11-24-15- DREAM (?): “The Sounds Heard in Heaven”

Proverbs 25:2 – “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.” ~ ~ ~ ~

Isaiah 6:2-3 “Seraphim stood above Him, each having six wings: with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. And one called out to another and said, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy, is the LORD of hosts, The whole earth is full of His glory.'” ~ ~ ~ ~

Luke 10:17-19The seventy returned with joy, saying, “Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.” And He said to them, “I was watching Satan fall from heaven like lightning. “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you.”



I feel the need to share a bit, before I share the dream(?), the Warning Word from the LORD, with understanding, caution and interpretation. There is quite a bit of information here, so the primary focus is THE WARNING WORD OF THE LORD, with additional understanding and “CAUTION”.

Early yesterday evening (11-23-15) I got incredibly sleepy, so I went to bed to take a nap. I don’t know if I had a dream, or a vision or a “supernatural experience”, that is why there is a question mark, after the word “DREAM”.


After this “experience”, which was quite unusual for me, I had to continue seeking the LORD for the meaning of it, as well as what He wanted to highlight about it, with Scriptural references. He directed me to read and research information for additional understanding. During all of this, I also received a Warning Word from the LORD.

I’ll number the segments, to help with the breakdown of the interpretation. With that being said, here’s what happened:



1.) I heard somebody on my left side say “Obama” (the entity currently residing in the White House).  



2.) I then heard a man on my right side say “I gained an understanding of sound harmonics”.



3.) Instantly I was falling into a dark black, supernatural tunnel (or vortex) in the ground, along with what I perceived to be a large rock (but didn’t actually see it). As I was falling I heard what can best be described as a supernatural harmonic tone, one I have never heard before. The lower I fell with this rock, the deeper the tone went. I knew there was no way out of this, that I was falling deeper and deeper into that darkness.



4.) THEN I started making a high pitched tone, that I actually use, when I’m calling one of my cats; he comes to that sound, which is not very loud but he can hear it. This tone I can do just using my mouth, while drawing in air between my lips. . . it sounds something like a kitten or an odd little bird. (If I could add an audio of it here I would).


5.) THEN as I was making this high pitched tone, I started rising up higher and higher until I was out of that dark tunnel/vortex.


That was the end of this very odd “experience”.  I’ll first give the warning from the Holy Spirit, then give the interpretation of this “experience”. There is quite a bit of information here, so the primary focus is THE WARNING WORD OF THE LORD, with additional understanding and CAUTION.




image image



We MUST remove ALL worldly music from our environment. That worldly music which we “enjoyed” in the past (and many still listen to right now), will be utilized as a doorway to unleash demonic attacks.

The sound waves produced by those who do NOT serve the LORD Jesus, will draw YOU deeper into the darkness. ROCK MUSIC . . . RAP MUSIC . . these two are keys that open up portals to the dark forces of satan.  Some of it has a label of “Christian music”, but DON’T BE FOOLED!!!



There are other forms of worldly music that are “lessor keys” as well. SO ALL WORLDLY MUSIC must be removed from our environment, to “cleanse” our households. Let the Holy Spirit lead you into removing ALL that is unholy in His eyes.



We MUST focus on “The Sounds Heard from Heaven”, which are PRAISES TO OUR LORD JESUS.



PRAISE USHERS IN THE PEACE AND PRESENCE OF THE LORD, with the POWER of the Holy Spirit; it helps keep our focus on Heaven, lifting our spirits up and away from the darkness that is increasing in the world.  PRAISE to our LORD JESUS is a MIGHTY weapon against the forces of darkness.

image  image



Continued playing of and listening to “worldly music” WILL result in drawing you deeper and deeper into darkness, while unleashing demonic attacks within and upon your household.



—-> PLEASE . . . CLEANSE YOUR HOUSEHOLD before “all hell breaks loose” upon you.

The choice is yours:  SOUNDS HEARD FROM HEAVEN. . .  

OR – sounds that usher in demonic forces from hell. 











1.) Hearing the name “Obama”, signifies the beast system’s agenda to utilize sound.


“Obama” changed his given name from Barry Soetoro, to Barack Hussein Obama, which gives us understanding:

BARAK, also transliterated as Baraq in Hebrew, is LIGHTNING (Strongs Hebrew word 1300). Even in Greek, Barak is LIGHTNING (Strongs Greek word 913) for the name of a person.

BAMA – (Strongs Hebrew word 1116) is used to refer to the “Heights” of Heaven.

In Hebrew, the letter vau is transliterated as an “O” or “U”. It is primarily used as a conjunction to join concepts together. So, to “join” in Hebrew poetry the concept of lightning (Barack) and a high place like heaven or the “Heights of Heaven”, the letter “O” or Hebrew vau would be used. Bama is most commonly used to refer to a high sacred place, as well as to the “Heights” of the heavens or clouds.

So, Barack O Bama in Hebrew poetry, similar to the style of Isaiah, would translate literally as Lightning and the “Heights” of the sky or heaven. Please look at this 4 min video:


HUSSEIN – Obama’s chosen middle name, gives us “clues” about who he is prophesied to be for the islamic culture: “The Mahdi” or “The 12th Imam”.  Hussein was the grand son of the islamic “prophet” Mohammad from his daughter Fatima and his cousin and son in law Ali Bin Abi Talib. “The Mahdi” was to come from the offspring of Fatima, with the purpose of bringing the entire globe into an islamic caliphate, destroying any and all who will not subjugate themselves under this luciferian tyranny.



2.) “Sound Harmonics” (a phrase I have NOT used before this dream) is a system that has been utilized by the occult to open up portals to the demonic realms. The United States government utilizes sound harmonics through its HAARP technology that has been and will be utilized to impact individuals via sound waves. These sound waves will give the impression one is literally hearing “the voice of god”, as a part of the global mind manipulation.



3.) The beast system utilizes the music industry as a primary global force to broadcast satanically-inspired music, produced by individuals deeply entrenched into the worship of satan. Continued playing of and listening to Rock, Rap and other “worldly music”, at this point in history. . . WILL BE USED BY SATAN to unleash demonic attacks on individuals and households.



4.) We have an active part to play in our relationship with the LORD Jesus. When we call out to Him, He is there. He knows our voice and we know His voice (John 10:27).



5.) PRAISE IS VITAL IN THIS HOUR OF HISTORY. . . it is a mighty weapon that will help keep us focused on our LORD JESUS. . . the KING of Kings and the LORD of Lords. HE IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!!! And the sounds from Heaven will join us in our praises to the King . . . bringing LIGHT in the darkness and PEACE in the times of chaos.





“Who is Barry Soetoro?”


The Story of Imam Hussein


Identification of the Prophesied Imam Mahdi


Lynn Leahz – “Ancient Pyramids and HAARP: Portals of Hell, Mind Control and NWO Deception”


The Devil’s Chord: The conspiracy to open the portal of consciousness and the mystery of the octave:


Lynn Leahz – “HAARP Triggering Ancient Pyramid Energy Could Be Fatal”


SATANIC CONTROL: Inside Rock Music


The Controlled Music Industry




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57 thoughts on “11-24-15- DREAM (?): “The Sounds Heard in Heaven”

  1. If it’s ok, I would like to address something.

    Dear Holly,

    I want to share with you that Linda is one of the most sensitive, spirit filled believer’s I have met on line. She is careful and respectful, She has deep grasp of the Bible, is gifted in the prophetic and words gifts. I have never heard her sing, yet I am sure her voice reaches heaven.

    Linda is an intercessor and gently corrects, teaches, reproves, and always through prayer and the guidance of Holy Spirit and scripture. Even so, she has a boldness and obedience through discernment to speak truth.

    I know that she will pray for you in earnest. You did not happen by her site by accident. I am glad you did. I am an intercessors, also, and today I am praying for you, that God will attend your journey and lead into all truth in the person that is Truth, Jesus Christ.

    Sincerely, Sue


  2. There are so many areas that are true illustrations of what the LORD says, “my people perish for lack of Knowledge”.
    Sadly, MOST in N. America are clueless to even what’s happening around the world, even now as I type this (WW 3 looming . . . jihad rising . . . the End Times are here and now).


  3. Several years ago I listened to an expose on rock music. I think it’s called The Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll. It was researched and narrated by Joe Schimmel. It was mind blowing to say the least.


  4. You are welcome, Holly.

    I will respectfully agree to disagree with you on Mormons (RLDS) representing the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, nor would I consider them a “Christian Church”. There may indeed be born-again believers who were raised in and freed from Mormonism.

    About the Catholic Church, that is another area we will agree to disagree. There may indeed be born-again believers and followers of Jesus who may have been raised Catholic, but the belief system of Catholicism does not represent the FULL TRUTH of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    I won’t go into debate on these or other issues; time is too short and debate does not bring peace. I pray for each person to pursue 100% TRUTH and let the Holy Spirit lead ALL into TRUTH. May each person have a TRUE relationship with Jesus Christ as their LORD and Savior.

    Warmest Regards


  5. Thank you so much for being thoughtful enough to respond to me. I usually don’t post on blogs, so it was a nice surprise that you responded. I remember all of my growing years, my wise Mother told me that “If I ever wanted to know the truth about someone, I was to ask his friends not his enemies, then I would see a clearer picture of who he truly was” As I read your email to me, I was overcome with the distinct impression that you may have gotten your information about the Mormon church from their enemies not their friends. I will be turning 53 on the 25th of this month. I have spent my entire life seeking truth through deep study and prayer. Most of that study has been about religion, and spiritually. I have relied heavily on the voice of the Lord in guiding me. He has never failed me yet. One thing that I have learned in my years of studying religion is that the Church of Jesus Christ of LaterDay Saints is absolutely with out doubt a Christian church. It would be as if I called the Catholic Church non Christian. In my opinion it is more Christian than some that claim to be so. As far as the other two points you mentioned, they are something for me to study and ponder. Because of the fact that I felt impressed of the source of your information, I feel like the whole truth is not there. I have always been so careful as to what I say in regards to things like that because I know that one day I will stand accountable to the Lord for what I say or teach. I would never want to have the realization,as I am standing before him, that I kept honest seekers of Christ from something that was his truths. Good luck with all of your good pursuits. Hopefully you will make a change for good with others as we prepare to meet him at his coming. Sincerely, Holly

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Wow . . thank you for sharing that amazing warning dream.

    About the Mormon Tabernacle choir. . . the voices are lovely, but it’s important we understand that mormonism is not Christianity; this is a cult that believes Jesus and satan were brothers; that men can one day be “gods” of their own planet. Please consider doing more research into mormonism. Now, it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the music, but again we must be cautious about the momon beliefs. . . these are again not Christians (believers and followers of Jesus Christ, the Hebrews called Yahshua).


  7. I usually wake up early every morning to do my scripture study and prayer but this morning I had a prayer on my heart for interpretation to a dream that I had 30 years ago when I was 18 years old. This morning I found myself here on your website. I believe that your information has helped me understand part of that dream.
    In my dream, I was walking with many people, I remember turning my head to look behind me and I saw multitudes of people. Right then I heard this music,I can’t remember if it was loud or not,I think it was, but anyways the moment I heard it my chest was filled with terror. I immediately recognized that it was evil music and from the demonic world. I crouched to the ground and wrapped my arms around my head. I suddenly realized that there was a power with this music because people behind me were being sucked with a powerful force into this black doorway where the source of the music came from.
    I realized that I was in a church and that the doorway was at the end of a hall. On the other side of the doorway was an endless vast darkness, like space,maybe hell. there were so many people flying past me being sucked into this darkness. I got the feeling that most of the people behind me were pulled into the doorway. The pulling force was so great that I had to grab hold of these hanging rods that you hang your coats on when you enter a church. As I held on with all of my might the pulling force became so great that my legs and body were lifted up in the air. The only thing keeping me from being sucked into the darkness was my holding to that rod. It didn’t take long before my strength weakened and I could not hold on any longer. I let go and I was slammed to the wall next to the doorway. The power began to pull me around the corner of the doorway. When I was half way in I looked into the horrible blackness. One particular demon with its skeleton like face came up and reached for my stomach. Then for some reason something made me turn my head to look off to the side, away from the dark doorway. I saw a man standing there surrounded in the most brilliant white light, beyond any whiteness I have ever seen. The music was light. The INSTANT I saw him the evil music ceased and the power of the darkness immediately lost all power and left. I was fill with the most amazing light , joy and peace beyond description. I ran and threw my arms around him with such joy. When I hugged him, I was also engulfed in the whiteness of the light. I was smiling, he was smiling and I saw others they were smiling too. We all turned and looked at the world. It was at a distance. It was full of darkness, smoke and blackened buildings. Some had fallen down. It was dirty and in ruins. There were bats flying all around but We were safe and happy and in the light.
    I am so grateful to learn about this music and phonics that you are talking about. This dream makes more sense now. I will have to say that in the video you shared, as soon as I heard that horrible music, my blood turned cold and I started crying. It was the same that I heard in my dream so many years ago. It was as if I has just experienced that dream again. In my dream, there was more evil music than in the video.
    I just need to prayerful ask Heavenly Father what I need to do about it now.
    As far as your comments about the churches and their music. I suggest to look into the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. I have been very pleased at what I’m finding there. The Mormon Tabernacle choir, without a doubt sings with the tongues of angles and all of Church sponsored music is the same. There are members that write music that is not Church sponsored. Most is very good, some might not be. As far as my research has found, all of the music that is sponsored and endorsed by their church is full of light. The same light that was in my dream.


  8. I have stopped going to movies altogether. Only once this year did I go and see a movie, (about the California earthquake). I also have finally come to realize that since all secular music does not glorify God, it glorifies the Devil. Any person whose Father is not our God, his/her father is the Devil. I used to laugh that when the so-called pioneers of the rock and roll movement were marketing their music, the truly Conservative Christians properly labelled the new secular music as Devil’s music. Now I realize that the music I had once adored, is from Hell. Thank you God, for your loving kindness and being very patient with me. I now like to listen to scripturally correct God-inspired, Holy Spirit anointed praise and worship music.


  9. You are very welcome, Yael and thank you. I TRULY understand “resistance to this message” . . . sadly, MOST churches are too busy with building their own little kingdoms and NOT The Kingdom of Heaven. Your message is touching on an IDOL in the “church” and that idol is used to bring in masses of “seekers” who like the ear-tickling, watered down false messages. . . it’s serving mammon and not the LORD. These are “pukes in the pulpit” who will have blood on their hands for not preaching the FULL message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are using sounds of satan that lull the dull into the demonic realm.

    But . . . these self-centered groups, sadly will see that all crashing down. The TRUE believers and followers of Jesus will have to go underground, throughout the world, just like our brothers and sisters must do in other parts of the world, like China.

    Please feel free to stop by and comment/share on any of my posts.

    Here’s one of the warnings about judgement upon the “leaders” in the professing “church”:

    Judgement Upon the False Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers


  10. There is much resistance to this message and it’s a blessing just having a place to express some of the things the Lord has shown me (sorry for such a lengthy post). Thank you kindly for your encouragement to me personally — and your encouragement to all the saints.

    And thank you for your labors in the kingdom. I value your posts, comments and humor, wherever I encounter them. I greatly appreciate your prayers and may the Lord bless and sustain you as well.


  11. WOW . . thank you VERY much for sharing this, Yael. . . I pray the Heavenly Father WILL open up doors for you to speak out about this VITAL information. WOW again. Jesus warned us, in Hosea 4:6 – “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.”

    How many churches are ushering in the spirit of deception and the spirit of divination? I suspect the majority of Western World churches today are doing just that.

    Thank you again, for bringing this information to my blog. I REALLY appreciate it and hope others read what you wrote here. Blessings to you and may the LORD Jesus shine favor upon you.


  12. Some 23 years ago, I was so grieved by the music coming into the church (yes… way back then) that I cried out to the Lord to understand what was happening, because I knew something was very, very wrong with it. He took me on a 3 yr journey unfolding the layers of the origins and evolution of what was invading the sanctuary. He gave me dreams and I researched and followed the breadcrumbs… back to the worship of Dionysus, also known as Bacchus (read: Bar-Cush, i.e. son of Cush aka Nimrod). This unveiled an extensive body of information that I will distill as much as possible for the sake of brevity. Here are some excerpts from my notes:

    “While drunkenness was practiced as a means of communion with Bacchus, drunkenness is held to be completely absent in the early rites of this cult. Music and dance was known to be the more potent and intense method of worship among Dionysus’ more devout followers. The musical form most closely related to Dionysus (dithyramb: hymns to Dionysus sung at “satyr plays”) is said to be akin to calypso… I believe that the musical form of Dionysian worship is infiltrating the worship of the Church through believing, but carnal musicians. It is fleshly, and its volume, rhythm, keys, and chord progressions are not distinguishable from the world’s contemporary music…Only the lyrical themes differ. More often than not, the lyrics are not scripture/scriptural, and tend to focus on man. But even in cases where the lyrics are scriptural, I am reminded of the union of Cozbi (meaning, ‘false’), the daughter of a prince of Midian, and Zimri (meaning, ‘psalm’, i.e. spiritual song), of the tribe of Simeon, which brought a plague upon Israel until Phinehas put an end to it by impaling them both on the same spear (Numb. 25). Phineas was praised for this as an act of righteousness (Psa. 106:30 & 31)…

    The style of music is not what is popularly termed ‘heavy metal’; however, the spiritual weight of it is heavy, and the amplification so excessive, especially of the electric guitars, that ‘metallic’ is precisely the descriptive term that comes to mind. The strummed metal twang is reminiscent of oriental gongs, or the sounding brass of I Cor. 13:1. Truly, this music does seem to be absent the sweetness of love. Also, the term ‘heavy metal’ seems appropriate in the sense of its toxicity to the body (Body); but, what seems most offensive is the beat. According to Christian Rock. A Stratagem of Mephistopheles, the stopped anapestic beat employed is a musical form contrary to the natural body rhythm, i.e. it is exactly opposite of heart and arterial rhythm; the syncopation* routinely added to it suggests sexual rhythms, affects the cerebral-spinal fluid, pituitary gland, secretion of sex and adrenal hormones, calcium level, and blood sugar to the brain; with the net physiological effect of impairing moral judgment. The stopped anapestic rhythm is credited with heightening stress and anger, reducing output, increasing hyperactivity (ADD?), and instantly weakening muscle strength by 2/3 in 90% of those tested. Can…decades of the explosion, amplification, broadcast, and relentless reproduction of such sound frequencies into the atmosphere be increasing domestic and social violence, reducing productivity, and taking its toll on national, if not world, health? And, has it finally penetrated the fortress of God, the Church, to assault the Body of Christ? Is the Body of Christ, in large part, marching to the beat of a different drummer rather than the heartbeat of the Lord? It seems obvious that a musical tradition which so evidently sows to the flesh will of the flesh reap corruption.

    * The dictionary defines syncopate, in music: to treat or modify by syncopation; to affect with syncope. The New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia defines syncope precisely as “the skipping of a heartbeat”. The dictionary further defines syncope: 1) Grammar: The elision of a sound or syllable in the middle part of a word, as ‘e’er’ for ever. 2) Pathology: A loss of consciousness caused by temporary cerebral anemia. Syn. UNCONSCIOUSNESS. Under ‘unconsciousness’ the dictionary defines ‘syncope’ as a state, different from sleep, in which the mind is unaware of itself. (A trance?) The Thesaurus treats the shortening/contracting aspect of syncope as one of several informative synonyms for the idea of Disjunction: detachment, division, divorce, tearing, mutilation, disruption, breach, breakdown, for nouns; and unyoke, rend asunder, decompose, “break to smithereens”, for verbs. (The latter of which echoes a point made in ‘Christian Rock’…. that while “The lyrics (of Rock and Roll) generally capitulate to the concept of true love, …the music itself expresses the unspoken desire to smash it to pieces”, i.e. a conjunction of opposites.) Under the heading of Insensibility, syncope is listed along with: oblivion, stupor, narcotization, drug, dope, twilight sleep, etc. Finally, under the heading of Music, syncopated music is listed as: rock and roll, jazz, hot jazz, ragtime, swing, etc.

    The most prevalent percussion instrument in use, the drum, is a doubtful participant in sacred music under any circumstances….the implications of rhythmic emphasis, that is syncopation, notwithstanding. The origins of this instrument are found in ritual animal sacrifice, the skin of which animal ultimately supplied the drumhead, the ritual ceremony and blood sacrifice of which animal supplied the ability of the drum to invoke the favor, protection, and/or power of a pagan god (one of the definitions of the verb ‘drum’ is to summon).

    Satyrs are religious spirits…that attend the worship of a false god. Its worship is expressed in distinctive forms of music, theatrics, and festivals. These forms are based in unholy blood sacrifice and orgy. They brought plagues into Israel’s camp. Certain of these forms of worship have been in the Church for centuries.

    This spirit gives sickness a stronghold in the Body because it manifests in breakdown. It also gives place to division and divisiveness marring fellowship, and barring unity. It weakens the Body. These things may be hard to hear, harder for some than for others. But, the musicians and worship leaders are not solely responsible. The Church is a body. The belly can’t fault the hand for what it is fed. The hand only selects what the tongue desires, unless Wisdom rules over appetite.

    Clearly our musical traditions have an origin and history pre-dating Western Civilization, but it would seem that such history is seldom, if ever, examined. The principle presented in Genesis 1 is that every tree bears fruit after its own kind. If the root is profane, how can the fruit be holy? Music is a medium that well reflects the Apollonian/Dionysian dichotomy in that music can represent form and rationality or drunkenness and ecstasy, which is illustrated in innumerable examples, of western music alone, spanning Classical to Rock. This reminds me of another conjunction of opposites, the site of which was a tree: the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. …Is it at this tree, in each of us, where the axe must be laid to the root, Matt. 3:10? Is it the stump of this tree (the Yule log, representing the Babylonian Messiah: Nimrod/Tammuz/ Bacchus/Dionysus) that is being worshipped in many churches?”

    Well, there’s much more, but you can see the implications. This is why ‘church’ no longer feels like church and, in fact, isn’t church. The altars are polluted. There are days I’d welcome an EMP, just to silence the sound system. God’s people need to come out of the trance and pray for discernment.

    Just my 2 shekels.


  13. Hi bbutter (and LOL on that “name” 😀 ) I would include “heavy metal” in with “rock” . . . . it’s in the same demonically-inspired category. Also, if you look at the sound frequencies. .. you are NOT going to hear those sounds in Heaven. . . . just listen to the screeching sounds of the electric guitar . . that brings up images of the demonic. . . one can put a label “Christian Music” on it, but that does not make it so.

    ALSO. . . even the most amazing sounds from alleged “Christians musicians” have judgement coming for selling what was freely given, that was supposed to help usher people in to the presence of the Almighty; it has been sold, packaged and the poor are left out. Please consider looking at this post I was prompted to write up. . . a jaw-dropping Vision & Word from the LORD I was given back in the 1990s that left me STUNNED:

    Warning Vision: Prostituting the Gospel


  14. Oh, I wish you would have included Heavy Metal music in your article. I have a family member who goes to these concerts. Strange, godless names. Loud and definitely satanic. She says that some are Christians and “even though they play heavy metal “music”….the words are Christian”?????? Riiight!

    Hebrews 12:28-29 –
    28 “Therefore, since we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us show gratitude, by which we may offer to God an acceptable service with reverence and awe; 29 for our God is a consuming fire.”

    I very seriously doubt that even “Christian” Heavy Metal music honors Almighty God with reverence and awe.


  15. WOE . . . thank you for sharing that. I just looked and it truly points to “The United States” . . WOE. May ALL who claim to be a Christian truly know Jesus Christ as their LORD and Savior, in an intimate, bride-in-love-with-the-bridegroom way.

    May ALL call on the name of the LORD Jesus, in the day of trouble.

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  16. Ok, Kenzel. . . I’ll also leave these comments on this thread, so if anybody else has something personal they need to discuss, they’ll know they can get in contact with me to do that.



  17. WOE . . . thank you for sharing that info. I’m finding more about how sounds impact us as well. Yes, indeed “New Age” music would be another one to remove from our environment. I sense there were others like that that were of demonic influence. Very dangerous for us spiritually.

    I believe the Holy Spirit was highlighting “Rock” and “Rap” because those two forms of sound are IDOLS in the lives of many professing Christians, and they continue to worship at the feet of their idols, by lifting up their music . . . going to their concerts and letting the demonically-inspired sounds keep the doorways open that allow demonic attacks to increase.

    Thank you again for sharing this info.


  18. Linda, The enemy sure is in the air. I just spend a large amount of time writing a reply with valuable information/warnings, etc. and before I was able to send it, was deleted, and my kindle I use along side of my lap top began acting up, and my lights are flashing in the room I am in. I was given confirmation to begin a blog with so many things happening in the spirit realm. In the meantime, I want to share what I have that goes along with your dream and warnings. First, scripture must be the foundation along with a personal relationship with Christ and as Bette puts it Self Examination. Until this lines up, we will not be fully equipped, prepared or be able to hear the voice of the Lord Jesus.

    A friend went to a psychologist and was given information to read to get CDS on an icon new age musician to help with stress and sleep. In your posting above, we shared about Jazz, Rock, etc, now we need to include all the music labeled “new age” in the name of peace, healing, sleep and mindful meditation, etc. After researching this morning, these are a few quotes I found but can be read on your/others own Music as Medicine: An Interview With New Age Icon…I can send the link if you would like, let me know.

    Here are a few quotes:

    His music is 100% scientifically engineered to perform wonders. Build upon the ancient “music as medicine” traditions…the article has the video of the Sacred Chant from the Pyramid (also share above by Lynn). He has a CD called the initiation with the sounds inside the pyramid.

    Musicians are the antenna of the human race.

    “Our cells are pre-wired to shift into these higher order functions – this is part of what I seek to do through my music.

    As things started evolving, and I started hearing music pouring into my head internally, there came a strong urge to share music with others with the purpose of using music as a tool to help others tune into higher vibrations and inner “peace” – It was something my body needed and my spirit needed. Coming from not so much an ego position, but tracing back to the more ancient roots of music with the musicians in ancient Greece, and China and Egypt, who were healers and priests.

    I was working with the electromagnetic spectrum and exploring the healing properties of the sound and colour spectrum. Most music is locked in time, my music is outside of time.”

    Blessings in Jesus,

    Maria – warrior watchman


  19. Maybe they used to be truthful (to a point) . . but now, all of them are controlled by the government/global beast system. . . that’s both broadcast, lamestream channels and their counterparts in the lamestream news. I still look at some of the lamestream news reports I now call the “comics news” (like the old cartoon comic section) . . just to see what lies they are putting out there, or propaganda they are putting out there, to compare to other alternative media sources. Many times it’s like living in the Twilight Zone or watching “News, live from the Matrix”.

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  20. Hello Kenzel,

    I didn’t know if you wanted to ask the question publically or privately. I sent you an email, if you wanted to ask privately. If publically, here is an ok place to ask.



  21. Depravity may be influencing this nation but I’ve heard/read that the center of the enemy’s “territory” is in the ME.

    I actually have a question to ask, that’s spiritual in nature (about Spiritual ears) not related to this post. Where is the best place to ask it?


  22. I am finding that many “conservative” channels like FOX are changing rather quickly. I am now starting to even question TheBlaze. I get some awesome true news stories from TheBlaze, but turned on that channel the other day and am seeing broadcasts from others on this network that are very questionable.


  23. Yes . . . demonically RED.

    For info about that 2016 “lucifer” series, on FOX . . yes, you saw that . . FOX, the “alleged” Conservative channel. Here’s a link directly to that info —-> CLICK HERE

    Here is a quote about this REPULSIVE series:
    Lucifer, bored from his sulking life in hell comes and lives in Los Angeles only to help humanity with it’s miseries through his experience and telepathic abilities to bring people’s deepest desires and thoughts out of them. While his meeting with a girl in his nightclub (called lux ), a shootout at him and the girl leads him to be a LAPD consultant who in order tries to punish people for their crimes through police, law and justice.

    EVIL is being being broadcast as “good” . . it’s programming for the Beast system.

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  24. I think I’ve heard of that show, I guess I thought it was already on the air? Never thought about the “inference” of that word, but it is very interesting. Speaking of programming, I get a very unsettled feeling when I see all the Breaking News headlines on one of the MSM channels pasted across the bottom of the screen in RED!


  25. I remember that as well and don’t let there be a presidential election night (LOL).

    Think about that term “programming” . . . it is exactly what is taking place. . . programming people to accept darker and more demonic things. January there is supposed to be a television series called “lucifer” . . .yes, it’s true; do a search on that. It’s to make lucifer look more “acceptable”. . . .and the masses continue to drink the koolaid of deception and delusion, but one day? TRUTH prevails and there will be many, many, many who will mourn and wail because they did not love the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and turned away from the ONLY ONE who could save their very souls. . . and HE is the one they will face on that judgement day.

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  26. Dropped satellite one or two yrs ago. Just have a digital antennae now, even then only things worth watching are on geb stations. I never imagined programming would get to this level of depravity. I remember, even as a little kid only having 3-5 vhf/uhf channels to watch!


  27. Interesting, Kenzel . . . it really seems the Holy Spirit is ramping up the discernment for those who are seeking the truth. I’m finding that old videos I used to like, I can’t watch any more either. (We have an old T.V., with a VCR built in. . we get cheap videos at the thrift store.) We haven’t had cable t.v. for over a year now (it was getting darker and more demonic last year, even the commercials).


  28. Hmm, interesting. After a field trip I participated in yesterday for my kids, I could write a blog post about that experience.

    I listened to Top 40 & adult contemporary music up until 8-9 yrs ago (when I discovered christian & ccm music). Now, I simply cannot listen to music from that former life. It nearly sends chills up my spine. It takes new top a time & place I don’t feel a need to recall thru that music. I like the Christian music I listen to (i dohave limits on artists & styles. So not all of it appeals – but Klove is a go to for me.)
    – Kenzel


  29. AMEN Linda and everyone. I know for myself that every time I would even try to listen to secular music, it dulls my ability to hear God’s voice. He has made it crystal clear for me that He does NOT want me listening to any of it. Also, I recently realized that – if you think about it – all those secular musicians and rock stars – who made their money off of selling their talents to serve themselves and satan – most of them die and go to hell (b/c they sell out and never choose to repent before death). So by me listening to their music, I am giving my stamp of approval and blessing on the very thing that often is what sends those artists to hell. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul.”

    Years ago I worked for a big non-profit Christian ministry. And my boss claimed to listen to “classic rock,” because Christian music just wasn’t as “good” as secular music. In my humble opinion – I’ll sacrifice a little bit of talent (if necessary) to stay focused on the Lord – rather than giving glory to all things of the flesh and Hell.

    Also, how can I be fully sanctified and holy if I am listening to music that usually glorifies things of the flesh (alcohol, drugs, fornication, lust…). And even the most mild secular music that seems “harmless,” if it’s not praising Jesus – then it can still get our minds off of the Lord and tempt us to be distracted. I like to fill my home and environment with as much praise music as possible. Along with making it a more inviting environment for angels and the Holy Spirit, and helping me to stay focused on Jesus and purity, it also fends off the demons! They HATE music that praises our Lord.

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  30. AMEN. . . Peggy . . TODAY is the time to step in to your calling . . . we can’t stop what has been decreed from Heaven . . JUDGEMENT, but we can intercede for the souls of those who do not know the LORD Jesus . . that the demonic will NOT go beyond what the Father has decreed.



  31. Yes, Linda. I agree. I have a friend (that gets “Words of Knowledge”) mention something to me about it several weeks ago. I have continued to be stubborn about it. That’s just crazy, as I came from a musical family with a deep love of quality true worship music, and just know that I was placed in that family for a reason, and perhaps most of all “for such a time as this.”

    I do believe this blog topic and posts have caused a shift in me just now (for the positive!)
    No way do I want to be a “wicked servant,” but that is the truth of it.
    I have also heard that “wicked” comes from “wicker” or “twisted” or even “bewitched.”
    No way do I want to be ANY of those things.

    It figures that satan would want to stop me on this! So that must mean there’s something GOOD for “The Kingdom of Heaven” involved with it, and ALL for HIS GLORY ALONE!

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! (the manifold tricks that satan will use…)
    “BUT GOD” (so many “but God” references in the Bible) came through on this POST TODAY! Wow!


  32. PLEASE DO . . this is NOT the time to “hide our talents” . . . we know what Jesus said about the wicked servant that did that. I’m sharing that with truth and love. . . as you play, also pray. . . it brings the sounds of Heaven through the atmosphere and clears the air for the presence of the LORD. . . .
    ALSO . . when an anointed musician plays/sings. . . it is a HORRENDOUS sound to the demonic forces . . they can not stay in the sounds of Heaven.


  33. Okay, maybe I should. Several have prophesied that God wants to use me through music (like downloading music from Heaven) for the purpose of healing. These several people really didn’t know each other, and the first one mentioned this in 1988…….through 2015.

    I know that this gift was probably purposed for such a time as this.
    I don’t see how it’ll happen, and I’m sad about the state of things, so I’d like to “give up.”

    BUT, that’s just not smart. There’s a piano in this house and a keyboard, and a lot of people that live around here, so possibly the healing ministry could take place right here in this house……who knows….

    At any rate, I should “clear the atmosphere” each day with a hour of playing.
    Piano was my major instrument in college. I was a music major.


  34. Peggy, those who have a calling/anointing for worship, are CRITICAL in this hour. . . you and others like you, when exercising your gift, help clear the spiritual air . . . and prayers go forth even more powerfully.


  35. As I see it, Lucifer was the worship leader in Heaven. I think the Bible states that his body was composed of musical instruments. So, he particularly hates our singing in true worship….he CAN’T do it any more. On the other hand, our true praise and worship is excellent WARFARE against him!

    Also, it’s not surprising that he has attacked much of the music industry, particularly to corrupt children and youth.

    I am a musician (piano), but for the past 10 years or so, I do not like to play anything other than true tasteful worship music centering around Jesus. Other songs and pieces do not interest me anymore.
    And actually, since June, I haven’t even wanted to play. (I’m in “sack-cloth” and “ashes”.)

    This is a great post about caution and discernment in this critical area.


  36. We really need to listen to the Holy Spirit in ALL areas. What has a label of “Christian Music” may not actually be worship to the LORD. Also, what others consider “unacceptable” may be pleasing to the LORD. It takes increased wisdom and discernment in these final days, for the enemy will use ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to cause harm to a believer. . . to steal, kill and destroy. . that is what he does and will continue doing until Jesus comes back and binds him up.

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  37. Thank you, Donise, for sharing that; it helped me understand the higher tone that caused me to rise up in this “experience” (whatever it was). I really appreciate it when others bring their experiences, dreams, visions, revelations . . thoughts and comments to my blog. It helps me and others who stop by. We all get “a bigger picture.”

    Thank you very much for sharing and blessings to you.

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  38. Sadly, I know Beverly. I have also attended numerous churches, both small and large, where the Holy Spirit is not in the music or even in the building for that matter. He resides within the true believers, but He was not manifesting His presence in those gatherings, nor blessing those gatherings. Sadly, most churches today continue the Sunday social clubs and the LORD is not there 😓 . . .
    JUDGEMENT is coming and the sword of islam will be used to bring that judgement. I don’t like to say that, or believe that, yet I know it’s coming. It’s going to be violent, bloody and horrific. Those who listen to and obey the Holy Spirit’s prompting “don’t go there today” will be protected. Those who attend social clubs on Sunday, will possibly be in the very spot where the hammer of judgement is coming down.

    What we saw in Paris was a “warm-up” to what’s heading to the United States and is already in the doors. The call for jihad is prepared and when that call goes out: VIOLENCE & BLOODSHED will erupt throughout the land . . . as violence and bloodshed occurred to the unborn and the innocent in other lands . . . brought on by our government. May each person, who claims to know Jesus, have their spiritual houses in order. . . an “and suddenly” situation is looming that will propel a multitude into eternity, ready or not.

    Continued prayers go up that ALL will call out on the name of the LORD in the day of trouble. . . some may be saved just prior to death. A very sobering time, indeed.


  39. AMEN, Diana. If we think about it, Lucifer is the prince of the power of the air . . . . he is going to use EVERY means available to access the airwaves to kill, steal and destroy . . that includes music.

    I also know many Christians, who love the LORD Jesus, but STILL think it’s ok to go to secular concerts where their “rock idols” are practicing satan-worshippers. If people would just seek the LORD and ask HIM: please show me ANYTHING that is unpleasing to YOU, that I need to change, repent, forgive. . . they will find that there are things that need to be removed . . . I know I had to do that (and still must keep a DAILY account with the LORD, because in this hour, we can NOT afford to hold on to any “hurts, habits or hangups” . . sins. . unforgiveness. . . anger, etc. that is sinful)


  40. Wow, I was just thinking about that a couple days ago. One of my co-workers is a “nice” guy and claims to be a Christian. He’s of a denomination that doesn’t participate in the holidays of our culture, and had just informed us he wouldn’t be eating Thanksgiving lunch with us.

    Well, I went to his office to speak to him about something and he had his hard rock and roll music from the 70’s playing as usual. It occurred to me that if he’s making such an effort to avoid the ways of this world, music would be a good place to start.

    I came from a non-Christian environment, cut my teeth on the kind of music he listens to, but quickly discovered I could no longer listen to that music after I became a Christian. Although my carnal man still likes the sound of it – music from my youth, I notice my mood will change, and I start feeling differently after a few minutes.

    Now, I find I can only listen to music that praises Him. Yes, you are right, music speaks to us from a deep spiritual level. We have to be very careful what we allow into our eyes, ears, and heart.


  41. This is a critical post that should be sent to all the churches!!!
    Our family was headed into a mega church in GA about 5 months ago and the church was playing such trashy music, and I mean garbage, clubbing music. I know what clubbing music is, I’ve been to clubs many years ago. I couldn’t go in. I told my husband, “I’m not going in,” and we left and went down the street to another mega church and really it wasn’t much different. We’ve since moved and I’m so glad to be gone.

    Also, we were in the same mega church after a giant youth conference that took place and the church was playing such awful music before the morning service was to begin. I went and told the sound person in the back to turn it off that it was not spiritual and he said “we are setting the stage for the youth from the conference.” I was sooooo upset. I told my husband and he said “what about setting the stage for the Holy Spirit.”

    Thanks for the post!!!!!


  42. About a year ago i was driving and praying in the Spirit– All of a sudden high pitches started coming from me– They got higher and higher and I knew I was in the presence of the lord– This went on for about twenty minutes while driving and another 5 minutes after i got home.. I just set in my car until HE released me.. I knew then there was great blessings unto HIM in these sounds.. Thank you for sharing

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  43. I found it easier to no longer listen to the radio. Even when I find a Christian station, which is rare, too many distractions happen. I removed all worldly music and videos quite some time ago. Many may try to twist your message into believing listening to Gospel music that is being sung by a none-believer or group tied to evil beginnings, is opening a portal. We need our faith to be strong, our walk with the Lord daily is a must, continue in studying the word and above all pray.
    I am not one that gets messages from the Lord like most. I do remember one day a few months ago that I was in Wal-mart and had put an automotive cd player in my cart. Shortly after doing this, I heard “in my head” — “PUT IT BACK, YOU DON”T NEED IT”! My only source of music now is on my computer.


  44. AMEN, Bette. Sounds in Heaven, are to be what is reflected on earth, so just because something has the label “Christian” does not mean it’s true; that goes for music and even people, “churches”, doctrines, etc.

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  45. Linda,interesting,,,,Do you know that not only rock in roll ,but rap and any other music that has originated in the world is opening demonic portals..and here is what the Lord told me…We do not do it in heaven,so it is not to be done on earth…….
    Also ,it can lead youth to hell.
    We need to be praying…………..

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