise”. As always, WE MUST BE LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT IN ALL THINGS.


    2. Captain Bill, I know of those who have had these same experiences…thank you for sharing.


      1. You are quite welcome Vicki, I pity anyone who has had spiritual experiences akin to mine. With EACH encounter with the enemy’s minions comes a NEW and unique challenge. Many times the repercussions of such encounters have lasting negative effects on the innocent victim. I share these accounts for one reason only….To help the Body of Christ… I battle the enemy constantly and await vindication and deliverance by the hand of my Heavenly Father. I long to be made whole once again from the extreme damage inflicted on me by the enemy and his minions. “To those who have been given much..(LIKE ME)..much is expected in return.” I have been given more from my Heavenly Father than anyone I have ever met in my entire life. Brother bill


        1. Hello Captain Bill,

          I didn’t have that experience, but had a life-altering experience when I was in S. Africa that nearly destroyed me. What I learned from that: do NOT go outside of our given authority. I attempted to come against a principality over Cape Town, which I was not “authorized” by the Holy Spirit to do . . . And truly had demonic forces come against me so strongly . . . I could hear the creepy demonic sounds override my ability to hear from the Holy Spirit.

          It took me over 9 years to recover from that and finally pick up the spiritual gifts I had been given . . . Slowly pick them back up again and step back . . . Slowly into the calling on my life.

          SO. . . Wisdom is to SEEK THE HOLY SPIRIT IN ALL AREAS and stay within the will of the Heavenly Father for our lives.

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        2. Also, here’s the good news, Captain Bill:

          THERE INDEED IS HEALING from the Heavenly Father, but it also requires FULL obedience to His will in our lives. The healing is a process, but it happens as we continue moving forward and DAILY PICKING UP OUR CROSS to follow our Savior, Yahshua.

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  8. And come to think of it the whole city architecture around the white house is modelled after roman pagan temple architecture.

    The white house dome is virtually a copy of the temple of Apollo! We know him as Apollyon. The cityscape and street arrangment seen from the sky even form an unfinished pentagram at one point.

    The movie series published by cutting edge ministries directeb by Chris Pinto lays out the details.

    The whole city is a demon magnet, a proverbial nest of unclean birds.

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    1. Indeed, Stiggly, but let’s go into logic/analysis. . . Don’t you think THE anti-Christ and THE false prophet would have similar domains? AND don’t you think Satan could have inspired those designs “back in the day” to reflect his future (and soon-to-be) NOW plans for global domination?
      And don’t you think if people would just take my warnings to the LORD in prayer, they just might see I have been saying the TRUTH all along and I’ll quote it yet again:


      Maybe one more might wake up out of the dull slumber of religion and see TRUTH is being broadcast.

      Blessings to you brother.

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  9. The similarity in the Vatican and Washington are to similar to be a coincidenve. Even the alignment to stars is there. The worship of the host of heaven is there. I dont doubt your assessment on the devils long term plans.

    The devil is the father of lies and even when there is seemingly a truth something within it is a lie for misdirection or concealment for/of truth.

    As said there is more and more evidence for Obama being the Ac and one has to be very awake at this point in time.

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    1. You are gaining 20/20 Heavenly Eyesight, Stiggly . . .most still have spiritual demonic cataracts and can’t see their hand unless it’s slapping them in the face (LOL, I had to add a bit of humor there, because I’m actually quite DISGUSTED!!!). I’m BEGGING the Heavenly Father to PLEASE open the eyes of the spiritually blind and deaf. . . . Too many are in a foggy stupor, enjoying their cotton candy and Koolaid of deception.

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  10. Linda,
    Your statement above is truly insightful and worthy of consideration:
    “AND don’t you think Satan could have inspired those designs “back in the day” to reflect his future (and soon-to-be) NOW plans for global domination?”

    This last statement of yours is quite interesting. I have read about the Babylonian designs of Washington D.C.
    “The whole city is a demon magnet, a proverbial nest of unclean birds.”

    I know you’re right, but I’ve never heard it put that way. Actually, I’m chuckling at “demon magnet” and “nest of unclean birds.” Those words are new and novel to my ears, thus the “funny-bone” reaction, which in reality actually isn’t so funny!

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  11. Linda…I KNOW WHAT YOU SAY IS TRUTH. And YES, from the beginning the plan was put into place. GOD with His plan…the enemy with his.

    EVERY detail for such a time as this.


  12. If you check the July 15, 2016 entry, you will see a call for INTERCESSION DURING THE 10 DAY PERIOD OF JULY 13th- JULY 23rd. If you go down one entry to the July 13th one, you will see more of what it’s about.
    Linda had approved my posting of the July 13th one. I posted it as a link on one of Linda’s recent prior postings.



    Jeff Byerly July 16, 2016 9:44 am
    Yes and Amen!
    Very powerful my dear brother!
    God Bless You!
    Love and Peace

    Ken Roberts July 16, 2016 9:10 am
    I agree with the words you have received, Jeff. I felt impressed to immediately pray for Mike Pence when I heard the announcement. You are correct. Both he and Trump (and possibly their families) are in imminent danger. I pray for their salvation and the Lord’s supernatural protection. I STRONGLY believe judgment has been set and will be fulfilled according to the Father’s plan and purpose. However, I pray that the loss of life, injuries and damage will be minimal. I have been made aware that hell is expanding as more and more people go into eternity.

    This is not the time for VBS, summer camps and vacations. This is the time for God’s holy remnant to be serious about intervening for the safety and salvation of others as hell continues to expand with each and every passing day.

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  14. URGENT!!!! REPORT ON THE EVENT: The news feed has stopped!!! Reports people are getting ill and are being told to go home. WE COME AGAINST THAT WITCHCRAFT IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! FAther, please send your angels of healing, salvation and FIRE of conviction to DESTROY these evil attacks against your people, in the MIGHTY NAME OF YAHSHUA!!! AMEN AND AMEN!!!!

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  15. FOLKS . . . THIS EVENT SHIFTED TO “THE NEW WORLD ORDER”!!! The feed was shut down and switched over to a black and white feed with occult stuff in it.


    NO TIME TO PLAY CHURCHIAN GAMES!!! And yes, I’m quite angry about all of this!!!


    1. Your righteous indignation is justly applied here Linda. We haven’t experienced anything yet….Many of us will die standing up for Jesus. Brace yourselves for impact…..Never deny Christ. America is NO MORE…Obama will murder millions of innocents as he fulfills bible prophecy while holding the office of world dictator. (The Anti-Christ)




    Matt Smith July 16, 2016 4:32 pm
    Jeff we must pray, just like you said. The Lord spoke to me just now as I was praying. He told what type of attacks were to take place. He said, “Pray the convention center doesn’t get blown up. There is plans to bomb it. (It will be non nuclear.)” They will even fire at him with guns. I was told to pray the guns they bring, (on the outside, for open carry), will not start violence that will spill in the streets.

    I was also warned if this does succeed, a nuclear event will be expedited on this land, much sooner than we think.

    If Donald Trump is assassinated, I would believe civil war would be expedited.

    Jeff we truly must pray.


    1. Brothers and Sisters, Thaumaturgy is coming soon….Thaumaturgy is coming very soon…..Don’t fall for it… (lying signs and wonders) Witchcraft and magic is very real. I’ve seen enough of it first hand to know this fact.


      1. Yes it is, Captain Bill and those who have NOT heeded the warnings to “get your spiritual house in order” . . . By submitting fully to the Will of the Heavenly Father. . By repenting . . Forgiving . . . And maintaining a close walk with the LORD . . .



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