5-11-16 ~ WARNING DREAM About Trump: ALL is NOT What it Seems

Job 33:12-18 ~

Behold, let me tell you, you are not right in this,


For God is greater than man.


Why do you complain against Him
That He does not give an account of all His doings?
Indeed God speaks once,
Or twice, yet no one notices it.
In a dream, a vision of the night,
When sound sleep falls on men,
While they slumber in their beds,
Then He opens the ears of men,
And seals their instruction,

That He may turn man aside from his conduct,
And keep man from pride;

He keeps back his soul from the pit,
And his life from passing over into Sheol.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Psalm 34:4-7 ~

“I sought the Lord, and He answered me,
And delivered me from all my fears.
They looked to Him and were radiant,
And their faces will never be ashamed.
This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him
And saved him out of all his troubles.
The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him,
And rescues them.”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Psalm 20:6-9 ~

Now I know that the Lord saves His anointed;
He will answer him from His holy heaven
With the saving strength of His right hand.
Some boast in chariots and some in horses,
But we will boast in the name of the Lord, our God.

They have bowed down and fallen,
But we have risen and stood upright.
Save, O Lord;
May the King answer us in the day we call.

Prayer Bowing


Yesterday there was some controversy over a Claire D. “Prophecy” regarding Trump and how she allegedly heard the LORD wanted to place him into office. I did not get a “witness in my spirit” and even started feeling nausea in my stomach; I was unable to listen to the entire YouTube video. What was shared as “prophecy” was actually a “mixture”. . . . Not the FULL truth from the Holy Spirit.

Deception      Note: PLEASE remember to pray for Claire D and ALL of our brothers and sisters in Christ.  The Spirit of Deception is running rampant throughout the globe and can easily slither in and create “mixture” to taint a true Word from the LORD.

We are EACH responsible for taking any prophecies to the LORD in prayer for confirmation, including ALL that I share here on this blog.

Holy Spirit

We MUST seek and gain the truth from the Holy Spirit, which also strengthens our personal relationship with Him. We EACH must have spiritual “eyes that see” and “ears that hear” . . . This IS “the oil in our lamp”.

Last night I prayed for a Word from Heaven (or dream/vision). Early this morning I had a warning dream about Trump, where EVERYTHING was “off” . . It was “not right”, with the exception that I would be speaking forth the TRUTH.

The following are some of the main details of the dream I felt led to share with you today, along with the TRUTH of this WARNING MESSAGE.



In this dream, I was engaged to Donald Trump, while he was campaigning for President. (I know . . . EWWW)


I was getting ready to go to a campaign rally, but my panty hose ran and I couldn’t go into the rally that way, so was looking for another pair to wear. I was given another pair of really WIERD-looking panty hose to put on, with a note from somebody who called me “friend”, but they were not.

Finally, when I walked into the campaign rally, I saw what I initially thought was an open vision, but these things were REALLY there and not a vision.:

FILLING the stadium and amongst the people, were these ivory white creatures, as well as winter white Christmas-type decorations all over the stadium.

Snow babies

They reminded me of the little “Snow Baby” statues I have seen, but these creatures were about two feet tall.








I heard somebody say a prayer for the rally, but it wasn’t to the LORD . . . It was to some other being.

Deception   New world order


I had to climb up some stairs to the very top. I knew I would be speaking out the truth.


~ End of Dream ~


TOO MANY professing Christians are placing their trust and hope in Trump being elected as the next president of the United States, to “turn this nation around.”


WHAT’S THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT’S GOING ON?   There is a MASSIVELY FALSE hope of DECEPTION that one man can “turn this nation around” and that FALSE hope is rampant. I would venture to say, MOST have NOT sought the LORD about what HE says about our Nation . . . What is HIS perspective of the United States, Babylon.  Also, MOST have not REPENTED!!!

WE ARE UNDER JUDGEMENT FOR TURNING AWAY FROM THE TRUTH OF JESUS CHRIST . . . YAHSHUA OUR MESSIAH . . . AS A NATION AND EVEN AS “CHRISTIANS” . . . MOST HAVE NOT REPENTED!!!  We are in a dangerous state as a nation and a dangerous state of “lukewarm” as professing Christians in the United States. . . And we are about to see DISCIPLINE from the LORD, so we will be shaken up, to hopefully wake up and turn back to Yahshua our Messiah.


EVERYTHING about Trump, his campaign and the entire election system is NOT what it seems. Those “snow baby” entities in the rally represented demonic forces that bring DELUSION and DECEPTION . . .

DeceptionNew world order

Which are all a part of the global elite, luciferian scumbag plans to usher in “THE NEW WORLD ORDER”, which is “THE BEAST SYSTEM”. . . Under the helm of THE Antichrist (Revelation 13) . . OBAMA.



Warn obama

Let me bring back TRUTH to the mass “short term memory loss” about the last political election that took place in November 2015. . .

Remember all of the “Woo-Hoo, happy, happy . . . We are going to have a “break through” because we now have a Republican Congress?”

Ummmm. . .. And how well did that work for the United States? Anybody? Anybody?


EXACTLY!!! THE ONLY THING THAT CHANGED: THE antichrist Obama has even more power,


by the mere swipe of his signature on “Executive Orders” that have turned this country into a dictatorship, while the numbed out “Republican Congress” continued to sit by and snooze and the masses of U.S. Citizens continue to drink the Koolaid of cognitive dissonence.




Just listen to the Words of THE antichrist Obama, himself (see video below).

Obama nazi      Just in case you can’t stomach looking at THE antichrist Obama either, on YouTube videos, or television I’ll quote:


We ARE in “The Last Days” and this country, The United States (Babylon) is UNDER JUDGEMENT!!! We have THE ANTICHRIST —-> OBAMA, as the DICTATOR.


The warnings have gone out, but fallen on mostly deaf ears and blind eyes.

Warn obama


5-13-16 – Notice the pentagrams (satanic upside-down stars) on the 2016 Republican Convention logo. . . HELLO?  Anybody awake yet?  Can you see the ENTIRE U.S. System is SATANIC!!! Yes, even the Republicans.

Republican logo   Republican logo

Note:  I heard about this from the recent “Omega Shock” newsletter, by John Little








DAILY . . . KEEP YOUR SPIRITUAL HOUSE CLEAN AND IN ORDER, for today may be YOUR last day in this life. Are YOU ready to step into eternity?



HOWDY Everybody. Considerate comments are indeed welcome; the comment section will be open for 24 hours. Remember you are visiting me in my “virtual home”. People from “Snarksville” or “Mockersburg” or “Scoffers Town” can keep moving along to find a debate arena someplace else. NO time for that nonsense. . . . The DELETE button works really well and I WILL use it.

Talk to the hand

I also do NOT need to hear why you don’t believe what I’m sharing here. Take ALL that I share to the LORD in prayer for confirmation. Only the Holy Spirit can confirm what HE revealed. It’s my job to warn . . What you do from there is between you and the LORD.

Remember, we are Ambassadors of Christ. Let’s act accordingly, for the Heavenly Father IS watching us.


If you would like to privately contact Linda, please fill out the form below:



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85 thoughts on “5-11-16 ~ WARNING DREAM About Trump: ALL is NOT What it Seems

  1. This is interesting with Trump happening right now. Because in the Philippines is a similar leader to Trump raising(Mayor Duterte), which is strongly anti corruption and he is taking people by the droves there. I know because my wife is filipino-Spanish so im on the inside in following this happening.

    Seems there is a wave of seeming conservatives emerging, maybe to pacify the unruly mobs who are starting to wake up. Or there are leaders raised throughout the world who will rebel against the beast system and create safe zones for christians who might be later attacked by the AC.

    Is anyone else thinking this to be possible, the safe zone idea?

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    1. Howdy Stiggly,

      I do believe the Holy Spirit is instructing people to “prepare” to provide places of refuge for the body of Christ. I also believe it will be throughout the globe.

      Right now it’s VITAL for each and every person to seek the LORD on where he/she must be living in these final days. The Realtor phrase comes to mind: “location, location, location” . . .

      To be located EXACTLY where the Heavenly Father strategically wishes to place each person/family. . . . “For such a time as this”.

      The only “safe zone”: TOTAL OBEDIENCE TO CHRIST

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      1. Thank you for this post Linda…I’m in complete and total agreement about what you say here and feel as you do. I haven’t had any dreams but have felt the Holy Spirits warnings about Trump, about all of them and this election. I don’t feel surprised or fear about whats to come only sadness.
        I continue to pray for discernment and pray for others to have discernment as well.

        I also feel the deceit that was talked about in the last post, its awful, its everywhere. I’m constantly praying for all of us and many others and also having to make sure were all protected. I too have been sad to the point of tears for all who are not ready. Feeling sadness for any of us who are being deceived. We must be awake at all times.

        Thank you dear sister for your warnings of what is not true and for keeping us awake.

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      2. Sweet Peace!!!! I don’t know if at this point He has given me a place to get away and out from under oppression or if I am to remain here. All I know is I can breathe!!
        Before leaving on this “journey” He highlighted verses I’ve NEVER seen before. He led them 100%.. as I put on my bibleis at night, I listened to books out of order of my normal way. I would literally lay awake and feel His presence, His conviction and His moving me for a time………I don’t know yet.
        All I know is waking up with a smile and His joy has been sooo very long in the waiting.
        I am in awe of Him. He is faithful, makes a way when there seems none and will move on our behalf even if we are frozen. As long as our hearts are seeking Him and His will.
        Thank you all for the posts, the messages, the fellowship!

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  2. I get REALLY weary of warning . . . I truly hope at least ONE MORE PERSON will “wake up” . . . Turn FULLY 100% to Jesus Christ, Yahshua our Messiah. I feel the looming season of “NO MORE WARNINGS”, just around the corner.

    How do I feel when I get all of the “pushback” . . . With mockers/scoffer’s and “I don’t believe you”. . . Here’s the illustration:

    Yes, I’ll take a piece of cheese with my “whine” and I continue to pray for the LORD to help me be PATIENT, while I do what I’m called to do in warning, when it’s like yelling in a windstorm .. . . “Can you hear me now?”

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      1. You are welcome, Vicki and thank you for the encouragement. Sometimes it gets to be quite “challenging” and frustrating because I know so MANY are not seeking the LORD for confirmation and/or not even truly a believer of Jesus . . Yahshua our Messiah, but a “social churchian” . . Part of the LUKEWARM.


  3. Well the time of the gentiles will be full at some time and then its very hard to be saved after that. I never asked or its my gap in biblical literacy what you think about being saved after the time of the gentiles is up?

    My understanding is the focus will be Israel then and getting saved will be a hard thing to do.
    I understand if you dont have time to write me a 20 page essay with footnotes to cover me.


    1. Hello Stiggly . . . My answer to your question is very simple:

      I don’t know

      I haven’t been given any understanding about that, but what I do know is this: NOW is not the time for people to be playing around thinking, “tomorrow I’ll become a Christian”, because today may be that person’s last day.


      1. Well time for poetry

        When wit and Clay fail, Gods Word will never fail. Where Stig may whimper and ail, Gods Word will never fail. Where Peggys music might not make the lukewarm always spiritually sharpen nail, Gods Word will never fail.

        A cat may turn tail, the world will always at the end scratch you like a sharp nail, but Gods Word will never fail.

        So mrs Clay never woe when human wit ends because Gods Word will never fail! Amen

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        1. Stig,
          Yesterday I had the pleasure of playing a portion of a piano piece, “I Give HIM Praise” over the phone.
          On the call: Florida, New Jersey, Montana, Arizona, Nevada, and INDIA!

          It’s a beautiful piece, and usually I feel the Holy Spirit all over me when I play.
          The Holy Spirit direction of the call was “PRAISE HIM.”

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          1. Peggy, Florida and India have one thing in common. B2 blog or the land of Lind(i)a. Piano played and hearts to rest layed. Peggy played many a accord almost going as fast as Michaels Ford to Mexico to bring aid and back to B2 blog to tell what upon him in Mexico befell, all the time Peggys piano played and Stigs ipads keys almost like Peggys piano played.

            Applauses to the maestress play and India was no longer Blindia and Florida got more than they set out to score. They got Jesus words and went home to become the Lords.

            Seems im on a bit of a roll now 😬

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          2. I was busy packing for the trip and missed the call. One thing that just made my soul sing was the minister from India. Our church from TX started a ministry to India years ago. The joy they have in the midst of all that they go through is something so very missing here in the US. Makes a person want to go live on the streets! If I had been able to go to India with my pastor, I seriously doubt I would have returned lol


          3. One thing I personally know: when ALL is stripped away from you, including hopes and dreams of what you thought your life would be like . . . JESUS shines even brighter in your soul to carry you through the times of darkness where the tears can’t come out any more because you have cried so much it hurts. AND in that place of sorrow, we share the “sufferings of Christ” . . . Learning a bit more of HIS tender love for a broken heart.

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          1. Hmm Clay is more poetic, lets try Linda……Linda is a beacon for the Blinda, and a searing light for the Blinda, WHO escape the Word that never fail to continue and in sin ail……why fail read Gods Word that never fail and dont let Linda anymore chastise you for being blinda. Open your eyes and read the Word that never fails.

            Blinda is blind in swedish but IT rhymes with mrs Clay or Linda 😎

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          2. LOTS of spiritually “blinda” eyes right now Stiggly . . . May the POWER of the Holy Spirit open up those blind eyes that they can see and be set FREE . . . For ETERNITY. PRAISE THE LORD, yes you and me. . . . DAILY.


  4. PURIFY your walk , STAY AWAKE and READ MY WORD. yep that’s what I’m getting and sensing in the spirit today……It really does not feel like we have much time in the spirit does it ???

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    1. I’m feeling the VERY same way, Michael. . . . I sense a very small “window of opportunity” prior to the proverbial “poo hits the fan”.. . Then it’s too late to “get ready” for it, because it will be LIVE.

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      1. It seems like something will likely happen in the summer months— June 21, 2016— September 21, 2016. June is fast approaching. Time is running out, for sure.


  5. Additional verse

    JCs chaplaincy is like a Golden flail making the unsaved jump towards the saved or be swept away by the dragons tail, using Gods Word will make you neve fail.

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  6. Yep agreed stig …. your amazing talents really bloomed here. You are truly full of ram like a computer. I think the Lord needs your gifts for something big in these last days .

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  7. Linda,
    To clarify this so that it helps others: Trump is part of the “Global Elite” and is in place as a “side-show” to keep the public’s eyes off of what “o” is underhandedly continuing to do.
    Is this an accurate statement in your view?

    I do not subscribe to the idea that any politician can “turn things around.” It’s like Stig said—- only THE WORD( living and active in a majority of repentant hearts, souls, and minds has that kind of power.)

    I will state that I have heard some VERY well respected people in the Body of Christ state that Trump could be “God’s choice” (even for a punishment reason) to this country. “God’s choice” can definitely mean a judgment on a nation. Therefore, I see the need for you to verify/clarify any helpful insights into this matter, if you’re willing to share any more. I perceive that it is a point of confusion even among “the best of the best.” (and I’m not referring to Clare, here. I’m thinking of several others.)

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    1. Hi Peggy, yes I do believe Trump is a part of the “Global Elite Show” . . . Just like he had a “reality show” . . Now he has the BIG reality show running for “president”.

      Each and EVERY person is responsible to take things to the LORD in prayer for him/herself . . . What is the LORD telling YOU . . . What is He showing YOU.

      Keep seeking Him . . Keep asking Him. . . Keep working on that intimate, quite one-on-one relationship with the Holy Spirit until you receive clarity on ANY and ALL areas.

      We EACH need to do that in these final days because when the “poo hits the fan”, it’s going to be VERY difficult to “practice seeking the LORD”, if we didn’t do it in the times that are a bit more “normal”.

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      1. What I share on my blog, I must pray about and seek the direction from the Holy Spirit, for I’m responsible with what I share. . . Again. . .
        EACH PERSON must take what I share to the LORD in prayer for confirmation. Even if One Zillion people agree on something, the bottom line is again: WHAT IS THE HOLY SPIRIT TELLING YOU?
        It’s ALL about our individual relationship with the LORD, learning how to “hear His voice” and discern for ourselves.

        I hope people will even use this blog to “test the spirits” . . Ask the LORD: Is this the truth? What does HE tell you or show you? Seek confirmation.

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  8. Well, full realization that Trump is really just a part of the “Global Elite Show” is really sobering.
    I guess some of us don’t want to believe that, but it seems to be true.

    Where does that leave us? As you said—- PERSONAL one-on-one relationship with the Holy Spirit.
    No more standing on the seashore, just getting our toes wet. It’s time to WALK ON WATER by the power of the Holy Spirit in us in CLOSE DAILY RELATIONSHIP.

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    1. Exactly, Peggy. At the “Great Throne Room Judgement”, it will be each person, before the Throne of Our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ . . Yahshua.

      NO EXCUSES will be allowed . . Such as “well, I read this post” or “I read that blog” or “I watched this YouTube video” and they said __________ . . Blah, blah, blah.

      BUT . . . Did that person seek the LORD him/herself for confirmation and if so, what should he/she do about it, if anything?

      It’s ALL about relationship . . . Not about how many blogs, Words from the LORD, other people’s opinions . . It’s ALL about JESUS and do we really KNOW Him for ourselves.


      1. No jury, no defense, no grading on a curve, no “angel” hints, no second chances (of which we are so accustomed), do “do-overs”—— DONE!
        ALONE! ALL-ONE with the LORD (better be!)


  9. I tend to side with vicki ,Linda and peggy, I have Not heard confirmation yet from spirit about Trump, but yet it settles well in my spirit that this could be a perfect ploy to use him as confusion for many . This feels like a moment to freeze and watch, listen and wait. He will reveal in His perfect time.


  10. When it comes to dreams and revelations Genesis 41:32 is a good standard if anyone is looking for clarity.

    Good night from Finland to Vinland like the vikings called America and the Aztecs called Amaruca=land of the plumed serpent who was Quetzalcouatl who was known as a bearded man.

    Yep goodnight everyone and vikings and Quetzalcouatl have a link if you want to spend your evening looking for it culminating in Pizarro and Montezuma.

    Symbolic story for any American

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    1. “From Finland to Vinland”? OK, my place of employment for 36 years was the city of “Vineland.”—– kind of like “Vinland”!


  11. Linda sorry It does sound like you got confirmation on trump . Didn’t mean to imply otherwise. And peggy your piano playing yesterday was awesome. Wished you could have played for hours . Love the piano. 🙂


    1. No apology needed, MIchael . . . It’s STILL wisdom for you to seek the LORD about Trump. Don’t take my word for it . . Use this warning post as something to ask the LORD about . . . Ask Him: “is this true”?
      Seek Him. . . Let Him confirm to you, so you can “hear” for yourself. That’s the main thing right now. . . For each of us to have the intimate one-on-one walk with the Holy Spirit so we can “discern” the truth about anything we read, see or hear.

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  12. Powerful word, Linda. Thanks for sharing! I do believe that God is using Trump, in a variety of ways. Let’s face it: God is God and He can use a rock if He desires to do so!! But, as has been stated, just because God is using him, it doesn’t mean that Trump is following God!

    We can never place hope and trust in mankind. The Garden should prove that!

    I’m going to share something here I’ve not shared anywhere, and ask folks to pray about it: [note: I don’t watch or listen to any mainstream news] whenever I hear about Trump, and see pictures of his campaign posters (Make America great again) and/or hear from folks who are excited about Trump, I hear the name ‘Hitler’ in my spirit! I believe God has been telling me that Trump is ushering in a form of nationalism, similar to Germany before Hitler was elected, and is being used to stir up the population just as in Germany. I can see the ‘race wars’, economic divide (talk about one-percenters), and other things being used to set the stage for a very evil regime to be ushered into power, all while the average American sheeple applaud…

    As I said, something to pray about. We are indeed in very serious times and we all must continue to press ever tighter into Him (John 15, Psalm 91, etc.) and walk in complete submission and obedience to Him. God is the only one who’s Worthy to receive our praise, honor, adoration, service and obedience. God is THE patent-holder on all life. “Worthy is the lamb to receive the reward of His suffering!” God bless & keep you all!

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    1. Thank you very much for sharing. Indeed the LORD can use whomever He wants and yes, for people to pray about what you have shared. It’s a good thing to help each of us improve that close relationship with the Holy Spirit, which we ALL need in these critical days.

      What is already taking place, right before our very eyes right now, and I’ll quote from what you said: “a form of nationalism, similar to Germany before Hitler was elected. . . “.

      I would like to share a warning post on 2015, that goes along with what we can call “the rise of the 4th Reich”:
      8-19-15 – VISION: The Swirling Black Nazi Crosses | believeacts2’s Blog

      Blessings to you and thank you for stopping by to share.

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        1. Always at your service mrs Peggy. Does Linda remember the days of peaceful existence before yours truly arrived 🙂


          1. Oh my word. . . Stiggly, I can’t remember the “days of peaceful existence” . . . . I was in the “refiner’s Fire” up in Canada . . . But now that I’m back in the USA, yes it’s more “peaceful”, but I’m on ALERT MODE . . . Lots of intercession, because STILL the masses of humanity are NOT serving and following the LORD and WILL be heading into Hell.


      1. Thank you, Linda, for linking to that post. It describes exactly what I’m getting in my spirit! The “rise” of all the Hitler ‘news’, stories, events and phenomenon is disturbing, at best. I know Steve Quayle has been keeping a record of all the things related to this new ‘Hitler-mania’ and it’s quite the list!

        God is always, and will continue to always be, on the Throne in Heaven orchestrating all our events!! Events will unfold as He has planned. May we continue to seek Him and obey and walk in His Truth!

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    2. Hello Disciplinare

      Trumps parents are fullblooded Germans emigrating here after Ww2.
      There is reason to be concerned seeing the masses behind him. For myself Trump raises red flags when l know the level of infiltration by german former nazis in Us government after the war.
      Always proper to be on ones toes. The old kurdish proverb says it best.

      When speaking the truth keep one foot in the stirrup of your horse.
      Thought for the day

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      1. Very interesting indeed. Although, Hitler and his beliefs have been in the backgound of this country all along. The most recent would be the Bush family. We can see that Prescott Bush, father of George H.W. Bush who was also an American Banker,Wall Street executive banker, and U.S. Senator for Connecticut 1952-1063. Most important to understand this family is to know Prescott helped, along with others to finance Hitler and his tyrantn. Also, important to know is our President George H. W. spent hours younger years many of them in the middle east, signaling a significant relationship there as well. This would be why immediately following the attacks on the world trade center many of his middle eastern leader friends were ushered onto a plane and flown home…while at the same time all fights were grounded. This was to protect them. The question remains, why did they need protected? At the point they were put on a plane…the only one in the sky, how did they know they needed protected? How did they know who was responsible not to mention, why would we protect THEM???

        At least 4 generations of the Bush family are members of the skull and bones secret society at Yale University. That’s a red flag in its self.

        I hate too use the word nothing….but it really seems as though NOTHING we thought to be true about our country it’s true…there’s so much more we don’t know.

        This is just one family…we could talk about the Clintons next, or the Rockefellers, the Rothchilds, etc, etc, etc.

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        1. I want to add, the exception is thick, it’s been thick but Praise the Lord for revealing to us the truth. Giving us new eyes to see and ears to hear. And so the deception is why we must, without delay, and at all times be awake, reading His word and in prayer.


          1. Great observations Vicki and remember there is a link to Germany almost every time. Trump is born to german parents, Skull&Bones come from a german parent organisation. Grandpappy Bush tried to instigate a fascist revolution in the States through an army general modelled after Germany&Italy and more. Always Germany in the back remember!

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  13. Amen and AMEN Linda !!!!!and maybe to help us go deep in prayer and worship Peggy can play on piano for like 3 hr runs ??? Wut say Peggy you up for calming some souls ??? 🙂


    1. Oh, yesterday, someone brought up that “Music will calm the savage beast”/ release demons as with David and King Saul. Also, someone said “a triple-braided cord is not easily broken” and related it to the basic CHORD in MUSIC has THREE TONES. That CHORD is NOT easily broken (if anointed by the Holy Spirit.)

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      1. The quote is, “Music has power to calm the savage breast.” (Not beast.) And yet, it refers to the heart made savage by demonic influence. Witness insane King Saul — when David played his harp and sang, Scripture records that the demon (and demonic rage) would leave Saul.

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        1. I’ve always heard it as “beast”— but maybe that’s an “East Coast” thing……although I’m sure you could readily prove your point…..

          Faye and I notice a lot of differences between me (North) and her (South) in expressions, etc.

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          1. From Wikipedia:

            Author of quotation is “William Congreve”—-
            Musick has charms to soothe a savage breast,” which is the first line of the play, spoken by Almeria in Act I, Scene 1. (This is often misquoted as “Music has charms to soothe the savage beast”.)


  14. Amen Linda!! Thank you for this. Even if Trump won the election, and that’s a big IF, the global elites, NWO leaders… Will make sure that ultimately, the next person to “rule” will be the one that THEY chose. It’s all a big scam. Our Lord Jesus is on the throne and He still has the last word! May we each stay radical for Him and daily drawing nearer, closer to Him. God bless each precious brother and sister on this site.

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    1. AMEN, Jolie . . . Indeed, “Our Lord Jesus is on the throne and He still has the last word! May we each stay radical for Him and daily drawing nearer, closer to Him.”


    2. Here’s another point that I have heard. Trump could win the election, but not make it to the actual January inauguration date (for a multitude of reasons).

      At any rate, I’m sticking with the idea of PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP and learning to “walk on water” by the power of the Holy Spirit. Enough of human/government dependence!

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    1. WOW . . . Thank you for sharing this and I agree: “something is not right here”. It goes with the dream the Holy Spirit gave me and I shared on this post about Trump. . . “ALL is NOT what it seems”.

      I watched about the first minute of it and had an involuntary shudder. The people praying for him were honestly praying, but you also saw Trump look up and look around. He TRULY needs prayers for both protection and for salvation.

      I do believe you had correct discernment on this. What’s being hidden here? I don’t know, but it really gave me an involuntary shudder.

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    2. I don’t know what God’s complete plan for Mr. Trump is but he has certainly started to wake up the silent majority which has been silent for too long. I honestly do not believe that there will be an election in November. Obama and the NWO will do their best to stop it. I believe that they already know that Trump will beat Hillary. I do not believe that Trump is a globalist which is why the true globalists will have to stop the election. He would set their agenda back quite a bit. Let’s face it, the Queen, Soros, Rockefeller, Kissinger are getting very old. They can’t afford any setbacks in their agenda. This is the reason that I believe the false flag/s are coming
      that will give Obama the excuse he needs to declare an emergency state and suspend the presidential election. I am not a prophet or given to visions or dreams. These are just my thoughts on this issue.


  15. I saw it awhile back Linda…it was at the beginning of his campaign. I watched it to the end. As it goes along it gets worse. Trump can’t focus, he can’t be still, his spirit won’t allow him to receive the prayers. When I first read your post I thought of it…this time I couldn’t watch it all either.

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  16. Great post Vicki. What struck me is that Trump is not engaged in spirit himself, like Linda and all have noted. Do they all really believe that these blessings will fall on him If he himself is not humbly leaning on the Lord? If the Lord has Donalds heart first, then we may have solid ground to ask these things for him.


  17. Hello,
    The Lord led me to “Paul Washer” below several years ago.
    Linda C. has seen it and has said that he is speaking Truth. It is very sobering to watch, but important to understand…..about 9 minutes, if I remember correctly.


  18. Stig-ove…I didn’t know that but it seems so obvious. I wonder, do you think all leaders (here and around the world) are tied to Germany in some way? Here in the States, I believe any politician who is somebody, or belongs to any secret society is part of the NWO. Unfortunately that includes most of them.


  19. Ok folks . . . Look at the 2016 Republican Convention Logo. Notice the pentagrams (Satanic star or the upside down stars) on the Elephant?



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