5-8-16 ~ Are You Using or Hiding Your Talent(s)?

Matthew 25:26-30 ~

“And the one also who had received the one talent came up and said,
‘Master, I knew you to be a hard man,
reaping where you did not sow
and gathering where you scattered no seed.
And I was afraid, and went away and hid your talent in the ground.

See, you have what is yours.’

Hiding Talents

But his master answered and said to him,
‘You wicked, lazy slave,
you knew that I reap where I did not sow and
gather where I scattered no seed.
Then you ought to have put my money in the bank,
and on my arrival I would have received my money back with interest.
Therefore take away the talent from him,
and give it to the one who has the ten talents.’

“For to everyone who has, more shall be given,
and he will have an abundance;
but from the one who does not have,
even what he does have shall be taken away.



I felt prompted to share this with you today. Somebody needs to read this warning message.



I pray for the CONVICTION of the Holy Spirit to fall on ALL who have been hiding their “talent”(s), for NOW is the time NOT to use excuses to avoid doing what one has been called to do, even if it is in what you see as “the insignificant” (the day of “small beginnings”).

Holy Spirit

We EACH will be giving an account of what we did or did not do, to our KING Yahshua on Judgement Day, facing Him ALONE.


No excuses will “work” . . .for our heart will be laid bare before our HOLY LORD and KING.
Prayer Bowing

Did we do what we were called to do? Did we listen to and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit?

Holy Spirit

OR did we use excuses to delay what we knew we were supposed to be doing?


I heard a wise saying fairly recently: “A delay in obedience . . . IS DISOBEDIENCE”.


WHAT IF WE WERE IN DISOBEDIENCE WHEN JESUS RETURNED FOR HIS BRIDE . . . We will NOT be a part of those who will be allowed into The Wedding Supper of the Lamb.




“I WISH I WOULD HAVE _________” . . . one of the saddest phrases anybody will ever say, when they realize there was something they could or should have done, as prompted by the Holy Spirit . . . but now it’s too late, especially if it involves another person, who is now GONE.


We only have TODAY. . . is there anything that we can do today, that is on our heart, especially if it involves blessing another person?


THEN. .. WE MUST DO IT!!! Don’t wait until it is too late. . . and you will forever be haunted with:
“I WISH I WOULD HAVE ___________” and that person is no longer there or the opportunity to be a blessing is GONE!!!


. . .OR . . .

One of the WORST phrases anybody will ever hear: “DEPART FROM ME. . . I KNEW YOU NOT!!!” from the mouth of Jesus Christ, when we did not do, what we were called to do . . . “for the least of these His brethern”.

Depart Weeping outer darkness


Are YOU hiding your talent(s)? Are you being prompted to do something for the LORD and not doing it? If so, stop NOW and REPENT!!!!


Ask the LORD to forgive you and to help you TODAY step into your calling and start using your talent(s) and/or give you the courage to do what you are being prompted to do. . . .THEN DO IT!!!!

Today may be the last day for you to live this life. Are you ready to step into eternity and face the LORD, KING YAHSHUA?




Weeping darkness disobedience



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62 thoughts on “5-8-16 ~ Are You Using or Hiding Your Talent(s)?

  1. Oh, man, Linda, you’re hitting me where it HURTS!
    (and I don’t mean that as anything against you!)

    I scanned through the article and get the basic idea, and will go back and ponder it thoroughly.

    I will say that the parable of the talents is one of the ones that really stood out to me as a 7 year old child in Sunday School….I have thought of it through the years……but not in recent years…….. NOW, it’s hitting me FULL BLAST!!! Maybe that was the whole reason for it jumping out at me at age 7—–Holy Spirit knew I’d need the STRONG REMINDER “for such a time as this.”

    I have some sincere soul-searching to do! (this is regarding the music talent).

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    1. BAM!!! Sometimes we need a strong reminder, Peggy. ALL of us have those times and THANK YOU LORD, that He does that.
      It would be like me saying: “I shared a prophetic Word from the LORD in the past . . Doesn’t that count?” When I MUST share what the LORD wants me to share . . . When HE wants me to share. I really don’t look forward to every time I must state the following warning Word from the LORD:
      “OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST”. . But I must share it anyway, or I’m in disobedience and the LAKE OF FIRE is my final destination if I continue in disobedience.
      Disobedience to the LORD also means this: WE CHOOSE TO HAVE OURSELVES as “Lord of our life” instead of obeying JESUS, WHO IS THE LORD.
      Yes, sobering. Quite sobering.

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  2. I could rationalize and say that I HAVE used my talent playing the piano and organ in churches since I was 16 years old. BUT, I know this is a DIFFERENT USE. This is Holy Spirit healing download. I just remembered Karin sharing with me several months ago, “I don’t want to scare you, but there are souls depending on it.”

    When I think of that, it motivates me deeply.
    I’ve stopped playing since I realized how lukewarm the churches were. It saddened me very deeply.
    I saw what a grievous state that the UNITED (APO)STATES of AMERICA is in. My Dad, or mentor in music has been gone since 2012, and I have felt like I just lost my motivation.

    Really, I know better, though. When the going gets tough, the tough get going through the power of the Holy Spirit!

    You have also mentioned that in the post above. I know this isn’t JUST for me, but I think I am one of them, DEFINITELY!

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    1. Clarification: Last two sentences—- referring to souls depending on what we have been personally very strategically designed to give them, especially “for such a time as THIS”! (Esther 4:14)

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      1. AMEN and AMEN!!! So very true, Peggy.

        We truly Don’t know how many people we impact WHEN we Obey, nor do we know (yet) how many we could have helped when we did NOT obey. Very sobering thought and LORD HELP US ALL OBEY YOU.

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    2. Hi Peggy,
      Your statement: “I’ve stopped playing since I realized how lukewarm the churches were. It saddened me very deeply.” . . .
      Sorry to say, but that is in the “excuse zone” and won’t “fly” . . . Just like if I said:
      “I don’t like it when people criticise me, or mock me or rebuke me for sharing a warning word from the LORD, so I stopped speaking/sharing” . . I have to do it anyway, if I truly LOVE the LORD and am TRULY being His servant.


      1. I know— “Deny yourself and TAKE UP YOUR CROSS.” It’s not a padded cross and it’s not easy.
        To whom much has been given, much will be required.
        I know for a fact that HE has given me MUCH. That can’t be denied.


  3. Here is an AMAZING testimony of a woman who is a daughter of a “Muslim ruler” . . . Who became a Christian. It brings the sobering reality of the importance of EACH and EVERY one of us to be thankful to Yahshua, Jesus Christ, who died for us. ALSO, for each and EVERY one of us to be doing what we are called to do. . . . “For such a time as this”.

    Please take a moment to read this and remember . . . . She would NOT deny her faith in JESUS. How much more should we not deny listening to and obeying the Holy Spirit . . . Doing what we are called to do?:

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    1. Beautiful story and point taken

      I can own the message in your post Linda, I think we all can to some degree. I sometimes struggle to hear His will, His instructions but I never give up fighting the strongholds the enemy tries to place on my spirit.

      May the Lord convict us all as we walk in His presence. May we hear and obey, submit to His will and walk it out in our daily lives as He continues to be forever faithful to us….Amen

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  4. No kidding, though. THAT was the PARABLE that impacted me the GREATEST……and I never knew why until NOW……54 years later! (He knows the end from the beginning……

    I know we can’t rest on our “laurels.” We need fresh MANNA everyday, and should be following the Holy Spirit fresh EVERY DAY.


  5. One more thing—- this isn’t about me. It’s ALL ABOUT HIM. When I think of it that way, “selfie” and “selfie perceptions” fall away, and the desire comes through to be USED BY HIM as HE sees fit for HIS purposes, whether it makes “selfie” squirm or not. It’s ALL ABOUT HIM and HE’s about bringing SOULS to HIM so that they will not PERISH in Hell.


    1. AMEN Peggy. Imagine the torture and humiliation . . . Leading to death, that our LORD endured so that we could be saved. We can NEVER “repay” Him for what He has done for us, but we can show our LOVE to Him, by Obeying Him (John 14:23)


  6. My talents have always been as a background man. I support and do what i can behind the scenes. Dont have the flair for dramatic performance or speaking in an enegizing igniting way. IF and When i speak IT is to the point, sometimes(rarely) i get thanks. Mostly im sidelined and forgotten once i shut My mouth.

    IF i have a talent its i Said you so later, thats My talent nothing more nothing less.

    Have you prepped your radio performance already? We can take a rehearsal mp3 here to preview posted here 😀
    I can take My penalty in My electronic free zone in advance 🤓

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    1. P.S. You have certainly NOT been forgotten or side-lined by any here after “speaking” on this blog—–
      Quite the CONTRARY!! Your “voice” has been and continues to be more than ESSENTIAL—-not to mention the enduring, relieving, up-lifting, thought-provoking humor!

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      1. Well Noah preached for a long time until the flood came and his cadre he brought with him was his family and a bunch of animals. Thinking that we might be at the same point as in the days of Noah like Jesus said.
        We preach and preach but without the Lords intervention the catch will be small in proportion to the preaching delivered.

        Some talk about great revivals but what did Jesus mean when he said when he returns there will be barely any faith left. Is it the mass extermination of christians or the deliberate walking away from the faith as the difficulties start.

        Thats the question, a little of both i think.
        And thx Peggy and Vicki for the support of your silent Finn who has Finnished Peggy also 🙂

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    2. LOL Stiggly-Wiggly,
      To answer your question about the radio . . . Nope, not “prepped” yet. I confess, the radio interview is something I do NOT look forward to doing, but must do it anyway. I have specific directions now for the “prep” and today is the day I must get more done. So, prayers are really appreciated.

      Why I’m not looking forward to the radio interview? I have to speak about “lizard lips” . . . EWWWWW!!!!


      1. Linda,
        Perhaps you’re not looking forward to sharing “l.l.” info. That’s understandable, but I truly believe people are more and more open to that truth…..more than every….

        Please know that your BelieveActs2 Virtual Family are ALL looking forward to you doing this, and
        will be listening intently and praying for you as you speak. We ALL have it marked as a “Red Letter Day” on our calendars (SPECIAL day).

        It’ll be WONDERFUL!

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        1. Thank you, Peggy and I REALLY appreciate the family support. I have to speak out, no matter what, if I TRULY LOVE the LORD Jesus Christ . . .Yahshua our Messiah. What people choose to do with what I’m tasked to warn about it then up to them. I did my job and “the blood is not on my hands”.

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          1. Amen, Linda. Not to put pressure on you, but if not you, WHO?
            If not now, WHEN?

            Also, I think that once you get into the interview, you will LOVE IT and will not want it to end!
            ….Speaking from experience about “performances” (seeing that blue/lavender confirmation light now).
            I know it will not be a performance but will be heartfelt, Holy Spirit led—- just comparing one aspect here…..

            Also, not to put pressure on you, but this may open up the door or doors to other venues that, by the way,we all believe you to be just the PERFECT MATCH for. You deserve a much Wider Audience!!!
            We don’t want your material to be wasted in any way!

            The Holy Spirit is bringing you “to it” and will bring you “through it” with FLYING COLORS!


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          2. Thank you Peggy. I have been given MUCH by the Holy Spirit and to whom much is given . . . Much is expected. Yes, I MUST share this stuff and I pray at least one other soul WAKES UP and is alert about the plans of the enemy.
            Also, to be aware of the AMAZING, supernatural things the Heavenly Father will be doing . . . AND we must step in to our calling/anointing “for such a time as this.”

            The clock is ticking and this life is VERY brief. Better to be doing about the Kingdom of Heaven business NOW, because in eternity? We don’t get that opportunity like we have now. What we sow in this life . . We reap in eternity.

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      1. Well you can start in this way….krhmm as my hair is red id rather be caught wed to Shrek than keep silent on this matter….off you go with the program.

        An whenever you are out of words think ……Finland will listen and i cant be found wanting….im off to my penalty box….striped shirt judge Linda whistling for 2+2 minutes for high stick….:-)


  7. Listened to Bette Stevens recent tribulation radio interview last night on redeemed from Hell. Froze my spirit. Searching for more sin and found some to repent of that was forgotten.Lord it’s like walking a tightrope. One false move and I fall mid air. This post was for me as well. Open your mouth and speak His word Michael. Do not think you are walking perfect and pleasing Him doing what is familiar and comfortable. My garments have mud again and all my deeds are filthy rags. Trying to separate satan condemnations from holy spirit convictions. Still struggling with the cigar addiction I’ll just put this right out in the open. I don’t want to go to hell for desecration of His temple. I am mourning and begging Him to please rewire my brain chemistry so I can stay away from it. Why are all the pains and trials in past behind yet I keep tripping over a pebble that is tormenting me. I have hidden this long enough and it is agony to keep bringing this to Him. I want to go deeper with you Lord and because you are Holy I can’t go further until this is conquered through you. I can’t keep ignoring your timeline. Please give me the strength to walk pure from this and leave it behind.

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    1. Familiar struggles, here, too, Michael. Only— I never smoked. I understand and I think it’s good to have transparency. When we are transparent, we can deal with things, and trusted sisters and brothers in the Lord can hold each other up in prayer (just saw that lavender confirmation light).

      I think in the struggles, we GROW. Like the caterpillar going into that cocoon and struggling to come out as a BUTTERFLY! (Straining to reach the prize and that high calling in Christ Jesus.)

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    2. And may the LORD give you the courage and strength to overcome this addiction, which has a demonic spirit attached to it. Michael, that demon must be booted out in the name of Jesus.

      Addiction comes in many forms and yes, it also includes FOOD. . . I know because I had that addiction for decades. I could ONLY be set free when I reached that point back in the late 1990s, when I said to the LORD: “I can’t do this anymore. . . I’m either dieting or thinking about going on a diet or binge-eating. LORD, you made me, you know what I should weigh and what I should look like. . . HELP ME, because I can’t do it any more.”

      What happened from there? I remember clearly the day shortly after that prayer, when in mid-bite, the Holy Spirit said “STOP!!!”” I knew He meant to stop eating and put down the fork. He helped me learn when I was full, but doing that each and every time I ate. I didn’t know when enough was enough . . It was when the plate was empty. I lost 25 pounds that way and the LORD reset my broken system. Over the course of several years, I lost a total of about 70 pounds. I have since kept most of that weight off, with the exception of about 10 pounds, when I started eating fattier foods in Canada. Now, the weight is coming off again through walking, less stress and continuing to obey the HOLY SPIRIT.

      If I can do this . . . You can do it too, Michael.

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  8. Thank you Peggy I have to say I felt some release out of nowhere a few minutes ago. Perhaps when you were seeing that light. Transparency to me is huge as you mentioned. It stops me from pride. Yes He annoints me with gifts but I am still a struggling sinner in more need of Him the farther He takes me

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    1. We ALL are Michael . . . This is why we must DAILY “pick up our cross” and follow the LORD Jesus. We can NOT make it on our own. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal the truth to us. When HE convicts us, it’s kind and gentle, with the desire to repent and be clean.

      When the sulfur dwellers condemn us. . . It brings back our forgiven sins to our mind, leaving us feeling depressed and/or in despair.

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  9. And Michael imagine when you go out for a cigar that its Obama for president fliers you rolled for cigars and ask yourself……do i want to inhale this?????

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  10. OKAY— this was “off the wall” funny— just received on e-mail in response to someone saying they kept getting “Chinese” on their cell phone: (It’s VINTAGE “Stig-ove” original material)—- and way too good not to be posted here and shared with a wider audience—- don’t stomp on me, now, Stompy—-

    This is one “dude” that is NOT hiding his HUMOR TALENT!

    “Your welcome
    Sun tzu zays zou ave zou bai ai nouy huawei cellphone.
    Noo the chinese code is taking over my cellphone…..horrible sounds in the background like rice eating and noodle cookers steaming on overdrive………:-)
    PRC communiqe….Stompys samsung cellphone has been taken over by the peoples republic. From now on you will regularly receive noodle and chicken recipes every 24 hours.
    Also included will be the best of speeches by our beloved comrade the leader of North Korea.
    Happy days resistance is futile noodles are future. Sleep tight in Colorado your cellphone is next……twilight zone music….
    Comrade Stompy signing off”

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  11. Michael, we all have “issues” and we are all sinners. Anyone saying they are not a sinner, is just delusional. We all have to come to the Lord daily and ask for forgiveness.

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  12. Blessed be the true ones of the Lord around me. Thank u all . Stig , nice comparison. Lol love it. Now I need to pray over what demon is associated with this … addiction ? Or something tells me may be an additional one. Either way we are gonna blast em out of me like dynamite in a cave. Holy spirit get your flame thrower ready. …

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    1. Michael,
      Excellent, and don’t forget, there’s a certain Prayer Group that I’m sure would be willing and ready to pray with you on this– tomorrow, Tuesday!

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    2. He will, Michael . . . Here’s another thing to consider:
      REBUKE the spirit of addiction kicking it out in the name of Jesus. Ask the LORD to take your addictive personality and have it FULLY be addicted to HIM. WE can’t have too much of Jesus.

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      1. Yes!!! I agree with you Linda. Treat it as a stronghold asking that it be removed in Jesus Name, pleading the blood of Jesus Christ over it, commanding it to leave, commanding it to be sent deep into the pits of hell. I’ve done this warfare, it works. Then I Praise the Lord, thanking Him for His love and faithfulness.

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