5-9-16 ~ I Saw Obama’s Face Shifting into a Reptilian Form

Folks, I’m re-blogging this from a Z3News Post that I did, dated 7-22-15.  This is a (repulsively disgusting) vision that I had about THE AntiChrist, OBAMA (EWWWW!!!)



5-10-16.  In an interview, L.A. Marzulli describes the antichrist will be a “Nephalim” (part human-part fallen angel), with DNA from Satan . . . This interview is another confirmation to the vision I had about Obama-THE-antichrist turning into a reptialian (part human-part fallen angel).  Here’s the link to this (less than 30 min) interview:


“Here is yet another opportunity to “get on the full armour of God, because the verbal onslaught is about to commence…” I was walking around my apartment . . . .”

CLICK HERE FOR THE ARTICLE—-> I Saw Obama’s Face Shifting into a Reptilian Form

HOWDY Everybody. Considerate comments are indeed welcome. Remember you are visiting me in my “virtual home”. People from “Snarksville” or “Mockersburg” or “Scoffersville” can keep moving along to find a debate arena someplace else. Not time for that nonsense. Remember, we are Ambassadors of Christ. Let’s act accordingly, for the Heavenly Father IS watching us.


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19 thoughts on “5-9-16 ~ I Saw Obama’s Face Shifting into a Reptilian Form

  1. I re-blogged this “Obama the Reptialian” post because I will be sharing this on the radio interview as well. I must confess, this vision was the WORST and MOST disgusting I have had. I tried to slip the info in under another Z3post comment section. . . BUT, NOPE. . James Bailey found it and next thing I know. . . Here we go, another disgusting warning post about “lizard lips” (AKA, Obama).


  2. I agree with the hybrid genetic make up conclusions in addition to him being gay. There is much video material available confirming both theses.

    Michelle is transgender https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y6XW7hgfq8
    Obama referring to her as Michael https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cgk732vfGQ

    Obama’s cocaine use and gay promiscuity since childhood (nickname was Bathhouse Barry)
    Herewith a summary video and complete video (+/- 60 min) of legal trial and public hearings as well as a class mate’s testimony on topic (archived, waiting for the right timing).

    1 Summary video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwgD-8Bj_Qs
    2 Complete video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kbhkFrrxNs
    3 Class mate’s testimony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF6HGlgzxps

    Obama AC?

    However, although antichrist in behavior, and demonically possessed, he is not THE antichrist. Informedchristians.com has an well researched study on topic:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFplBnASLqA

    Many blessings and thank you for helping the bride prepare.


    1. Hello Sabine and thank you for the additional info.
      I understand how you and others say (and will continue to say “he is not THE antichrist”. . . It’s repulsive . . It doesn’t “fit” with the “Left Behind” Series, or “pre-trib” belief system. MOST U.S. Citizens could not fathom the truth of this revelation from the Holy Spirit.

      I do NOT share it because I did “research” on it and came to the conclusion “OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST” . . No, I was given that as a DIRECT “WORD FROM THE LORD” and I quote and will keep quoting until the LORD says “enough warning”. Here’s the quote:


      I also did some research into that revelation, which is throughout my blog. I will NOT debate this with anybody. I only ask people to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE seek the LORD about it. Ask HIM: “is she telling us the truth? Is Obama the Antichrist?”

      I did my “job” in warning. . . What people decide to do with it is up to him/her from there.


    2. I think that the most well researched study cannot replace individual Holy Spirit Revelation.
      Nothing can replace the Holy Spirit anointing.


  3. The latest Indiana Jones movie did also incorporate some suggestive Alien themes into it. Mass entertainment is clearly preparing the public psyche for the great deception with aliens etc.
    Watched one of the links in your old post have to put a mental sticker post IT lap on My nose to watch the rest😀


    1. LOL, I thought you were going to say “had to put a mental ‘hazmat suit’ on” because it’s so murky.

      YEP. . . Many days I wish I had been given the task of “helps”, which would be baking brownies to take to the nursing homes and visiting with elderly people. BUT NOPE . . Have to have this “assignment” . . .
      I sure hope everybody will step into their “assignment” in these final days . . We NEED each and EVERY true believer to be a VITAL part of the Bride of Christ.


  4. People like David Icke have done alot to crumble the credibility of the shapeshifting reptilian stories. Think about transgenics today where they say that they could incorporate Dna at embryo level already!
    We have the seed of the serpent in Genesis and the book of Enoch and some supporting verses in the bible, even straight citation from the book of Enoch in Jude if memory serves.

    Go forward and start to study the myths and legends of earth about dragons and mythical creatures in general and what you see is an overwhelmingly big proportion of the stories tell of supernatural creatures mixing themselves with humans at some level.

    Dna can probably be switched on and off by means we dont publicly know about. So personally i dont find stories of shapeshifting reptilians to be too farfetched, its has always been here!

    Only modern man in his supposed wisdom or should i say ignorance torpedoes all stories he dont find convenient out of the water.

    Linda doing a good job here, go get the internet to B2 blog through radio, the finnish support team is here giving you Hartsport for intermissions 🙂

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    1. AWWW, thank you Stiggly-Wiggly.

      One of the ways I believe the shape-shifting can occur: nanobots

      I have also seen “in the spirit” one of the WORST shape-shifting demonic entities is this – – – The Religious Spirit. It shifts its shape to disguise itself in ANY demon-anation (also called “denominations”). . . It slithers in and provokes “doctrines of demons” that sound good, but are NOT from Heaven. They are almost right . . . But they are WRONG.


      1. There is even a smaller so far only theoretical science smaller than nanobots called femto technology now that you mention it.

        But im thinking myself that given the natural abilities of the human body for having an inherent light projecting ability called bioluminecense it involves nanotechnology but im suspecting the function might be similar to nano vacuum crystal technology developed in Germany. You project or activate the natural frequency or enchance the lightsource in the body and you have small nanobots or nano crystals in the bloodstream or dna compatible technology, that pack into clusters and project the information inherent in the possibly serpentine dna cluster within the body.

        That information initiates an shapeshifting effect, and sometimes based upon the videos of shapeshifters on the internet there might be something natural or artificial that initiates the process unwillingly.

        Here is a link about femto tech!



        1. Thank you Stiggly. It’s also what I believe will be used in “The Mark of the Beast” . . . PERMANENTLY transforming those who take it into a “hybrid” . . . NEVER, EVER to be able to be saved from that point on. They will be like the “Giants” in Genesis 6 (the Nephalim . . Half human/half demon). AND will become the zombie army for Satan, where each person is controlled.


  5. I wrote here about femto tech and nano vacuum crystal technology forming clusters that project info from possibly serpentine dna. Where did it disappear????
    Odd maybe the system did not like my writing?


    1. Howdy Stiggly. . . I have the system set to allow me to review links, just in case something “odd” is sent through. So there will be a delay with any who make a comment with a link on it. Generally I won’t check them, but it’s another measure of protection, in case I get a “check in my spirit” from the Holy Spirit.

      I’m going on a side track here:
      One of the recent posts, somebody stated (yet again) about Obama not being the antichrist, with many links to that comment. I allowed it through, because there were some good points. BUT I also reiterated I was given the revelation direction by the Holy Spirit and I quote over and over and over again:

      I only ask people to take what I share here to the LORD in prayer . . . ESPECIALLY about Obama. I won’t debate that. It’s getting REALLY, REALLY OLD!!!! I’ll be glad when this warning “gig” is over and I don’t have to continue to endure doubters . . Mockers . . . Scoffer’s . . that don’t seek the LORD for himself/herself for confirmation, but jump into “I don’t believe it” zone.

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