12-28-15 – WHY DOES THIS REALLY MATTER: If Anybody Knows “Obama is THE Antichrist” . . .WHY?

Revelation 13:16-17

And he causes all, the small and the great,
and the rich and the poor,
and the free men and the slaves,
to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,
and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell,
except the one who has the mark,
either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Luke 10:18

“And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”

Please look at this 4 min video —->











Stating “that can’t be it, because he isn’t the antichrist” . . .

Or “that can’t be it because we’ll be out of here before that happens” (AKA, the pre-trib lie).  





“The Mark” will be rolled out after the economic collapse (YES that is going to happen too) and it will be rolled out under “Obamacare”.  

BUT . . . It’s NOT just going to Only be an RFID chip. . . .


It will also include other technological “bio-identification” systems,  including the possibility of invisible ink tatoo (great for forehead marking), nanotechnology implants via injection (like a vaccination) and other technologies we are not aware of yet.















AND YES . . I know it’s a VERY eternally serious thing to say “the Holy Spirit said” or “The LORD showed me”, for to make something up, claiming it is from the LORD and it is not. . . .  is to take the name of the LORD in vain and that is SIN and will bring judgement upon my head. . .

YES I KNOW THAT, so I take this “assignment” very seriously, prayerfully and carefully (and it has been VERY painfully too, for the backlash, criticism, condemnation, verbal abuse, name-calling, loss of friends, family, ALL . . Has been the price I had to pay to obey this “calling” and share this most wretched revelation).







If you are reading this post and haven’t seriously taken the revelation: “Obama is THE antichrist” to the LORD in prayer. . . Please consider doing so.

ASK THE LORD: “Is she telling the truth”.

Let Him confirm to YOU.  . . . .IT’S UP TO YOU WHAT YOU DO (I did my part in warning you).

















This is a lovely worship song (video) —–>



Video by Jonathan Kleck:   Antichrist . . . the servant . . . father of lies

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Notice the words sung in the White House entity’s January 2013 Inaugural Event- here are a few in case you don’t watch/listen to it: “. . .He’s living in a world and it’s on fire. . . . Filled with catastrophe”. . . . “He’s got both feet on the ground and he’s burning it down” . . . . “Got his head in the clouds and he’s not backing down” . . . “Everybody knows Michele is his girl together they run the world” . . .

Hello, Can we say . . .”prep the masses?” Anybody awake yet?

One of the REAL TRUTHS found in this song is this line: “Obama’s on fire” . . . Oh, yes, you can say that is quite prophetic, when he’s shoved in the lake of fire with his side-kick the false prophet (the current pope). . . (Revelation 19:20)


NBC Predicts All Americans Will receive a Microchip Implant in 2017, per Obamacare



Confirmed by Science: You Can Change Your DNA

A Synthetic DNA Motor That Transports Nanoparticles Along Carbon Nanotubes

7 Amazing Ways Nanotechnology is Changing the World

Black Light Tatoo

Intel Wants A Chip Implant in Your Brain

Harvard Medical School – DNA Manipulation Biotechnology Era: Manipulating Genes and Designing Life

What is Genetic Engineering and How Does it Work?

DARPA: Genetically Modified Humans for a Super Soldier Army

Wearable and Implantable Technology







Comments are most welcome in my “virtual home”, here on this blog, where the LORD JESUS CHRIST, whose Hebrew name is Yahshua, is lifted up and the TRUTH is being told.


Mockers & scoffers, those with hateful comments, and those who bring discord will NOT find their messages posted. . . .

POOF!!! There it goes . . . Bye-bye to the trash.




NOR DO I ENDORSE ANY OF THE THEM. . . I have a free account from WordPress, which may place ads of their choosing on my posts. I suppose it’s a good example of “you get what you pay for”. Currently “free” is all I can afford, but THANK YOU JESUS, I’m able to do this at all.




175 thoughts on “12-28-15 – WHY DOES THIS REALLY MATTER: If Anybody Knows “Obama is THE Antichrist” . . .WHY?

  1. AMEN, Christine. We lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ, that ALL will seek 100% TRUTH and be FILLED, FILLED, FILLED with the Holy Spirit . . . For the things revealed by the Holy Spirit must be confirmed by the Holy Spirit. This Scripture comes to mind:

    1 Corinthians 2:14 – “But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.”

    Sadly, I get some “natural man” visits and comments that are less than Christ-like and do not show “the fruit of the Spirit”.


  2. AMEN, sweet sister! We will find that when Satan can’t get under our skin using UNBELIEVERS, he will resort to using BELIEVERS who don’t walk in the Spirit, or who are more faithful to their doctrines than to the King! If He has shown us nothing else so far this year (all of 3 days long), He’s shown us that events will start happening at lightning speed and we have to be prayed up, girded up with our whole armor, and looking up to our King. Nothing else will do. Godspeed, my fellow warriors in God’s army! Onward Christian soldiers! The fields are white with harvest!

    Be blessed, my brothers and sisters,


  3. Greetings Everybody. I continue to get comments indicating a person or people have differing opinions regarding the identity of the Anti-Christ. That is expected and I was warned about that from the LORD, and I quote: “MOST WILL NOT SEE IT”

    We could put those negative comments from people on a long Power Point loop with such words as:
    “Please do not rush to point the finger at someone, just because you don’t like his politics”
    “He can’t be the anti-Christ because ________”
    “You are seriously misguided” . .
    And add other negative descriptors and you get the picture.

    While I do understand MOST will not take this revelation to the LORD in prayer and will instead speak forth opinions, I’ll no longer release those opinions, since my reply will continue to be the same:

    I won’t debate that. It is a Word from the LORD. Time is much too short, so let’s all focus on seeking the TRUTH, the FULL TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH. May the LORD Jesus help each of us be kind to one another and not spew forth accusations, for we then become instruments of Satan and bring discord to the body of Christ.

    I continue to pray more will wake up and be ready for what is unfolding upon the planet. LORD JESUS, HELP US ALL.


  4. Savage, I truly don’t know the “timeline” on any of this. What I thought things would look like in these end times, truly is not what is unfolding. It’s almost like it’s on a multi-level or multi-dimensional plane or something. It’s not the “checklist” that I thought it would be. Also, things I thought would have happened by now, haven’t happened. So, what that does for me personally? It makes me CLING to the LORD like a drowning person holding on to a life raft. I truly hope we are taken out of here before the worst of the worst happens, yet I also know we will have to endure until that time.

    I was also given the understanding of a “pre-wrath rapture”, which I shared in this post:

    8-26-15: A Dream About “The Rapture” | believeacts2’s Blog

    But what about all of the other events? It’s still a mystery to me. I do know we must be ready by making sure our spiritual walk is clean before the LORD Jesus. Still lots of stuff needs to happen, but could it happen rapidly? I’m sure some of it will, but only the Heavenly Father knows the timing.


  5. The way I learned it, (Pre-Wrath rapture), the Mark of the Beast is not implemented until after the Abomination of Desolation (antiChrist seats himself in the Temple as being God). Of course, the AOD occurs at the midpoint of the seventieth week, and the seventieth week is initiated with a 7yr treaty between Israel and the leader of a 3-nation consortium who will eventually prove to be antiChrist. I haven’t seen the treaty yet, haven’t seen a Temple being built, haven’t seen Obama seat himself in it. Maybe the treaty has been signed, and I don’t know it. Maybe the Temple will be rebuilt in 2016, and the AoD will occur in 2016, clearing the way for the MOB (Obamacare) to be implemented in 2016. Or maybe things will stretch out a couple of years longer.


  6. Thank you for sharing your information, Rolltide, again I encourage you to consider starting a blog. This way you can host direct interaction and conversation regarding this topic you are bring forth. Several folks here have blogs, including my brother; this allows the opportunity for people to contact him directly.

    The bottom line is this: all things must be taken to the LORD in prayer for confirmation; it’s an excellent way for people to strengthen his/her relationship with the Holy Spirit. Some have a focus that they are bringing forth such as you, Rolltide. Others have a focus like I’m required to do: dreams, visions and revelations.

    I must be careful, myself, or I can get side-tracked from what the Holy Spirit has me do for a given day, so I am not always able to look at all of the video links people share, but are welcome to share.

    Blessings to you and please consider the blog. 🙂


  7. Just one more thing for you to consider about the founding of Israel.
    In AD 70 Israel was inflicted a “deadly head wound” that Jesus Himself had prophecied would happen. But in 1948, that deadly wound was healed. God ALLOWED the Synagogue of Satan
    headed up by the Rothschild family to resurrect the beast, because His Word said it would happen.
    The infamous “Balfour Declaration” was addressed; “DEAR LORD ROTHSCHILD”.
    Here’s a link where you can see that document:

    On the very same night GEOGRAPHICAL Babylon was destroyed, a Hand appeared and wrote on the wall:
    Daniel 5:25-28King James Version (KJV)
    25 And this is the writing that was written, Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.
    26 This is the interpretation of the thing: Mene; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.
    27 Tekel; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.
    28 Peres; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians

    This “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin” is very interesting. Not only does Daniel give the proper interpretation of the words, but also these words are measurements and have numbers associated with them, and those numbers add up to 2,520.
    “Of course, there is another place that 2,520 can derived out of the Fall of Babylon itself. It was from the “handwriting on the wall”. The handwriting was “MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN”. A MENE was equal to 50 shekels or tekels and with an UPHARSIN being worth 25 shekels, that would equal 126 shekels or tekels (50+50+1+25). The tekel could also be divided into 20 gerahs (Ezekiel 45:12). This would then mean that 126 tekels were also 2,520 gerahs. So at the time of the fall of Babylon, God uses the number of these weights to show Babylon’s judgement at that time was equal to 2,520 gerahs” http://watchfortheday.org/2520.html
    Physical Babylon was destroyed, and 2520 years later, Israel would become a nation. Babylon was resurrected..
    If you read about Babylon the Great/ Mystery Babylon (Rev.17-18) it tells us EXACTLY who Babylon the Great is. How many cities are guilty of “killing the prophets and martyrs and guilty for ALL the righteous blood of the saints’? Jerusalem is also built on 7 hills. Jesus also identifies the city that “killed the prophets, martyrs…..” as being Jerusalem.
    Peter calls Jerusalem “Babylon” in 1 Peter 5:13
    Is it just coincidence that 2520 years after physical Babylon was destroyed, SPIRITUAL Babylon was resurrected after it’s deadly wound?

    Just a few “nuggets” you may want to consider.
    Blessings to you all.


  8. OK, back to your comment, Sister Linda. I will copy/paste portions of you comment and try to answer.

    “I would also like to clarify my personal beliefs on the TRUE Jewish people: These are the literal genetic descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”

    Paul tells us in no uncertain terms who IS and who is NOT a “true Jew”.
    Romans 2:28-29New King James Version (NKJV)
    28 For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh; 29 but he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the Spirit, not in the letter; whose praise is not from men but from God.
    Again, as I said in responding to Sister Peggy, there IS a difference in who GOD sees as a “Jew” and who MAN sees as a Jew, and FLESH has NOTHING to do with with God’s “Israel” JUST MAN’S.
    FLESH Jews + Jesus = TRUE Jew / Gentiles + Jesus= TRUE Jews
    ALL TRUE Jews (be they flesh Jews OR Gentiles) = THE ISRAEL OF GOD=
    1 Peter 2:9King James Version (KJV)
    9 But YE are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;
    Peter is writing to CHRISTIANS – The Israel of God.

    “ALSO, the physical location of Israel and Jerusalem IS blessed by the LORD. It does not matter if it’s modern-day origins came from demonically-controlled “global elite”

    I would once again refer you to Jesus words in Matt.23; “your house is left unto you DESOLATE”.
    Also in Rev. 11, John refers to Jerusalem as spiritual SODOM and EGYPT.
    8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.
    Then there’s Peter who called Jerusalem “Babylon”:
    1 Peter 5:13King James Version (KJV)

    13 The church that is at Babylon, elected together with you, saluteth you; and so doth Marcus my son.

    I remind you, Babylon, as a city had been destroyed centuries earlier. Since there wasn’t a geographical “Babylon”, Peter couldn’t be writing from there. Also, if there wasn’t a Babylon, there couldn’t have been a CHURCH at Babylon, and Peter was the head of the church at Jerusalem..

    So I think there’s a bit of misconception about Jerusalem being “holy”. ONLY NEW Jerusalem fits that description.


    “The creation of Israel, literally “in one day” is the fulfillment of this Scripture:
    Isaiah 66:7-8 – “7”Before she travailed, she brought forth; Before her pain came, she gave birth to a boy. 8″Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Can a land be born in one day? Can a nation be brought forth all at once? As soon as Zion travailed, she also brought forth her sons.””

    Most all take take this ONE verse, as the prophetic fulfillment of Israel becoming a state. Even though all throughout the Bible, there is a protocol of the necessity of 2 or 3 witnesses. But this is the ONLY verse that resembles Israel becoming a nation.

    But let’s go with it and say it is. Let me ask this, is this a GOOD THING? Most people rejoice over this verse, but is it something to rejoice about, OR GRIEVE about?

    Notice the number of the chapter…66! Numbers can tell us a LOT, even in the Bible.

    Take Rev. 13, the number of rebellion is 13. If you pay attention, all throughout the Bible, the numbers of verses and chapters often parallel the subject being discussed.

    In this case the chapter is 66, and I don’t think there’s more that needs to be added to that.

    I very strongly feel that the nation of Israel IS Daniels’ “little horn”. Again, that’s just my opinion.

    If you read the passage about the little horn, and the passage in Rev. 13 about the “beasts”, and the passages in Rev. 2 about the Synagogue of Satan’ , the language used about THEM ALL are very similar. The word “blasphemy” is used about them all. Also, they ALL are “speaking great things” and blasphemy. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

    I know this is all very hard to take in, believe me, I know. But if I am going to search for the TRUTH, then I MUST go where that leads. Maybe it’s MY INTERPRETATION of the Bible that’s at fault!! Because the BIBLE is the ONLY truth. I have to dump what don’t line up with the Word, and be willing to admit that I may have been DUPED by some folks who REALLY have an evil agenda. The want the “SOULS OF MEN”.

    Again, I hope you both will take it all to the Lord, and be the Berean that Acts talks about. REMEMBER Jesus MAIN warning; ‘See that no man deceive you’

    If you both haven’t watched the “Marching To Zion” video that I’ve already posted, I really wish you would. It goes into some of the things here in your comments. I think it will give you more clarity about these things AND MORE if you would watch it. Write down the scriptures Pastor Anderson gives, and LOOK AT THEM YOURSELF. It’s the ONLY way we’re gonna find truth, because DECEPTION is the word of the day.

    Blessings to you both.

    PS – I want you to know that i had a VERY hard time in putting this reply together. One I had to start over as my computer started doing some STRANGE things. The prince of the power OF THE AIR has been busy this morning!! Sorry it took so long, satan does NOT want. his evil schemes to come to light.


  9. Thank you for the information, Rolltide. I truly hope you consider starting a blog, this way, you can provide a link to the information you have accumulated and can host focused discussions about this topic. Please let us know if/when you do that, it will be a good resource for people. We have several people who stop by here who have blogs and share their info, which is good thing.


  10. Good morning, Sisters Linda and Peggy. I will try to address both of your comments in this one.
    First Sister Peggy. The verse you are referring to is Roman 11:26. Here’s that verse and the verse following. It is the KEY to all of Israel being saved.
    26 and in this way[e] all Israel will be saved. As it is written:“The deliverer will come from Zion;
    he will turn godlessness away from Jacob.
    27 And this is[f] my covenant with them
    when I take away their sins.”[g]
    No one can be saved if they don’t except JESUS, HE is that ‘deliverer that came from Zion’. The next verse say THIS IS MY COVENANT with them, and THIS is the covenant that they REJECTED. They killed the one sent to deliver them.
    Look what Jesus said in Matt.23
    37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, AND YE WOULD NOT
    38 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.
    They rejected Jesus, and He said, because of this they were left DESOLATE.
    That was prophetic of what happened in AD70, but not ONLY that, it REMAINS desolate to this day, because they STILL reject Him.
    So then HOW can “all Israel be saved”?
    This begs the question, WHO IS ISRAEL?
    There are 2 “Israels”. One is FLESHLY Israel, and this is the ONLY one most Christians even know about, and the one that they “bless”, and consider to be the “chosen of God, who STILL are a Christ rejecting, Christian hating, antichrist nation; the “Synagogue of Satan”.
    Then there is the SPIRITUAL Israel, those who have excepted Jesus, made up of REAL Jews, who’s HEARTS have been circumsized. There is NOTHING FLESH about the “Israel of GOD”
    The term “Israel of God” is only mentioned once by Paul in Galatians 6:16
    Galatians 6:16King James Version (KJV)

    16 And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God.

    Paul was writing to the “Israel of God”, but the Galatians were NOT FLESH JEWS. They were SPIRITUAL JEWS.

    This is where SO MUCH confusion comes from. GOD’S Israel and MAN’S Israel are two VERY different “Israels”. Most “Christians” have made this mistake. They can’t get past THE FLESH.

    The Book of John says: ‘ The FLESH profiteth NOTHING, it is the SPIRIT that gives LIFE.

    If you read the WHOLE Book of Galatians this is the setting. Paul had PERSONALLY brought the TRUE Gospel to them. In his absence, there were some Jews who had infiltrated them, and was leading them back into the bondage of the OLD covenant and the ‘law’. Paul was VERY concerned about this, and the whole book is to reject this heresy, and to return to the TRUE Gospel that he had given them. FLESHLY Israel had crept into the ISRAEL OF GOD, and Paul was NOT a happy camper about it.

    The same thing has happened today. Scofield footnotes, or should I say FLESH Israel has replaced the TRUE Gospel. The “secret six”, were Illumunati Jews, personally sent by “lord” Rothschild to the US to distort the TRUE Gospel, and Cyrus Scofield’s Reference “bible” was this vehicle.


    There is SO much that could be said about all this, but this is already getting long,

    So Sister Linda, I will be back shortly and address your comment in another.

    Be blessed today and every day, my Sisters!!


  11. Thank you, Peggy, for sharing that and I AMEN to your hope for the Jewish people.

    I would also like to clarify my personal beliefs on the TRUE Jewish people: These are the literal genetic descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The TRUE Jewish people may not yet have the revelation of Jesus Christ as their Messiah, whom they would know as Yahshua, but more will gain that revelation in the days ahead.

    ALSO, the physical location of Israel and Jerusalem IS blessed by the LORD. It does not matter if it’s modern-day origins came from demonically-controlled “global elite”, NOTHING can happen like this without the Heavenly Father having HIS Hand upon it. The creation of Israel, literally “in one day” is the fulfillment of this Scripture:
    Isaiah 66:7-8 – “7”Before she travailed, she brought forth; Before her pain came, she gave birth to a boy. 8″Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Can a land be born in one day? Can a nation be brought forth all at once? As soon as Zion travailed, she also brought forth her sons.”

    SO, yes, I support the land of Israel and the capital, Jerusalem. However, I do not support the wickedness/evil in the land of Israel, which is also facing judgement just like the United States.


  12. Rolltide,
    I don’t fore-see that you would be kicked off the blog at all.
    I believe it is as Linda says: We all are different parts of the Body, and have different missions.
    Holy Spirit leads us to investigate differing levels of these evils.

    I, for one, am a musician and have an extremely sensitive nature, so I don’t believe the Lord would lead me into the deeper levels of investigating these evils…..not my role, or the purpose for which He has trained me over many years! (Although I think I have investigated more than anyone I know in my family, friends, or people I have met, with the exception of those that I have “met” online!) I have already received several Words of Knowledge regarding a music anointing for healing and salvation.

    All of our responses are EDUCATIONAL to the Body. None of these responses are by “accident.”
    I believe the education regarding respect for and acceptance of differing functions of the Body will come in very handy in the coming days, especially as we meet up with those in the Body of varying functions, and under possibly stressful conditions.

    We will have learned here on the training ground to be receptive ahead of time!
    (You don’t learn to “swim” as the Titanic is sinking.)
    We are learning to “swim” well right now, right here on this blog!

    God Bless.
    P.S. One word about the Jewish people in general. I still have great hope for those that have not come to Messiah yet, just as I have hope for Muslims coming to Messiah, as many have had dreams and converted immediately. I don’t know if I understand completely, but there is a Scripture that says “All of Israel will be saved.”


  13. Thank you, very much Christine, I TRULY appreciate that. Sometimes I’m sent to learn things from “the enemy perspective” and that is challenging, to say the least, but a part of what I’m called to do; if it were not for the protection of the Holy Spirit and the Angels assigned to protect me, I would have likely been taken out a long time ago.

    What our brother Rolltide seems to be called to do is help reveal “The Synogog of Satan” (as described in the Book of Revelation). I have been praying for TRUTH to be revealed in ALL that the enemy is doing and has planned, so Rolltide is a part of that “spy for the LORD” team. So please be sure to lift him up in prayers as well.


  14. I will hold all of you in prayer, Linda! The warfare already directed at me is intense, and I’ve only scratched the surface about the realities of the world I live in. I’ve also realized that my husband, who is a much younger Christian than I, has absolutely NO appetite for some of what’s going on “out there.” He ends up not sleeping if we have a “heavy” conversation. God is showing him things according to his tolerance. When he “sees” them, he usually asks me about them and that’s how we pray about it. Oh how true your words are: we must allow the Lord to be our guide! He knows what we need to know and what we need to avoid. Praise God, He is always gentle with me, and all-wise.

    My prayer for those who are ASSIGNED these murky waters is that you know His wisdom, strength, and discernment; that He surround you with His mighty warrior angels; that He be your shield and the fire in your midst; and that you begin and end each day donning the whole armor of God. BTW, Julie Whedbee has a powerful spiritual warfare prayer on her website. I prayed it just this morning b/c my enemy has been very busy indeed! Mmm . . .seems as if he doesn’t like me having this fellowship of truth on your blog! Too bad. . .

    Blessings, sister-mine!


  15. Absolutely . . . We MUST turn the focus to Jesus, especially for the new believers. Also, “balance” is the key. It’s not recommended to search further than the Holy Spirit leads you.

    Again, some of us must go into these “murky areas”, for that is where the Holy Spirit is highlighting the “plans of the enemy” so we can launch countermeasures. Not all should do this, unless absolutely led by the Holy Spirit . . It can be both draining and discouraging, if we tread where we should not tread. In the meantime, please lift up those of us, including me, who must tread in the murky waters, for the spiritual warfare is INTENSE. Thank you and blessings.


  16. Greeting Rolltide, what you are referring to is actually discussed in the Book of Revelation, noted as “The Synagogue of Satan”:
    Revelation 3:8-10
    “…8’I know your deeds. Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut, because you have a little power, and have kept My word, and have not denied My name. 9Behold, I will cause those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie– I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and make them know that I have loved you. 10Because you have kept the word of My perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.”

    So, for any who read your comment here, it is actually Biblical. What people need to do is seek the Holy Spirit for wisdom and TRUTH, for yes indeed MANY false doctrines have been spewed from the pulpits from many well-intentioned pastors, preachers and teachers. We truly need the scales removed from our “spiritual eyes” and the plugs removed from our “spiritual ears”.

    So, possibly to help you bring clarity to those who may be interested, please consider referring the “The JEW WORLD ORDER” as the Biblical reference in Revelation, “The Synogog of Satan”.

    The Rothchilds are one of those “members”.

    Blessings to you, my brother. Have peace. . . You are on “the right track”.


  17. Great post, Peggy, and I agree totally. I bookmarked these articles that we had links to, but every time I open them, the Lord redirects me! Don’t know for sure what that is, except I’ve grown used to Him steering me away from too much of the truth about our world. About 2 years ago, we disconnected from DirecTV. I began to get all my news from believer sites, but now I just peruse the headlines and rarely read the stories. I used to know every detail of everything that Satan was busy doing in our world, especially as it related to the RC Church (because of my history) and Israel, at least to the best of my ability. I’ve met Tom Horn, and read his books, which are all about a hybrid race (human/demon). Ditto with authors like him. After years of pouring over this stuff, I started noticing that I was often discouraged and feeling defeated, as if I had no power to change any of this. The Lord has slowly pried my fingers off most of it. I realize now, looking back, that I was entirely too focused on my enemy and his M.O. than I was my King. Now I try to balance things better between knowing enough of what’s going on so the Lord can use me to counter it, if an unbeliever or believer should ask, and concentrating on the One who has defeated the world. I feel much more empowered to have an impact where I’m planted.

    Thank you for posting this quotation from Claire DuBois. I needed that!

    Be blessed, my sister!

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  18. Hi, Peggy. Thank you for sharing that, and I definitely agree. We have to keep focused on Jesus. If we don’t, just like Peter, who walked on the water, as soon as he stopped focusing on Jesus, he began to sink. There are MANY things that can distract us. It doesn’t have to be the evil that’s going on around, It can be our day to day activities. Nonetheless, WHATEVER the reason, the results are the same….we’re not focused. So we have to be vigilant

    That said, God has laid it on my heart to share with WHOEVER will listen, the things He’s shown me. I am convinced, with fear and trembling before God Almighty, that the things He’s shown me have to do with the “strong delusion”. (2Thes.2) which God sends on those who loved NOT the truth. The Word of God is TRUTH, but footnotes in the Scofield Reference “bible” are NOT.

    I would bring up a verse that I’ve seen various folks here bring up. That is; .”,,,,,,,,,Straight is the gate and narrow the way, and FEW there be that find it”.. Now the “church” as a whole in the US are believing ANOTHER gospel,…the gospel of Scofield. They are believing LIES rather than the TRUTH. Isn’t that the reason for strong delusion? So most of the church are at the WIDE GATE, not the straight and narrow.

    The pre-trib rapture isn’t the only heresy that can be traced back to Scofield, who, by the way, got his financing to publish this piece of trash from a little group of guys, called the “Secret Six” who just happen to be Jews that were personally sent to the US by the Rothschilds, with certain tasks to carry out. One of them was to see that a THEN TRUE, BIBLE BELIEVING America got sidetracked into FALSE doctrine and teaching. Scofield was their guy. The pre-trib rapture theory is the one that he’s most known for, but that’s not all. The other is the FLESH Jews are God’s chosen, just because of their DNA. Never mind being BORN AGAIN!

    We are told over and over verses that say pretty much this; Gal. 3:29 “IF YE BE CHRIST’S, YE are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise”. The whole Book of Galatians was written to the church (Gentile) because there were Jews who had infiltrated them and were leading them astray, and Paul was VERY concerned for them. The SAME THING has happened today.

    Most of those who call themselves believers are BEYOND where the church at Galatia were at!! Paul would be screaming at the top of his lungs today!

    They have done EXACTLY what Esau did; that is, they have given up their birthright. At least Esau got a bowl of beans for his!! Today, they are GIVING it away. They don’t know that THEY are God’s chosen, if they belong to Christ. But as if that isn’t bad enough, they are giving it away to FLESH Jews, who are NOT Jews at all. They SAY they are, but Jesus calls them the “SynaGOGue of Satan”. (Rev.2:9 / 3:9)

    In the eyes of GOD TRUE JEWS, and HIS ISRAEL are those who know and follow His Son. In the eyes of MAN, who can’t or WON’T look past the FLESH call Jesus hating Jews, God’s chosen. That’s BLASPHEMY.

    Peggy, about a month ago, I woke up in the middle of the night. My head was where my feet belong, and my feet, where my head belonged; with this sentence SCREAMING in my head:
    “MY PEOPLE WOULD RATHER BELIEVE A BEAUTIFUL THAT THE UGLY TRUTH”. I jumped up and wrote it down so I didn’t forget. I KNEW what God was saying to me, and what it was about.

    While most “Christians” are scratching their head, and trying to figure out just WHAT exactly the strong delusion WILL be, it is my heartfelt belief, and I say this with FEAR AND TREMBLING, that the strong delusion is ALREADY well underway, and has been for nearly 70 years!!

    God has put it on my heart to snatch a few out of the spell, and that’s what it is; A SPELL!

    I’ve been called ALL those nasty, hateful names, I’ve been told my heart isn’t right with God, you name it. people don’t won’t to even CONSIDER that they are following a false teaching that was unleashed by design on the true church. They won’t even be that “BEREAN” that the Book of Acts tells us to be.

    YES, it takes a lot of time to search these things out. But as for me, ETERNITY IS WELL WORTH IT. I use to be where most still are. ONLY by the Grace of GOD was I able to DUMP THAT TRASH that had been instilled in me all my life.

    Now my burden is for those who are still there. I will share with ANYONE who’s willing to listen, but unfortunately, most just get the dandruff up and out comes the fangs, and name-calling. But this is what HE has set before me, and whatever I must endure I WILL endure. And YES, it is evil that has to be explained to people so they know where all this is coming from.

    I don’t say it with joy and my heart aches because of it all, but YES, it is a Jewish conspiracy. If one takes the time to research, they spell it all out in their writings. The NEW World Order is actually the JEW World Order. They call it the Jewish Utopia.

    I may get asked to exit this group, I may get called names, but I am to share what the Lord has given me to share.

    Hope that gives you an idea as to where I’m at. Blessings to you, Peggy


  19. Peggy, you may have just given me confirmation from something. This morning I woke up with “Revelation 8” in my head. I do know that we are to face many things before the Lord’s return, but I took this as a warning of time running out. I know that things may not happen in a linear timeline, and God’s timing is always perfect.


  20. Thank you for sharing that, Peggy. The most important thing is for each person to be led by the Holy Spirit in all areas.

    Some of us are called to know “the plans of the enemy” so we can prepare adaquately. Not all, no, but some of us. . .yes. So, regarding that info shared by Rolltide, it is to be viewed prayerfully. . But if somebody does not feel he/she is to look into it further, then do as the Holy Spirit leads.

    Thank you for sharing, Peggy and blessings to you.


  21. Rolltide and Linda, I agree 100%. Here is a little more input which I received last night immediately after sharing a post I had read a few years ago relative to the Noahide Laws.

    Immediately, I opened the 12/29/2015 post of a word from the Lord through Claire DuBois.

    This part really caught my eye: “This is why I do not want you getting involved in the dark side of what’s transpiring in the world. Everyone is talking about that, but who is rising above it with supernatural power? My Bride. She does not soak in the scum of the Earth, these intrigues, genocide and conspiracies. No, she rests in Me and brings light, not darkness to the world.

    You see, this kind of knowledge only makes it more real and overpowering to a man. And that’s no kind of Christian witness. To say that these things are real and acknowledge them is just speaking truth, but to swim in that cesspool of evil leaves a noxious odor that obscures My indwelling Presence in you. You are My light bearers, how can that light shine if it is submerged in the wicked doings of the world?

    You carry the fragrance of My presence in your hearts. Don’t allow it to be obscured by the wicked things in the world.

    So you see, I have very, very good reasons for limiting you from these things. And evil always has a certain kind of magnetic attraction that causes men to be curious, and more curious. But you, My Brides, must excel in charity, humility and actions that prove you belong to the Light of the World.

    As you step forward in purity and devotion to Me, you carry this light which to some is inexplicable, but real nonetheless. You are the living mystery of My Love for mankind….yes, in you the light of hope reaches out to those who are wandering around lost in the darkness.

    So, carry the Light forward. Carry the fragrance forward. And leave a lasting impression of the sweetness of your God that will be remembered by all.”
    (Please not I have not typed the message in it’s entirety, but highlights— Peggy)
    Now, I am not suggesting that anyone here is doing what was warned against above.
    We definitely need to be AWARE and ALERT to these evil things, but not overcome, as you suggested above, Rolltide. Also, I am sure, in God’s plan there was a REASON that you brought up the Noahide Laws on this blog. I am certainly not discounting any of that.

    One more thing, last night, as I thought that I should post this in the a.m., all of a sudden, my CLOCK’S ticking seemed to sound VERY LOUD. I don’t remember hearing that before. It symbolized to me that the above message is especially important in view of the fact that TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

    It seemed to be a message of WHERE our attention needs to be FOCUSED now.
    GLANCE at the problem/ evil, no matter how terrible in scope or appearance,
    but GAZE AT JESUS. (And I’m preaching that to myself as much as anyone else!)

    We can’t afford in these times to GAZE at the evil and only give Jesus a GLANCE.

    Onward Christian Soldiers!


  22. I’m looking for the 4-min video, Jolie, and cannot find it! I thought I had watched them all, but none is just 4 minutes! Help please! I want to see or refresh my memory!

    Sis Christine


  23. Sorry folks, I missed the spelling….Should read Elijah in this previous post, which was the mentor of the following prophet…Elisha.


  24. AMEN . . . It’s absolutely amazing. One of my favorites is the descriptor of the taste of manna (I know. . . I have this fascination with it, because it would have been so AMAZING to be living then and seeing that happen every day . . Absolutely AMAZING).


  25. Yes!! I love how the Bible and all the secrets within it never cease to amaze us. It’s truly living and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword… Every time we read through it, there’s more and more to learn and discover.


  26. Linda, I just watched the 4 min. video you posted on this blog post. WOW!!! The Lord Jesus did INDEED reveal the name of the Anti Christ. Just incredible!!


  27. Yes, Jolie, she went to be with the Lord about two months ago, faithful to her King until the end. What suffering she endured! When they first discovered the sinus cancer, she had her NOSE removed. Eventually it spread to her lungs and this is what took her home. For a while there we were hopeful she was going to beat it. I loved that trilogy she wrote. It really did help me with overcoming. I hope it blessed you as well.

    Blessings, sister!


  28. Amen again all – thanks from my heart – I sometimes have to guard against that “Peter drawing his sword in the garden” syndrome. Already turning back to Him repenting for my initial rebellion in this. Immediately knew it was not His will – “I WILL TRUST IN YOU”


  29. I just wanted to say one more thing. When I started finding out all these things, FEAR wanted to creep in, on top of the fact that my whole “theological” paradigm was shook to it’s foundations. It literally rocked my little world!! It scared me so bad, the ONLY place I could run to was GOD!! And THAT turned out to be what He wanted all along. He wants us to run to HIM. HE IS our hiding place
    Whenever fear creeps in, read Psalm 91. What a comfort that is!!
    Listen to this song, the lyrics are there in this video. Good night, dear family.


  30. Amen. That’s why all the good stuff: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness,
    Gentleness, and Self Control are fruit of THE SPIRIT!

    And how far do we have to take this “Love” thing? All the way to the CROSS.

    Yes, tough lesson, to love our “enemies,” but we’re commanded to do so.
    “Father, forgive them, for they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.”

    Yes, Michael, about fearing God in the matter of Israel…..TOTALLY AGREED! I see HIS statements about Israel all the way from Genesis to Revelation. I remember one Scripture that states, “Israel is My First-born Son.” We know the emphasis put on the First-born and First-fruits in the Scriptures.

    God is SERIOUS about Israel and the Jewish Nation, and He is NOT THROUGH WITH THE JEW!
    He will be getting them off of the “hold” line on the telephone and saying “HELLO” very soon, as this Church age is drawing to a close! (In fact, I believe many Jewish conversions are happening NOW.)


  31. Christine, I knew Nancy Missler was battling cancer. I did not know she recently passed on. I studied The Way of Agape as a new Christian in the ’90s. Also, Bon’s Blog confirmed some things for me about the “3 Days of Darkness.”


  32. Linda, I am so glad you used 2 Thessalonians 2 in your response to our sister Deborah! Those were the very scriptures that I kept bumping on every time I asked the Lord if the pre-trib rapture doctrine was truth. Did you know that the Greek word for “gathering together” in 2 Thessalonians 2:1 is EPISYNAGOGE? To break that down, SYNAGOGE is the Greek word 1997 (Strong’s Concordance) meaning gathering together. It is where we get the word synagogue in English. And the prefix EPI means UPPER–like the EPIdermis is the upper part of the skin. So Paul used the word in this verse that actually tells us he was talking about the upper gathering of the saints, and then he gave two conditions for it: the apostasy and the man of sin is revealed! That’s where the Lord directed me when I first started questioning what I had been taught, and I was speechless! And then He showed me this:

    In Matthew 24:31 is the Greek 1996 (from Strong’s Concordance) and is from the same root, EPISYNAGO, meaning gathering in an UPPER direction. Notice please what this follows in the Olivet Discourse: the first five seals as described in Revelation 6; the Abomination of Desolation (which involves the Antichrist); the Great Tribulation (which describes the persecution under the Antichrist and is shortened for the elect’s sake); the cosmic signs (as described in seal 6) and the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. Mmm. In Matthew 13:30 when our Lord talks about gathering the tares at harvest and then the wheat, He used the Greek word SYNAGO “to gather” without the prefix indicating the direction of gathering. This is why I believe the wrath of God commences at the opening of the 7th seal, and since we’re not appointed to wrath (1 Thessalonians 5:9), we are raptured before that occurs. The trumpets/bowls describe God’s wrath poured out on an unbelieving world. Notice that they are administered and delivered by angels, unlike the seals. At least this is my understanding.

    His Word is very precise and truly teaches us all truth! Sometimes we have to go to the original Hebrew or Greek to fully understand, though. The pre-tribulation doctrine really began in 1830s in a Scottish Presbyterian Church. I was always taught that the early Church fathers believed it as well, but when I did the research, discovered that Justin Martyr (150-165 AD), the Pastor of Hermas (160), Tertullian (190-210), Ireneaus (182-188), Hyppolytus (220) and Victorinus (300-400) all taught that the Church would be persecuted by the Antichrist.

    Blessings, sister! Great response!


  33. I think one of the Scriptural references that can help us all is this: Matthew 5:44-46 –
    “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46″For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same”

    Here’s the reality: It’s IMPOSSIBLE for us to love our enemies in our own strength, or to love those who are “unlovable”. . So that is when we ask the Heavenly Father to give us HIS love for them all.


  34. Linda – Peggy – well I just started researching what the Talmud wrote about Jesus and it is disturbing to say the least. I found myself saying ” Lord – how do we love those that wrote this as you have asked us too?” Then I thought about all the Jewish population that has converted to Jesus – thinking that The Holy spirit knows no boundries…… but what an amazing conversion that takes place as these writings are passed from generations on down…. but is it any different than a muslim converting to Christ?? I would guess not…… And I KNOW there are so many wonderful spirit filled Israelis and I would not turn my back on that state or The Lords anointed land – it was just hard to get a dose of those writings and pray for the enemies and persecuters…. especially when they attack our Lord while His heart yearns for them…. May the Lord continue to turn my heart towards the unlovable because He has required that in obedience. And anything I am missing in my thinking or that needs correction I will gladly accept because I do fear the Lord in this matter when it comes to Israel.


  35. AMEN Peggy . . .it is wisdom to love the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob . . . The Heavenly Father specifically said:

    Genesis 12:2-3 – “…2And I will make you a great nation, And I will bless you, And make your name great; And so you shall be a blessing; 3And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”


  36. Another possibility: By the time he turns into the full-blown anti-christ, his present wife and 2 children could possibly be “out of incarnation” for one reason or another, and he would, in fact, be SINGLE.


  37. Very welcome, Rolltide . . I did release your email, since you gave it publically. Please let me know if I need to remove it (if you get slammed with any trolls or ugly stuff).

    Blessings to you and you are welcome 🙂


  38. Greetings Deborah, to be an artist is an amazing gift you have been given; may the LORD continue to bless you in that area.

    About this post and those related to it (which I have included in this post):
    This was not an interpretation of a dream, an opinion or personal idea; it was a direct Word from the LORD and I quote:


    That was the word given to me back in 2011 and I share that testimony, along with additional information on this post:

    8-14-15: Who is “The Anti-Christ”? | believeacts2’s Blog

    Yes, he is “against Christ” as are many even in the professing “body of Christ” today. BUT where this is different, he is “the man of lawlessness” also called “the son of perdition”, but more commonly known as “The Anti-Christ” as referred to in Revelation 13.

    Now, do most have a problem with this revelation? Absolutely.

    Do most pray about this revelation, to see if it is true? No, it’s much easier to say, “that’s not true” or “it can’t be” or “it doesn’t fit the description” than to humbly ask the Heavenly Father: “is she telling the truth here, when she says ‘Obama is the antichrist’?”

    BUT. . . That is just the way it is. . . Most disregard this and cling to pre-conceived ideas. But each certainly is given the choice to take the time to seek the truth in all things, which we must do, including the teaching and preaching of others who claim to be Christians.

    About Rev. Baxter. . . He is an amazing teacher. I learned first about the pale horse actually being green and being a representatation of Islam. I haven’t seen any of his teaching since 2012 (we don’t have a television, nor do I watch “Christian Television” if we did . . . The full truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, calling people to repentance and forgiveness, is not being preached).

    Ok, now regarding the antiChrist rising up from Europe. In the post I shared above, I included research done by the late J.R. Church, where he did an extensive genological research study on Obama. What he found is Obama is actually related to European Royality on his mother’s Side. In addition, his mother is actually a Hebrew from the tribe of Dan. . . But again, most don’t take the time to look further into the information provided. It’s much easier to say:
    “That’s not true”.

    About “the rapture” of the bride, before the antichrist is revealed; that opinion generally stems from the North American, “pre-trib rapture” belief system that is “we will be out of there before we suffer any persecution”. I’m sure those Christians who were beheaded would have loved it if that happened, not to mention all of the others who are being raped, tortured, beheaded, sold into sex slavery, burned alive and buried alive, yet still “endure until the end”. Needless to say, that is a false doctrine, that gives many of us well-fed Americans a sense of entitled relief that we don’t have to go through any of that. . Umm, not true, but I digressed, back to the whisking away of the bride before the anti-Christ is revealed:

    That does not line up with Scriptures, according to 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 –

    Now we request you, brethren, with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, that you not be quickly shaken from your composure or be disturbed either by a spirit or a message or a letter as if from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.” . . .
    So, we either believe the Bible or not. . He is going to be revealed prior to the “Coming of the LORD Jesus.”

    Now, regarding the antichrist being single: the Bible does not specifically indicate he is single, however, it does state this:

    Daniel 11:37 – “He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire of women, nor will he show regard for any other god; for he will magnify himself above them all.”
    Some may interpret that as he must be single, however, it can be also viewed as he may be a homosexual, which Obama has been publically referred to as “bathhouse Barry” . . You can do the research on that.

    In addition, it has also been alleged that Michelle Obama is actually an man. Obama himself had a “slip of the tongue” and called his partner “Michael”. You can do research on that as well.

    Bottom line: Have you sought the LORD in prayer to see if what I have shared on this post is true? I ask all who visit my blog to do that for any of my posts.


  39. OK, here’s the link to “Marching To Zion”.

    Not only does it address the scriptures that have been misinterpreted (by design) he also interviews a few rabbis about what they believe.
    If Jesus’ TRUE followers, who call them selves “Judeo-Christians” only knew what they were attaching themselves to, they would fall on their knees in repentance. There is such a NON understanding of Judaism, you would be shocked.
    Judaism’s most holy book is NOT the Torah, as they would tell you it is. It’s the “Babylonian Talmud”. It is the SAME thing Jesus scoured the Pharisees about, the “traditions of men”.
    When Jesus was on earth, it was not yet recorded, as in a book. It was the “oral traditions”
    When Jerusalem went into exile for apostacy, they took with them their ALREADY corrupted religion, and while in Babylon, they combined their “religion” with the mystery religion of Babylon, and that became their “oral traditions”. It consisted of Torah commentaries of the rabbis and seers, and later after Jesus, it was written down, and called the “Babylonian Talmud”.
    Like I said, it is their MOST revered book. Some Hebrew Universities where these “rabbis” study and teach, don’t even offer Torah, just Talmud. But they would have us think they are Torah.
    One rabbi was quoted as saying; “G-d comes to US for advice”!!
    I would also encourage folks to copy/paste this sentence and read about it:

    “What does the Talmud say about Jesus”

    It will tell you what they think and believe about our LORD.


  40. Hello, I have been following you recently. You have very interesting dreams.

    I am an artist and of late been painting prophecy, dreams and visions. This latest dream interpretation or comments of Obama being an Anti Christ I would like to comment on. Yes he may be if you regard him as against Christ.

    However, I have studied a lot about the end times especially views from Rev. Irven Baxter. Everything I have studied tells me that if you can identify The Anti Christ you may not have been ruptured with the bride/church.

    Also I have been hearing that he will rise up from somewhere in Europe. If the Anti Christ is going to copy everything Jesus Christ did to fool the millions…. He would be single, not married. Just a thought.


  41. Alrighty, Rolltide, so glad you will consider the challenge. Also, your comments are released “in full” . . I didn’t sense anything that caused a “check in my spirit”.

    And as far as sharing things people don’t want to hear? OH MY WORD. . . Welcome to the club . . LOL, I mean seriously. . . Look at this blog post about Obama as the antichrist. Ummmm, let’s just say that is not a very “popular” revelation by any stretch of the imagination, nor is it even taken to the LORD in prayer by most, to see if it’s the truth.

    Sooooo. . . Do as the Holy Spirit leads you to do and again, welcome to the club.

    If you have a link to the “Marching to Zion”, please feel free to share it; any can then look at it prayerfully and carefully, asking the LORD for confirmation.

    About the Sanhedrin, I didn’t know when it was reestablished, but I do know they publically called Obama to trial this year (2015). Interesting, isn’t it? Here’s the link to that news:



  42. Thank you for that, Sister Linda.
    I will consider your challenge. I have MUCH info I have collected over the last couple of years. It’s all very mind-boggling, especially if you are new to this info.

    Much of it is NOT what most Christians want to hear, especially when it comes to Judaism.
    These folks are the very same, whom Jesus told their “traditions of men made the Word of God to NO EFFECT”. The very same one’s He called a “generation of vipers”. They haven’t gone anywhere, and the same words that Jesus called them then, still hold true today, even more so, as He said;
    King James Bible
    “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.”

    So according to Jesus’ words, they would only GET WORSE as time went on, and they have! If they were a “den of snakes” THEN, what would they be NOW?!

    I think it’s also interesting that He says; “ye compass SEA and LAND to make one proselyte,” Rev.13, John sees two beasts, one coming out of the sea, and one out of the land. HMMM!

    Did you know the “Sanhedrin” re-established itself in 2004?

    So I think you can see where this goes, and it’s NOT what we’ve all been taught in church all our lives. (Thank you John Darby/ CI Scofield)

    * Sister Linda, if you don’t want to post this comment, I can understand. This is a VERY touchy subject, so you can understand my hesitance about starting a blog, although it’s not out of the question. It just makes most “Christians” VERY VERY angry. In fact the fangs come out, and I have been bitten MANY times, called very nasty names, all from my bruttas and sistas!! BUT IT IS THE TRUTH!!

    It was a very hard pill for me to swallow, as I was raised to “tow the line” as far as this subject goes. It was the hardest thing to lay aside all I’d ever been taught, and try just to go by THE WORD. But folks have been taught another gospel for a long long time.

    If you ever get time, I would ask you to watch a documentary called “MARCHING TO ZION” by Steven Anderson. It is the BEST I’ve seen that goes STRICTLY by the Bible, NOT by how it had been “interpreted”.

    If you do post this comment, you may want to leave off this last part that I wrote to YOU. I don’t want to offend anyone, or cause argument, AND IT WILL, believe me, I have the scars to prove it!!
    Please do consider watching MARCHING TO ZION If you love the Bible, and want your beliefs to be based on bible, you want to watch this. Thanks, Linda


  43. Oh my, Garry . . We are singing in the same choir 🙂

    Truly I understand the desire sometimes to be “normal” .. I would even settle for a “normal calling”, like being called to serve the homeless, or the elderly. . That would be lovely. BUT. . We each must do what we are called to do, so we can function as a “body of Christ” rather than all eyeballs. (LOL . . That made me chuckle hahaha. . Eyeballs. . I think I need to stop and eat a snack now 🙂 )


  44. @ Sister Christine
    Blessings to you. I’m so glad that you’re not offended by what I said. It was, BY NO MEANS, to diminish you. That’s the last thing I want to do. But if I TRULY love my brothers and sisters, I feel I have an obligation to them. So glad you take this in the spirit as intended.
    May God bless us all and lead us into all truth by the Holy Spirit. Rolltide


  45. I agree Linda you nailed it. My thoughts are the same on the “narrow path.”

    I wonder about so many folks. I think about if they really are on that narrow path (but I don’t think they even think about it). When talking “church” with friends I find myself bringing up repentance while others are talking about the “book of the month.” Sadly, I don’t see real conviction with many.

    It breaks my heart and makes me anxious at times. I can’t stand the thought of anybody going to hell but feel so helpless in telling people. I find I usually receive the deer in the headlights or indifference response when I try to really dig into eternity with folks.

    I have also heard you are really deep or you are too deep. I also find there are many believers of Jesus but still so caught up in this world. There are days I just want to give up and “be normal” haha but am too convicted. Thank you Lord Jesus for my conviction.

    I hear you Michael on the prepping. That too can become exhausting.


  46. Howdy Rolltide, no apology needed and (((BIG HUGS))) to ya. Truly, if I sensed you had intentions to cause harm in what you were sharing. . . Those comments would have found their way instantly into the trash . . POOF. . Bye-bye, so be at peace and please consider my challenge for you to start a blog (and yes, take it to the LORD in prayer. . Absolutely).


  47. IM IN !!!!!! lol ——– and thanks Rolltide – seems you uncovered a cave of darkness – appreciate the posts. Now Linda made me crave a Hershey bar with almonds so ill be back LOL


  48. Hello Again, Rolltide. . I have a thought for you to consider:

    Please consider starting a blog, so people can follow the info you find out about/share. You can share the posts here, but people also may want to “follow” what you post.

    You can set up a free blog account here through WordPress (just go to the section on any of my posts and click on the ‘W’).

    Ok. . That is the thought and the challenge for you to consider, for sometimes when we see a need and want somebody to fill it. . . That is the very thing we are called to do.


  49. To Sister Linda, and all:
    I want to apologize if I offended anyone, or caused any commotion here. That was not my intention. It just makes me SO mad at the devil, the things he’s doing, the deception he’s causing; it breaks my heart that there are so many, who are the body of Christ being led astray. Any time I can point someone to truth, I try to do that. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t?
    But that said, if I caused a stink, I’m sorry, that isn’t my intentions. God bless you all.


  50. Thank you for the link, Rolltide! I am studying! I knew about this, but never spent too much time studying it. Think I will do that now. . .

    Thank you!


  51. I do want to say, Islam is a part of this end times beast system as well . . . But they have so many areas they will use to bring chaos and destruction. Truly, each day I see more and more the NEED for the LORD JESUS to help carry us through these treacherous times.


  52. That’s wisdom, Rolltide. Please keep us posted and updated on when you see more of this. I’m unable to keep up with all of it, so rely on my brothers and sisters to share.

    Thanks again 🙂


  53. Thank You – just read that one again and picked up a little more insight – this is truly a time to armor up……. logging on Terry Bennett.net he has a great e-book anyone can download that I read called “Why we fight” – Terry is a fighting warrior and has some great understanding from The Lord as well. Was introduced to his writings from Shekinah Worship. BLESSINGS TO ALL ON HERE TODAY – this was certainly a spirit driven post that carried with it a lot of revelation from everyone”s postings – WOW. So thankful yet again to have found meat and potato Christians here. As Paul said Meat vs Milk……. Amen.


  54. Thank you for providing a check here, Rolltide. I share some of your concerns about the Misslers, although I didn’t get a check in my spirit after going to this link. I know them personally and went to Israel with them in 2010. I too discarded their Kingdom, Power & Glory book as being unbiblical. Chuck addressed my concerns in a very loving way. I might even go as far to say he may very well be re-thinking some of the positions put down in that book. However, I have learned much about prayer, especially from Nancy, and much about the Word from Chuck. Koinonia Institute was a disappointment to me after three years of joyful, interactive scripture study, as they went the way of the world in my opinion by requiring discussion questions to fit in a box of human making (500 words). This ruined the online interaction for me, and I’m sure for many others, as the Holy Spirit cannot be boxed. I can’t lay that “error” (if it was error) at Chuck’s feet, however, because he was out of the country during those developments. His personal dream was to build an online institute where born-again believers could wrestle with the Word, truth, and doctrine in a loving and compassionate way. I do believe he accomplished that, both in the U.S. and in New Zealand. He’s the one who taught me Acts 17:11, Rolltide, and would be the FIRST to admit that he didn’t have everything right.

    Rest assured, please, that no matter the source, the Holy Spirit truly is our teacher. He is able to help us glean truth and identify error, even from the same source. Reminds me of Peter, who was praised for discerning what the Father was revealing to him about Jesus being the Christ and chastened a few short verses later for putting a stumbling block from Satan in Jesus’ path! I still believe that Chuck and Nancy (now gone to be with the Lord) follow the Lord. Chuck is also a convicted pre-tribulationist, which I also disagree with. Having come out of the Roman Catholic system, Rolltide, I am so very aware that we can belong to the Lord and not understand our doctrinal errors, sometimes for years. My conversion came in 1976, and I did not leave that heretical system until 2006! Lord have mercy! Slow learner, I guess.

    I am troubled and concerned that we in the Body of Christ occasionally label those who hold to different doctrinal positions as “false teachers.” I have had many wonderful teachers who are very slowly abandoning the pre-trib teaching. If they are re-examining long held positions, it is most likely because they have brothers and sisters in Christ who are asking them questions with love and patience. I have yet to meet a mature Christian who has not at one time defended with passion some scriptural or doctrinal position, only to realize years later they were wrong! I know that’s true for me! I am so thankful for those in my life that have simply asked me questions in a loving way that has caused me to re-think things I once held as truth.

    I thank you for your kind concern and your courtesy. You exemplify the way we should sharpen one another, as steel sharpens steel! How wonderful to have brothers and sisters in Christ who “have my back!”

    Blessings to you!


  55. I would remind everyone that this IS NOT what “they” want you to see.
    As I have already said, the one hand is pointing to Islam. They are shoving MUCH fear and propaganda down our throats, not to mention the false flags. This is what they WANT you to see.
    If you research this, it is Talmudic Judaism that is behind Noahide Law, NOT ISLAM.


  56. Amazing, isn’t it and thanks again to Rolltide for sharing that info.

    Here’s a dream from the 1990s, pointing to the day when there will be FEMA camps . . . Where you check in and can’t check out:

    9-16-15 – DREAM: The United States – Catacylmisc Event, FEMA Prison Camps, Provision for (True) Christians | believeacts2’s Blog


  57. Thank you again, Rolltide. However the Holy Spirit leads, regarding blog posts, that is what I must do.

    Many of the research links/info are included in the posts, since the primary focus of this blog is to share the dreams, visions and revelations given to me by the Holy Spirit. . . With an occasional personal sharing.

    There is so much “out there” that could be written for the Body of Christ, so I’m very grateful others continue doing their part in the body of Christ, such as sharing the info you shared here today.

    I know I can have a personal tendency to want to absorb as much info as possible, which the Holy Spirit leads me to know/understand. Many of the things are quite mind-boggling, to say the least and I could get bogged-down and side-tracked sharing that info, which I did for a season on Facebook (but was prompted to close down that account, to then later focus on this blog).

    Blessings to you and thank you again for sharing.


  58. Linda I did a quick search on Rolltides post and it blew me away that this supposedly was passed into law in 91? and hitting on his recent link and scrolling down – well we have a “billing code” for obamacare beheadings – AMAZING x4

    – your dreams reflected Obama AND obamacare as part of the anti Christ unfolding – in remembering the past 6 months about fema camp warnings and such, I had forgotten the mention on quayles sources about the rumor of guillotines in America at various locations. The Holy Spirit is truly igniting the darkness.

    As for the a/c deceptions, Just burn on our hearts Matthew 26 – 31 “At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky and all the nations of the earth will mourn – they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky with power and great glory. And He will send His angels with a loud trumpet call and they will gather His elect from the four winds, from one end of the Heavens to the other”……… YESHUA ON A WHITE HORSE as you mentioned in previous post. Amen on bringing light to another form of deception.


  59. Amen, Sister Linda.
    Here is another link about Noahide Law WITH DOCUMENTATION.

    This is SUCH an important subject, and I’m SO thankful to God, and YOU for checking into this. A lot of the question marks about prophecy have really fallen into place in knowing about all of this. I hope and pray when you’ve had time to research and pray about it all, that you will be doing a post about it.

    For anyone who REALLY wants TRUTH, I would encourage to dig into this. Like I said; it’s what’s for dinner.


  60. Thank you, Rolltide. Again, please let’s lift up Chuck Missler and his wife to the LORD in prayer. What an amazing testimony it will be, if he gets set on Holy Spirit Fire, to stand up and speak out about the times we are in . . . Preparing the way for the Lord Jesus. Now that would be an AMAZING wonderful thing to behold.


  61. Christine,
    Thanks for sharing your spiritual journey, and BLESSINGS on what you will be leading at the Baptist Church. I’m sure you’re there “for such a time as this.” May you see tremendous group GROWTH in authority in the Lord and many healing MIRACLES.


  62. Yes, I also would encourage everyone to take ALL to the Lord.
    If I can just post this one excerpt and the link where it is, since Missler’s wife was the one our sister mentioned, and her book:
    “”It got even worse, the false doctrines piled to the ceilings with Chuck Missler’s wife publishing a book he supports called “The Kingdom, Power and Glory” which said that so called “carnal Christians” [there really is no such thing] during the Millennium will be sent away from the Lamb’s Supper Table to go stew in “darkness”. This one floored me because it basically spoke of a Protestant Purgatory or at the very least putting Christians back under the law. Even Dave Hunt, who says he considers Missler a friend came out against this book warning of its false doctrines considering this “outer darkness”.””

    With that, Sister Linda, I will not say any more. I respect your “virtual house”. Hopefully, enough has been said to make those that do follow these people to look a little closer. Blessings


  63. Thank you, Rolltide. I don’t doubt what you are saying regarding that site. I do encourage everybody to take all of these things to the LORD in prayer, including anything I share here on this blog; it’s wisdom.

    We can also use these opportunities to strengthen our relationship with the Holy Spirit.

    Again, I didn’t sense anything about that info you shared that gave me a “check in my spirit” . . . Nor did I get a strong “witness in my spirit” . . So it’s an indicator and a reminder to me: let’s take this to the LORD in prayer, particularly Mr. Missler.

    Blessings and thank you for sharing, Rolltide.


  64. Hi, again, Sister Linda. Yes, I agree that we need to pray for these people, but we are also commanded to point out those that are false teachers. This website, that has MUCH to say about Missler. He doesn’t gossip. He will post NOTHING without documentation. He WILL NOT post ANYTHING that is opinion or hearsay. I mean NOTHING. So if documentation isn’t enough, I don’t know what is. But I do know where you’re coming from.


  65. OH MY GOODNESS, Rolltide. I checked out that info link you gave. . . OH MY GOODNESS again!!!
    That adds another piece to the puzzle. Thank you for sharing the info and the link. I wrote down the name, “Noahide Law” at your last comment, but thank you for the link here; I encourage others to look at that.

    Also, so you know, I added that link to this warning dream (and included the acknowledgement to you):

    Yes, it’s that important and OH MY GOODNESS again!!!

    I figure this: people won’t take the time to share info/links unless he/she feels it’s important. If somebody takes the time to do that, then I need to at least check out what he/she is sharing. I truly understand the feelings of frustration when you have truth you know, but people don’t want to listen . . Oh my do I know that one quite well (LOL . . Welcome to the “singing in the wind” club hahaha . . But let’s make that the Wind of the Holy Spirit and “singing with the wind” of the Spirit 🙂 )


  66. Greetings Rolltide,
    I would like to say this: if we become aware of a brother or sister in Christ who is going in the wrong direction, we must pray for him/her.

    I’m not sure about Chuck Missler, personally, but let’s use this as an opportunity and a reminder to pray for him, regardless of the info somebody is sharing, which may be gossip (I’m not sure, I’m not getting any confirmation one way or the other about this).

    Here are a few things I do to remind myself:

    “If in doubt . . . Pray it out” (keep praying until there is clarity and wait upon the LORD for an answer).

    “If in doubt. . . Do without” (if you don’t have a peace about something, don’t do it until there is peace and direction) . . . This is related to the above comment.

    Blessings to you.


  67. AMEN, Nathan. . . Welcome to our “virtual home group”. 🙂
    For some of us, including me. . . This is the only “fellowship” we may get with others who are truly seeking the things of the LORD.

    Also, if any need to discuss things privately, I do that as well, because some things are too sensitive to be in “the public eye”.


  68. Greetings and thank you for sharing. It is nice to have a “virtual home group” here, where people can feel free and “safe” to share. I won’t allow mockers, scoffer’s, criticisers or ugly comments to go through and thank the LORD . . I haven’t seen any of those in a while.

    I do need to make a Biblical correction, however, for some will indeed be caught up in the clouds to meet with the LORD Jesus. Here’s the Scriptural reference:
    1 Thessalonians 4:16-17
    16For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord. 18Therefore comfort one another with these words”

    Also, as my friend Bette has discussed with me, many may be saying the same thing regarding the tribulation. .. . Basically it’s this: The true believers and followers of Jesus will be removed prior to the wrath of God being poured out.

    About the “reveal of the anti-Christ” . . . I do believe there is going to be a bigger “reveal” that more will actually see, as you said. Right now, I believe the Heavenly Father is giving the body of Christ a “head’s up . . . Look at this” regarding Obama, so we will not be caught unaware or unprepared.

    However, even during a greater “reveal” many . . . Or likely most. . . Still won’t see the truth of that entity in the White House. There is also going to be an “alien Jesus” deception, so many will believe that entity is the anti-Christ and again, will not see the truth about Obama.

    Here’s the warning dream I had about the “alien Jesus” deception (which is actually a fallen angel, since there are no “aliens” . . Only the demons/fallen angels and hybrids of humans/fallen angels):

    8-15-15 – ALERT DREAM – The “Alien” Jesus Deception | believeacts2’s Blog

    Blessings to you and thank you for stopping by and sharing.


  69. Yes, I will check those out.
    Here is a link, a good starting place about Noahide Law. I used to comment at this site, and warned of Noahide Law. The hostess had never heard of it, of course, and said she would look into it.
    It took her about 3 months to do a post on it, but I could tell, she REALLY did some digging. So check this out and it will leave some questions. Just type those questions and google. There is all kinds of info about it, and one hour will only be enough to alarm you. Hopefully, the desire to know the truth will prompt you to do some real digging. Thank you for checking this out. It is SO important, and people have NO idea!!


  70. Thank you, Rolltide, for sharing that info . . . I’m going to check into the Noahide Law info; so many “behind the scenes” evil happening by these luciferians. . . . BUT the Holy Spirit reveals what the darkness conceals. AND OH MY GOSH there is some demonically murky things happening that makes ones mind go SPIN, if not for the Holy Spirit.

    About the Islamic “messiah” . . That entity is also referred to as “the Mahdi” or “the 12th Imam”. . That is the same entity whom we know as “the anti-Christ” (Obama, who fulfills that prophecy as well, if one does the research and listens to the Holy Spirit). I discuss this on the following post:
    11-17-15: The Mostly IGNORED Prophetic Piece of the End Times Puzzle | believeacts2’s Blog

    Also, please consider looking at this post:
    9-29-15 – DREAM: The Islamic Judgement Upon the United States, “Mystery Babylon” | believeacts2’s Blog


  71. Garry, I think Linda hit the nail on the head – I have pondered that same scripture wondering if I am on the narrow path as well – what helped me a couple of years ago was turning my entire thoughts and prayers to Him – just closing your eyes and allowing all distractions to be gone – tell Him whats on your heart – youll find that the spirit will draw you closer into a deeper feeling that what you are asking is heard by Him –

    I know I was wisely taught that the fastest way to His heart is to begin thanking Him for the basic daily needs He provides and most of all for prodding you to ponder these questions in the first place. I know when I get that worn down feeling that you spoke of, He is calling us into a deeper walk with Him – to let the world go and keep praying out to Him – all in this world is going to be gone soon –

    Take heart my brother – this is a good sign of what you are asking- your heart begins to transform into the eternal realm to Him and that is where the relationship begins to change. I know now that no amount of ammo, food or water will save my soul – these are all temporary tools to sustain our bodies to keep growing with Him for as long as He allows. Blessings to you and may His peace rest on you.


  72. Hi, Linda. Your view that Obama is AC is one shared by MANY. If you just type in “Obama Antichrist”, about a million videos will come up.
    That said, it looks to me that he is being put ‘out there’ as the AC, which makes me very wary. It seems “they” WANT us to see him as such. With all the deception going on, I have to ask; if he REALLY were, would he be put out there as such? I don’t think so.
    More often that anything else Jesus warned of in the end times was “see that no man deceive you, so DECEPTION is our biggest challenge
    If you don’t mind, I’d like to throw this on the table as more pieces of the puzzle.
    Until just a few years ago, had any of you EVER heard the mention of an Islamic Antichrist? Then enters the scene, characters like Walid Shoebat, Joel Rosenberg, Joel Richardson, etc…… with this NEW IDEA: An Islamic AC!!
    Prior to Rosenberg writing his book; “The Last Jihad”, which by the way, “predicted” 911, in a fictional way, (of course) Rosenberg was very close to Netanyahu, and no doubt knew a lot. He wrote his book prior to 911.
    Then others started coming out of the woodwork with the idea of an Islamic AC. I have watched MANY of Sid Roth’s shows, where he had these guys on introducing this NEW idea.
    Needless to say, it has spread like wildfire in the “christian” circles, even though the Bible says that whoever this AC figure is, he “regards not the God of his fathers”, meaning the patriarchs that we know as being Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
    For the Jews to except one as their messiah, the VERY top requirement is that he be Jewish. They would NEVER except the Imam Mahdi as their messiah.
    Before all this stuff came out, more people thought that the false messiah would be the AC, and I still do.
    That said, WHY was this “new idea” put out there? I think it is a set-up. I think that SOMEONE, be it Obama or someone else that is affiliated with the Muslim religion will be thrust out there as an AC figure. I think “they” use Bible prophecy as their “guideline”. Only problem is, with “them”, they don’t have the Holy Spirit to show them what the Bible is REALLY saying!! It’s THEIR VERSION of bible prophecy!!
    I said all that to say this. I think someone will be put out there to be a FAKE AC who will be seen as the real. He will be allowed to carry out some of the things that we read about in the Bible, including bedheadings, which we are already being made familiar with.
    But after a season, the FALSE messiah will arrive, and will defeat this FAKE..He will be the man that the Jews have LONG awaited. It would not surprise me if his name was “YESHUA”!!
    If “they can make the so-called Christians think that this FAKE AC is the real, then a man named Yeshua shows up, sets up in Jerusalem, and defeats the PERCEIVED AC, would they NOT accept him as the REAL JESUS??!!
    The Bible says that God will “mark” those that are his. So when this REAL AC wants to put a “mark” on all, how fast do you think Christians will line up!!??
    God “marks” His people by the HOLY SPIRIT, but HOW MANY would line up to receive this OTHER Yeshua’s mark?
    REMEMBER: the word of the day, and the word that JESUS said to watch for is DECEPTION!!
    With what I’ve just laid out, CAN ANYONE EVEN THINK OF A GREATER DECEPTION?
    Like I said, this is something that I feel was given to me by the Lord. It’s something that I had never thought of, nor have I heard ANYONE else consider, so it’s not like I’m stealing someone else’s opinions.
    I know it sounds crazy, and it’s DEFINITELY outside the box. Though you all may not agree, I can only wish that you REMEMBER THIS, and don’t toss it out. Put it on the back-burner, and pray about it.
    I would strongly suggest to you all to do some digging into “NOAHIDE LAW”.
    Seven Noahide Laws to govern the Gentiles. Ten Commandments for the Jews.
    Noahide Law is on our books already, and has been since 1991. If Martial Law is declared, and the US Constitution suspended, Noahide Law would take it’s place.
    One of the 7 laws is “IDOLATRY”. Sound innocent enough, doesn’t it? That is until you learn that JESUS is an “idol” Those who rule the world believe Babylonian Talmudic Judaism, that’s says; “god doesn’t have a son”!! So under Noahide Law, those who profess JESUS as Lord are guilty of IDOLATRY. Punishment for breaking JUST ONE of these 7 laws is DEATH BY BEHEADDING. Let me say again; THESE 7 LAWS OF NOAH WAS PASSED INTO LAW IN 1991, THEY ARE ON THE BOOKS ALREADY, but have you been told this? I would say NO, you haven’t All you’ve been allowed to see is SHARIA…..ISLAM….JIHAD….BEHEADINGS……”FEAR THE MUSLIMS”!!!
    WATCH WHAT THE OTHER HAND IS DOING. It’s what they DON’T want you to see, and most have never even heard of it!!
    This sheds a whole new light on the verse that says; “they will kill you and think they do god a service”.
    Please……dig into Noahide Law, it’s what’s for dinner!!!
    Thank you for letting me contribute. Please take it to the Lord in prayer, and PLEASE, just spend ONE HOUR researching Noahide Law. Is eternity worth it?? IT’S THAT IMPORTANT!
    (sorry so long-winded)


  73. YOU ARE WELCOME, my sweet sister in Christ. I know well how lonely this path can be. I am the youngest daughter in a family of four daughters and besides my daughter Amanda no one in my family is saved. In addition to that, I have made the sojourn through Laodicean churches in my little town. My husband (also saved) and I used to travel 200 miles each way to go to a Bible-believing Calvary Chapel in order to worship with born-agains and hear a powerful message! We couldn’t manage that weekly, and of course the church was too far from me to join in any ministries. SO. . .I felt like the Lord had me practicing a prayer ministry right here in my family room, day after day, week after week, month after month. . .

    When I first moved down here from the mountains of NY (after my first husband died) I believed I was still struggling to bloom in a Roman Catholic church (oy!) After 5 years of that, He said, “Come out of her my daughter!” and I left. . .but ended up in an evangelical Lutheran Lukewarm, as I call them. Duh. I guess I learn slowly. Three years there, and I was more a loveseat Christian, alone most of the time. By 2009 I had the painful realization that my “Christian” friends from those churches weren’t. They PROFESSED, but they were not regenerated. Sounds sad, huh?

    BUT. . .the Lord put us in this little local Baptist church last January and we are having a ball making friends in the FAMILY OF GOD! Just about every one of our 40-50 parishioners is born-again and guess what? The Lord asked me to lead the weekly Sunday night prayer group, and a women’s Bible study beginning 1/18 that will last for about 9 weeks (we are going to study the book BEAUTIFUL OUTLAW by John Eldredge which is all about falling in love with Jesus!) and also organize a Passover Seder/Last Supper for this spring. WOW! What a difference a year makes!

    Hang in there, sister-mine! Keep learning and growing in grace and falling in love with the King. . .and you will be delightfully surprised at what He has in store for you!

    Be blessed, my sister, and here’s a HUG AROUND YOUR NECK!


  74. Kenzel, Bonnie is a believer from Australia who began a blog like this one several years ago. Here’s a link:


    She stopped posting at the Lord’s command about 2 years ago, but her “silence” may be drawing to a close. Powerful postings, brother. Confirms much of what the Lord has given me.

    Be blessed MIGHTILY my brother!


  75. Excellent response, sister Linda! I would add a little thing I picked up from Nancy Missler from her trilogy (FAITH IN THE NIGHT SEASONS, BE YE TRANSFORMED, AND THE WAY OF AGAPE): walking the narrow path/being an overcomer involves moment by moment choices (she calls them M & Ms!) because few if any of us can manage faithfulness for more than that. She taught me to recognize when I’m sinning and go before the Lord in what she calls the Inner Court Ritual for Him to identify the root causes of my sin, to ask Him to heal those, to repent and turn, and to be one with Him in word, thought and deed. She often uses 2 Corinthians 10:5 (hold every thought captive) and after reading that trilogy and practicing her M & M ways, I realize how I often quenched the Spirit through sin. They’re wonderful books, BTW! I recommend them! (Nancy went to be with the Lord a couple of months ago. She struggled through sinus cancer for two years, which she believed He allowed in order to birth her final book about hope.)

    Blessings, my sisters and brothers in Christ!


  76. Some really good conversation here. I like seeing the discussion here that is so hard to find in some other blog sites.

    While reading through Christine’s comments about the seals, I recalled how i struggled with the opening of the Rev. 6 seals and how they did not align chronologically with those seals and trumps in Rev. 16., and other scriptures
    This was many years ago, after I had been praying for understanding and divine truth from the Holy Spirit, and receiving much enlightenment.

    Knowing that my Lord was faithful, as i was gaining greater faith, I knew the answers would come.
    Sure enough, It came through another’s voice, and was confirmed by the Spirit.

    The seals are given in this present day, pre-tribulation period, so that we can learn them and have a picture of these forth coming events sealed in our minds and hearts. The vials are the actual events of wrath taking place, and the trumps are the signals of the wrath events beginning.

    On Rev. 6, these seals are given to us by Yeshua, through John, in the order of importance. The first seal opened (6:2), is actually a picture of the event of the sixth vile and trump, when antichrist is set up as the Messiah returned. He comes in just as Christ will later, on a white horse and with a rainbow surrounding him. The rainbow surrounding antichrist on his white horse is a cheap fabrication, a deception, not a true rainbow. It being of the most important for us to have sealed in our minds and hearts, because it happens before the “true” Messiah returns at the seventh and final trump.

    See how the fly away/ any moment/pre-trib rapture can’t happen when antichrist comes in. The antichrist doesn’t have the power to change our bodies into spirit.
    1Co 15:52
    In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

    This change is nothing more than a change from flesh bodies into our eternal spirit bodies.
    There is no flying away into the clouds, because Christ is coming here to to begin the Lord’s Day of the 1000 year reign. We may go into another realm for the marriage supper of the lamb, for a short while, but there is much work to be done here on terra firma during the Millennium, with teaching and the order set about with the Millennial Temple in Jerusalem, after the earth has been cleansed with fire. That cleansing won’t take long with the supernatural power of Yahweh.

    In closing, I believe we are in the fifth seal period. Many battles and wars of destruction are yet to take place, especially in the Middle East around Israel. The total destruction of Damascus is in the process, that will soon make it uninhabitable. Just prior to, or soon after, the antichrist is revealed without any doubts, the two witnesses ( most likely Moses and Elisha), will come on the scene, preaching in the streets of Jerusalem.
    That is our final sign, that the end of the age is upon us.


  77. I am blessed to be able to read all these words from each of you. Lord Jesus, Thank You for these people. We may not be able to fellowship physically but we are able to in spirit.


  78. Hello Gary.
    I’ll give an idea about your question, for you to pray about. The “narrow way” is an on-going daily relationship with Jesus, where we walk with Him, obey His commands and He is the primary focus of our life. It’s that intimate, personal relationship that grows with time and the love for the LORD is like that which a bride would have for her groom.

    We can see a good example of “the narrow way” by looking at the Christians who would not deny Jesus when facing beheading. . . Or converting to Islam. They were on “the narrow path” and endured until the end as they were martyred.

    Just claiming “I’m a Christian” here in the Western world is like saying “I love potato chips” . . It has gotten so lukewarm, insignificant, that it is difficult for anybody to tell the difference between “a Christian” in the Western World and those who are not. . . Unless there is a bumper sticker but even then. . . The behaviors are quite similar.. . Even the “worship music” looks like a worldly concert. . . And no, not all churches, not all true Christians and not all worship music, but the majority.

    So, when can we tell we are on “the narrow path”? When we are in love with Jesus and nothing in this life is above Him. . Where we would chose death rather than to deny Him; and some of us will have to face that very real choice.

    What does the Bible say . . Do we have “the Fruit of the Spirit” showing in our words, actions, deeds? If no fruit. . Then likely we need to get on our face and repent, ask Jesus to come into our life and to be our LORD and SAVIOR. No fruit. . . Not a follower, for this is what the Bible says:

    Matthew 7:16-18
    “You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? 17″So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. 18″A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit.…”

    I hope that helps bring “food for thought”.

    Blessings to you and your family.


  79. Michael, thank you for that prayer. I have been very tired, discouraged and weary lately. I really don’t have anything else to add.

    I do have a question for any on here to respond because I was discussing this verse with my wife today and then see it on the blog –

    Matthew 7:13-14…do you all see it as Jesus is the “narrow path” because there are so many “religions” that do not believe He is the son of God OR do you take it further in that many “professing christians” think they know Jesus but really don’t? Or does anybody have a completely different understanding of the verses?

    Linda, thank you again for your blog. May the Lord Jesus bless you now and eternally!


  80. ((BIG HUGS))) Jolie . . . We have a lil ole virtual “home group” going on here 🙂
    AND others can jump in as well. It’s “safe” here, because unkind comments . . .POOF!! Trash can fodder. . . Not going through (but thank the LORD, I haven’t seen any of those in a while).


  81. Thank you so much, Linda, Peggy and Christine. I am beyond grateful for the online group of friends that I have. I have grown quite tired of hearing my friends say that they’re “concerned” about me. Thank God for the Internet that allows us all to be in touch and pray for and encourage one another. God bless each of you, in your own personal spheres of influence. May the Lord continue to wake up more and more of our families and friends! Lord Jesus, please help us to be found pleasing to You, daily.


  82. sister Peggy and Christine – big virtual hugs to you – and Linda – and, and, and…. lol – will be awesome to meet you guys at the banquet……


  83. WONDERFUL, Michael, as always.
    Your name means “Who is like God.” (I’m sure you know that “El” means God.

    (I know the meaning because that was my father’s name.)


  84. To all of you,
    So glad you enjoyed that link to Julie’s site. Also like Bon’s blog, although she mostly stopped posting two years ago. Lots of confirmation there.

    : ) Christine


  85. Beautiful, heart-felt prayer, Michael. I say AMEN to that, along with Linda and our other brothers and sisters in Christ I’m sure. And you are absolutely right about all the Kingdom activity on this blog. WOW. Moving at lightning speed, isn’t it? Little ones and zeros just flying across the world wide web, letting each of us know WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!

    : ) Christine


  86. I know that pain, Jolie, as my dearest friend in all the world (and also a believer) and I have grown distant over this very thing. I felt the “nudge” to share some of what the Lord has revealed to me about end-times, and she just went ballistic. : ( That’s why I say now that if we are more attached to our DOCTRINES than we are to our KING, we will become stiff-necked instead of pliable and meek (i.e. teachable). My heart goes out to you. You have brothers and sisters here, and although we can’t hug you except virtually, the Lord is building a mighty fellowship here nevertheless!

    Be blessed, sister of mine!


  87. Thanks Christine and Linda for your earlier post answers to me. Great post today – so much Kingdom activity here right now – Lord continue to bless your daughters and sons that contribute from their hearts on this site – Lord it is so encouraging to see the minority in numbers that hold the majority of obedience and a deeper love for you !!!!! How mighty the mustard seed grows from the time when you first touch our spirits in our walk with you. Praying earnestly for more disclosure and revelation from you, Lord in these times- understanding that although I can become impatient and discouraged with no immediate response from you, I guard myself from becoming double minded in faith – and I ask the most important question in regards to seeking the kingdom first – “Lord what do I need to do that you find me worthy of exposing your greater treasures in your heart to me?” And I send this up to you in full confidence that you ALWAYS answer me at the perfect time – when I least expect it. Meanwhile Yeshua I will dig into your word more and keep knocking at your inner chamber door – please keep in my heart the desire to be called a bondservant – who is trusted enough to know His masters affairs.
    We love you Lord – Thank You


  88. I truly understand that one, Frank. I had to send a warning message to my relatives with the following (and it was “lite” compared to what I share on my blog here):

    ~ Economic Collapse
    ~ Jihad
    ~ Martial Law
    ~ Obama is the last president

    Needless to say that went over like a lead ballon with such comments as: “you are seriously misguided” and more rants after that, and my professing Christian family members remained silent as the email rants continued. . . With the exception of my brother James, who is the only one I’m connected to now (and comments on this blog as JCSouthwest).

    BUT we still have to warn as the Holy Spirit prompts us to warn and sadly, most will not be able to see the problems until it’s too late.


  89. Christine, thanks much for the link to the word by Julie Whedbee. It really summarized the main thoughts that have been discussed with some believers that I know last evening.

    Also, you’ve posted a bunch of great comments here today.


  90. Amen Jolie.
    What comes to mind is this:
    Matthew 7:13-14 –
    13″Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. 14″For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it


  91. Great thoughts, Christine . . . Especially some seals opening up more slowly than others. If we think about it. . . The LORD had to reveal things in some type of order to John, so he could write them down. I Imagine it’s more like a chess board, where there are different squares, rather than a deck of cards, where you turn one over at a time.

    Here’s another view I heard, that makes sense: look at the seals, bowls and trumpets as different cameras all pointing to the same event . . Each one is at a different camera angle, but still recording the information. The Book of Revelation is still mysterious, even though we are watching it unfold . . . But it’s made that way to be hidden from those who are not in Christ and are not led by the Holy Spirit.



  92. I understand what you mean when you say the unfolding is not “linear,” Linda. I’ve only just recently come to that realization in that the 5th seal martyrdom has already begun when we haven’t really seen the global economic collapse described in the 3rd seal.

    The Lord helped me just two weeks ago understand the 4th seal to mean that the culture of death would involve 25% of the world’s population–not that 25% of the world’s population is killed.

    The fact that Islam loves death is so apparent–they even love their OWN death, in addition to those they kill. And after the Lord showed me that, I googled how much of the world was now under the Islamic banner, and it is 25%.

    So. . .the seals are not unfolding in the real world in a linear pattern, but that doesn’t mean that He didn’t open them that way–first #1, then 2, then 3 and so forth.

    I think the problem we have in discerning these things is that some of the seals require more time to unfold fully than others. The 3rd seal needs one little domino to fall. . .and it will all come crashing down. The 5th seal needed the AC to create ISIS which had to gain enough power to begin the martyrdom. . .and so on.

    My spirit tells me we are really, really close to the cosmic signs–seal 6. I can’t claim I’ve had any dreams/visions to confirm that, I just know the King wakes me often in the middle of the night to just saturate myself in Him, and I am so infused by the Holy Spirit during these prayer times that my hair stands on end! Whew! Absolutely incredible.

    Your “guesses” about how this may unfold are brilliant, my sister! As always I will take them to prayer, but so far He is not revealing more to me. He is just telling me to PRESS IN AND TRUST.

    Come, Lord Jesus!


  93. Linda,
    What you have written above sounds very probable.
    It’s good to have a “heads up” about these probabilities.
    Fore-warned is fore-armed.


  94. I truly believe that angels will be of wonderful assistance now and in the times ahead. I have read something about it in Kevin Basconi’s books. (He has been interviewed by Sid Roth on “It’s Supernatural.”)


  95. Amen to all of this! And God bless each of you! I am also part of the “ignored by my friends and family” group. But I want to be obedient and pleasing to Him! That’s all that really matters. Even my best friend has now completely pulled away from me. But I’m okay with this, b/c she’s totally asleep. I only want to closely associate with people who are AWAKE! We have to stick together and encourage one another. We are definitely the minority – for now. Praise God for the people we each know, through this site and others, where we can be with people of like minded faith and views!!


  96. Ok, thanks, fair enough.
    I guess part of my interest in this subject is discussing the upcoming election with my relatives. I mentioned to my father-in-law that I didn’t think Obama was going to leave office at all. He’s a Christian and completely dismissed the idea. I seem to have hit a wall when it comes to discussing prophecy. Most folks don’t can’t fathom (or don’t want to see) how bad things are going to get.


  97. Linda, a friend had mentioned a yr or more ago that the “o” care mandate would BE the required mark.
    I’ve seen way too much creepy stuff on the Jason A youtube channel. We are about there.
    But the moment I suspected him in that role was the night of the 1st election win. watching the crowds was just surreal. That was the 1st time I realized I might be witnessing the beginning of Revelations


  98. Frank . . A “part 2” to your question: please also seek the LORD. He may give you more clarity to share with us here. This is why it’s really good for people to share what the Holy Spirit shows him/her. When we all bring together the parts we are given, we can get a “bigger picture”. Also, please let the LORD confirm to you anything I post/comment. Thanks a bunch 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  99. That’s a really good question, Frank. . . Here’s a long answer to your short question:
    I know there has been a falling away, but I don’t believe we have seen the fullness of it yet. It’s quite baffling, because things are not “linear/checklist” . . It’s almost multi-layered, multi-dimensional, so the way I thought things would unfold, is not they way they are unfolding.

    I also still don’t know where we are on “the timeline”. . . I just know we are in the season where the Obama-nation is going to go “full tilt lucifer” . . He still has to do his “transformation” (Revelation 13:3), but even that is going to be a delusion (please do a multi-Bible search on that verse. . You’ll see “appeared to be” . . Or “as if it were”); he could do a “Hollywood production, with special effects” or it could be a clone, or it could be a body double, regardless of the delusion, it will NOT be the same as what Kennedy and Lincoln had done.

    Also, he has to symbolically do what Jesus did: have an appearance of death, then three days, oh lookey, he’s alive. . . And fully manifesting Lucifer. Now, things could still even be much different than that, but I’m basing that info on the Scriptures and the anti-Christ attempt to appear to all like Jesus.

    Now here’s were it’s going to get really wonky weird: when the Vatican announces they made contact with “aliens” (or they may call them “star brothers”) and “they are here to help”. There will be an entire delusional presentation about Jesus being a star child . . . And there will be some type of announcement or appointment of Obama as Earth’s representative . . . Or something odd like that.

    There are still areas that are “fuzzy”, but all I know for sure: Obama is the anti-Christ and “the mark of the beast” is going to be rolled out under Obamacare.

    I know. . Long answer to a short question 🙂


  100. Hi Linda,
    Is your announcement about the revelation of the antichrist confirmation that the falling away of 2 Thessalonians 2 has already been completed?


  101. Michelle,
    I have read 2 other prophecies (that I can think of) that note “o” and his laughter at evil destruction.
    That laughter reminds me of something that has been observed by those that have visited hell: the demonic laughter of demons as they torture the lost human souls there.


  102. Sadly true, Christine. . . It’s playing out in the church today and if we try to even say “we need to come together so we can repent and seek forgiveness” . . . That’s cast aside (and yes, I experienced that with these words: ‘we did that several times with pastors and we had enough’ :(. Needless to say that was the last time we went there, as my heart grieved.

    Here’s a link to a write up of Corrie Ten Boom’s warning about the false belief of “pre-trib”. . . What I call the “poof, we’re outta here” doctrine (and it’s mainly in the self-cantered United States where this false demonically inspired belief is alive and well. . And was promoted only in the 1800s). . . Sadly, its’ so self-cantered, with little to no regard of the suffering of ALL the other Christians who are going through tribulation right now. Well, just wait. . It’s coming to N. America too.



  103. Just reading your words–sing a little louder–makes my eyes well up with tears, Linda. It’s true. As a matter of fact, this tendency to stubbornly cling to a DOCTRINE rather than the KING is one of the ways I spot deception. I do believe this is why Corrie ten Boom warns against the pre-trib doctrine. She saw this in action.

    He finally began to unfold His truth when I told Him I didn’t care if He showed me I was wrong–I just wanted to know HIS TRUTH. It was humbling when I realized that I had to discard what I once defended. Mmm. The 1st century Jewish leadership did the same. They knew the Word, but they just had these ideas about how He would show up and wouldn’t let them go. I’m seeing that replayed today, right in the Church. Lord have mercy.

    Be blessed, sister!


  104. Very sad, Christine. I have also observed non-believers are more aware of things “not being right” than most professing Christians, who continue to “sing a little louder” and ignore what is going on in the world.

    Note: the reference to “sing a little louder” is what the “Christian” churches did in Nazi Germany, when the trains carrying the Jews went by; they were crying out for help, but. .. To drown out the cries, the congregations would “sing a little louder”. Sadly, that’s happening today, as our brothers and sisters in Christ are globally being raped, tortured, beheaded, burned alive, buried alive, molested, sold into sex slavery. . . Brutalised, marginalised and ignored. LORD PLEASE HELP OUR PERSECUTED BROTHERS AND SISTERS.


  105. You are very welcome, Diana and absolutely we MUST take all of these things to the LORD in prayer. I ask all to take anything I post to the LORD in prayer for confirmation; it’s between that person and the LORD. It’s not for me to convince anybody of the truth. . . It’s to turn each person to the LORD for Him to confirm what I’m sharing, “is this the truth or not”.

    Seeking the LORD on all prophetic dreams, visions and revelations is wisdom. It also includes any teaching/preaching that we hear at church, on the radio or the Internet. There is a lot of deception “out there” and even the most well-meaning preacher/teacher may actually be spewing forth doctrines he/she was taught, but is not the truth.

    Very treacherous times we are in and only the LORD can help us through.


  106. Linda, thank you for bringing this to our attention; that we must run everything by the Holy Spirit for confirmation. Like many on this site, along with z3news, I’ve been thinking Obama may be THE antichrist, or at least a forerunner. But you’ve made a good point – It’s not enough to just think that might be the case, we must know that we know. Otherwise, we may be vulnerable to deception. Since Jesus said the Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth and show us things to come, we can trust HIm to reveal this to us. I have followed your advice, and taken it to the Lord for confirmation. Thanks again!


  107. The first place I heard that, Michael, was from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. After I read his first book (Isaiah 9:10), I went to his website and listened to a couple of his sermons. He “decoded” his name, and it went viral. Then I saw it on Jonathan Kleck’s site under his series titled “The Son of Perdition.” Amazing, isn’t it? Jesus wants His kids to know!

    Blessings, brother!


  108. I even get the “deaf ear” from my born-again friends, Linda. Very distressing. They are so convinced in their pre-trib doctrine that they cannot hear anything that contradicts it. Makes me very sad. These are heart-friends who walk with the Lord in a beautiful way. . .they’ve just stopped listening for revelation about the end-times. : ( I pray they wake up soon!

    Blessings, sister!


  109. WOW, Nathan! I would say that the cat is definitely out of the bag! More and more of us are coming to this realization! Bless you, my brother, for being open to His leadings. Many don’t want to see. I have so many pre-trib friends (brothers and sisters in Christ!) who will only go as far as saying he has the “spirit of antichrist,” but he isn’t the Antichrist. Part of that resistance, of course, is refusing to admit that the Church could still be here to SEE him, although that’s exactly what 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-7 says! My oh my oh my. . .pray with me that they soon wake up!

    Be blessed, my brother!


  110. YES, Peggy, it’s TRUE! I keep hearing this in my spirit: PRESS IN, DEAR ONE, DRINK DEEPLY, UNTIL YOU ARE COMPLETELY SATURATED BY MY PRESENCE, MY STRENGTH, MY TRUTH! Whew! My eyes are wide open, my precious sister, but there is NOT AN OUNCE OF FEAR! Only God can do this! I pray this for you and all of us that are feasting around this Believe Acts 2 table!

    Blessings, my sister!
    P.S. Have you done it yet? Printed out the “hope” poster and turned it upside down? IT WILL GIVE YOU CHILLS!!!!!


  111. Thank you for sharing that, Michelle. You and others in the body of Christ were way ahead of me. I was not walking as closely with the LORD during the Obama-nation’s first run at the presidency and got caught up in all of the hoop-la of a presidential candidate of color. AND . . Yes, I voted for him. I was not aware of the evil in that man, until the Holy Spirit grabbed my attention that day I was taking the trash out to the curb in 2011 and said to me: “Obama is the Anti-Christ”. . . OH MAN!!!

    I absolutely was NOT looking for that revelation and needless to say, was quite stunned about that too. I kept that hush, hush (with the exception of one prompting to share that and it turned out that man had been given the same revelation). I had to start releasing this last year, which I did very slowly. OH MY. . . Not “fun times” at all. . . More like: “brace for abuse”.

    Here’s the write up of that, along with other documentation
    (Note: James Bailey, at Z3news, let me know he has over 100 testimonies from people who have been given this same revelation; he is in the process of writing a book about that and yes, I’ll be in it with my testimony . . Oh boy, more ‘brace for abuse’ LOL. I included A link to his site in this post):

    8-14-15: Who is “The Anti-Christ”? | believeacts2’s Blog


  112. Thank you very much, Peggy and yes, Pastor Lawson does an AMAZING job addressing the times we are in; whomever is in his church is truly, truly blessed to have a pastor willing to preach the truth. Here’s a link to his YouTube channel, Zion4131 with the current message:


  113. Thank you, Nathan and LOL . . . Welcome to the “club of being ignored by most” . . . That’s just the way it is these days, when you share the truth of the times we are in. MOST want to hear the “woo-hoo, breakthrough, happy, happy” messages . . YEP, welcome to the “ear-tickling era”, where people love to play “let’s keep our head in the sand. . . Drink that Koolaid of cognitive dissonence and pretend”.


  114. Hello Michael, I have a short video about that at the top of this post (I’ll put a note over it, so people will realize it’s a video). . . It describes exactly what you are bringing up. 🙂


  115. Also taking notice of the great weather destruction in wildland fires both in California now (again) and Australia – it is burning out of control- .

    I contract out as a medic in the summer for the hot shot crews. This past summer I was in Northern California for 9 days and 5 of us were to be transferred to Oregon and Washington.
    I immediately heard the Holy Spirit say “you are NOT to transfer to that fire”.

    Caught me off guard as that is a significant part of my yearly income. I opted out much to the surprise of the crew, and drove home.

    I know these fires are now described as apocalyptic in size and behaivior – they are literally out of control and they don’t know where to move the fire lines anymore for containment and crew safety.

    It’s a big difference when you can control a big fire and when you cant. Still in prayer as to weather that was a test of obedience to go home or If I would have unknowingly been placed in a spot of great danger in the forest. – but like you said, The spirit will tell us ” turn left here”, or ” DONT GO THAT WAY “……… pretty amazing.


  116. Linda I had also read ( im sorry I cant remember who researched and wrote it ) where the name Barak Obama in Hebrew literally meant ” Lightning falling from the sky” as told in Luke 10:18. I do remember the gentleman displayed plenty of backup research in his presentation. Trying to remember where I saw that – quite revealing as confirmation to what you are receiving from the Holy Spirit as well.


  117. Good timing on post. I had watched another free movie last night about the Anti-Christ. It showed much death and destruction, Christians we given some amazing tasks during this time — healing, preaching the true word of the Lord, offering shelter to those in need, feeding the hungry. Some amazing things they showed — some people given immediate vision or sense of impending doom, so they can heed warning at get out of harm’s way. Some were helped by angels. This movie was not true to scripture, but did offer some good messages. Title of movie Leap: Rise of the Beast https://youtu.be/jZd-J7Ucn-c


  118. His timing is perfect 🙂

    Also to let you know. I found your site not long after you started it. I have started sharing everything that you post as well as from other sources, z3, Bette’s site, James blog posts. I feel like I am ignored by most but will keep sharing.


  119. Linda,
    You did a FANTASTIC and super complete job on this awesome post.
    Fore-warned is fore-armed!
    The TRUTH will set people FREE.

    Also, I wanted to share that if anyone searches Youtube for Charles Lawson (Pastor at Temple Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee), I think you would be amazed how this man does sermons on the times we’re in, including sermons on hell, CERN, the elite, etc…..I’ve never heard a Pastor go into these things so deeply and completely. The only thing that I disagree with is his Pre-Trib Rapture stance. Other than that, awesome. I even heard a little mention of “o” as possible anti-christ, which is more than most churches do. They don’t even acknowledge the times we’re in, in general!

    Thanks again for ALL you do to alert the body of Christ, LINDA……YOU ARE LOVED AND CHERISHED!


  120. Christine,
    I perceive that you have spoken TOTAL TRUTH above! Also, regarding what you wrote above:
    “SATURATE YOURSELF IN HIM, ALL WHO CALL HIM KING!”……I would like to comment on the word you used, “SATURATE.”

    My friend from Tennessee who has separated herself for the Lord, hears from Him, and has written several books at His direction……back in 2012, she clearly heard Him say that people need to SATURATE themselves in the WORD OF GOD. A small but helpful book sprang forth from that key word.


  121. At first I did not think he was the antichrist but I was shown he was going to do terrible things as president. I also knew before he was elected he would be elected I have had many dreams about him before he was elected where he brought on martial law which was being ran by the UN and our own military was being made to kill us by his orders as he laughed about it. But a while back I started having the feeling he is the antichrist but I have not said that out loud to anyone as of yet.



  122. WOW, Nathan. . . Here’s the interesting thing: I had this written up yesterday (Sunday), but the Holy Spirit clearly told me to wait until this morning to release it. Amazing.. . . God’s timing is PERFECT. . . Still amazing, isn’t it?


  123. Linda, I just wanted to let you know that I took my very question of Obama being the antichrist to the Holy Spirit last night before I went to bed and asked for confirmation and here you have the strongest warning about it yet. I do believe that your post today is the confirmation I asked for.


  124. WOW, Christine. . . And AMAZING confirmation. Thank you very much for sharing that and AMEN!!

    We’re at a point where we MUST speak up as the LORD directs. . . Time is TOO short.. . Much shorter than MOST believe (and yes, I”m talking about the professing “body of Christ”).

    AND AMEN on CLING, CLING, CLING to Jesus . . . It’s going to be VITAL, because NOBODY will be able to make it without HIM.

    Blessings to you, dear sister and thank you again for the confirmation.


  125. Holy Spirit ALL OVER ME as I read this post, dear sister! Whew! On 12/27/14–exactly one year ago yesterday–He confirmed both that O was the Antichrist and that Jonathan Kleck was doing His work. I know I’ve already shared this with you, but for those who haven’t seen it, here is the confirmation I received: FIND THE “HOPE” POSTER FROM OBAMA’S CAMPAIGN IN 2008 AND PRINT IT OUT. TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN AND SEE WHERE OBAMA COMES FROM. Of course, Jonathan Kleck teaches us all about how the Beast system “turns everything upside down” so that was meaningful for me and a confirmation of his work. When I followed the Lord’s bidding, I couldn’t believe my eyes. That poster is an abstract of black and white and red, and on the left side of Obama’s face (upside down) there is a demon clear as can be in red, coming out of the flames of hell. The demon has his right arm across Obama’s mouth and the demon’s mouth is open (when I saw that I heard “so who’s doing the talking?”) Incredible. That is the only personal confirmation I have received. It is enough.

    I do believe you are correct: unless we recognize who he is and where he comes from, we will be deceived into taking his mark–the mark of the beast. The forces of evil DO NOT CARE if that comes through trickery. It may be installed through vaccination or as an identification chip only and people will not even know what they’re doing.

    Bless you for warning our precious brothers and sisters in Christ to CLING, CLING, CLING to our King, our Lord and Savior Jesus, Yeshua. It is the only way we survive this tsunami of evil that is over-running this world. He is so close. Sitting here ON FIRE as I type this! JESUS REIGNS! HE AND HE ALONE CAN SUBDUE THESE FORCES OF EVIL! PRESS INTO HIM! SATURATE YOURSELF IN HIM, ALL WHO CALL HIM KING!

    So very thankful for you, Linda, and your work here! May our King bless you a thousand times over for doing so!



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