2-3-16 – “CAN I WEAR THIS?”

I received my invitation, just like everybody else . . .  

It was going to be the most amazing wedding of the century. The groom’s Father was going “all out”, with luxurious accommodations, exquisite food, gifts for those who came to the wedding and reception, with NO expense being spared.

The invitations stated “Formal Attire Only” and “Please R.S.V.P.”

Wedding invite

I was looking forward to going to this wedding, since I personally knew the groom and his Father.

The invitations were sent out to friends, family members, associates and dignitaries throughout the world.

Sadly I heard many were replying to the R.S.V.P. with reasons why they could not attend.


Some of the reasons were quite lame, like “I just planted my field and need to be sure it’s watered that weekend”.

I felt so sorry for my friend, the groom, when the number of R.S.V.Ps. continued to come in, with so many declines.

Talk to the hand

All the preparations were in place for this magnificent wedding and reception . . . .


however, there were very few who would be attending.  

So, the father sent out an email to all of the social service groups and told them to bring in the homeless, the ex-felons, the disabled and anybody else who would like to be there.



The father was VERY specific, however, and said “Formal Attire Only”.

Wedding invitation

Well, the day finally came for the wedding and reception. I was helping out the groom’s family by cleaning all of his horse paddocks, so the land would be pristine when guests arrived.

Horse Paddock

Much to my dismay, I let time “slip by” and did not have time to go home, get cleaned up and change into my formal gown. My clothes and boots were muddy . . . 

Muddy Boots

BUT, I thought that since I knew the groom and his family, I could still maybe slip into the back and at least watch the wedding from a hidden corner behind a pillar. So up to the Mansion I went.


When I approached the main gate, there standing at the gate were groomsmen, all dressed in the finest tuxedos I have ever seen.

Wedding tuxedo

I went up to one and told him what happened and apologized, stating that I did not have time to go home, get cleaned up and change my clothes.

I asked if I could slip in the back of the wedding to at least watch the ceremony. OH NO, much to my dismay, I was told to go away.

I did NOT have the proper attire and would NOT be let in. I turned away, very sad, knowing I would miss that lovely ceremony.



I found out later, that the gifts the father was handing out to ALL of the guests, were a check for $1,000,000.00, along with a brand new Mercedes . . .



and an all-expense-paid trip to his private island paradise, where the actual reception would take place.


I MISSED IT!!! I was NOT ready!!! I knew what I had to do, but did not do it and I was left behind when the guests took off to the private island.



Matthew 22:11-14 –

“But when the king came in to look over the dinner guests,

he saw a man there who was not dressed in wedding clothes,
and he said to him,

‘ Friend, how did you come in here without wedding clothes? ’

And the man was speechless.
Then the king said to the servants,

‘Bind him hand and foot, and throw him into the outer darkness;
in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
’ For many are called, but few are chosen.”




Spiritual checkup


ASK the Holy Spirit to search your heart and show you ANY area that is unclean.

Holy Spirit


REPENT from all sin (which means completely STOP what you are doing wrong and turn to Jesus).



FORGIVE all who sin against you.








RESPECTFUL COMMENTS are most welcome in my “virtual home”, here on this blog, where the LORD JESUS CHRIST, Hebrew name is Yahshua, is lifted up and the TRUTH is being told.




AND ——– >

I don’t need to hear why you don’t believe what I share. I’ll tell you again, to take these posts to the LORD in prayer. I won’t engage in debate. . . time is too short. . . I’m too weary and it’s a WASTE of time!!!

If you have honest questions, yes. . . Or not quite sure, that’s absolutely understandable, some of this stuff is difficult for me too, so I must seek the LORD for confirmation and FULL TRUTH, just like you.

If it’s to bring the “you are wrong” comments. . .no. . . Those won’t be posted, Nor will the comments of Mockers & scoffers, those with hateful comments, and those who bring discord. . . .

POOF!!! There They go . . . Comments Bye-bye to the trash!!!!



ANY ADS LOCATED ON MY BLOGS ARE NOT MY CHOICE, NOR DO I ENDORSE ANY OF THE THEM. . . I have a free account from WordPress, which may place ads of their choosing on my posts. I suppose it’s a good example of “you get what you pay for”. Currently “free” is all I can afford, but THANK YOU JESUS, I’m able to do this at all.


81 thoughts on “2-3-16 – “CAN I WEAR THIS?”

    1. Thank you, Peggy and those are actually my feet and muddy boots, when I used to clean paddocks in exchange for board for the horse that I once had here. . . The LORD prompted me to give her away, with her tack and supplies.

      You see, Giving a 10% tithe is “Old Testament” . . . The new way? Be willing to give ALL in obedience. . . Its’ NOT easy, but do we love Him? Or do we want to keep wearing those muddy boots of “self” and sin?

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  1. This is a word from Clare DuBois of New Mexico (heartdwellers.org)
    There is one word given just about every day; promised to continue to the Rapture.

    Check the Third paragraph on the second page.
    More Confirmation about “o” and what Linda has explained.

    [The second part of the Title (“and Refugee Crisis”) is not addressed.
    I think she’s working on that as Part 2 to the message (not available yet).]



  2. I have a deliverance call with Bette tomorrow – Lord I just ask that everything unpleasing to you be burned out of me – I ask the Holy Spirit to floodlight my heart, any and all dark areas – I ask to be released of the fear of man IN ALL circumstances – I ask to truly understand the cost of following Him even unto death. And when I understand the cost – I will still say yes with a heart turned all the way towards Him. Keep encouraging me but never let me be content so I keep going on with you. This I ask of you our great and only King … Amen

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    1. Amen. If there are any evil demonic entities still attached, go to the Lord and rebuke them in the name of Jesus. These things must be sent forever back to the Abyss, to no longer come back. Bette had mentioned that we must also ask for hedges of protection to be put around us. It’s time we “Kicked some demonic but and took names!”. The smelly foul things must go!
      Heavenly Father we come to you in the name of Jesus, asking that everything be revealed during for the purpose of giving you all the Glory and keeping Michael on that straight and narrow path to you. We thank you and praise your wonderful name.. Amen.


  3. Great prayer, Michael!
    I think you should keep a written record of these.
    They would make a nice “Book of Prayers”!!
    (Even in a notebook for someone to find and gain inspiration from.)
    You have a unique style.

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    1. Oh my, Kenzel, it sure looks like a demonic entity. I made that comment on the photo as well. WOW and yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a visual representation of the principality.


  4. Thank You Peggy – and even if no one finds my book, in another 10 years if were still here, ill find it and wonder who wrote it ??? 🙂 🙂 BOOMER MOMENTS will increase as we go forward.in time 🙂


  5. OK, BLOG…..HERE WE ARE, rallying to the KING’S CALL (pretend it’s US)….
    [It’s really a group of U.S. Marines] singing “Days of Elijah”– 5 minutes—
    Watch and get “psyched up”!!!


    1. LOL, thank you Kenzel. It’s one of my cheap pleasures . . Inexpensive fingernail polish. I used to wear really nice clothes, had my hair and nails done, with coordinated jewelry, etc., in my role as a community liaison. Gone are those days, where my “outfits” are sweats or cotton clothes, so the dollar store fingernail polish still allows me to have that bling. . . Which is more representative of what I like than being a living representation of “Green Acres” LOL (I’m more of a “city girl”).


  6. I think it’s time I share this. Not ready to post on my blog yet, though I’m not sure why. I read a post shared by Julie Whidbee on z3 and that brought me here.

    In April of 1993, I spent a Saturday in Spokane, WA at the mall. Later that evening after a visit to Lake C’oeur d’Alene, ID I was riding as a passenger in a car returning home. It was very late at night. I don’t recall if it was midnight yet, but seemed close to. I remember gazing out the car window and looking up at the night sky. It was breathtaking. A bazillion twinkling stars. Besides the stars I saw in the galaxy out in the middle of North Dakota on a Summer’s night…they were as thick as pea soup.

    As I looked up in wonder and awe, I sighed a breath of relief and near contentment. The next thing I knew, these words flowed from my mouth. “I can’t wait for the 2nd coming of Christ.” (I might have said “I’m looking forward to the 2nd Coming of Jesus”)

    Just like that, out of the blue. I remember pulling my head away from the window and looking outward at the dash/road ahead – wondering: “Where on earth did that come from? Why did I just say that?”

    There is more to the conversation that took place but this seemed so relevant to Julie’s message and I’ve kind of felt a Spirit tug that I was supposed to share it. This is the statement I mentioned recently that made NO sense to me then but in hindsight seems like it might be much more prophetic now.


    1. I say, “AMEN” to that Kenzel. . . “I can’t wait for the 2nd coming of Christ” . . Which is the same as saying: “I can’t wait for the 2nd coming of the Messiah”.


  7. On the other post you talked about the economy going down.
    You people should be aware that there exists a concept known as a breakaway civilization.

    This one has an economy of its own and research and stuff.
    The bearer bond scandals and The case of lord Blackheath in the house of lords in Britain shows there is an shadow economy running separate from ours sometimes funneling funds into ours for reasons unknown.

    Catherine Austin Fitts talk about this and Joseph P Farrell has a book on it that will let you go wow, there is so much hidden that we cant see.
    This system is based on methods developed by the nazi SS In ww2 where they were called anation within a nation.

    The world bank in Switzerland is the most likely channel that transfers this money to the breakaway civilization.

    Remember that money is disappearing everywhere in the world. Some say its a hidden high tech spaceprogram and remember that the book of Obadiah says the Lord will bring them down that wants to make their habitation in the stars or on high.

    There is so much to this trading algorithms in the stock market bearer bond scandals, high tech lost to us and developed outside our vision(antigravity by Thomas Townsend Brown etc). Read hunt for the zero point by Nick Cook and you might get a measure.

    These are worldly things but i think the devil prepares the ultimate power tools for worldly power to them who yield to eternal damnation for power!

    Hope i gave you something to go by.


    1. Very interesting, Stig-Ove and I believe that brings another “piece of the puzzle”; thank you for sharing that. It makes sense why the money would be disappearing globally. It just wasn’t making sense to me why it was globally, but when you add the very likely reason for these Satan-worshippers to be developing space-based weapons.
      Why? They want to be able to fight Jesus when He returns. These human minions of Satan know the Bible better than most Christians, so they are preparing for the ultimate battle against the LORD.

      Pathetic actually, for they are so deluded to believe they can win? They don’t read the Whole Book. Also, that is another reason why they eventually want ALL to take “the mark of the beast” so they can turn all humans into satan’s human zombie army.


  8. Indeed it is pathetic, the simplest way to describe it is force against an almighty unmovable object whose patterns and ways cannot be altered by means available to our physical reality.

    On the other hand the Lord stopped the people at the tower of Babel because if they had succeeded nothing they imagined could have been stopped.

    So tower of babel and cern and breakaway civilization are tied at least conceptually and the means that are sought are the deenthronment of the Lord.

    But psalms 2 says it all the Lord will laugh at them and then cuts the game and sets in the suitable punishment for their crime.


    1. AMEN, Stig-Ove.

      One of the things I have been thinking about: the Heavenly Father is allowing all of these Satan-worshipping human minions to believe they have a chance to succeed . . Allowing their pride to rise up. It will be used as a part of judgement upon the nations who have turned away from Him, and on the people who have turned away from Him.

      The judgement is two fold . . . One for those who have utterly given over to Satan, but also as a means of discipline the rebellious to turn back to the LORD.

      He is allowing “the cup of iniquity to overflow” . . . So the judgement of “The Day of the LORD” and “The Wrath of God” will be just and ALL who will have been given the opportunity to turn to Him for Salvation.


  9. Well Linda scripture cannot be broken. Pride goes before downfall. The father of the world elite Satan has his mind divided because his minions fight each other almost as much as their enemies.

    The lust of the flesh takes the lead and if you dont have the Holy spirit and salvation of the Cross its downhill untill you smell sulphur. And im not referring to Obamas office!


  10. During the time you have kept this blog have you ever suspected that there has been attempts at frightening you or persuade you to let go so to speak?

    Because i have to say that i have waded through my share of downright controversial and scary material in my time and this blog has a ring to it of truth i never found anywhere else.

    That has to interest some well dressed gentlemen at Fbi headquarters or elsewhere.
    At least in a monitoring sense.

    Just a thought of mine, respond public or private or not at all. I know that i found the meat of the Word here!


    1. Thank you and yes I am being monitored, Sti-Ove. . .sometimes my email or my blog entries do strange things. I have also had my email held up for hours or days. I sometimes send an email to myself that says in subject line: “RELEASE MY EMAIL IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!”

      As far as preventing me from speaking out the truth: THAT’S NOT HAPPENING, in the name of JESUS!!

      Even if it is illegal to say the truth, such as the following:


      Hey, I might get an instant weight loss . . . CHOP goes the head, but that will just get me “extra bonus points” in the Kingdom of Heaven. When you don’t have a life, except in Christ. . There is NO fear of man.

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      1. Believers in Jesus have been SILENT for way too long.
        Now is the time to SPEAK UP and tell the TRUTH.

        More will come into the Kingdom as a result, and I pray that as many “spies” as possible
        humble themselves, repent, and come into THE KINGDOM.
        The alternative to that will be a HORRIBLE ETERNITY that is beyond the scope of the human imagination. Even a few seconds of that ETERNITY will be TERRIFYING!

        To all spies: Read the LIVING WORD, drop to your knees in repentance, and secure your SALVATION NOW (before it is too late!) [We’ve all had to do that very thing, and we continue to do so each day.]
        May it be so!


  11. Thank you for your answer.
    I guess as long as the servers of the internet are protected by Us constitution it will remain somewhat free.
    But if the control would be transfered to Un control…..then blogs like this would disappear mighty fast!
    Like the old Mojave indian saying like a snakes pee into the desert sand.

    Hope that one passes your moral filter 😉


    1. Well, I’m here in Canada, which currently now has more freedom than the USA.

      BUT . . Even if “they” try to shut me down, if the LORD wants me to continue with this, NOBODY will be able to stop it. . . In JESUS’ name. . . AMEN!!


      1. Amen, Linda.
        God is the God of the IMPOSSIBLE (I’M POSSIBLE)!
        And NOTHING is too hard for HIM.

        By the way, Linda, we’ll be looking forward to your next post.
        Richest blessings to you!


      2. IN JESUS NAME…AMEN & AMEN to that Linda! It’s so refreshing to be among those who speak the TRUTH!! Thank You!


  12. Face it like you face everyday life with faith!
    I myself am hoping for better times everyday and every night i go to bed satisfied. No glitz or gold only the Lord taking care of his! In the world you shall have tribulation but be of good cheer i have overcome the world. Said Jesus!

    So face it and forget its hard, pray like you already have it.

    And remember at least one fat finnishman who will live on his energy reserves pray for you 🙂


  13. Excellent posts guys – thank you all for prayer confirmation of deliverance call – the evil butheads are nervous this morning – attacking my thoughts right upon awakening – out of nowhere – they are rebuked in the name of Jesus – email acting up out of nowhere – its obvious to them this is a day they are fearful of. I’ve turned my super soaker on them full of the blood of the lamb – with endless ammo.

    Stig-ove your comments also reminded me of the story I read couple days ago about our evil govt agency called the CIA – an anonymous whistle blower came forth and explained how in their agency, take 100 agents. 95 of them are fed false intel so when a false flag event occurs the 95 respond on completely different intel than the 5 that really know whats going on. Detrimental to them and us. just another example of the shadow you speak of –

    Thank God we have our Lord and Holy Spirit to give us discernment in these days. Blessings to you all today.


    1. Absolutely, Michael . . . Prayers that those sulfur dwellers will be screeching out to the darkest regions and NEVER come back . . . AND the increase of discernment will make them shudder as they go, in Jesus’ name. AMEN and AMEN!!!


    2. Well Michael Cia was infiltrated by Reinhardt Gehlens Fremdt heere ost after ww2 when much of the former german intelligence was absorbed into the precursor of the Cia.

      So is it a wonder they keep the Us patriots in shadow and advance the agenda of the shadow government.
      Really study that concept of breakaway civilization and the german occult side to it, it is everywhere once you get the scent!
      Germany lost the war but the peaceagreement with the Allies never included the nazi party!
      The devil is in the details Michael, you still have an very firmly entrenched nazi elite in power there.
      The Nsa is an word for word direct translation of the german Reich sicherheits hauptampt=National security agency.
      Go figure some call the Us the 4 th reich!
      Rest my case


      1. Absolutely in agreement with you Stig-Ove. In fact, one of my dreams the Holy Spirit had me refer to the United States as the 4th Reich (see link below).

        When one starts digging in to the truth about the United States, the reality is there is so much demonic evil going on . . . And that is something the Holy Spirit has been leading me to understand over the past 2 years . . . It’s almost like the prosecuting attorney showing me His case for why judgement is just upon our Nation, that has exported evil throughout the globe. Quite a bitter pill of truth, for a U.S. Citizen to swallow, yet it’s there. We make Sodom and Gomorrah look like a “Leave It To Bever” series on television. . . Yes, it’s THAT bad.

        Also, here are some USA is the 4th Reich warming vision and dream:

        8-19-15 – VISION: The Swirling Black Nazi Crosses | believeacts2’s Blog

        – and –

        1-14-16 – DREAM: The NAZI 4th Reich Rises in the United States and A WARNING TO WOMEN | believeacts2’s Blog


        1. Here is an interesting thing I noticed about lizard lips sulfur man Obumbum antichrist in his last speech at the “I KEEEEEL YOU” Jabba dome (mosque). . .notice the wooden panel behind him, it is yet another “impression” of a halo, which many dictators used in the past. You’ll also see that in quite a few of lizard lip’s photos, particularly on the magazine covers (I’ll put a link to one of those too, below):

          Here’s the article, where you can see the wooden panel at the Jabba dome:

          Lizard lips at the Jabba Dome speech

          Here’s a link the photo Ole lizard lips on the cover of Newsweek:

          Sulfur Dude poses for Newsweek


          1. That Jabba Dome speech — enough to gag a buzzard! I think I will look at Mr. Sulfurs picture at the White House any time I feel the need to remove the groceries from my stomach — LOL 🙂


        2. Here is an interesting thing I noticed about lizard lips sulfur man Obumbum antichrist in his last speech at the “I KEEEEEL YOU” Jabba dome (mosque). . .notice the wooden panel behind him, it is yet another “impression” of a halo, which many dictators used in the past. You’ll also see that in quite a few of lizard lip’s photos, particularly on the magazine covers (I’ll put a link to one of those too, below):

          Here’s the article, where you can see the wooden panel at the Jabba dome:

          Lizard lips at the Jabba Dome speech

          Here’s a link the photo Ole lizard lips on the cover of Newsweek:

          Sulfur Dude Reptialian poses as hell-boy for Newsweek

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          1. Note . . . The spy boys didn’t like my last comment about sulfur dude and the links. . . I tried to post that and it came out “error” . . . Well too darn bad!!!
            Copy comment . . . REFRESH . . . Paste . . . Post . . . BAM!!!!




    3. Michael, I like that phrase about “super soaker on them full of the blood of the lamb – with endless ammo.” It’s an awesome feeling to have the the Lord’s hand in kicking those nasty things far away to the Abyss. Bam! & Bam again!


  14. IT was that dream of swirling crosses that you had that led me to your blog from Steve Quayles site.
    So there i came to join your growing fellowship of truthseekers. IF you count percentually i think that at Max you have about 3-5% of the population in any Christian nation that are aware of biblical prophecy and current events. Most consider people WHO talk about these matters loonies or camo painted rifle toting nuts WHO live in the mountains and backwoods of Montana.

    Sorry to Montanans im not trying to stereotype you, dont want any humvees with angry cowboys toting Ar 15 rifles and desert eagles on My yard 😜


    1. I believe you are being too generous, Stig-Ove . . I would venture to say we are looking at more like 1-2% of the professing Christian population truly are serving and following Jesus and I would sadly venture to say MOST are NOT living in the “Western Nations”, but in places like China, N. Korea, Africa and the Middle East. . . For they truly suffer for their faith, even unto death.

      About your other comment: AAAAahahahaha that was funny Stig-Ove . . About the “humvees with angry Cowboys toting AR 15 rifles . . . ”
      I believe the cowboy patriots have much better self control than the demonized Jabba worshippers who get their lil ole feeweens hurt if you tell them the truth: “MOHAMAD WAS A PEDOPHILE, THIEF, MURDERER AND RAPIST”.


    2. Hi SPY DUDES,
      Linda is 100% correct. Please check Youtube videos about Hell by Bill Wiese.
      Hell will be for ETERNITY (if you don’t repent and take a U turn).
      Eternity is a LONG TIME.
      Please choose WISELY!


    3. Deb (from Montana),
      Did you “catch” Stig-ove’s comment above about Montana and the dwellers there-in? (hahaha)
      (Sometimes ‘ya just gotta laugh; this stuff is HEAVY).


      1. With everything going on, humor is great. I’ve been laughing very hard while trying to read some of the comments. Way too funny 🙂 The Mr. Sulfur Jabba The Hut thing — brings me to tears in laughter!


    4. I kid you not. When I opened the link to “Lizard lips at the Jabba Dome speech,” I scrolled down through the article, I SMELLED SMOKE!

      Also, I just clicked on the link under it, “Sulfur Dude Reptilian,” and it said “Page Not Available.”


    5. The Montana comment would be hilarious if we didn’t really have the camo painted rifle toting nuts in the woods. It has been a good hiding place for criminals. Montana is the 4th largest state in the US but ranks 44th in population. Must be why they are looking at bringing so many refugees here. Guess I better go dig my camos out and clean my pistol lol.

      Oh and by the way, boots are totally acceptable at weddings here. I have seen many brides wear their favorite pair under their wedding gown. To us formal is a new pair of wranglers!

      Oh Stig-ov, real cowboys ride horses or drive trucks, not Humvees. rofl


      1. Oops . . .I started watching that Jeff Foxworthy video . . . I thought he was clean, but . . Not as much as I thought, so “poof” that comment, with the link . . Bye-bye to the trash.


      2. Git R Done Deb! LOL — response to the Cowboys commentary. We have a local hilarious pickup truck owner that drives a truck with camo-duct tape all over it and they fly a confederate flag on it via a piece of tree limb 🙂


  15. Stig-ove , Linda, fascinating comments and history thank you. It’s crazy the deeper you dig the more deception and horror to be that entrenched in the demonic realm.


  16. Im thinking that there are inbuilt censorship programs in these blogs.
    In Finland the tabloid magazines and staterun media forbids or deletes comments online when people are critical for instance about immigration of muslims.

    So its no stretch of imagination such would be the case here too.
    Free speech is free only as long as its convenient for the leaders in society.


    1. I don’t think I’m being censored here in Word Press, which is located some place other than N. America (due to auto time zone date stamps that go on all of my posts). BUT I do believe I’m being monitored. Just yesterday I was replying to an email, then several of my emails automatically went into the trash . . . Without me doing anything . . .hmmmmm, and that was around the time I did the links for lizard lips and the photos about hell.

      So, Finland already has Sharia Law in place, but just not full-blown Sharia law, because if you can’t talk about the pedophile demonized prophet and his demonic entity, allah, then you basically have Sharia law.


  17. The truth comes out but only by mouth.
    People have difficulty understanding the vileness of islam even when explained and facts presented by their own writings.
    I guess all that we are all one big family teachings ruin more than we think. Most of all critical thinking!


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