12-26-15 – DREAM – Calling People to Repent . . . JESUS IS COMING BACK!!!

Luke 3:4

As it is written in the book of the words of Isaiah the prophet:
“A voice of one calling in the wilderness,
‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.’

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Revelation 22:10-17

And he said to me,
“Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book,
for the time is near.
Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong;
and the one who is filthy, still be filthy;
and let the one who is righteous,
still practice righteousness;
and the one who is holy, still keep himself holy.

Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me,
to render to every man according to what he has done.
I am the Alpha and the Omega,
the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

Blessed are those who wash their robes,
so that they may have the right to the tree of life,
and may enter by the gates into the city.

Outside are the dogs and the sorcerers
and the immoral persons and the murderers and the idolaters,
and everyone who loves and practices lying.

“I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things for the churches.
I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star.”

The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.”
And let the one who hears say, “Come.”
And let the one who is thirsty come;
let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.



I had this dream on January 18, 1998. Only today, December 26, 2015, have I been given the understanding of this dream for it is now time to release this warning message from the Holy Spirit.  The enemy truly did not want this message out. . . I have been working on this since this morning (around 10 am Pacific Time and finally completed it after 10 pm).  I had ONGOING spiritual warfare connected to this post.

We are in the final days of this planet, heading into the Day of the LORD.

Joel 2:30-32

“I will display wonders in the sky and on the earth,
Blood, fire and columns of smoke.
The sun will be turned into darkness
And the moon into blood
Before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.
And it will come about that whoever calls on the name of the Lord
Will be delivered;
For on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem
There will be those who escape,
As the Lord has said,
Even among the survivors whom the Lord calls.”




DREAM (1-18-1998):

I was in a stadium, on the field, wearing a cheerleader’s outfit. The skirt and shorts underneath were gold. I had a gold hat on, which had gold streamers coming from it. The gold streamers looked like hair.

I started jumping and was able to jump higher and higher.


I was able to go any place, on any level of the stadium when I jumped.

I had a microphone on and started picking people out of the audience prophesying to them, but primarily giving the salvation message which all could hear.   I was shouting:  

“JESUS IS COMING BACK!!!”  and knew some of them wouldn’t be ready.



I made a noise like a shofar and said,

Just as quickly as that sound was made, it will be how quickly Jesus will take the true believers away.”


I exhorted people to turn their life over to Christ.


I then spoke of the tribulation. I told them women and minorities have been discriminated against, however, during the tribulation, WHITE MEN WOULD BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST.  


image          image



I WARNED:  those who were not ready when Jesus came back to take the true believers away, that these would then [possibly] choose to follow the LORD.   That it would be a very difficult time.




I was still in the stadium and in a section where I saw two young men fighting.


One of them was named Hosea. I had people break up the fight, then got down on the muddy ground by Hosea.

I started to prophesy to him and said something like this:

The KING of kings and the LORD of lords gave up all of His rights for you and came down to earth. He was a tiny embryo in His mother’s womb. He went to prison for you. He died for you.”

I then said, in the first person, prophesying (speaking for the LORD, from the LORD):

“I knew you before you were born. I love you just as you are now. Will you be my friend and let me be a part of your life?”

Hosea was saved and gave his heart to Jesus.


~ End of Dream ~



The stadium represents the “church” (those who profess to be Christians).

The gold outfit I was wearing speaks of the anointing from Heaven, as well as “the refiner’s Fire” (yes, OUCH!!!!, but “thank you Jesus”. . . . OUCH again!!!)



My role as a “cheerleader”, warning people to prepare for the return of the LORD Jesus. . . 


Is my prophetic role in the body of Christ, which I am doing right now:  sharing dreams, visions and revelations on this blog, calling people to repent and turn to Jesus, to prepare for HIS return. . . A “watchman on the wall”.



My ability to jump higher and higher and to go anywhere in the stadium; that is this blog.


I can reach anybody throughout the entire planet, who has access to the Internet. The salvation message, dreams, visions and revelations and the calling people to:


     —->      REPENT    <—-

. . . To prepare for the return of the LORD Jesus, the KING of kings and the LORD of lords.



The two men fighting is a picture of what is happening within the MAJORITY of the professing body of Christ right now. . . FIGHTING amongst the brethren. I see bickering, criticising, back-stabbing, offense, gossiping, unforgiveness, cold and unrepentant hearts, preaching of false doctrines, sugar-coated cotton candy seeker-friendly lukewarm FALSE preachers, self-centeredness, casual attitude towards Salvation, the Kingdom of Heaven and the HOLINESS of the LORD Jesus AND VERY LITTLE CALL TO REPENT AND TURN BACK TO JESUS.


The name of one of the men, Hosea, points to the Book of Hosea, which is a picture of the promiscuous wife to a faithful husband.

The professing body of Christ has a majority of people who are unfaithful to our Holy LORD and KING Jesus, whose Hebrew name is Yahshua. . . Who is faithful and true.

We are in the Laodicean age, with lukewarm hearts and few who truly have passion for Jesus. Not all who claim to be a Christian are actually serving and following Jesus as their LORD AND SAVIOR. . . . many will fall away when the times continue to get more difficult.  Only those who REPENT . . . Those who turn back to Jesus and “endure until the end” . . . WILL BE SAVED.



One of the things that amazes me about this dream, was the warning that during the tribulation, WHITE MEN WOULD BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. . . . . .that is happening right now, under Obama, “the man of lawlessness”. . . “The son of perdition”. . The Islamic Nazi “New World Order” DICTATOR . . . The Anti-Christ who will eventually be going GLOBAL with his EVIL, VILE Agenda to rule the planet (Revelation 13).

image            imageimage             image


So, does this mean I believe we already are in “the tribulation”?  

——-> YES I DO <——-

BUT we haven’t seen the worst of it yet. . . . .


Ok, pick up your jaw from the floor and put that “Left Behind” book back on the shelf.

Just take what I’m sharing here to the LORD in prayer and ask Him: “is she telling the truth here?

Time is much too short to debate; I won’t do that anyway and I’m MUCH TOO WEARY to participate in that which only brings discord to the body of Christ.

AGAIN. . . PLEASE pray about what I just stated above.




Let the LORD confirm to you anything I share; both this post, these comments and anything else on this blog. We are currently in the time of “Satan’s wrath”, which is why we have been seeing a GLOBAL increase in the persecution of Christians AND IT’S GOING TO GET WORSE!!!




Do I know where we are on the “timeline”? NO

What I do know is this: We still have some truly intense, horrific, difficult times to endure BEFORE Jesus returns for His Bride; that is a part of our “refiner’s fire” process, to test us . . . Will we LOVE Jesus if HE is all that we have left in our life and we must solely rely on Him?

If Jesus returned now, MOST PEOPLE WOULD NOT BE READY!!!




Choose right now to REPENT and to FULLY follow Jesus and let Him in to all areas of your life.

Any area you “hide” from Him, is an open door to Satan, giving him “permission” to launch attacks on you because you are still sinning.  

YOU HAVE A PART TO FULFILL IN THESE FINAL DAYS, IF YOU ACCEPT THE CALLING ON YOUR LIFE. .. But you get to choose. . . . Follow Jesus or not.  The line is drawn . . .  WHICH SIDE WILL YOU BE ON?





WORSHIP SONGS (and Shofar Sounds)






INFO LINKS (With discussion)

Please note: the following are links to illustrate the anti-White sentiment increasing around the world, which goes along with the warning in this dream. Also, I’m very well aware of the horrific discrimination that has gone on throughout the generations, against all types of minorities. . .

Hey, remember . . .

I’m a female and we get equally discriminated against throughout the globe . . . .

so yes, I understand discrimination and yes,

It is within the “professing body of Christ”, regardless of the calling of the LORD upon ones life. . .

OK, I’ll stop now, or I’ll start preaching . . . .well, just a little bit:



Galatians 3:27-29

“For all of you who were baptized into Christ

have clothed yourselves with Christ.

There is neither Jew nor Greek,

there is neither slave nor free man,

there is neither male nor female;

for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

And if you belong to Christ,

then you are Abraham’s descendants,

heirs according to promise.”





And I’m personally looking forward to meeting EVERYBODY some day.

Hey, let’s have a “bring your favorite cultural food” pot luck dinner during the reign of Christ . . .

Now, we’re talking. . .  Ok, back to the uglies (EWWW):


Affirmative Action = Racial Discrimination Against White Males


Discrimination Against Whites in Federal Employment (2011)


Violent Attacks Against Whites Increase (2012)


Confirmed Gang Membership up 41% and Violent Attacks on Whites up 18%, under Obama


Violence Against Whites





Comments are most welcome in my “virtual home”, here on this blog, where the LORD JESUS CHRIST, whose Hebrew name is Yahshua, is lifted up and the TRUTH is being told.


Mockers & scoffers, those with hateful comments, and those who bring discord will NOT find their messages posted. . . .

POOF!!! There it goes . . . Bye-bye to the trash.





ANY ADS LOCATED ON MY BLOGS ARE NOT MY CHOICE, NOR DO I ENDORSE ANY OF THE THEM. . . I have a free account from WordPress, which may place ads of their choosing on my posts. I suppose it’s a good example of “you get what you pay for”. Currently “free” is all I can afford, but THANK YOU JESUS, I’m able to do this at all.



57 thoughts on “12-26-15 – DREAM – Calling People to Repent . . . JESUS IS COMING BACK!!!

    1. Thank you, Bette. I felt changes happening after I completed that post; a greater closeness to the LORD. I know that is also a picture for the TRUE believer and follower of Jesus. Those who have been seeking a closer walk with Jesus . . . Will be granted that greater intimacy.


  1. Another awesome post Linda. Thanks for sharing. I never thought about our posts being a way to share the Love of our Lord globally. It’s easy to think that nobody is looking at the messages we share, but I think a lot are viewing them and not commenting. May these messages help bring more to salvation. May we all continue to obey him and keep up the fight for souls, in Jesus name Amen.


    1. Welcome, James. Those who also have a Facebook account are given the opportunity to share their faith with the world, if they choose to do that; an amazing opportunity given ONLY to our generation. Think about it, the Apostle Paul had to walk to another town to share the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. . . We only have to turn on our computer, our phone or iPad and can literally be talking to somebody on the other side of the World. . . In an instant.

      AMEN, may we all continue to obey the leading of the Holy Spirit and keep up the fight for souls, in Jesus name, amen.

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  2. Good morning Linda!

    How nice it was to wake up today and find your latest message. I was looking for someone to share my latest spiritual dream with, and was drawn to your link in my favorites.

    First of all, I want to tell you how awesome your site is and I for one, appreciate all the work you put into it. I know Yahweh/God, and Christ/Yeshua, are inspiring you and taking notice.

    I don’t have spiritual, or divinely inspired dreams that often, but when i do, I take notice. Many people that have dreams that “seem” divinely inspired are just dreams that often are just that, plain old dreams. These are what i refer to as “sour pickle dreams”, or those that can be attributed to something one eats, or day to day experiences.

    There is a difference. I was once a regular on a “christian site”, where people posted about their dreams and tried to make something spiritual, or sacred about sour pickle dreams. I explained that God is not the author of confusion, and most of their dreams sounded just like weird stuff and imaginations. In other words, they tried to make something out of nothing. I was ridiculed for saying such. In your case, you waited until the Holy Spirit led you to fully understanding and it all makes sense.

    I think my dream last night was a further revelation to a dream and out of body experience that I witnessed to you about, just last week. I had struggled about one part of that experience from back in 2003. I want to share that part with you and the readers here but it is too lengthy for now. So, I will just speak of the part I had last night.

    I was walking through a pair of Church doors as the dream became bright and vivid. As I walked down the isle, I noticed there were no people in the pews. Then forward and to my right, along the front pew, was a man like a preacher walking briskly back and forth, and carrying a bible open in his hands as though he was reading from it and preaching.

    Then, I noticed a dark haired man sitting in a single chair in the isle-way along the right wall. As I got closer, I thought, i know that man and he has been struggling with a demon that has possessed him.

    I ran around the front of the pews and approached him as the preacher man was right beside him now. The preacher, still reading and preaching to the man, was not touching him, and the man’s head was facing downward and plainly moving from side to side as in distress. Without even thinking about it, I grabbed a hold of both shoulders, and the man shot his head straight up at me. As i spoke and prayed in words I did not fully comprehend, the man became overcome and soon fell towards me. I continued and he finally put his head on my shoulder, and I felt his hair against my right cheek. As he finally moved backwards I saw an expression of relief, and I immediately thought of the dream/out of body experience, that I had back in 2003. For an instant I felt like the demon had passed through me, but didn’t hang on like the one that passed into me back in the 2003 dream.

    As it, the demon, quickly moved away and out of the building, everything became quiet. I then woke up and was mesmerized by what had just happened.

    To sum up everything, I believe that there are millions of people in this world today that are possessed by demons and most don’t even know it. Some have multiple demons within their bodies.

    Demonic spirits can only be killed/blotted out, by God. I believe Yahweh uses some flesh people to help other flesh people to get them out of their bodies by the laying on of hands. A demonic spirit needs a warm body or a body of water or dark place in the earth, to reside in. Helping to remove them is very serious business, and nothing to be taken lightly. These demons today are full of rage and darkness, which can lead to death of the body, and soul.

    Mat 8:31
    So the devils besought him, saying, If thou cast us out, suffer us to go away into the herd of swine.

    Mat 8:32
    And he said unto them, Go. And when they were come out, they went into the herd of swine: and, behold, the whole herd of swine ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters.

    This was a legion of demonic spirits inside one man. A legion in that day was comprised of 4200 up to 5200 soldiers of a Roman army unit. Yeshua, allowed them to go into the swine. Not to be killed, as he could have killed them, but to escape. Many teachers and preachers misinterpret verse 32, and say that the demons were killed when the swine ran off the cliff into the sea.

    The scripture says the “whole herd of swine” perished and said nothing about the devils/demons. The demons were allowed to escape through the swine, into the sea. Many demonic entities are living in demonic cities under the ice of Antarctica, and within the earth. God has reserved them for the times we are now in and approaching.

    As the spirit has shown me, we have another decade, and then some, for all of prophecy to be fulfilled and revealed. We are at the beginning of sorrows, and as with the demons within the earth, Obama (a demonically possessed human) has been declared for this time, by Yahweh to help bring Judgment upon a sinful and non- repentant world.

    The self-proclaimed, but non repentant Christians, and their ear tickling preachers is where judgment begins. It actually begins at the pulpit and trickles down along with the tickling of the ears. The people, as fake Christians; have caused the teaching against sin and the need for repentance, to leave the modern day churches. They don’t want a message of conviction upon them, but they love the message of prosperity and self gratification.

    May Yahweh bless all the good servants, especially the women like our sister Linda.


    1. Greetings and blessings to you. I had to chuckle at the “sour pickle dreams” hahaha that was a good one. One of the things that can truly help people who have a dream, but not sure if it is from the LORD. . . To write it down anyway. Pray about it. Ask the LORD to give clarity to it. He may or may not answer, but at least it is written down and you may gain understanding later. Look how long it was for this dream, before I was given understanding.

      About deliverance, yes it is quite a serious business, but REALLY, REALLY needed even within the professing Body of Christ. A person can be “oppressed”, but not “possessed” and still be a Christian. Our spirit is filled with the Holy Spirit and that is different than our soul/body realm, where we can be under attacks. I would venture to say many would benefit from deliverance, which could even be “generational curses”.

      When I was part of a Healing Team ministry, one of the barriers to healing, was the need for deliverance; and these were all believers. Some also were blocked from healing by harbouring unforgiveness. Sometimes there were literal spiritual items in an area that was causing physical manifestations (I know that’s difficult for most to understand or believe, but I saw it in the spirit, addressed it in prayer and saw miraculous healings take place . . . ALL by the Holy Spirit and led by the Holy Spirit. . . I was merely a vessel).

      A good website to gain more understanding of spiritual warfare is Russ Dizdar’s ministry:

      Any who need personal deliverance, can contact my friend Bette and her husband John Stevens:
      GETTING SET FREE | believeacts2’s Blog

      Regarding laying on hands during deliverance, it must be lead by the Holy Spirit and I would say generally one does not lay hands on a person during deliverance. Here’s a Scriptural reference:
      1 Timothy 5:22 – “Do not lay hands upon anyone too hastily and thereby share responsibility for the sins of others; keep yourself free from sin.”

      Blessings to you and thank you very much for stopping by and sharing.


      1. Hi Linda……great post above…..I have a question about your response above which I have copied here.

        Are you referring to Catholic “Spiritual” items? Were the items in the deliverance room OR on the actual person being delivered.

        Do you mean that demons had found a “resting place” on the “spiritual item”?

        I have no interest in debating and of course not arguing, but I’m just interested in understanding this. Thanks…

        “Sometimes there were literal spiritual items in an area that was causing physical manifestations (I know that’s difficult for most to understand or believe, but I saw it in the spirit, addressed it in prayer and saw miraculous healings take place . . .”


        1. Hello Peggy, great questions. I wasn’t referring to “Catholic” items; I haven’t had any experience facing anything related to such items, so can’t really comment much, except I know demonic entities can “attach” to items.

          What I was referring to is this: Sometimes I literally could “see in the spirit” an item such as a spear, an animal trap, pins, etc., in a person’s spirit; this was in the area where a person reported pain. I know most won’t understand that, and I even have a difficult time understanding how I can “see” these things, but sometimes the LORD chooses to let me “see” them. What I can say is when I pantomined removing these items, as if they were there “in the natural”, while praying for healing and being led by the Holy Spirit . . . When done . . These people were healed.

          Not all illnesses have “items” placed in a person in the spirit. There can be many reasons why somebody is ill. It also takes discerning the Heavenly Father’s will for that person. He may choose to take them home and I won’t pray against His will (I had that happen before and was instructed to pray for peace upon the entire family, rather than healing, for the Father wanted to take that beloved saint home.)

          Sometimes I was given understanding there was unforgiveness in a person and that was the BIGGEST BARRIER to a person’s healing.

          Sometimes it was something the Heavenly Father would not reveal to me, so I was only allowed to pray a general pray for the LORD’s will to be done.

          Sometimes there were generational curses that needed to be broken.

          Sometimes a person needed deliverance from a demonic spirit.

          ALL of the cases were unique. Each case required the leading of the Holy Spirit in order to address the situation as the Heavenly Father willed it to be done.

          Another barrier to healing: the person did not want to give up their “disability mentality” and was there only because they were badgered into being there. If a person doesn’t want to be healed, the Heavenly Father will not usurp their will.

          Back to the “items in the spirit” . . Here’s a Scriptural reference for that:
          Ephesians 6:16 – “in addition to all, taking up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. ” . . .
          There literally are arrows, swords, spears and other items the enemy uses in the spiritual realm, that impact us in the physical realm. Most professing Christians don’t believe that or wont’ believe that, but it doesn’t matter . . I know what I have seen and what the LORD has done to remove those items in the spirit . . . HEALING HAPPENED.

          I hope that helped answer your questions. There is much more to the spiritual realm than most understand.


          1. Hello Kenzel, I saw this working in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation, as well as when I was a Vocational Consultant for Worker’s Compensation. A person would so identify with his/her disability, that became their “identity”, rather than a disability being a part of who they are… It became all-encompassing.

            When I met with an individual to do a vocational assessment for Worker’s Compensation, I KNEW if that person had a family member on disability, that the individual had a HIGH probability of focusing on getting disability income, rather than look at the many possibilities for returning to work in some capacity; they were embracing the “disability mentality”.

            Another example, a person identifying himself as “crazy” focusing on the mental illness, rather than looking at possibilities of a life that can be available even to those who have a disability. I ran employment groups for those who had mental illness and were homeless. One of the primary things I had to do was to help people see how important each one of them was, that they had a hope and a future, that their current circumstances did not define who they were as a person. Some continued to embrace the “homeless/mentally ill” mindset, including one gentleman who gave up all of the benefits he had (apartment, food, shelter, income) to go back onto the streets to go back to the homeless culture.

            I hope this helped clarify the phrase “disability mentality”.

            I would also like to say this: I saw some AMAZING things happen when individuals with disabilities “went for the best life had to offer” and lived life to the fullest. AMAZING. They were a person who had a disability and not a person who embraced the “disability mentality.”


          2. Thank you for clarifying. That’s what I guessed but wanted to make sure. I think it can b to easy for people to succumb to that way of thinking. Especially depending on what kind of events a person has faced and the level of warfare involved. I’ve had to step back from WP over Christmas but I think I have a recent experience that closely relates to what you speak of. And it is becoming much more apparent that when we’re called to “blog” it is a specific method He is using to “reach out” beyond our visual borders.


          3. AMEN, Kenzel. Think about this regarding a blog: it goes throughout the airways . . . We are literally broadcasting into and through the spiritual realm, as well as the physical realm. What we write, say, do, think is being recorded in Heaven. When we repent from any sin that we commit, either knowingly or unknowingly, it is erased from our record, by the Blood of Jesus. When we bring honor to the Kingdom of Heaven. . . When we obey even the smallest command, that is also written. ALL will be revealed at the Throne Room Judgement.

            The blogs will still be there, even if we are taken away, for ALL who the LORD sends to our site to see and read. We are also “seen” by the powers of darkness, with the FIRE of God shining through, as we do what the Holy Spirit commands us to do (either in the virtual world or the literal world).

            So, maybe only a few people read what the Holy Spirit commands us to write, share, discuss, but the Heavenly Father SEES ALL. I pray we bring honor to His name.

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      2. In further need of understanding on the “removal of evil spirits from within a human”, I was led to this teaching by Jesus Christ. I had read the verses before, but never with the same clarity and understanding. I just wanted to share with you as a friend, because you know the seriousness of this and how we may be called to help one or more of the millions that are possessed, by a “familiar/unclean” spirit.

        Mat 12:43
        When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.
        (As we know, or should know by now, an evil spirit needs a dark place in a body with moisture, to reside in. They prefer a human body so they can speak through their victims vocal cords, since they can’t speak on their own. (Found this out from the Book of Enoch). If they can’t have a human body, then they will temporarily house in animals such as swine, until they can get back into their usual houses like a deep, dark, body of water/lake/deep river/sea/ocean, or their original house, within the body of the earth, with their kindred spirits, the fallen ones and their off-spring =gebbor. The evil spirits hate being on dry ground/top of the earth)

        Mat 12:44
        Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.

        (If the man’s body is empty (swept and garnished) it has not been replaced with the spirit of Yeshua, that prohibits further intruding from evil/familiar spirits.)

        Mat 12:45
        Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

        (So, the evil spirit, knowing the body of the man was empty/without Christ; went and brought seven of his worse buddies to hop into the man. Woe and wow!)

        We are definitely in the wicked generation that Yeshua is talking about. A true preacher would know this and be working his congregation to search out for the demonically possessed. It definitely isn’t happening in the main stream religious sector, but there is soon coming a day when the removing of such demons will be required, with help of the Lord’s obedient servants. But as we see here, it must be done right.

        Remember, the dream/ out of body experience, that i told you about from 2003? Well, in one part of that O of Body experience, God allowed me to feel what it is like to be possessed. Now is good a time as ever to share that part.

        That is how the dream part started. A preacher was praying over a man that was obviously in distress, kind of like the man that was in my dream on 12-27-2015. They were both standing, and the man possessed was all bent over and sobbing. The preacher was standing also. I was so close, that i could reach out and touch either one, but didn’t.
        Suddenly, a dark ball of smoke about the size of a medium sized beach ball, came out of the man.
        I just stood there in utter amazement at the swirling of dark smokey matter, mixed with lighter greys such as fog or light wood smoke. Then the ball swooped into my chest and i immediately began to feel ill. I slumped over a nearby podium, and became nasty mean feeling. My head lowered down to the podium and I peered out like a serpent, wanting to strike at anyone near. In my being, i could actually feel the sinister feeling from the evil spirit, and was sick.
        Suddenly I felt a hand on my back, and stood straight up, and turned to see the preacher’s face. I swear, he looked like Benny Hinn, and I have no understanding why, because i turned completely away from Benny after seeing a documentary about his ministry, many years prior.
        Anyways, the preacher man was reading scripture and pleading with me to resist in Jesus’ Holy name, of which i did. The harder i resisted and pushed, the harder the evil spirit dug in. It was like I was feeling the pain a woman goes through when trying to birth a difficult/lodged baby.

        Finally, I gave one final push and my body went into spasmic convulsions and I was shaken as a three foot long piece of heavy duty tin foil could be whipped violently up and down, with the same kind of noise. I felt it through my whole body, even into my bones, as the spirit came back out of my chest and lingered just about four or five feet in front of me. WOW! yes, Imagine me lying there afterwards, fully awake, in my bed, and breathing heavily thinking as i was running it all through my head? It was like God saying, “Hey, you asked for truth, and what was your purpose for living”.

        So, this ball of smokey, foggy, evil mess, in front of me, began to materialize into a face of an ugly and grey bearded old man, with jagged teeth. Then out of the smoke came two hands and arms reaching for me.
        The preacher, still standing behind me, said “resist and push it away, in the name of Jesus”. As i threw out my hands and began calling on the name of Jesus, the face and outreaching arms of the spirit began to be drawn away from me and eventually got smaller and smaller and disappeared into the distance, with arms and hands still reaching towards me. I know i never want to experience anything like that again.

        What happened next is really what is amazing as the out of body experience continues. And it will be continued later on, as i have typed enough for now. Thank you Linda, for letting me share with a true believer. Much love and blessings to you sister.


        1. WOW, that’s as an intense dream and VERY truthful, for the need for deliverance is MASSIVE. Thank you very much for sharing this TRUTH.

          What many also don’t know: A person can be “oppressed” (meaning in their body, mind and soul), but not “possessed”, meaning in their spirit. . . . For a true believer can still be saved, but be oppressed. There are also many who claim to be a Christian, but are not saved and yes indeed can be possessed.

          My friend, Bette Stevens and her husband, John, have a home group and also assist with deliverance. They can be contacted via telephone, Skype or email.
          Their contact info is linked to this page:
          GETTING SET FREE | believeacts2’s Blog


  3. Confirmations, dear sister, of what the Lord gave me last January. The Beginning of Sorrows, as Jesus defined in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24) line up perfectly with the seal judgments in Chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation. I was taught that Mt 24 was NOT addressed to the Church. He unraveled that false teaching. He was looking into the eyes of His beloved disciples, the ones He knew would teach His Church about what to expect before He came for us, and He told them what they needed to know. He took them right up to and through the Great Tribulation (seal 5) and then described seal 6 (verse 29). Luke 21:25-26 describes the 6th seal, and the Lord tells us that AFTER THIS we should “look up, lift up your heads: for your redemption draws nigh” (Luke 21:28.) What comes next? The “sign of the Son of Man in heaven” where all unbelievers mourn and flee into the caves from the wrath of Him who sits on the throne. . .and then He described the Rapture (Mt 24:31 and in more detail in verses 40, 41). It’s so clear if we strip away the teachings of man. I do believe the 7th seal announces the Day of the Lord/the wrath of God (Rev 8:1). It is fitting, as when this seal is opened there is silence in heaven for 1/2 hour. But before that happens we see the raptured saints around the throne (Rev 7:9-10) for WE ARE NOT APPOINTED TO WRATH (1 Thess 5:9). The cosmic signs (seal 6) precede the Day of the Lord, just as Joel 2:10, 30-31 tell us. It’s a Day of Wrath, as we see in Zephaniah 1:14-18 and Jeremiah 50:12-13. His work in us is completed on the Day of the Lord (Philippians 1:6.)

    As for where we are on the Lord’s timeline, this is my best understanding: Obama is seal 1, the Antichrist (He confirmed this exactly one year ago for me). Seal 2 is ISIS–taking peace from the earth, created and funded by Obama. We have not yet seen global economic collapse, as described in seal 3. Seals 4 & 5 are already being set up, where Islam has control over 25% of the world’s population (Google it) and the persecution of the saints happens globally (already beginning in Islamic nations.) I expected seal 3 this Fall, but God is sovereign! Our global economy is like a house of cards. One stiff wind will bring it all crashing down. We must see this before the Mark of the Beast becomes feasible. I am still confused about the Abomination of Desolation, as WE are the Temple of God and even if Israel builds the third Temple, God will not “dwell” in it. ????? He has not given me understanding of this. I know we will recognize it when we see it, though. Matthew 24 describes it after the 5th seal–the martyrdom of the saints.

    True to “birth-pangs” these things will get stronger and closer together as they unfold. The set-up took years. His Bride is being pushed underground, and as history has taught us, that is fertile ground indeed. We will be empowered to help our King gather in one mighty harvest before it is done.

    Even though we are yet to see some very troubling and fearful sights, He does not give us a spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7). He is preparing us to be mighty in Him. Apart from Him, we can do nothing.

    Bless you, dear sister, for your willingness to share these dreams with us. I love the way the Lord gives a little truth here, a little truth there so that we encourage and sustain one another in these last days. I am so thankful to have found this virtual community of saints!

    Be blessed, my brothers and sisters in Christ!


    1. Thank you, Christine for sharing that and for the words of encouragement; both are really appreciated.

      About the “Abomination of Desolation” . . . I think it’s possible it may be more than one thing; sort of layered. Consider a play on words for one: Obama’s nation is an abomination.
      Also, yes, when the mark of the beast occurs, that is desecrating the human temple.
      Third, there very likely will be a literal, physical 3rd temple built for the antichrist Obama to set himself up as “god” . . Post-Revelation 13:3

      About the Bride being removed at the 6th seal . . AMEN and AMEN. That is exactly what the LORD showed me in one of my “rapture dreams” and it’s written up here:
      8-26-15: A Dream About “The Rapture” | believeacts2’s Blog

      Oh my, things are a bit “wonky” when trying to figure all of this out; I really had a more linear/check-list idea of what these times would be like. . . And nope. . POOF to the trash those ideas had to go. We also remember that Jesus told us “unless the days were cut short” (Matthew 24:22) . . . So how much longer do we have? Only The Heavenly Father Knows that. In the meantime. . . HELP US JESUS TO ENDURE UNTIL THE END.


      1. Very interesting, Linda! I will take all these thoughts about the Abom of Desolation to prayer! Right you are about what the USA has become under the O–the obamanation. I am so thankful our King sets all things right, aren’t you? Jonathan Kleck has some interesting ideas about the desecration of the Temple (meaning our bodies) also. Isn’t it interesting that Revelation 13:6 refers to the AC as blaspheming His “tabernacle”–Greek skene–meaning movable dwelling place (which describes us perfectly). Still listening and praying about all this. Just don’t yet have a clear understanding.

        “Enduring until the end” indeed! Pray every day that I finish well!

        Bless you, my sister!


        1. Thank you, Christine and thank you for taking all of these things to the LORD in prayer; it’s what each of us must do to gain clarity and confirmation on anybody’s teaching, claimed revelations, dreams and visions. It also is an opportunity for all of us to strengthen our relationship with the Holy Spirit. A day is coming when EACH of us must be able to hear clearly from Him. A simple “turn left”, from the Holy Spirit, when we were planning on turning right .. . May mean the difference between life (and being able to serve others) and death, where an ambush awaits the next car.

          Blessings to you as well and a ((((BIG OLE HUG))) 🙂


    2. Regarding obama, I heard this last evening from Pastor Charles Lawson in a video of a recent sermon. He said that there was a picture or video of “o” and a fly or flies were seen buzzing around his head, and one that was on him. There was a rat that ran in front of him, and that a foul stench has been reported in the white house. Then Pastor Lawson said that Beelzebub is also known as “The Lord of Flies.” He also mentioned that what do flies do? They feed on flesh.

      I thought I had read on this blog, but not certain that someone had seen pix of “o” with flies around his head. Actually, I could have read it on Z3news.


      1. Hello Peggy. You may have seen that in one of the reference links I provided on one of my posts regarding the anti-Christ. I’m not sure which one, but I know I have it on at least one of them, located within a video.


    3. Linda,
      Wow! That was a MARVELOUS explanation above. I enjoyed reading it thoroughly, and I thoroughly BELIEVE IT! My misunderstanding was of the word “spiritual.” I was thinking of it in a positive “heavenly” sense, like a cross, but you had meant it in the other sense of the enemy’s spiritual weapons. So in misunderstanding one word, I was granted much deeper insight into the whole topic. It seems like you have “covered all the basics.”

      Also, it’s fascinating that some do not want to give up their “illness.” Their identity is too wrapped up in it. Perhaps that is why Jesus asked people at times, “What do you want of me?” He needed them to express of their own free will that they truly WANTED the healing.

      And yes, I believe that sometimes the HEALING is the transition from the earth to the Heavenly realm.


      1. It is fascinating, Peggy that some don’t want to give up their illness or disability. I had that happen recently and it actually took me by surprise at the intensity of that person’s answer that basically was “I’m fine just the way I am” . . . And sadly I had to let it go, knowing the Heavenly Father was going to heal her if she wanted to be healed.


    1. WOW-WEE . . . Amazing how the Holy Spirit confirms. Truly John, that dream didn’t make much sense back in 1998, but I had it written down and it now makes sense today.
      Here’s the good news: many of those dreams pointed to these times and it was during these times JESUS COMES BACK. . . Now that is a YEEEEE-HAAAA moment 🙂

      Thank you for sharing that link.


  4. Linda, thank you so much for confirming something God showed me at the end of 2012. Yes, I believe we have been in the tribulation that long. The evidence is all around us!! There is so much false teaching in the church today that Christians just cannot believe this to be possible. I know of a couple other people that have been shown we are definitely in the tribulation. One is in the United States and her name is Julie. Here is her blog http://iamcallingyounow.blogspot.com.au/


    1. Thank you, Pam, for sharing and for providing the link.
      One of the interesting things that occurred in ALL of “the rapture dreams” that I had (mostly in the 1990s), truly nobody knew when it would occur. Also, the one I shared here on my blog, NOBODY knew we already WERE in the tribulation (like we are now):

      8-26-15: A Dream About “The Rapture” | believeacts2’s Blog

      Basically, I still believe we have some difficult things still to face, but I also TRULY believe the LORD Jesus could literally come back at ANY MOMENT . . . It will be prior to the Wrath of God being poured out.

      Interestingly, after I FINALLY got this post completed (through massive warfare, with some truly bizarre things happening, like photos disappearing off my post draft. . . Moving around to different locations. . . Disappeared photos reappearing. . . . The whole blog shutting down. . . Oh yes, it was MASSIVE warfare, with MUCH prayer to get this out). . . Anyway, I sensed a shift in the spiritual realm . . .a greater measure of anointing from the Heavenly Father. This is not just for me but is going to be released on the TRUE believers and followers of Jesus. It’s a greater awareness of the presence of the LORD, a clarity in “hearing” from the Holy Spirit and a greater understanding of our calling/anointing within the body of Christ.


    1. OH GRRRRR!!! On THE False prophet . . . Obama the first beast’s side-kick.
      It’s going to get WORSE, Michael and sadly that Vatican entity WILL be a massive part of the global spirit of deception. Just wait until this happens:
      9-24-15 – The Soon-Appearing Fallen Angel, Manifesting as “Mary”, TO DECEIVE THE WORLD!!! | believeacts2’s Blog


  5. I recall watching the Fatima phenomenon covered on LSM last year. Didn’t know what to think of it then. I have heard about the alien thing. Oddly enough I’ve been learning about how weird occult stuff ties into endtimes. It is disturbing – however awareness of enemy tactics is important. More so I’m grateful to God and his peace because with what’s happening clinging to him is the only thing that makes sense!


    1. AMEN to that, Kenzel. The more the Holy Spirit is showing me, the MORE I know I must have Jesus and STAND on the Written Word . . The Bible, because MASSIVE deception will continue to arise, TWISTING the very Words of Jesus.


        1. Sadly true, Kenzel. Just wait until the “reveal” from the Vatican: “oh lookey, we have aliens here. . . They are our friends and they are here to help us” (and the LIES SPEW FORTH, for those are demons/fallen angels.). They will claim that Jesus was an “alien” or “star brother” or some cockamamie title that is a LIE. . However, it will be SO DECEPTIVE, even professing Christians will be drawn in and believe it, unless he/she is walking VERY CLOSELY with the LORD and STANDS STRONG on the Written Word of God (and no, I’m not a “King James Only” religious person . . . I prefer to utilize multiple versions of the Bible and really dig in with a Concordance if I want to learn more).


          1. I’m certain my mom used a kjv vibe bc the language was SO thick. That’s why I never got past the first chapters of Gen 1!
            Comparing how Scripture reads among different bible translations is really important. The 1st bible I was gifted was an NIV. I relate better to my NLT but picked up an HCSB last year. It’s interesting to examine the linguistics.


          2. It sure is . . Before the day where we could use the Internet and look at multiple translations, it was not uncommon for me to have many versions of the Bible all out, looking at them all for one verse or chapter (well, I still do that sometimes). By the time I’m done, the Holy Spirit helps me understand a bit better what HE inspired the original writers to write. This is an on-going process, but part of our relationship with the LORD.

            I’m sure MOST Christians have had those moments where you read a passage or verse, maybe read it a gazillion times before, then one day BAM!!! WOW!!! You see a greater depth of truth that was there all along but you didn’t “get it” until the Holy Spirit revealed that to your heart. AMAZING.

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  6. First, I want to thank you Linda for your reply and valued input to my post.

    Secondly, I want to touch on Michael’s post about the Pope. He lost all credibility when he made the statement about the so-called aliens as when they “come to earth” , he, the pope, will gladly baptize them.

    Anyone with half a brain can see that they are demonic in nature. They are not even flesh, they are spirit with chemical composition coverings. Their so called “space suits” use Velcro, that is right Velcro as a fastening system. Velcro came into our technology when the beings from, “The Crash”, were examined. The pope is somehow trying to portray them as beings from outer space and that we should accept them.

    Understand this my friends, they are not from outer space at all. They are the lost souls/spirits from the gebbor/giants/ hybrids that were a result of the Nephilim / fallen angels. Man has made the mistake of confusing the calling of the nephilim, as the “results” of the son’s of God, mating with flesh women. Just the naming of them is a mis-labeling. Their acts with flesh women/daughters of Adam, are Biblical.
    Nephilim, at it’s prime root definition, is “naphal”, which means fallen, or fallen ones, or Fallen Angels.

    God reserved them, the gehbbor spirits, or at least a great number of them to fulfill His consummation of the end of this age. They are those which will come up from within the earth as “locust”, in the very last days, as spoken of in Revelation. “True” Christians need not worry about them, but the fake ones that have jumped on the pre-trib rapture train, and followed the false teachings of man, and Antichrist type/obama, and False Prophet type/aka pope, will need to worry about them. They are what i refer to as the “locust army” and all the demonic spirits reside with them within the earth right now. Once again, they are not space creatures. Because they are spirits and have a spirit body within the coverings….they can go into the dimension between Earth and Heaven. There is constant battle within that realm to keep them from the Heavenly sphere. I believe they are continually trying to get back to their father satan, from where they get their energy and evil intent. Remember, Satan and His elite army of the Fallen Angels, are being held in the realm of Heaven, until the appointed time of their release to return to earth, at the sixth trump.
    There is much scripture that better explains this; for a later place and time.

    Anyways, the main thing to remember is that Satan returns at the sixth trump. The sixth seal explains this and it is also when the sixth vial is poured out during the tribulation hour, and is known as the hour of temptation because Satan is returned to earth…defacto… to tempt the hearts and minds of the Christians, and all people on earth. Hence 666. His message, or the main one, is that he has come to “rapture” his followers away from the earth before the “Great Tribulation” begins… ( the vials poured out during this GT time are the “bowls of wrath” poured out by Christ. Different set of bowls/vials). There are two tribulations. The tribulation period of seven years, and within that period is the period of Satan’s time as playing the role of Christ returned, at the sixth trump. Problem is, the True Christ doesn’t return until the Seventh…the last. The “shortened” time period, “for the elect’s sake, is the three and one-half year period that was originally given to Antichrist in Daniel’s days. Christ shortened the time that Satan is allowed to be upon the earth playing that role, Why? I believe it is because He saw how weak we humans are because of the flesh, hence “no flesh be saved”.

    The beginnings of this Tribulation time frame have, and are, being set up for the true antichrist…Satan, which is well described in Revelation. The precursors for Satan, are the Oboma-inable One, a type of antichrist, and the false prophet…the pope, a type also.

    Satan has been waiting for about 2000 years to play the role of Christ returned, so that he can sit in the Holy place in Jerusalem, at the Temple Mount/ Old Jewish Temple site, calling himself God. He also plays the role of the “False Prophet” as he is everything to everybody, in a religious sense. He is the Mahdi to Muslims and so on and so on. This is exactly what is meant by the Abomination of Desolation. Desolation should have been translated “Desolator”. Dr. Bullinger ( Companion Bible), does a good job of detailing this mis-translation. No way is Satan going to allow a flesh man to play this role for him. God is allowing Satan to perform this role as the Beast leader of the NWO/Beast system, to test the hearts ,minds, and knowledge, of His written word, by so called Christians.

    The paths of deception are wide and traveled by many; while the path to righteousness and truth is narrow, and traveled by few, and understood by even fewer.


    1. You are welcome.

      About the alien deception, many will be caught up in this deception, for it will be SO INTENSE and demonically charged. It won’t matter what level of intellect a person has (re: your comment “anybody with half a brain”), for this will be associated with:
      2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 –
      For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.”

      I was allowed to experience just a minute feeling of this delusion and had it not been for the Holy Spirit, my knowledge of the Bible and the mercy of the LORD, I could feel myself being sucked into that delusion. I could feel the doubt trying to creep in and the thoughts trying to form: this could be possible, that Jesus was an “alien”. . . OH YES, that delusion is going to be SO INTENSE, that the masses will not be able to prevent themselves from being sucked into that delusion. It will be fulfilling the Scriptures above.

      That day is coming, when ONLY THOSE who have given themselves over FULLY to serving and following Jesus, will be able to STAND. All others? Will fall for the delusion.

      I absolutely agree with you, “the paths of deception are wide. . . ”



      1. Linda,
        One thing that Bette Stevens mentioned last night about the fake rapture and false Mary….. DO NOT look into their faces or EYES. A person could get mesmerized.
        Now, I’m not sure, but perhaps those that are totally sold out to the Lord wouldn’t bother to even look?


        1. Very likely so, Peggy. Think about it. . How many of us have a difficult time even looking at a photo of the Obama-nation? EVIL emits from that seed of Satan. . . When the demon creatures are unleashed . . . With “aliens” (fallen angels/demons) and Giants. . . We will be repulsed. . The Holy Spirit within us will be giving us warnings.


  7. This isn’t a footnote but is a word He gave me over the weekend.
    You may or may not have heard about the record rains & flooding in OK. Well, the rain (thunderstorms) came in sheets/buckets followed by ice & snow.
    This is the result of the removal of the 10 Commandments you’ve all heard of.


    1. WOW Kenzel, no I didn’t hear about that, but it makes sense. God is NOT mocked. There were also all of the tornados released on Christmas Eve. He is STILL trying to get our Nation’s attention, but the majority of people are in a drunken super spiritually. 😦


      1. I agree about the possible implications of this current storm that has been attributed to (last count), of 40 deaths, (btw- 40 in biblical numerics = probation). Ironically the Weather Channel has dubbed it…”Goliath”. A big sign for us believers.

        This past fall we witnessed a 1000 year flood in our neighboring state to the south…S. Carolina. That storm/tropical depression/hurricane was dubbed Joaquin, and it comes from the biblical name
        Jehoikim, which means….”whom Jehovah sets up”. This king was said to be the most evil of all the Kings of Judah.

        I don’t see how the connection to the removal of Yahweh’s protecting hands from North America, can’t be seen in these events.

        2016 is gonna be a doozy!


        1. Yes it will and it will be “all hands on deck” . . . For the final harvest of souls.
          It’s going to be “the best of times and the worst of times”.

          MANY will lose all of their “stuff” and be reduced to trusting FULLY in Jesus Christ and their brothers and sisters in Christ, coming together as one. There will be no doubt who is a sheep and who is a goat. The light of love of the LORD will shine in and through the true believer and follower of Jesus. . . The goats will continue going “the way of balaam” and will be facing eternal judgement . . . Some will even eventually be used in satan’s army against the LORD Jesus . . . Now that is quite mind-boggling, but any who take the mark of the beast and remain alive, will be coming against the LORD Jesus.


    2. Kenzel, we had record amounts of rain here in Southwest Missouri. Most of the rivers and streams are above flood stage. My roommates room was saturated with water that leaked in from the cracks — I had to use my rug cleaner and removed over 1 gallon of water. No other damage in my duplex — just the roommates room. My neighbor also called the Landlord and reported water damage in their side of the building.


        1. I thought so too Linda. I believe that the Lord’s protection is around me all the time. I don’t think that protection extends to my roommate or my neighbors. They all must come to the Lord first.


          1. Very true and here’s a Biblical reference for that very thing (and I believe we are now in this time):
            Ezekiel 14:13-14
            “Son of man, if a country sins against Me by committing unfaithfulness, and I stretch out My hand against it, destroy its supply of bread, send famine against it and cut off from it both man and beast, even though these three men, Noah, Daniel and Job were in its midst, by their own righteousness they could only deliver themselves,” declares the Lord GOD.

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  8. I give all the Glory the the Lord for his protection. I’ve been blessed numerous times with confirmation of this protection, and it’s why I am not stressed or worried about the horrific things that are yet to come.


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