Testimony Of Holy Spirit Direction

This is a testimony of one of the “ministry opportunities” my brother and I have had, since my return to the United States. I anticipate more of these “divine appointments”. I also believe ALL who have been seeking the Will of the Heavenly Father will be experiencing “divine appointments” as well.

GET READY!!! WE have work to do for The Kingdom of Heaven. . .”for such a time as this”.


Death_Swallowed_Up_In_VictoryRomans8_2Follow_Jesus4stand_up_for_jesusBefore I begin this testimony, I want to take the time to thank the Lord for all he has done. Nobody but him, could have made all this happen and in perfect timing.  How he places people in our path, directs our lives and provides where needed — all of it truly amazes me.  We say thank you Lord for all things.

The following is a true story that happened on Saturday, May 21, 2016:

crusty_truckMy very old truck was ready to go bye bye (picture above is not my truck).  An awesome friend was led to wire transfer me funds to purchase another used vehicle, with anticipation of being paid back over time.  She was insistent that I purchase a used Honda of some sort.  I didn’t look at those vehicles, as they were always too expensive and the funds I received would not cover one that could be…

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4 thoughts on “Testimony Of Holy Spirit Direction

  1. Linda and James,
    I think this is a wonderful testimony of suddenlies and how God is faithful…….I believe there will be much more in the future……The picture of the van looks very nice,and I am really happy you all were able to get it….and the way it worked out.

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    1. AMEN, Bette, . . . GOD IS SOO GOOD!!! I also believe there will be more “suddenlies” for us and others who are pursing the Will of the Heavenly Father.

      (((BIG HUGS))) to ya, and keep shouting out the warnings about the truth of Hell, Bette .. . So many are heading that way who are “professing” Christians, but are NOT submitted to the Holy Spirit and have continued abiding sin/unforgiveness, etc.


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