1-4-16 – I HEARD A GUNSHOT IN THE SPIRIT: A warning to prepare for Obama’s (Revelation 13:3) “False Flag Event” . . . A MASSIVE DELUSION!!!


New International Version
One of the heads of the beast SEEMED TO HAVE had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was filled with wonder and followed the beast.


New Living Translation
“I saw that one of the heads of the beast SEEMED WOUNDED beyond recovery–but the fatal wound was healed! The whole world marveled at this miracle and gave allegiance to the beast.”


English Standard Version
“One of its heads SEEMED TO HAVE a mortal wound, but its mortal wound was healed, and the whole earth marveled as they followed the beast.”


Berean Study Bible
One of the heads of the beast APPEARED TO BE fatally wounded. But the mortal wound was healed, and the whole world was astonished and followed the beast.”


New American Standard Bible
“I saw one of his heads AS IF IT HAD BEEN slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast.”


Holman Christian Standard Bible
“One of his heads APPEARED TO BE fatally wounded, but his fatal wound was healed. The whole earth was amazed and followed the beast.”


International Standard Version
“One of the beast’s heads LOOK LIKE IT HAD sustained a mortal wound, but its fatal wound was healed. Rapt with amazement, the whole world followed the beast.”


Aramaic Bible in Plain English
And one of its heads was AS IF IT HAD BEEN crushed to death and its mortal wound was healed, and all The Earth marveled after The Beast.”

King James 2000 Bible
“And I saw one of his heads AS IF IT WERE wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world marveled after the beast.”




I DO NOT LIKE GIVING THIS MESSAGE!!! So you’ll know this up front. However, I must be obedient in posting this warning so ALL who read this will be alert and aware WHEN THIS HAPPENS:

What will “APPEAR TO BE” an assassination of Obama. BUT IT WILL BE A MASSIVE DELUSION!!!!!

Look at all of the various translations of the Bible I utilized above. The Heavenly Father gave us a clue about this, right there in plain sight.

You’ll see the wording I put in all caps to highlight the clue. It’s going to “APPEAR TO BE” an assassination, BUT IT WILL BE A MASSIVE DELUSION!!! (HE REALLY WON’T BE DEAD).

It will be A “FALSE FLAG” EVENT!!!! That means it was pre-planned by the government (in this case the lucifer-worshipping ‘global elite’) . . . AND IT WON’T BE REAL!!!!



I don’t know how this is going to be done. . . It could be through the use of Holly-weird special effects, it could be a body double, it could be a clone, it could be utilizing “project Blue Beam” Or some other type of “smoke and mirrors” trick . . . THAT WILL BE A LIE!!!!   ALL I know from the Holy Spirit is this: IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN AND IT WILL BE A DECEPTION!!!!



THEN count: One Day . . . Second Day . . . Third Day: “Oh LOOKEY, It’s alive and it’s a miracle!!” OH MY!!! NOT  a “miracle”, what we will see is the FULL MANIFESTATION OF LUCIFER through Obama, as he steps into his full roll as “THE ANTICHRIST” (and remember, Obama WAS NOT DEAD!!! . . It was all a “parlor trick” . . . BIG OLE FAT LIE!!!)



NOW, this is where you must use WISDOM: It’s going to rock the world, but it will be done in such a DECEPTIVELY EVIL way, that WHEN and I’ll repeat it again . . WHEN he APPEARS to come back to life (but remember, this is going to be a delusion . . AGAIN: He really won’t be dead), that it will look astonishing and amazing, but you will NOT see horns sticking out of his head, or flames shooting from his eyes. REMEMBER, THIS IS A DECEPTION, with the full manifestation of lucifer, who has had generations to practice his lying deception on people. . . OBAMA REALLY WAS NOT DEAD!!! . .BUT IS NOW FULLY MANIFESTING SATAN HIMSELF!!!



SO, BE PREPARED and STAND STRONG IN JESUS CHRIST. Keep your Full Armour of God on, for the days will get increasingly treacherous.




Talk to the hand

Please DON’T BOTHER with the comments that say “he’s not the antichrist” or “you are making that up” or “that’s not nice to say” or any other form of mocking/scoffing, disbelief, etc.

I am VERY WELL AWARE of the consequences of making a post/statement like this, in the name of the LORD. . . It is JUDGEMENT upon my head, if I’m not speaking as He has directed.   ALSO, to say:


. . . would be slander if he is not and that means I would get a one-way ticket to hell, where the slanderers go. SO JUST WRITE THE WARNING DOWN AND TAKE IT TO THE LORD IN PRAYER . . . . Ask Him if I’m telling you the truth. You’ll find out soon enough anyway.












THE HOLY SPIRIT REVEALS WHAT THE DARKNESS CONCEALS . . . all who have “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” will know the truth of this matter.

Wake Up




1-4-16 – On the SAME DAY I was given this revelation and the prompting to write it up, Jose Polanco had the following CONFIRMATION posted on Z3News:


Here’s the link —->












RESPECTFUL COMMENTS are most welcome in my “virtual home”, here on this blog, where the LORD JESUS CHRIST, whose Hebrew name is Yahshua, is lifted up and the TRUTH is being told.


AND ——– >

I don’t need to hear why you don’t believe what I share. I’ll tell you again, to take these posts to the LORD in prayer. I won’t engage in debate. . . time is too short. . . I’m too weary and it’s a WASTE of time!!!

If you have honest questions, yes. . . Or not quite sure, that’s absolutely understandable, some of this stuff is difficult for me too, so I must seek the LORD for confirmation and FULL TRUTH, just like you.

If it’s to bring the “you are wrong” comments. . .no. . . Those won’t be posted, Nor will the comments of Mockers & scoffers, those with hateful comments, and those who bring discord. . . .

POOF!!! There They go . . . Comments Bye-bye to the trash!!!!




ANY ADS LOCATED ON MY BLOGS ARE NOT MY CHOICE, NOR DO I ENDORSE ANY OF THE THEM. . . I have a free account from WordPress, which may place ads of their choosing on my posts. I suppose it’s a good example of “you get what you pay for”. Currently “free” is all I can afford, but THANK YOU JESUS, I’m able to do this at all.



97 thoughts on “1-4-16 – I HEARD A GUNSHOT IN THE SPIRIT: A warning to prepare for Obama’s (Revelation 13:3) “False Flag Event” . . . A MASSIVE DELUSION!!!

    1. It was quite odd, James, I knew I had to post this today, but I know I still must work on the next post. I may be given a bit of a rest to post it tomorrow, BUT, let the LORD’s will be done. He’ll give me the strength and I’m heading out now to get some rest. (((BIG HUGS))). ❤️

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    1. Mr. Sulfur. That’s funny. And Linda, I really hope you got some good rest! A (((BIG OLE HUG))) to you! 🙂 🙂 🙂


      1. Thank you, Jolie. . . I did get some, but am up again for a brief time. I generally sleep in “shifts” and they are not consistent “shifts”. Likely to keep the enemy guessing. I am up many times into the very late hours . . . Intercession and prayer, as well as writing up whatever the Holy Spirit prompts me to write.


        1. AWWWWW HOWDY. . . NANCY SUE!!! So happy you joined us here at our lil ole virtual home group. Hey everybody, please say “HOWDY” to Nancy Sue . . . An old Facebook friend. ❤️👏🏻


          1. Hey there Nancy Sue! Welcome to our little “odd for God” group! Pull up a chair and grab some chocolate! Nice here by the fire with our brothers and sisters in Christ!

            The King just woke me up for some face time. Gonna go hit my prayer closet in a minute, but I wondered if anyone has been watching this global economic melt-down? Third seal? That’s my question for the King of Kings this morning!

            Deb, how did your husband’s surgery go? Prayed for both of you. LMK, sister-mine!

            Be blessed, y’all. Gotta pry these eyelids open so I can pray! Oh wait, . .I do that with my eyes closed!

            Ha ha ha ha ha. . .
            Sis Christine


          2. Howdy Christine. . . Yes, I have been tracking it since last year. It’s going to be really interesting when there is the “bank bail-in” and people realize the banks took their money and they did it “legally”. . . POOF!!! Bye-bye money. We saw a bit of what it will look like with Greece last year. Within a few days: no food on the shelves and chaos in the streets. When those with EBT cards can’t get their food . . . When retirees don’t get paid . . It’s truly going to TEST the nation in ways most won’t believe, because they did NOT listen to the warnings and will NOT be prepared 😦


  1. Linda,
    Thanks so much for your article. I know it’s not easy. I believe you 100% and am very grateful to be warned. Sweet sleep to you, and strength for tomorrow’s task. Love and Prayers, Peggy


  2. JCSouthwest – agreed – it almost feels surreal – Heavy spirit right now – it feels as though these judgements will fall one after another before anyone even has time to process the previous one. Need to go into prayer mode pretty quickly. Feels like I just want to cry out for mercy – but His hand will be over us – Amen.


    1. This is not meant as a time to fear for us, rather it is a warning call that time is running out. All we need to do is put our faith in the Lord for protection. The Lord’s protection is truly amazing. More prayers needed to bring more to salvation before it is too late.

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      1. You’re right, J.C., “Perfect love casts out fear.” “I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of love and power, and a sound mind.”

        Fear is a master weapon of satan. We have to be determined NOT to give him even a “crack” of an opening through fear.

        F alse
        E vidence
        A PPEARING
        R eal

        God’s WORD is REAL. Everything else is UNREAL (meaning of no eternal, thus REAL substance, value, but only “shadows”).

        And as my Pastor says, “It’s okay to have fear, but DON’T LET FEAR HAVE YOU.”
        (In other words, at times, fear may come upon us as a human emotion/response, but remember, Christ in us is BIGGER. We can whittle fear down to size/down to nothing- NO-THING, and command it to flee through thinking/pondering/speaking THE WORD- THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT).

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  3. Linda – how crucial but exhausting to receive these prophetic messages – then post them – bless your brave and strong Spirit in The Lord. I just feel a STRONG call to keep up and INCREASE prayer for you. This feels like we have reached the apex – hold on brothers and sisters – this is the beginning of The Fear of The Lord – Please Holy Spirit take over for me at the moment – Amen.


    1. Hello Jeanette, just click on each one of those “photos” below where I recommend looking at the videos. . .these are actually links directly to the video and I believe will start right up on your screen. (Amazing how technology has gotten this far in this simple forum).


      1. When he first came in office I had a vision he was assassinated. After I thought about it I wondered if it was because I was just angry and wondered how he had actually won the election so I asked the Lord to align my heart. Throughout the past couple of years I’ve had a feeling AGAIN this would happen. Then about a month ago, the spirit realm confirmed he was too evil for another to assassinate. In other words….HIS Boss (God) would be the same boss (God) as the assassins. Lol

        Today after reading your post the lord gave me a deep prophetic revelation regarding the nation (America) representing the beast with all those believing the delusion of O being a Christian and good to be getting the mark. So no matter what, if you have rejected the truth of knowledge you will and are handed over to a reprobate mind. We can learn from it or continue to get carried down the toilet with what we are given. I choose to “come up higher” to see all truths by our Lord.

        Peace and blessings always.


        1. Wow, Janet, thank you VERY much for sharing that and welcome to our “Odd for God” group here.

          Sadly, what you are saying is true about being handed over to a reprobate mind, for if the TRUTH has been going out from the Holy Spirit and people reject what the Holy Spirit is warning . . . They are actually hardening their heart. This is why I ask people to pray about what I share here to 1) strengthen their walk with the LORD and 2) not to have a continually hardened heart. It’s a very scary thing when you think about it.

          My friend, Bette Stevens, who was shown hell twice, told me the LORD would not show her the area where the scoffers and mockers are sent . . .it’s THAT BAD and she saw some truly horrific things.


  4. Amen and amen! Another confirmation to this post: the Lord has made it clear what He wants the theme for this coming adult Sunday School lesson (that I teach at my home church) to be. It is “Obama the Antichrist, and the Mark of the Beast.” He’s trying to alert people who are still fast asleep. Wake up, wake up!! He does NOT want His children to be blindsided.


    1. WOW, Jolie. . .absolutely we will be praying for you. Please pop in here to remind us. Also, if you want to, you can print out any of my posts (there is a button to do that).


    1. Hi Peggy . . .I added it into this post at the bottom, under “Post-Publish Information”, with a screenshot of that post on Z3 News . . . AMAZING CONFIRMATION and on THE SAME DAY . . . WOW and WOW again!!


  5. Thank you for this warning! I had never noticed before that the Bible had said it would be “as if” he had died.


  6. Hello Linda

    Walid Shoebat is telling in his news letter that its probably Erdogan turkisk primeminister WHO might be the Ac. He is basing it on his mideastern view of the bible. As i Said im not against your Idea of Obama being the Ac but im also open to the Idea that Even if America is the prime nation in the world at the moment it is possible Based upon scripture that America as we know it might not exist during the end times! Or the other option is that IT is so radically weakened that IT is of no major importante anymore.

    Thinking what the bible talks about the kings of the east rising in power.
    Im open to the fact that Obama is an demonically possessed individual but remins to be seen IF he is the Ac.
    There was this Torah code studying rabbi WHO Said that possibly the Ac Will make himself known march 23 this year.

    We will see, eyes open and dont let your favourite ideas Even if they sound good they might be culturally biased! America is a superpower its citizens think grand. But remember Gods words My ways are higher than yours like the sky is from the surface of the earth.

    Go on but be cautious and ready to change mind IF necessary!

    The people on this blog are some of the most enlighetens individuals i seen on the internet but heads up for alternatives also.

    With caution i tell this to My Beloved American brethren in Christ


    1. Howdy, Stig-Ove, I appreciate you sharing and Yes, I’m aware of what Walid Shobat is saying about Erdogan. I do believe Erdogan is a part of “the beast system”, under Obama, however, when I have continuously stated (and I quote):


      It’s not based on opinion or even research. It’s not something I want to say or even like to say. I don’t like doing this. It’s not my idea of “fun”, by any stretch of the imagination.
      It’s a direct Word from the LORD that I’m responsible to share and warn people about. I haven’t done this lightly and it took MONTHS for me to get this far to be able to “put my neck out there” (which one day may be literally be to have it chopped off as a martyr). . .

      So, while Mr. Shobat gives good reasons and it still seems too unbelievable about Obama, when you look at how HATED he is around the world, I MUST stick with what the Holy Spirit told me (just like I had to with the “creepy photo” post, specifically regarding the part about CERN).

      I also know I’m going to be severely judged by the LORD if I claim “the HOLY SPIRIT told me” or “the LORD showed me” and it is not true. . . A very sobering responsibility, indeed.

      For this post, about the gunshot, I had to take time away to get the clarity and mostly the courage to do this . . . It’s not easy and I wanted to be absolutely sure I was hearing correctly from the LORD.

      So, thank you again for bringing the information, but I still have to “stand” on what I was told, regardless of what is seen in the news, other people’s opinions, or the backlash that comes from even speaking out about this most repulsive revelation.


      1. Oh my Linda, I’m trying to catch up here (today is the 6th). We were flipping through channels last night and for some reason stopped (something caught our attention??) But what we saw was a person who was someone of importance standing at a podium, about to give a speech when he was shot. The stage changed to a conversation (past tence) about the shooting of this man for deception, it was all a scam. I was instantly aware of how this could happen in real life and the affect it would have. I also believe most, if not all people watch on TV is to program us.

        I want you to know…my husband and I have been very busy listening to the videos about CERN and learning much. I have ask several people if they have ever heard of CERN and have so far not found one. So through you the word is spreading.

        I love coming here to read & learn. I love how all the posts send us to the Bible to learn more, more, more.

        Thank you for all your hard work.



    2. Stig-Ove,

      When I first started blogging 2 yrs ago, the mentor I was learning from mentioned that both Erdogan & O were possibilities. I’ve taken this question to The Lord but haven’t received insight or wisdom yet.


      1. That is the best thing to do, Kenzel and MUCH wisdom.

        Dave brought up something that makes sense to me. . . Erdogan may be one of the “head’s of the beast” of the 7-headed beast. . . While Obama is “the anti-Christ” (Rev 13:3) part of that 7-headed beast.

        BUT . . When the Rev 13:3 “event” occurs, a few more may have confirmation; I just hope this happens before the bio-identifier is rolled out under Obamacare, because that IS “THE MARK OF THE BEAST”.


          1. Hello Kenel, Here’s a very long answer to your short question:

            by “bio-identifier”, this will be an implanted technological system, that comes in several forms, such as the RFID Chip; an injectable “nanotechnology” system (that will be miniaturized robots, that change the DNA, while also able to transmit info to an exterior source); computerized, invisible-ink tattoos and other technologies we are currently unaware of. These ALL will change the structural DNA of a person, basically turning them into a “hybrid”. These hybrids will become a part of satan’s human zombie army, along with his manifested fallen angels, Giants, demons and hybrid creatures . . .with the “fallen angel technology” our satan-worshipping government has been working on since “Operation Paperclip”, where we brought over Nazi scientists to continue their evil. Oh yes, this gets truly murky.

            Here is a bit of information about nanotechnology, and this is from 2012:

            Changing human DNA was exactly what the fallen angels did back in Genesis 6 . . They were trying to wipe out the entire human race by corrupting the DNA. . . . We ARE in the times Jesus told us about “as in the days of Noah” (Matthew 24:27). So maybe a few more might be able to see why taking the “MARK OF THE BEAST” has such a severe and permanent judgement upon it. . . It’s the updated version of Genesis 6, which was the cause for the Heavenly Father wiping out all living creatures (they had corrupted DNA) . . The only humans without corrupted DNA were Noah and the few who made it onto the Ark, with the animals the LORD sent to Noah.


  7. Well as you say its good to know ones responsibility towards the Lord and i wont and cant take away your revelations Even the book of Joel confirms that there will be a pouring out of spirit in the last days.
    And IF i ever felt somewhere the Holy Spirit present its here on this blog!
    And i thank the Lord Jesus i was led here. Even the fact that one can discuss so openly here is a testimony to the fact that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.

    Anyway IT goes im glad Even IF IT is but for the briefest moment that i have been able to be here and write here on this blog.


    1. Thank you, my brother and so glad you join us here. It’s AMAZING to be connected to our brothers and sisters around the world in this “virtual home”.

      And please. . . Take EVERY THING I share to the LORD in prayer. Don’t take my word for it. . . We each must do that with any revelation, prophecy, teaching, etc. It’s also a part of our personal walk with JESUS, learning how to clearly hear and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit.


  8. My sister has seen this same thing in a vision she even saw his funeral, but then she saw him hidding out in the White House. she has only told me what she has seen.


    1. Please send her the link to this post . . .let her know she is not alone. It would be lovely to have her join us here in this “virtual home group” if she would like.


      1. Yes, Tim, PLEASE DO!

        Also, Tim, do you know that you don’t have to post your e-mail address as your user-name here?
        Look below “Leave a Reply” and fill in your name that you you want attached to your replies.
        Perhaps you don’t want your e-mail address “broadcast” for privacy reasons.

        Blessings, and thanks for joining the conversation!


  9. JCSouthwest Amen- I have to guard myself from overload – the enemy knows at times he can overwhelm me in this way. My spirit driven compass will suddenly start spinning and what you reminded me of is a grounding statement to set everything back to “True North” again.

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  10. Aaugh! Talk me down from the ledge, Lord! Could anyone here even listen to that silver-tongued devil go on and on this morning about those “POOR LITTLE FIRST GRADERS AT SANDY HOOK” while wiping away his crocodile tears. P U L E A S E! Despite the fact that there is a LOT of evidence Sandy Hook was a false flag–a little play the actors put on to grab the guns–my guess is he was out playing golf while that was “going down.” My husband listened to the whole thing (I could only take a couple of minutes before I wanted to HURL), and he said, “You know, that man can TALK!” He could sell sand to a desert nomad. . .if the nomad is asleep like most of this country. But, my husband said, MOST of what he said about how easy it is to buy firearms and how people can just buy them off the internet is a blatant lie. The little bama baby is a liar, just like his father.

    OK. I’m better now that I got that off my chest. Ew.
    Sis Christine, with ears smoking!


    1. Oh my goodness . . . Glad I missed that. Are you talking about ‘lucifer suit’? AKA, Obama? I have been asleep for a bit, so missed the exciting news.
      And yes, the “Sandy Hook” incident has more proof it was a staged event and there were actually no deaths that occurred there. . . But I’m not absolutely sure about that.


      1. I’m with you there, James. . . He certainly would be a good “spokes person” for the use of barf bags on planes. . . hehehe . . . Visualize this:
        “Hi folks, Barak Obama here. . . I know just looking at my face makes you want to barf, but I have good news for you: You can now buy the economy size barf bags, offered at your local airport, Wal-Mart and Quick Trip. So, next time I give a speech, or you see my face in a magazine, you too can have your handy airplane barf bag ready for your convience.” ~ ~ ~ “this message paid for by the global elite for lucifer campaign”

        Hahahahaha 😄😂😁😛

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      2. Yes, JC. There is something SO EVIL in those eyes and that voice (that drips lies) that I know better now than to look or listen. All I caught was about 10 seconds of it, while he was wiping away his tears, and I wanted to jump off that treadmill (I was at the gym) and RUN! We don’t even have TV anymore. We just watch movies and harmless 1950s stuff. Old dudes here. BTW, I just got my copy of War Room! If you haven’t seen it, it’s a winner!

        : ) Christine

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    2. I saw this fake display…Wiping away a tear that wasn’t there. And how could there be a tear…Satan doesn’t cry!


    1. What a great expression–a “Mr. Sulfur” event! I like Linda’s “baby bama” too! We got treated to one today that made the steam escape from my ears! Remember Jesus as He faced the Pharisees and called them “blind guides and hypocrites”? Indeed. Complete with croc tears. Disgusting. Like he cares.

      Sis Christine


      1. Here’s another one for you, Christine: “Future lucifer suit” (for those who have seen “Men in Black 1” . . Where the bug alien took over Edgar . . . Yep, my “nerdy” side is coming out, but I don’t watch those types of movies anymore, unless prompted by the Holy Spirit for “training” and yes, that does happen sometimes).


        1. OH THAT’S PERFECT–FUTURE LUCIFER SUIT!!!!! I like that we get “snarky” here about the zero. There are so many politically correct sites that just won’t call him what he is!

          : ) Christine


  11. blessings to all i was on z3news after seeing that rachel baxter was on trunews today now im here talk about overload of info plus i just started the daniel fast today praise god ive never done it just wanted to ask linda to put me on your prayer list . i feel like im all alone on an island in the county i live in. i found a reeal church 5 weeks ago and the new 10 week bible study is on relationships ru kidding me i made a trunews trucker hat and a repent america hat i wear around daily people are clueless may the lord give me strength boldness and courage in a loving way to speak the truth thank u marvin b ne fla


    1. HOwdy, Marvin and AMEN, you’ll be in the prayers of ALL who are here.
      You are very blessed to be in a “real church”.

      Good for you for wearing your TruNews Truck hat and “Repent America” hat . . Yes, I”m sure you have some clueless people, but I pray that will draw other believers to you and the curious as well, so you can share some TRUTH.

      Blessings to you and may the LORD Jesus surround you with peace and may the angels protect you, especially while you are on the road. . . . That is a particularly good “God time” when driving, at least it was for me when I had to do some extensive traveling for a job I had.


    2. Hey brother Marvin! Welcome to the table! Pull up a chair and get yourself comfortable cause you’re not alone anymore! Sure hope you like chocolate! May the King bless you with peace, joy, hope, and fellowship! Amen and amen!

      : ) Sis Christine


  12. Welcome Marvin! I am a pretty recent OFG (odd for God) member. It is nice to know you are not alone and among like-minded people. I totally understand the info overload sometimes. I honestly don’t know how some of you keep it all straight. I get brain strain! I think it may be chocolate and Jesus. JESUS for sure! 🙂


  13. Linda thank you for you’re walk with Jesus. You said Walmart. Anybody that knows me knows I hate Walmart.

    I have dreams of future events allso. Or dreams that I can’t figure out untill I see them happening . Then I’m like uh o! I’ve had them for years. I think you seen the one I’ve had about him, Omusilima! Lol. He was standing. Up front at Walmart.

    I went up to him and asked,” in an aggravated tone” what are you doing here? Like’ don’t know you ain’t welcome in public? Folks can’t stand you in Texas!!!!

    He said” I’m buying today. Ten items only. Then he Had a Huge buggy and was using a fake salesman accent” it’s on me folks! But remember, ten items only . As he pushed the buggy down an Isle.

    So after we got ten, I wanted to test him to see what he would he would do or say. So I put two beef jerkys in the buggy then turned to look at him. He smiled with a tilted head and said’ I saw that. But that’s ok it’s all you will Ever get!! Looking more evil. Then I woke up.

    I can’t stand him or Walmart lol. Also 33 is a number that is around me, been around me, and just keeps appearing in my life. And it’s good and bad. I love ya Linda and read you’re words often. God bless you sweetheart. I wait for your opinion or Revalation on this.😊


    1. AWWW, big hugs to ya, Rick.

      About your dream: Oh my Rick, I believe I remember reading that dream before, possibly on Z3News? What it points to me is the control level that “Omusilima” (LOL) will have over ALL things, particularly when the “MARK OF THE BEAST” is mandated and rolled out under “Obamacare”. I’m not sure about 10, maybe somebody else has something about that.

      Now, about the 33, what instantly comes to my mind is this: There is a 33rd degree level in the Masons, where they fully understand they are worshipping Lucifer. Most know only of the 32nd degree, believing it is the highest level, but it’s not.

      Here’s an article, that includes info about Albert Pikes “Morals and Dogma”, discussing the 33rd degree:



  14. Yesterday’s post by Ali:

    Tuesday, January 5, 2016
    ” Barack Hussein Obama feels pressured to move. Like a trapped wild animal he will move to protect his territory, his domain, name, position and power. Obama shortly with pen and pad settles promises made long ago. Backed into a corner he will react against America to satisfy others who stand behind the scenes. Valerie Jarrett reigns supreme only as she is directed by others. Both pawns in evil hands. Great calamity soon coming to your nation. What begins here will spread to other nations. Like a rock thrown into a pond it will ripple out to effect others. Barack Hussein Obama will deny making deals, lying to the people. He has made agreements with rogue nations that will shortly begin to adversely affect America.

    Mark well the days ahead. Each day of peace is one you must treasure. Very soon peace will be taken from the earth. Oh My children, you have no idea how grave your future. Cling tightly to Me. Bath in My Word. Memorize scripture, stand strong on the promises of God. Of great importance is the task I have set before you. Never take lightly the work I have given you to do. Never take the glory due My Name. Take nothing for granted and know that regardless of how dark the night, how bad things appear, you are loved.”

    Please read and study carefully Romans 8, hiding His Word in your heart.
    “Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” Jude 3
    “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against Thee.” Psalm 119:11

    Whew. Thought I’d share.

    Hold onto the ROCK, precious ones!


    1. Makes one wonder if this is the ramp-up to the N. Korean attack against the USA . . . A Delay in the warning shared last year (when a brother in Christ was given the warning N.Korea would attack on a specific date) . . . The request went out for intercessors to pray against this –
      11-29-15: Will North Korea Launch an Attack on the United States, on December 3, 2015? | believeacts2’s Blog

      AND THANK YOU JESUS . . It didn’t happen, which bought more time for souls to be saved instead of going straight to hell.

      Here’s the sad thing: Because it didn’t happen, then the gentleman who received that warning dream and me for also posting that, were accused of being a “false prophet”. . . . On the other hand, when sharing warnings with others (more on Z3News) there have been complaints: “why don’t people who get these warning dreams pray and intercede, instead of just spreading this fear?”

      SO . . No matter what, we’ll be accused as we continue working for the LORD Jesus.
      I shared that to let others know: KEEP DOING WHAT THE LORD WANTS YOU TO DO, REGARDLESS OF THE NAYSAYERS . . . we’re going to be “hit” from both sides and sadly the worst hits will come from “professing Christians” who have sided with Satan as “the accuser of the brethern”. . . AND THAT IS GOING TO RAMP UP 😦

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      1. I am in agreement with you Linda. Doesn’t matter what people call us or if they simply choose to snooze. A major event will probably be needed to wake up the masses.


        1. This is for everyone in the room please listen to the matt smith interview on tru news.com its about the poem that was posted on z3news feed back would be greatly appreciated be blessed


  15. Well troops, I submitted an edited version of this revelation to Z3News. . . We’ll see if it gets posted. I must confess, this one was the MOST difficult to do, since it’s so specific. I had to be really sure this was of the LORD and His timing. This one was more difficult than writing up the one where I saw Obama transform into a reptialian, but that is on Z3News.

    Hmmmm, I think I get the Z3News “Odd for God” award LOL as the most “out there” 🤓


    1. Count yourself as blessed linda I hear nothing from the holy spirit I get no dreams or visions I do have to say that wed I was paddling outto surf it was low tide and the waves were big choppy. And drifty so on those ne days u have to hug the pier to get out I got to the end of the pier and thats when the work started so much power and white water all over as duck diving wave after wave I look to my left and I see this rainbow so thick and so bright really low to the water it was amazing as im smiling praising god for letting meknow that he was with me I was the only one who paddled out wed so for that moment I knew he was with me I caught one wave and asked a friend on shore did u see that rainbow he said no be blessed


      1. That is an AMAZING blessing, Marvin . . To see such beauty and a Big ole smile from the Heavenly Father . . . Saying “I am with you, Marvin and I LOVE you.”

        About the dreams or visions, I was just talking about that with Dave this morning. While it is amazing, it also comes with much grief and responsibility, for it paints a big ole bullseye on your front and back. . . Target from both the demonic realm and humans (worst are professing Christians). . . So, yes, a blessing, with many tears as well.

        I thank the LORD there are others in the body of Christ who are stepping into their roles. We need each other. What one may think, “this is not a special gift”, and that gift may be an amazing mechanical aptitude. .. Is just the gift the body of Christ needs. There are none better than the other . . . For we all need ALL. Imagine which part of your body you want to eliminate?

        1 Corinthians 12:12-21 – “For even as the body is one and yet has many members, and all the members of the body, though they are many, are one body, so also is Christ. For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one Spirit.
        For the body is not one member, but many. If the foot says, “Because I am not a hand, I am not a part of the body,” it is not for this reason any the less a part of the body. And if the ear says, “Because I am not an eye, I am not a part of the body,” it is not for this reason any the less a part of the body. If the whole body were an eye, where would the hearing be? If the whole were hearing, where would the sense of smell be? But now God has placed the members, each one of them, in the body, just as He desired. If they were all one member, where would the body be? But now there are many members, but one body. And the eye cannot say to the hand, “I have no need of you”; or again the head to the feet, “I have no need of you.”

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  16. Linda – I really love your blog and am drawn to it daily now. I watched the Jonathan Kleck video on Obama as the Antichrist and it was fascinating, connecting all the dots.

    I have been reposting on my facebook page for all my spiritual sis’s and they are finally starting to take note. Alot of people just don’t want to know what’s coming but I have been continually trying to warn them to start getting prepared.

    Another side note: while I was watching that video my computer froze up and it was exactly at the 33:33 minute mark!

    I have just finished reading Zenith 2016 by Thomas Horn and am very well informed about the freemasons and their use of numbers, particularly ’33’, so when I attempted to watch the video again I prayed over it this time. Success! That book is a very good read but deep, but it covers all of the new technological developments like you mentioned, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and everything else for anyone who really wants to get informed.

    It’s really getting crazy out there – putting on the spiritual armor daily and looking up! I feel in my spirit things are really going to speed up this year with events increasing daily. This will really be a time of testing and we all need to be ready! God Bless!

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    1. WOW Nancy, I must tell you when I was praying about this post, and feel QUITE uncomfortable doing it, I asked the LORD for confirmation. He gave me the number: 33

      I then understood it was referring to Revelation 13:3. (Remove the 1 you have 33)

      Hmmmm, but a little later, when I was timing something in the oven I looked up and yep: 33

      AND you shared this . . . Amazing, absolutely amazing, because this was one of the greatest tests for me to post . . . Will I do this and make such a bold statement, with only that sound of the gunshot and the revelation of what it was about? Finally yes .. You are reading it and have confirmed it.

      WOW and thank you again for coming here to our lil ole virtual home group.

      It is getting “crazy out there” but exciting at the same time, because we are going to see some amazing miracles the Heavenly Father will do on our behalf. ((((((HUGS))))


  17. Thank you! I just gave this site to another friend of mine yesterday and she is a spiritual warrior and sees things all the time and has a network of spiritual friends. Need to keep spreading the warnings and the word. I just read I think on Z3 that someone felt there would be a disclosure made this year about aliens found then last night heard a statement made that Hillary said she thinks we’ve already been visited by them. So wow God is really speeding things up – we live in exciting times. I will keep posting!😊


    1. You’re welcome, Nancy and thank you for sharing with your friend.

      Before reading, the following is an “OUT THERE” alert, but TRUTH:
      One of the things I’m going to have to address this coming week, I believe, is the FAKE “alien invasion” that is going to be staged by the U.S. Gov’t and others in the “Secret Space Program” . . They do have the “reversed-engineered” technology for what will appear to be UFOs and appear to be “abductions” but they will, in fact be human origin, working in partnership with fallen angels/demons. What I don’t have clarity about, but I do have some ideas . . . The real “aliens” (fallen angels/demons) are going to appear at some point as “the good guy” and that is going to usher in the MASSIVE delusion:

      The Star Brothers and the Star Sisters. . .they will claim: Jesus was one of us . .. Mohamad was one of us. . . Buddha was one of us. . . Confucius was one of us. And when the fallen angel, masquarading as “Mary” the mother of Jesus appears . . That will be the BIG KABOOM drawing many into the grand satanic delusion.

      So. . . Here we go . . We truly better be listening to the Holy Spirit because even Jesus said if possible, even the elect would be deceived (Matthew 24:24 . . Mark 13:22).

      Here’s a “Head’s Up” the Global elite have for the FAKED “alien invasion”. . They are prepping the masses for their satanic plans . . The following are from non-Christian sources, but here are “two or more witnesses”.



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  18. Oh yes I’ve read all about Project Blue Beam too. I also watched a video this afternoon on youtube, “Final Warning: Obama and Pope Francis Will Bring Bibical End Times’. It was lengthy but went into alot of clips and things the pope has said as well as Obama, perfect timing before I read this book.


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