PART 17 ~ THE MEMOIRS OF A BRIDE: A Prophetic Picture of The Bride of Christ Getting Ready

PART 17 ~ February 20-21, 2016 – Wedding Rehearsal and Wedding Day

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“Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm,
for love is strong as death.” (Song of Solomon 8:6)

Victorian man woman

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Saturday, February 20, 2016:

Jim and I kept praying for beautiful days for both the Wedding Rehearsal (Saturday) and the Wedding Day (Sunday). The weather had been very strange beginning in 2016. Well, the prayers must have been effective! Both days brought absolutely beautiful sunny weather with mild temperatures! They felt like Spring Days! Both days brought this verse from the Bible to mind, even though, technically, it was still the Winter season:

“For behold, the winter is past, The rain is over and gone.The flowers have already appeared in the land; The time has arrived for pruning the vines, And the voice of the turtledove has been heard in our land. The fig tree has ripened its figs, And the vines in blossom have given forth their fragrance. Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, And come along!” ~ (Song of Solomon 2:11-13)

My fair lady


On the morning of the Wedding Rehearsal, we both felt so joyous that I pulled out the “My Fair Lady”Piano-Vocal Score, and started playing with gusto:

“I’m Getting Married in the Morning” (meaning for us, the next day).  Jim was soon over by the piano and started singing with great fun and animation: “I’m getting married in the morning! . . . ”



My eyes started to tear up as I realized that the last time I played this before a wedding was a full 50 years ago. My Dad’s brother was about to get married in Pennsylvania. I had taken the “My Fair Lady” score with me on purpose to play that song the night before. I did so on my Grandmother’s piano with joy.

Speed readingAlso, it was now 50 years ago since I sat in Jim’s “Speed Reading Class” as an 11 year old. That was a very sentimental thought!

We did a few wedding errands in the morning, and then headed over to the church for the 2p.m. rehearsal. Everyone was there promptly. We saw Marilyn and John in the parking lot. Jim joined arms huddled the four of us together and sang “I’m Getting Married in the Morning” softly, but with lots of expression. We were having fun!

The rehearsal went beautifully, and everyone enjoyed meeting folks they hadn’t known before. There is one thing that we remember when leaving the church. There was a noticeable refreshing wind that commenced when we walked out of the church. Over the years, Jim and I had often observed wind kicking up at high points in our discussions about God. We always commented, “it’s the Holy Spirit.”

Holy Spirit
Well, this seemed like an obvious “Holy Spirit” moment! I was sure we’d see that rainbow “surprise” tomorrow one way or another. We cornered Linda H. before we left. We all joined arms, and Jim sang a few lines of “I’m Getting Married” once again with tremendous gusto. We had fun! It was much nicer than a traditional “Bachelor Party”!


THE WEDDING DAY on Sunday, February 21, 2016:

The Bridal Gown hung elegantly on the curtain rod in the living room against the background of a light gold curtain. Jim asked me to go to church with him. Afterwards, I was so surprised to see a very warm, kind, and glowing woman next to him that spoke very kindly. Truthfully, I was wondering if she was an angel. He proceeded to tell her that our marriage was planned for the evening. She told me how very beautiful I was and that she was so very happy for us. We really didn’t want to say “good-bye” to her, but we had to keep moving, so to speak. Before we moved, she hugged each of us very purposefully. Then, we looked back and saw her kneeling in a very prayerful position as if she had blocked out everything from the world totally.


When she arose, we went over to her to say a final “good-bye.” The glowing woman said very directly that she was kneeling to pray for the two of us and our marriage! She commented that she had just dropped by to the church…..that she was just visiting. We considered it a little miracle. She definitely seemed angelic to us! I thought to myself, “maybe this is the special surprise Debra was talking about.” It certainly was a blessed meeting. It would definitely qualify as a “surprise”!

Then, on the way home, I thought for a moment that it would be nice if Dad had lived to see this day. Not long after that, the phone rang. It was a lady from Jim’s church that called to wish us well on our Wedding Day. Jim handed the phone over to me. I had no idea who it was or the purpose of the call. Right away she started speaking of how wonderful my Father was! She went on and on with many compliments. This shocked me. I hadn’t realized it, but she had been on one of the Parent Committees some years ago that worked to assist Dad’s many Marching Band activities.

Marching band

In fact, she said that she had held the office of “President” of that group for several years and really enjoyed working with him. I concluded by saying that “oh, yes, he was a very dear Father and is very dearly missed.” As I gratefully hung up, I thought perhaps this was part of the “surprise.” It felt almost as if Dad had shown up!

The Catholic woman that had expressed that she thought my “full immersion Baptism” back in August was a very beautiful thing was named my “Wedding Coordinator.” Father Bill had suggested her and also conferred the title on her. Her job was to assist me in donning my gown and to signal me when to begin the Processional. We both had fun speaking of her “lofty title” for the day! Her name is Joanne and she is married to the Best Man, Bill K. (I have to put his last initial after his name. We had 3 “Bills” there including Father Bill.) She came to the house and graciously helped me dress. She was a nice presence to have around.

Next, I made sure that the Bride’s Bible that I carried had the long golden ribbon in the place where our wedding theme Scripture was to be found: Hosea 2:19.


About that time, Jim announced to me that some very light rain was predicted for about 4p.m. We thought, “that’s it”! We will see a rainbow just before the 5p.m. wedding. We certainly hoped that we would experience that “surprise”!



Then my Mom arrived to take us to the church. She looked lovely and wore beautiful Irish Claddagh earrings in honor of Jim’s Irish heritage, and mine through Dad’s lineage. Jim and I sat in the back seat like two teenagers. It was fun and funny. Actually, by the time 4p.m. rolled around, we both forgot about the possibility of any light rain or the anticipated rainbow. It never rained a drop, but our minds were just not on the rainbow any more. There was too much joy within us and among the entire gathering!

Everything was progressing so wonderfully, that I was sure that I’d cry the whole time for joy, but with God’s grace, I was perfectly composed. Everyone had arrived before us. They were all smiling like crazy. They all told me how beautiful I was and how great Jim looked. I felt totally comfortable and at ease!



Bill B., the photographer was working very hard getting all kinds of strategic pictures of all of us, even well before the Ceremony began. I really admired his abilities!




At 5:00p.m. sharp, the Processional began to the recorded music of “Pachelbel’s Canon in D” played by a piano, with Linda H. going first.


Then when Linda reached the front, I began processing. No one walked with me.



I “gave myself away.”

I thought that is was rather fitting. It was totally my decision. The Ceremony began. There was a tangible presence of love in the room.

When First Corinthians 13 was read with such awesome feeling by Marilyn, I scanned the group quickly since Jim and I were seated facing them. What did I see? I saw most of the group including men with tears just swimming in their eyes.

I think it was a manifestation of the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit



There were prayers and readings. Next, the “one paragraph compositions” that Father Bill had asked us to write explaining why we loved each other were read.

Okay, we had both misunderstood the assignment. Instead of one paragraph each, we both wrote pages about each other! Father Bill explained that most couples had trouble coming up with three sentences each. He graciously consented to read the two compositions in their entirety because he thought they were beautiful.

Here they are, with Jim’s composition first:


WHY I LOVE PEGGY” ~ written by Jim

Writing pen

When Father Bill gave me the homework assignment to write down my thoughts about why I love Peggy, I thought that this could get very involved because there are so many things that I love about Peggy. Well anyway, here goes:

1. I love Peggy because she has a good and generous heart. I told Father Bill that if Peg had been a Catholic, she probably would have been a nun, but in that case none of us would be here today. Indeed, God knew what He was doing. During the years that she taught school and conducted choirs in many churches, I watched Peg buy necessities for the children in her care. Peggy was selected “Teacher of the Year” and for my vote, she is “Christian of the Year” as well.

2. I love Peggy because she is loyal and tenacious. If Peg sees a need she immediately wants to help. Peggy is strongly a “Pro-Life” sponsor- she sometimes goes overboard with her help. Our friend Marilyn called us and asked if we would contact two Senators in Washington requesting them to vote on an important abortion bill. So I called both of our Senators but what did Peg do? She got busy and she contacted all of the 100 Senators. Peggy, indeed, “walks her talk” as a Christian. How can you help but love her?

3. I love Peggy because she is an “Encourager.” St. Paul reminds all of us to encourage each other. Bishop Sheen once said, “if you have someone in your life who is helping you to get closer to God, you have a treasure in that person. Well, I have such a treasure in Peggy. We do music and Pro-Life Programs together in various churches and civic clubs. Peg is always there telling me that the people will love us and that I will be “great.” In truth it is like having my own private “Cheerleader” and I thank God for her. I really could go on all day, but I’ll try to finish up now.

In our home, Peg has some interesting messages displayed. There is a special personal reminder of her feelings for me that I treasure in one of these messages and it reads like this…..”I thank God for every moment I have with you.”

These are just some of the reasons why I love Peggy and why, with the help of God, I want to share my life with her.





Next came my composition:

WHY I LOVE JIM” ~ written by Peggy

Lady writing pen

The famous love poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning begins with the lines,
“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

Therefore, in this composition, I will count these ways by listing 12 main ways that I love you, Jim.

As an introduction to #1), I will state that I love that you are a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit, and that you treasure God’s Holy Word,The Bible. You consider The Bible’s living and active Words your only reliable compass for the navigation of this earthly life and guide to Eternal life in a Heaven, wonderful beyond our imagination. You openly acknowledge Jesus Christ as mankind’s ONLY Savior as well as the ONLY Way, Truth, and Life!

In pondering these ways that I love you, I have come to the conclusion that your most endearing qualities must be a direct result flowing from that most important decision that you (or any person) can ever make in their entire earthly lives. Back in 1951, you decided to totally surrender your life, will, and future plans to the will of God, His only Son, Jesus Christ, and The precious Holy Spirit.
I will now commence “counting the ways” by listing wonderful qualities about you, citing a Scripture reference for each one.

#1 )Exodus 20:12 states the 5th of the 10 Commandments: “Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.” It has been abundantly apparent to me from the early days of getting to know you that you have loved, honored, and held your parents, Edward and Anna in the highest esteem. I have also understood that they both deeply loved you, too. I have always considered this wonderful relationship with them from your formative years— an important indicator of your capacity to love me and love others.

#2) Proverbs 12:26 says “The righteous choose their friends carefully.”
I have truly admired your ability to choose wonderful and Godly friends as well as your efforts to maintain those friendships.

#3) Galatians 5:22-23 states “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self- control; against such things there is no law.” That includes 9 different fruit. I have noticed that you demonstrate all of these on a consistent basis.

#4) Deuteronomy 32:2 states “Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.” In your outstanding 26 year High School teaching career, you worked diligently for the education of students ranging from Kindergarten to Twelfth Grade. You were an exceptional teacher of English, Reading, and History. In addition, you became a wonderful “Learning Disabilities Specialist.”

You served as a Public Speaking instructor and coach for all Seniors selected to speak at their Graduation Ceremonies. You were also available as a caring counselor to countless students. You functioned as a teacher outside of your School Employment: You taught a number of Adult Bible Studies and Biblically inspirational talks to teen groups in various local churches. You also taught through many supply Sermons in a variety of regular church Services throughout the years.

#5) 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 states ” Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” As I break that Scripture down, I see “rejoice always,” which I have noticed that you embody with your ever-present positive attitude about your life, lived in an intimate personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I see “pray without ceasing,” and I have noted that I have never witnessed you to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a “Water Ice from Rita’s” without stopping to audibly thank The Father before partaking of one bite. Even if we are in a restaurant, it matters not.

You still continue to pray audibly. I have noted with admiration that you are quick to join hands and bow your head in prayer with individuals or with a group in a circle regardless of where we are; inside or outside. You are quick to pray spontaneous prayers as needs or occasions to give thanks arise. You’ve always aligned yourself with the Scripture: “If you confess Me (Jesus) before men, I will confess you before My Father in Heaven.”

Last, I notice “in everything give thanks.” I have indeed noticed your “attitude of gratitude” in all things. It is a wonderful testament to your faith that even in the midst of situations which many would label unpleasant, difficult, or challenging, you still always find a multitude of things to be thankful for.

#6) “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.” are the inspired words from Psalm 19:14. I have been amazed at the way that you have consistently guarded the words of your mouth year upon year. I have heard positive words of your faith in Jesus and edifying words regarding your fellow man. It is also highly important to you to be an “encourager” to others. You have claimed as your guardian angel: Barnabus, the encourager, who was Paul’s assistant in the Book of Acts.

#7) “See, I have set before you today LIFE and prosperity, and DEATH and adversity” are the words of Deuteronomy 30:15. I tremendously admire your active involvement in choosing LIFE especially as it applies to the plight of unborn children as expressed through the Pro-Life movement. Upon your retirement, you gave educational talks to groups of Junior High age students in the very impressive number of at least 700 Schools! You also trained a large number of adult speakers through ongoing Public Speaking Classes which included training in The Word of God and in the necessary persuasiveness to deliver the speeches effectively. You took seriously the words of Psalm 139: 13-15 which reminds us:

“For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother’s womb.
I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works.”

At times when you spoke to Adult Groups, individuals, and even in a Prison about your Pro-Life convictions totally based on The Holy Word, you encountered significant opposition and persecution. Thank-you for standing strong and refusing to compromise on what is clearly stated in The Bible.
You also stood strong for Biblical truth in many letters written to various newspapers and local churches, boldly challenging them to maintain Biblical standards in their actions and decisions. You encountered persecution for some of these.

In addition, I will note that when you felt that the Lord led you to hold a before-school combination Prayer Group and Bible Study for Junior High students at your place of employment, you received enough “See me” notifications from the school administration to wallpaper your kitchen! However, you continued to obey the Lord’s dictates despite that particular major annoyance and potential threat to your job security. That’s amazing, Jim!

You knew the truth of Matthew 5:11-12 which declares: “Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on My account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven.” I’m so proud of you for this, Jim!

8) Habakkuk 2:2 declares “Then the LORD answered me and said, “Record the vision And WRITE it on tablets.” I state with great joy that you have written many beautiful and inspired poems, compositions and essays that are indeed among my absolute favorite writings. They are TREASURES!

9) Psalm 19:1 triumphantly declares:
“The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” Jim, you have been known to love to look into the heavens at night, joyfully discerning God’s Glory. During the daytime hours, we both have enjoyed many delightful walks through woods, in nature, and by rivers and oceans, again discerning the wonders of God as reflected in his creation. Isaiah 55:12 expresses this in part: “For you will go out with joy And be led forth with peace; The mountains and the hills will break forth into shouts of joy before you, And all the trees of the field will clap their hands.”

10) Proverbs 17:22 says “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.”
Here I will mention that I really love your sense of humor. It is always totally clean, innocent, and never at the expense of any other person.

11) ” He defended the cause of the poor and needy. Everything went well for him.” are the words of Jeremiah 22:16. Jim, for many years you have decided of your own accord to make it a point to visit, assist, and encourage those that were less fortunate than yourself. You have proved the above Scripture to be true, because things have indeed gone “well” for you!

12) Last of all, I will cite Psalm 92:1-3 which declares “Sing praises to Your Name, O Most High; To declare Your loving-kindness in the morning, And Your faithfulness every night, On an instrument of ten strings, on the lute, and on the harp, With harmonious sound.” I think this Scripture speaks of our “Two for HIM”:

Music, Drama, Poetry, and Home Visitation Ministry. What a JOY it has been to share that ministry with you. I feel as if we have fulfilled in part, at least in our own sphere of influence- The Great Commission in Mark 16:15 which commands “Go into all the world and preach (and I’ve inserted-even through music, drama, poetry, and home visits) the Good News to everyone.” How grateful I am for the privilege of serving Our Lord that way, and especially with you!

I have now counted 12 ways that “I love thee”– so now I feel inspired to quote from YOUR poem called “Love”- “These thoughts about love would flow on all day if I didn’t stop now and put them away.”
The conclusion of this composition will consist of the final lines of the poem by Elizabeth Browning with which I began. Thus, I lovingly announce:

“I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears, of all my life!—
and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death.”

“Cum meum maxima amore nunc et in aeternum,”
(Which is Latin for “With my maximum love now and in eternity.”)

Peggy Ann


The next thing that happened was sort of funny, but no one laughed. We just smiled. At the conclusion of my composition, Father Bill had done a lot of reading. He excused himself from the room for about 30 seconds. He needed a drink of water!


After the lighting of the Unity Candle by Jim and I, the Ceremony came to a conclusion Father Bill said a blessing and then pronounced us “Mr. and Mrs. James E. Dougherty.” HALLELUJAH! AMEN!

Peggy      Peggy



We recessed out to a majestic symphonic recording of “Trumpet Voluntary.’

We greeted our guests and many said that it was the absolute best wedding they ever attended! It was just small and simple, but there was no mistaking the tangible presence of God’s love with and among us! That’s what made everything great!

Now, regarding the choice of concluding Scriptures below, we realize that they really refer to God speaking. However, we thought we could use them as our words to each other, both on the Wedding Day and on all the other days ahead that God would choose to give us!



“I have loved you with an everlasting love.” (Jeremiah 31:3)

“And I will betroth you to me forever. I will betroth you to me in righteousness and in justice, in steadfast love and in mercy.” (Hosea 2:19)

Wedding bells doves

If you would like to privately contact Peggy (or Linda), please fill out the contact form below:






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56 thoughts on “PART 17 ~ THE MEMOIRS OF A BRIDE: A Prophetic Picture of The Bride of Christ Getting Ready

  1. I wanted to say that the day of the Wedding, I played Praise and Worship music for quite a while (as is usual on any day).

    I got ready to a Terry MacAlmon CD called “I Came To Worship You.” All of his CD’s are very musically done—- male voice and piano (both performed by Terry—VERY EXPRESSIVE!) with tasteful “back-ups” from time to time. One song just flows into the next very beautifully for the duration of the CD.

    He has a CD “For the Bride” dedicated to the Bride of Christ. I didn’t choose to play that one because I thought I’d get too emotional if I played it. Besides, “I Came to Worship You” has a really nice rendition of the wonderful “Lord’s Prayer.”

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    Peggy, Lovely. You were beautiful in your wedding dress and Jim was handsome.
    I enjoyed reading your memoirs.


  3. Sharing a poem by my deceased cousin:

    (written by Janet Rumpf in 1984)

    Hands and hearts are joined in love while two become as one,
    Repeating vows which bind the souls on a journey just begun.

    Anticipating joys and tears, this union must sustain
    A latitude for personal growth and a drawing close in pain.

    While earthly life will pass away on silvered wings of time,
    Love will endure eternally and grow toward the sublime.


  4. Hello Jennifer,
    Welcome to the BelieveActs2 Blog! Thank-you for reading and I am very happy to see your reply!
    Wow! That’s a wonderful testimony that you shared about the “presence of God.” After all, I think our goal is to pursue His PRESENCE!

    Yes, I will give tremendous credit to the power of intercessory prayer. It is definitely the “wind beneath the wings of this Series.” I know that Linda C. has been VERY active in this capacity!

    As for the “ringing in your ears,” all I know is that I sense in my spirit that it’s a supernatural sound that is saying, “Bride of Christ, Prepare NOW.” That would be inclusive of any physical or spiritual preparations that the Holy Spirit is prompting you to make. Preparation includes DAILY spiritual preparation/maintanence, and “keeping short accounts with God” (to quote Bette Stevens).

    Keep in mind that physical preparation, including food storage, could even end up being for someone else and not yourself or family. At any rate, strict and prompt obedience to the Holy Spirit is ESSENTIAL.

    Thanks again, Jennifer, for stopping by. I know that all the brothers and sisters on this blog will greet you with welcoming arms. Please continue to return here and join in the blessed fellowship!


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  5. Jennifer,
    The modem “school” of thought is that ringing in the ears is tinnitus. In the course of my life I’ve only been to a few concerts (not fond of large crowds or amplified sounds/music) – it wasn’t until last year I started to wonder about it. Especially since the 1st experience I had with this happened when I was 15 and had never been to a concert. I had been praying for wisdom on this but he impressed on me to not be distracted by this as a “research point” and to focus on KNOWING him more by digging into scripture and prayer. Besides, those are really the means by which he answers our questions….
    – Kenzel

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  6. Yes . . . I experienced it and even one time when chatting with my brother . . We both experienced a nasty sulfur/garbage smell. . . Prayers of rebuke sent that nasty smell back to the pit.


  7. Blessings to you, Jennifer and thank you for commenting. Please feel free to jump right in any time in the discussions. Also, when I go back to the “Newsletter” format, the discussions will carry over on my brother’s blog (JCSouthwest . . I’ll provide a link at that time).

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  8. I have been reading posts for awhile but never replied. Peggy thank you for sharing your story, in certain parts specifically I could really feel the presence of God which even carried into my sleep & dreams… I’m suspecting partly from intercessory prayer over this testimony 🙂 So thank you also to anyone who has been interceding. I also wanted to comment on the ringing in the ears. I have been experiencing that for a couple of months and have not been able to figure out what it was or how to make it stop. I thought it was physical & didn’t think about it being a warning, would love to hear more insight on that. Blessings everyone!

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  9. Linda,
    Thank-you for that detailed clarification. I know that you maintain strict fidelity in reporting all that you hear and feel in your spirit from the Lord. You are to be totally trusted, as you fully understand the tremendous responsibility you have to deliver messages completely accurately to the Body of Christ.

    Thanks for ALL you do!
    {OK, when I just typed “ALL,” I saw a 2″ square of beautiful lavender light that flashed on and off twice……it’s confirmation!}

    Love you,

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  10. Interesting Kenzel…The Lord completely and totally healed me of Rheumatoid Arthritis (autoimmune, very, very painful) in the spring of 2014. This is also the time the Holy Spirit began painting through me…painting first, then healing. I’m completely pain free, I have not taken any meds since spring of 2014.

    Praise the Lord for His faithfulness. I’m overwhelmed with His love for us!

    The smell of smoke for me didn’t start until the fall of 2015. The ringing started about the same time.

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  11. To be precise, and I quote:
    “I’m coming back” . . .
    Internally I understood from the LORD that most were not ready. I believe I mis-communicated that, so I wanted to clarify and quote exactly what I heard from the LORD.

    This has caused an increased sense of urgency to pray for ALL who claim to be a Christian to TRULY, TRULY have his/her spiritual house in order. There will be many “suddenlies” . . . Some horrific and in the midst of it? Jesus WILL be coming back.


  12. It touches my heart to hear this precious story about you and Jim and your beautiful, meaningful wedding! You two glorified God during the entire ceremony! I am blessed to be able to read this! Thank you Peggy!!

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  13. Well have to say that smoke thing is not per se strange to me but there is the account in the OT about the sacrifice being a sweet savour to the Lord. That clearly emphasizes smoke and in the NT we are commanded to present our bodies as living sacrifices to the Lord. Maybe the Holy Spirit is giving you folks a supernatural sense of that sweet savour to the Lord emanating from yourselves?

    Just a thought

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  14. This is strange. At the time I was 8 years old, I got the idea that I was supposed to write something important to edify/help/warn others. I remember taking a notebook and paper to my Grandparents’ in Pennsylvania over my summer vacation. I was to stay there for a week.

    I thought, “okay, I’ll get my little book done now!” Well, long story, short, I don’t think I wrote a word, and then promptly forgot about the whole thing.

    When I looked over Faye’s “Heaven Rules,” suddenly I remembered and thought that it must be the book (although I didn’t write it, it WAS IMPORTANT).

    Now, I’m wondering if these are the writings that the Holy Spirit was giving me a “heads up” on those 54 years ago! As I wrote this, I started to see many Prophetic Connections that I never realized.

    My relationship with Jim and everything else is CLEARLY all part of a BRILLIANT plan set up to make HIS NAME FAMOUS and to lead more to HIS KINGDOM! It’s amazing!

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  15. Bless you, Vicki. The Holy Spirit is on me. Remember the urgency of the soon Return of Jesus Christ that we are feeling right now. Spread the word as you feel led of the Holy Spirit.

    Thanks for being here!

    Love you,

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  16. I happened to speak with Linda C. yesterday over details of this “Bridal Series.”
    She relayed to me that she had been hearing for the past week, “I’M COMING BACK. MOST ARE NOT READY.”

    Linda pointed out to me that it wasn’t “I’m coming back SOON,” as everyone had been hearing in the past. The “SOON” was dropped, emphasizing even more urgency, I suppose.


  17. Vicki,
    Bette Stevens had identified the smoke as the portals of hell enlarging.
    It could also be a “preview” of the coming smoke of destruction in the U.S.

    I identify my “ringing” as an alarm.

    Karin has been experiencing the “ringing” recently, also.

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  18. Vicki, the smoke thing probably began around the same time for me. I am healing from Autoimmune issues and am trying to find out is there is a link. I generally eat pretty healthy. Not quite sure what to think right now.

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  19. Bless you Linda for continuing to proclaim truth. And may the union of Peggy and Jim be a wonderful example of His perfect reflection of joining Him.

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  20. I did find something but you and kenzel might not like what i found. Im a little in doubt if i should post it or not because its not a good one. But with your permission i can send it.


  21. In agreement with all prayers for Linda and all who come to this place to honor and glorify our Savior. In Jesus Name, Amen

    Thank you Father for Your faithfulness, for loving and protecting us, we love You Lord!

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  22. I too have started smelling a smoke like smell, it began last fall. What are you identifying it as? I also have the ringing, high pitch, right now as I write this. That’s been happening for sometime also…What is it?



  23. Thank you all for the prayers. I’m feeling a bit better, but still not “up to par”. . .yet pressing forward to complete “the bridal series” early.
    I can’t emphasize it enough: It’s like “fire shut up in the bones” . . the sense of urgency in my spirit for ALL who claim to be a Christian to have a clean walk DAILY with the LORD Jesus. If there is something you have been tasked to do . . Then do it. I heard this phrase: “a delay in obedience is disobedience” . .. Who wants to be in disobedience when the LORD returns, or when the massive “poo hits the fan”?
    None of us knows the day or the hour when we will step into eternity.

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  24. Dear Peggy,
    Your compositions are touching and speak greatly for the love you have for each other, the Lord and your loyalty to His word. You’re a stunning Bride and your husband is most handsome.

    You have most ceretainly been blessed with a union that is pleasing to the Lord. Together you have and will continue to touch others, you will be an inspiration to those you come in contact with as you take direction from the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you again and again for sharing your story…I have been blessed by it all.

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  25. Amazing – two words I keep feeling in the spirit ” GET READY…. GET READY”. Will pray over Linda to feel restored again.

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  26. Kenzel,
    L.C. experienced it BIG TIME— I’m very sure that you reported it first, and that caused L.C. to report her BIG TIME experience.

    That was the same day I experienced it for the first time, and it was BEFORE reading the posts of you or Linda! That’s Oklahoma, Canada, and New Jersey all in one day!


  27. Kenzel,
    As you know, I’ve gotten a few surprising “whiffs” of that supernatural smoke smell as well.
    The first time I smelled it was while reading my Bible for an extended period of time several months ago.

    Also, included in the people that have had this experience is Linda Clay.
    In addition, I’ve seen some on your blog and some on Z3news.


  28. Stig, for many years I thought it might be tinnitus – until I realized the first time I heard the first High Pitch incident I’d really never been exposed loud sounds or attended a concert.

    Once He helped me identify the Smoke Smell I wrote about (Smelling Smoje) that’s when I felt the humming had a link that was beyond “earthly” means.


  29. I cover you, the area, and especially Linda with the cleansing perfect BLOOD OF JESUS to heal, strengthen, and inspire. I command health and healing for Linda from the top of her head to the soles of her feet.
    In the Mighty Name of Yahshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah),
    Amen and AMEN!

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  30. Prayers requested for Linda today. She’s not feeling well. Possibly the high pollen counts here are impacting her. Sometimes it takes awhile for people to adjust to our higher altitudes plus the large amounts of pollen in the air here from trees, vegetation, open fields, farms, etc.. We are at 1,423 Feet above see level.

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  31. Thank-you Stig-ove,
    You are a wealth of information. We need information.

    “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.” (Hosea; The Bible)


  32. I was thinking about Kenzels low hum that you hear.

    Here is maybe something you might find helpful. Elf waves in the athmosphere or led through cellphone towers might also be the case. And im not dismissing your supernatural idea either. But this one i found would explain alot of what you hear!


  33. From “Nina” at “Covenant Messiah Church”—

    “How beautiful Peggy! Congratulations! So glad you’ve decided to start coming to Pastor Debbie.”


  34. Peggy,

    Many weeks ago He told me not to worry about the ringing tones in my ears.
    Then, I recently felt insight was impressed that’s it’s related to the Spiritual battles occurring in the 2nd Heaven.
    That would explain why they have only increased since they started and why there is now a nearly constant “low hum” I can detect at any given time.
    We are very close to a critical juncture.
    – Kenzel

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  35. “Our Father, which art in Heaven, HALLOWED BE THY NAME.
    Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread (especially your Holy Word),
    And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
    And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL,

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  36. Thanks, J.C., I saw that, too. Ali Winters is definitely a reliable “Watchman” with a multitude of warnings over the past several years. awatchmanonthewall

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  37. Warning Message from Ali that seems to confirm what everyone just posted in comments:

    A Watchman on the Wall
    Posted: 27 Apr 2016 11:13 PM PDT
    “Times of rejoicing will soon be overtaken by times of bitterness and pain. What once was joy, now only sorrow. Continuing to fall are My churches whose foundations have been shaken and now crumble beneath the load of sin continually heaped upon it.

    My statutes no longer seem important as the sheep follow after the false shepherd pursuing worldly pleasures with no accountability. The place so long sought after remains unattainable for sin continues to rob the world of all that is good.

    Judgement begins in the house of God, and indeed it has begun. Soon it will spill out and overflow its banks….one nation at a time.”

    JESUS said: “I AM the shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” John 10:11
    “These people are blemishes at your love feasts, eating with you without the slightest qualm–shepherds who feed only themselves. They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted–twice dead.” Jude 1:12

    “Many shepherds will ruin my vineyard and trample down my field; they will turn my pleasant field into a desolate wasteland.” Jeremiah 12:10

    Guard your hearts and your minds; seek Godly wisdom and knowledge.
    “This is what the LORD says: “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the LORD.” Jeremiah 17:5

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  38. Linda,
    Thanks for issuing the above warnings. Really, it was heavily on my mind this morning when I woke up to include a SERIOUS WARNING after the next and last PART 18 (except the EPILOGUE).

    These convictions of impending danger to the eternal states of “souls” have truly been on my mind for the past 4 years and that includes vigilance over the condition of my own soul. (“Create in me a CLEAN Heart.”) Daily significant time in the Bible has set the conviction and the Holy Spirit has led me to supporting information. He led me directly to THIS BLOG in October of 2015, which proved to contain significant and Spirit-led information.

    Jim and I purposed in our minds to be very joyous on the WEDDING DAY. We determined to set it aside and just worship the Lord while having a little fun and true Joy in Him.

    However, at the same time, as was the case through all the preparations, we knew that this nation was in very critical times. It was to be compared to the sinking TITANIC, with most people “partying on the boat,” oblivious of the soon-coming danger.

    So the Wedding was a quick burst of joy as well as a ratifying of the MARRIAGE COVENANT with Almighty God which would then allow Him to use Jim and I in a maximum way for HIS PURPOSES in these END TIMES……fulfilling His God given destiny and plan for us.

    The “good old days” and life as we knew it were really coming to a rapid close. In fact they were really gone. Only the appearance of normalcy remained. We had a quick burst of fun and nostalgia.

    Now, it was clear that we were to set our faces like flint to what we knew to be coming. No more looking back! In fact, Jesus said in the New Covenant, “Remember Lot’s wife.” (DON’T LOOK BACK!) (seeing that lavender light now…) There is a NEW and difficult task in front of us. The old ways of doing and being will be of no use. Only 100% reliance on the moment by moment leading of the Holy Spirit will see us through (and that comes from a 100% surrender to Jesus Christ of all present and future personal plans.)

    In the past week, at least, when going to bed, tears have involuntarily been forming and rolling down my cheeks. In the natural, I am not sad about a thing. I think the tears are a way that Holy Spirit is using to warn. Also, that supernatural ringing in my ears continues to sound an ALARM. I can tell a little about the severity levels by the varying types of ringing going on!

    Although ending on a very happy note as far as the ending of “THE WEDDING,” this is not an occasion to sit back, relax, and say “all is well.” It is well only when we are doing ALL of the things that Linda has detailed above in her two notes. In that case, a bomb could go off in front of our faces; anything that the world would label “horrible” could happen, but we would, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, remain CALM and unmovable by the strengthening of HIS HOLY PRESENCE and the sure knowledge that our eternity is in HEAVEN. (Through Jesus Christ’s redemption of us and our 100% response ONLY!)

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  39. You’re welcome, Stiggly. It’s not a “pleasant task” that I’m required by the LORD to do. It means “good bye” most relationships . . . And “die to self daily” because who wants to hear the difficult truth of these end times? It’s much easier to live in mamby pamby land and avoid facing our individual sinful nature that only the Holy Spirit can reveal to us. Oh how we ALL would listen to and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. NONE of us will make it unless we do that, because the darkening times we are in will make it so easy for “small sins” to creep in and next thing you know it? Another fallen away person or one of the “foolish virgins” who was not ready for the Bridegroom and was not allowed into the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

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  40. I hear you Linda. Been somewhat ready for some years already. Because i know too well where we are heading and wish more people would wake up.

    Thanks for the reminder

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  41. Greetings folks, we’re nearing the end of what I have nicknamed “the bridal series”. While I was going to wait until it was completed to issue this warning, I must say something now:

    I sense the CRITICAL need to be sure we DAILY have a clean and pure walk with the LORD. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ask the Holy Spirit to show you ANY area that is unpleasing to the LORD. . . To repent where one must repent. . . To forgive where one must forgive and to change ANYTHING in one’s life that is not acceptable to the LORD.

    We can NOT afford to be in “Mamby Pamby” land, where we think we’re OK and continue allowing areas in our life that seems to be OK to us, but is UNACCEPTABLE to our HOLY CREATOR. Better to feel the sting of conviction now, than to be heading into eternity with sin in our lives.

    My continued prayers the last several days have been for the Heavenly Father to please have the Holy Spirit convict us of any sinful ways, that we may be ready as “THE BRIDE OF CHRIST’ . . Without spot or wrinkle. For . . . None of us knows the day or the hour when we will be stepping into eternity. . . ARE WE READY TO FACE OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST . . . YAHSHUA?

    Jesus has given us His life. Have we given Him our life? ALL of it?

    I must continue sounding the alarm . . . Some will say “I don’t want to hear it”. . . I’ll share it anyway as the LORD prompts, Then I’ll move on from that person or people, because I still am tasked to warn.

    The MAIN purpose of sharing “the bridal series” is the prophetic picture of the Bride of Christ getting ready. If we aren’t ready (according the the determination of the LORD), then we will NOT be a part of “The Bride of Christ”. May the LORD have mercy upon us all and help us.

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