Part 4 ~ THE MEMOIRS OF A BRIDE: A Prophetic Picture of The Bride of Christ Getting Ready

PART 4 – May of 2013-My Retirement Party “Sermon”

“And He (Jesus Christ) said unto them,
Go ye into all the world*,
and preach the gospel to every creature.” ~ (Mark 16:15)


* I say this: At least START in your sphere of immediate influence. Maybe we can’t do everything, but we can do SOMETHING!]



Throughout the school year of 2012-2013, I was taking the opportunity to give out many of Faye’s books at my place of work to many faculty and staff members.

Shopping cart

In addition, I was leaving tracts in shopping carts, in restaurants, and with people. In thinking of my upcoming retirement party in May of 2013, I wanted to make sure I put a mark of Christian witness to Jesus Christ on it. I found a “One Minute Sermon that had been posted on Faye’s Facebook page that was really awesome. I spoke with Faye about my desire to project it on a screen as my “statement” at the retirement party.

Faye surprised me by suggesting that I perform it myself, so I slowed it down to three minutes instead, and edited a few parts so as not to possibly hurt anyone’s feelings unnecessarily.

Granny rapper

In addition, I added many hand-motions to the rap to emphasize the main points.

My co-workers were really shocked to see me going into a “rap,” as I was widely known as “Miss Peggy,” prim and proper. The summation of 36 years in the school system was a simple “I’d like to say this one thing,” and then I proceeded directly into the “rap.”

They cheered so wildly and loudly at three different sections that I had to stop for a fairly long period of time in each instance. I sincerely wondered if I would be able to get to the end, but they did allow me to finish. When I did so, they clapped and cheered really loudly in appreciation.

You see, I went “fishing” for them through use of a style that appealed to them.

Fishers of men

I know their attention had been caught, and I pray seeds were sown in their hearts to draw them closer to the Kingdom of Heaven, especially since time on the prophetic clock is rapidly winding down.






Stopwatch clock ~ To be a “Survivor” in this “Amazing Race” with a need for speed, we need God’s Grace.

~ And if we’re Desperate Life Housewives watching Days of Our Lives, We can’t cope without Hope and that’s not on a Soap.

~ If we look at the Oprah or Dr. Phil, we can shop non-stop or pop a pill, but the void won’t fill and the pain won’t kill ’till we love the One that Hung on a Hill.

~ Kicking back in our Lazy-boy Easy Chairs watching “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”– Naah— we’re not gonna find it there!

~ No American Idol or Counsel Tribal has the Final Answer that’ll satisfy ya.

~ C.S.I. ain’t got a clue. I see we don’t know what to do. Not the E.R. or the O.C., nothing on C.D., T.V., DVD or MP-3 can save you and me.

~ CNN’s got no good news. Here’s a Headline: We must CHOOSE.

~ We could be an apprentice for Donald Trump or eat Fear Factor Fast Food from a dump.

~ We could be a famous Base-ball hitter, a Wheel of Fortune Winner,
a Fox News “No-Spin” Spinner, or a flat out sinner, but we better check these lives that we’re living and make sure our sins are forgiven.

~ I bet you 50 Cent all this done came and went, and eventually every “Black-Eyed Pea,” every “Disney” and “Brittney” and MP-TV; Every “Dixie chick” that sings, they ALL gonna see the KING OF KINGS.

~ I don’t care if we’re Jay-Low or Lenno or Bon-oh; One thing we gotta know: Some day we’re gonna die, bro— then where we gonna go?

~ Say, I’m not talking things that are irrelevant, like FAIRY TALES from “Way Back When.” It’s not some Preacher Feature on TV that we need to be liking or listening. The real Super-Star is JESUS CHRIST. He’s the Way, He’s the Truth and the Life.

~ One day He’s gonna split the sky. He’s the Brightest Light and the Highest High!

~ So what I came to say and what I’m telling ya, Is don’t buy that stupid stuff they be selling ya.

~ It’s all designed to fill our heads and waste our space until we’re dead.

~ Here’s the bottom line in my rhyme: Let’s Give our lives to God—– While there’s still time!!


“Behold, NOW is the accepted time; behold, NOW is the day of salvation.” ~ (2 Corinthians 6:2)


Commenting on the Scripture above: I like to say if you do it NOW, you’ve WON! (Reverse the letters of now and it says “won”!) Yes, do it NOW. No one is promised tomorrow, or even their next breath!]

Since that “debut” night of the “Three Minute Sermon,” I have had opportunity to present it at a summer outdoor ecumenical Service, an outdoor campground Service, two Women’s Spring Teas, as well as informal gatherings of friends in my home.

Granny rapping


I am also pleased to report that my 84 year old mother, who was present at my retirement party, and heard “The Sermon,” surprised me one day by saying that she performed it at one of her Senior Church Group’s monthly meetings! Mom was 84 years old at that time, and I understand that the Seniors enjoyed her presentation.

It’s a wonderful thing to spread the Good News!

Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men,

I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven.” ~ (Matthew 10:32)



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25 thoughts on “Part 4 ~ THE MEMOIRS OF A BRIDE: A Prophetic Picture of The Bride of Christ Getting Ready

  1. Thanks, Linda, and thanks for your formatting and GREAT pictures.

    The picture of the OLD WOMAN looking like she’s ready to “Rap” is clever and eye-catching, as well as appropriate to the “Rap” content.

    But, I must comment to the readers that the picture is totally OPPOSITE of my mom. She is now 85 and everyone is amazed at how beautiful she still is. She bicycled across America with my dad when they were both age 65, toting along their pup-tent. They both hiked the over 2,000 mile Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia (in approximately 200 mile segments per summer), and that’s not an easy trail!
    The two of them became “icons” of sorts in this area, and articles in newspapers and magazines were written about them.

    I always remember my mom as being “drop-dead GORGEOUS.”
    She never wore make-up except lip-stick, and dressed simply but beautifully!
    She has always had that inner beauty, too, of a “Proverbs woman,” as well as one of the most gentle and kind women I ever met.

    Best of all, my folks served as fine Christian examples. My mom read me Bible stories from when I was a child. My dad was so very special, too. Don’t get me started. I could write a book about both of their awesome qualities. Dad (“Dr. Michael”-’cause I’m not using last names, just first names) passed away in March of 2012 and is deeply missed.

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  2. Hi Kenzel,
    Thanks so much for dropping by. You know, we’ll all have to get together some day in Heaven and perform it together. That would be GREAT!


  3. Standing Ovation πŸ™‚ I can see you saying WHAT??….. wait….. WHAT ???? As the spirit holds your hand and pens these words on paper LOL …… that is awesome Peggy.

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  4. Oh, it was so much fun, Kenzel and Michael. Can you imagine, a Classical Pianist (me) doing a Rap?

    But, I have some dramatic qualities, too, so it felt very natural!

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  5. LOL Stig – or a Montana Grizzly on ice skates, with a jar of honey over his head – Deb would pay good money to see that im guessing

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  6. Hi Sonshine (Terri),

    It’s nice to have you here.
    Also, God must have a sense of humor! I actually felt the Holy Spirit on me as I read your comments above done in very clean and good-natured fun. I believe He approves and urges us to have BALANCE in our lives.

    Thank-you Stig- the creative, informative “FUNNY BONE” in the Body of Christ.
    (just kidding…..I think several of us here double as “funny bones” at times, and it’s all good.)

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  7. Dear Peggy,
    I wish I could have seen you doing the rap song. The shy Lambchop ( her nickname when she was a teacher back in the day), some how I imagine you really shocked everyone. Especially the kindly religious folks. I REMEMEBER how seriously you played the piano and I always thought about what a great Christian example you were. I always saw JESUS when I saw you. So serious, so focused, however; G_d does want us to reach all people,
    I applaud you for flowing in the directives of the Holy Spirit!!!!

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  8. Thanks, Karin. I truly wish you could’ve been there.

    We had a secretary at the school where we worked that had a philosophy: “People look like animals.”
    She kept a little black book in the office with most of the faculty names, and then put her corresponding “animal” name next to each one. She named me “Lamb-chop” after Shari Lewis’ puppet!

    Karin hasn’t forgotten that, even though it was back in about 1997.
    In fact, when I sent Karin copies of some wedding pictures, she filed them under this title:
    “Lamb-chop Goes Bridal.” (FUNNY, honey!)


  9. I love your 3 minute rap presentation and I believe you should record it for Youtube…This was another powerful post! Thank you dear friend, for your wise words posted here. I love how you give God His glory in all that you do. I can never say thank you enough for your support in regards to the books God has sent through me to help encourage others. Blessings~


  10. Dear Peggy,
    Well now…..I can actually see you and your Mother presenting this wonderful rap message together.
    Family gatherings were always made special with someone from your family taking time to have
    special entertainment for us to enjoy. May your love for God continue to reach out to others in need.


  11. Faye,
    If it weren’t for you and your suggestion to me, “I think YOU should do it,” (after which I nearly fell out of my chair) it wouldn’t have happened!
    And that would mean that all of these FABULOUS people would not be “Rapping” here together about the RAP! You’re THE BEST, Faye!


  12. Hi Aunt Joey!
    It’s so good to see your post! You have always been such a SPECIAL influence.
    (For anyone that reads my deceased cousin, Janet Rumpf’s poem in PART 7, I have to say that Aunt Joey reminds me so much of Janet, and Janet was such an outstanding Christian!)

    You are a talented pianist and organist, too.

    We always had such a presence of love and unity in our family gatherings as well as lots of singing, piano playing and instrumental playing.
    I’m so glad I got to know your dear parents. They were THE BEST, and your mother, really had the JOY of the LORD like few people I ever met. I remember your grandfather, too. Your husband is a great guy, also!

    Please come back and comment as much as you like.
    I love you,


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