12-12-15 – WOE TO THE LEADERS OF THE FALSE CHURCH: The Blood of LOST Souls is Upon YOUR Hands!!!

Ezekiel 22:23-29 –

And the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Son of man, say to her,
‘You are a land that is not cleansed or rained on in the day of indignation.’
There is a conspiracy of her prophets in her midst
like a roaring lion tearing the prey.
They have devoured lives;
they have taken treasure and precious things;
they have made many widows in the midst of her.
Her priests have done violence to My law
and have profaned My holy things;
they have made no distinction between the holy and the profane,
and they have not taught the difference between the unclean and the clean;
and they hide their eyes from My sabbaths,
and I am profaned among them.
Her princes within her are like wolves tearing the prey,
by shedding blood and destroying lives in order to get dishonest gain.
Her prophets have smeared whitewash for them,
seeing false visions and divining lies for them, saying,
‘Thus says the Lord God,’ when the Lord has not spoken.
The people of the land have practiced oppression and committed robbery,
and they have wronged the poor and needy
and have oppressed the sojourner without justice.”




TO THE LEADERS             



REPENT before it’s too late!!!!

The blood of lost souls is upon YOUR hands, if you do not REPENT and turn from your wicked, self-centered ways!!!

You did NOT preach the TRUTH of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

You did NOT call people to repent, be clean and holy before a HOLY GOD!!

You spewed forth words of comfort, when a call to grieve and mourn was to be spoken, for the sins of your Nation are GREAT.

You spewed forth lies to fill the coffers with mammon, your true god.










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47 thoughts on “12-12-15 – WOE TO THE LEADERS OF THE FALSE CHURCH: The Blood of LOST Souls is Upon YOUR Hands!!!

  1. Yes, there certainly is enough evidence of those who have been shown HELL by Jesus for the purpose of warning those on earth. They definitely have seen leaders there……LORD HAVE MERCY!


  2. Linda – sad but true – I lived an example of this last year when my old church did the memorial service for my mother in law.

    Our Shabbat leader attended that memorial out of support for us. When service ended, She approached lead pastor one on one and explained to him that when he posted scripture on the screen during the service it was Matthew 14 thru 30 – Parable of the talents. When it came to the man who buried his talent, the church cut it off right there at 25:25. She told pastor after ward it was not a good idea to water down and compromise that part of scripture by cutting off what happens to that man from 26 thru 30.

    After the service the pastor came to me and was very defensive saying ” I cant tell the congregation that he went to hell, This is a funeral !!!!! How well would that go over with them”

    I tried to explain face to face that watered down scripture is what she was objecting to by telling you that……. He turned around and said “Im going to investigate where she goes to church” – He never did but that told me right then and there that my old church was not after The Lords truths. Most ( not all) mainstream churches are guilty.

    Now when im down in phoenix I listen online to http://www.shekinah worship.com. – it is truth – I know that terry Bennett , Neville Johnson and Sadju Sundahaar attend the prophetic conferences there quite often. Gotta find truth anywhere and anyway we can right now in these messages. And thank you Lord that we seek your truth and are not blinded.


  3. If they don’t want to give an “altar call” to ALTERED lives at the funeral, they could at least start preaching the full counsel of Scripture during the regular Services, and maybe even do a series on the realities of both Heaven and hell. Or just preach on The Great White Throne Judgment, and The Lamb’s Book of Life and The Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Revelation for starters.


  4. Michael,

    I celebrate Shabbat every Friday evening at my church (which has no membership), but is comprised of many from many denominations including retired pastors, and also Messianic Jews. It is a Christian Church that totally honors our Hebraic roots. It is WONDERFUL!

    I observe each Friday evening through Saturday evening as my “Sabbath” and day of rest.

    I also have a regular (Gregorian) Calendar, but with the Hebrew months, the Lord’s Feasts, etc. super-imposed on it. It’s a WONDERFUL Calendar which I got online from Mark Biltz Ministries. He is the one that FIRST discovered the Blood Moons.

    I pass no judgement on anyone that celebrates Sabbath on another day.
    We all have differing roles, and this is definitely not a salvation issue!

    However, personally,I’m just so thrilled to be a part of this teaching. This is what has been ordered for me to be a part of “for such a time as this.” As the Lord told the Pastor, “If you can read the Scriptures with Hebraic eyes, I will open them up to you.”

    God is not through with the Jew.



  5. Yes Michael, I can relate. I went to a funeral this last summer. It was for a neighbor of ours who had died in his sleep. He was an alcoholic, and left behind a young family. It was tragic. But to make matters worse – the pastor gave a pathetic, feel-good message about how we should all be the best people we can be, and how we should all be there to support the widow our neighbor left behind. Those things are fine – but he never ONCE mentioned the gospel or repentance!! It was a waste of a message! Funerals are an excellent time to discuss eternity, b/c it’s on the forefront of everyone’s minds anyway. I left feeling disappointed and disgusted. If these pastors could spend even ONE minute in Hell, and experience it for themselves, how many more of them would fearlessly teach the whole counsel of God?!


  6. Time is too short and multitudes are heading into hell even right now. . . Because professing church leaders were too focused on self. I pray for conviction to be granted to them, that they may turn and REPENT before they head into eternal damnation.


  7. In the book “Heaven is for Real,” by Todd Burpo, I believe, I was struck by one part, especially. The little boy, “Colton,” I believe was his name, after having an experience in Heaven—- was taken along with his dad, a minister, to a viewing in his church. The little boy pointed to the casket and exclaimed loudly and with conviction: “HE BETTER HAVE JESUS!!”

    I think, initially the boy had asked what the casket was, and also after he started raising his voice about JESUS, his father had to remove him, because the boy was so emphatic about it. (From the voice of babes! Would that leaders and preachers would become just like this child!!!!) …….(this is the best that I remember it……it’s been a few years…..)

    Also, Michael, I posted a message to you last evening on Linda’s post about “I Don’t Want to be a GONG.” It’s no big deal…..just a few Scriptures that came to mind…..


  8. amen thank you peggy and jolie for sharing – to all including Linda I also read that book and passed out 7 copies of it called ” a divine revelation of hell” arrgh cant remember author its so early in morning my motor is not yet running and on my way out to work- but it was truly an eye of the spirit opener – woman went down to hell for 40 days with the Lord so she could share what He does NOT want anyone to experience – available on Amazon I know that – No words can describe the torment of eternity down there – Salvation is a true gift – never want to lose it. Amen.


  9. Besides Bette Stevens below, there is Bill Wiese. You can find Youtube videos, and books “23 Minutes in Hell,” “23 Questions about Hell,” and several more.

    Then there is Marietta Davis born in 1823 in Berlin, New York. At age 25, she entered a comatose state for nine days. The book recounting the experience is “Nine Days in Heaven” by Dennis and Nolene Price. Marietta was shown Heaven and hell, and if I’m not mistaken, she did see a preacher and most of his congregation there.

    Another good book is “Dying Testimonies of the Saved and Unsaved” compiled by S.B. Shaw.
    They include experiences over the span of several hundred years.


  10. Michael,
    It’s wonderful that you tried to spread the word about the reality of HELL by passing out approx. 7 copies of Mary K. Baxter’s “A Divine Revelation of Hell.” I, too, have been “famous” for passing out Christian books, although that is one I don’t remember passing out— OUCH—- it’s IMPORTANT!!!

    If anyone wants to spread that message, videos are a good way to do so. Mary K. Baxter is on Youtube video. One can also go to Sid Roth Television archives, and there is a half-hour interview with her there. Remember, THE TIME IS SHORT!

    In one of Bill Wiese’s books (“23 Minutes in Hell”), I remember him stating that someone had written to him that she had received a copy of his book by 23 different individuals. She cast it aside each time, and then on the 23rd time, she finally decided it was a sign to read it……..God really does pursue us relentlessly at times…..


  11. Linda,
    You may want to post this. It’s a word from the Lord through Clare duBois of New Mexico. She receives one each day and posts on heartdwellers.org The messages are supposed to continue until the Rapture. This is called “Restoring Hope in Crisis.”

    I think the SECOND PAGE is valuable. It describes a society in chaos and what the true needs of people will be: Identity in the BLOOD of JESUS.


  12. Amen Peggy and Linda and thank you. I remembered the author ( Mary Baxter ) 3 minutes after I left the house lol – also Peggy thank you for the scripture quotes in reveleation – I just read them – spot on 🙂 – love the last part of Revelation 2-11 when it speaks of not feeling the second death…… Is that referring to us if we are called as martyrs ???? But then what does ” second death” mean in this context? So grateful I have a site to go to like this where there is wisdom gifted to you all in the more complicated scripture !!! Amen


  13. WHOA – please ignore that “love the last part of that scripture comment” Thank You Linda for explaining – may the Lord bless you for that – I have much to learn still in a short time – please Lord fill me with knowledge and more truths of your word that Im NOT clear on – hurry Lord – and may you change my heart even more that I pursue these scriptures NOW as not knowing the hour you will come for us – Amen


  14. Yea, Bette! A Godly woman, who really has the BOLDNESS to “tell it like it is”!!!
    And, has had DIRECT experiences with the Lord in Heaven and hell.
    And is as modest as they come……and willing to help EVERYONE!


  15. And, Jolie, last night I happened to come across your author publication about Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2015 being different. I think it HAS to be you. Anyway, congratulations on a great submission!


  16. Thank you for sharing this, Kenzel.
    I was “smelling” smoke again today, December 13. Another thing that comes to mind is going to be VERY difficult for almost everybody to believe or accept: canabalism is coming, due to food shortages (and this is related to the judgement upon the land). Deuteronomy 28 curses will unfold upon the United States and it’s going to get horrific. When people have been prompted to “prep”, it’s not merely a nice idea. . . It’s going to be vital for survival. However, each must do as the Holy Spirit leads, for some will be leaving at the last moment and all “preps” will be in vain.

    May the LORD grant us peace and mercy in the midst of the worst days this planet has ever seen.


  17. Welcome, Michael and the LORD absolutely will answer your prayers. Please consider this:
    Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you what He meant when He inspired the original writers. He will help you “see” greater depths to the written word, that will go into the core of your being; it WILL make the written word come alive.


  18. Kenzelsfire – thank you for that post – I just read it – Im having this overwhelming moment where I just want to weep, Wonder if anyone else is too.

    To understand what The Lord is saying to all is just sometimes to much to process. The only thing we can do is just get on our hands and knees and let the tears go.

    Thank You Lord for knowing the hearts that are repenting and that we do love you, We read your words, we pray, we worry, we become frightened in our simple human forms. We are just left to know that we are your children and we want to be with you – protected and loved. May we obey you as the last days unfold – may you look on us with favor as your loved ones, and may Kenzelsfire and the rest of us just sleep for a moment in your hands as they hold us. In your perfect love. Amen


  19. That, my dear brother, is feeling the very Heart of the Heavenly Father, for ALL of the lost souls who have refused His free gift of salvation, through the death of His Son.


  20. Thanks Linda I think I have experienced a small part of His burden. Man its overwhelming . I can’t even comprehend His grief in full. Amen sister . Dry our tears and keep moving towards Him. Amen


  21. It certainly is, Michael . . It feels like your heart is being ripped out. . . And we are only feeling a very small measure of the GRIEF the Heavenly Father feels when each person heads into hell. He still loves them, but gives each a choice to make and will abide by that choice, even when it causes Him grief.

    Each person who goes to hell, has made that choice. God didn’t send them there. . . Their choice sent them there. They did NOT want God’s will to be done. . . So he gave them their will.


  22. I was blessed to sit in “Faith School” for the entire year of 2014 under an IN DEPTH verse by verse study of the Book of Revelation. (Once per week). 2014 was the third year of this study. All lessons were anointed and led by the Holy Spirit, and were about 1 hour in length. I sat on the edge of my seat, and my attention never wandered for any of it. All lessons were recorded on CD for review, which I did take advantage of for review during the weeks of 2014.

    This Faith School is led by the Pastor of the church where I attend.

    However, I DO agree with LINDA below about praying to the Holy Spirit for understanding. She has included EXCELLENT suggestions!

    I’m SURE that for anyone that thirsts for it, HE will supernaturally bring you “up to speed” in any areas of understanding necessary. (Actually, for some months prior to attending this, I really thirsted for a better study of Revelation, and HE, by some interesting so-called “coincidences” led me to that Faith School.)

    The riches of the Scripture are really unsearchable, and there is no limit to the levels of understanding available! I continue to seek, search, and “dig” everyday.


  23. I smelled it on 12/12 or on 12/13, not sure.
    I was a little stunned when reading my Bible, that one time as I inhaled, I breathed in smoke.

    Kenzel, that was an EXCELLENT post. I saw that two people also posted that they smelled it, too.


  24. When we pray with our “spiritual language” (which some call “speaking in tongues”) . . This is praying WITH the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us:
    1 Corinthians 14:14-15 – “…14For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my mind is unfruitful. 15What is the outcome then? I will pray with the spirit and I will pray with the mind also; I will sing with the spirit and I will sing with the mind also. ”

    How I view “praying in the spirit” is this: It’s like “coded language” if you will . . Going straight through to the Throne Room. . . Sorta like the “Codetalkers” during the War.

    Now, any who read this comment and don’t believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today . . . Sorry, that’s not Biblical and I won’t go into debate about that. Please seek the LORD in prayer for ALL that He will give you and for the 100% TRUTH. The days are now upon us when we need ALL that the LORD will grant us.

    If anybody continues to hold on to the FALSE doctrine that the Holy Spirit does not grant gifts for today and miracles, signs and wonders have ceased . . . YOU fall into this category: Hosea 4:6 –
    “6My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.”

    WHEN the demonic forces, the GIANTS, the fallen angels and human/demon hybrids are unleashed with FULL DEMONIC POWER . . . Those who did not believe in the FULLNESS of the Gospel, WILL NOT be able to stand. I haven’t even touched on what is coming, even if you take the most intense post I have on this blog. This is why I continue to BEG people to have a clean walk with the LORD Jesus. ONLY HE CAN HELP US IN THE DAYS AHEAD and YES, it’s going to be THAT BAD!!!

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  25. Linda,
    Regarding your 4th line from the bottom, “for some will be leaving at the last moment,” would that mean leaving our homes, leaving for Heaven, or perhaps either/or?

    Even if leaving, would it also be possible that someone else could find the “preps” and be benefited?
    (Perhaps the “prep” was meant all along for someone else to find?)

    I know, though, bottom line is following the Holy Spirit personal specific direction for each of us.


  26. Peggy . . . It could be any of those things. And yes, we must follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. I knew one person who felt his “preps” would be for others after he was gone.


  27. Thank you Peggy for your support in The Lord. I will confirm this with Him. It is not me that I know. I have not been taken to this site by accident that I know now. Seen so many truths posted by you guys and for as long as this site is up the encouragement to keep seeking higher things is amazing. You guys are a gift. Pray that we share some amazing revelations for as long as we can here. Truly The Lord Bless you all.


  28. I agree entirely with your post below, Linda—-
    Of course, praying in the Spirit and all the gifts of the Spirit are for TO-DAY. (Jesus is the SAME yesterday, today, and forever!)

    My Pastor was teaching on the Gifts and said that she decided ahead of time if anyone said, “but that’s not for today,” she would truthfully respond, “IT’S TOO LATE! I ALREADY GOT IT!!”

    Satan is so deceptive and clever, he has gotten into many of the churches and “inspired” all of that false and dis-empowering “doctrine.” I suppose that makes him happy as a clam.

    That has left the church, in general, SICK, SAD, SORRY, BUSTED, and DISGUSTED, and actually not too much different than “the world.”

    YES– “My People PERISH for a lack of knowledge.”


  29. Michael,
    I understand. I’ve found myself dropping to my knees in grief/prayer recently. It’s hard to describe weeping where the sadness isn’t coming from yourself but a supernatural impartation.

    Just so y’all know, after I posted that I felt myself shaking in the hour after. Not necessarily a physical thing. Hard to tell if it was the enemy – cause I came really close to deleting that post – until I begged God for his peace to confirm I followed his instructions.

    I believe the personal shaking I was feeling was actually a slice of reverence (as in a healthy fear of the lord and his power.)


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