11-19-15: Launching Countermeasures: PRAYER & the Reality of HELL

Joshua 24:15 – “If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” ~ ~ ~ ~ 



Revelation 21:7-8 – “He who overcomes will inherit these things, and I will be his God and he will be My son. . . 

. . . But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”



Isaiah 66:24 –  “And they will go out and look on the dead bodies of those who rebelled against me; the worms that eat them will not die, the fire that burns them will not be quenched, and they will be loathsome to all mankind.”










I’m petitioning the Heavenly Father, asking Him that He will grant dreams, visions and revelations of the FULL TRUTH and REALITY OF HELL . . . . to ALL who do not know, follow, love and obey Jesus (and yes, that includes the majority of professing Christians today).






——>  There are only TWO choices:




2) ETERNAL DAMNATION AND SUFFERING IN HELL. . . THEN THE LAKE OF FIRE . . . No choice is a “default choice” to go STRAIGHT TO HELL, when one dies.









The Following are TRUE accounts of Hell, from those who were shown it’s reality, to warn EVERYBODY:




My Friend, Bette Stevens, and her account of the LORD Jesus taking her to hell to show her the horrors and reality of hell:

“Redeemed From Hell” (Audio Book):


Bette’s Website (you can order her books/audio and/or get the FREE Pdf download):

Victorious Vision Ministries International


Bill Weiss, also taken into Hell to bring back the reality of the torments of hell to the Body of Christ:
“23 Minutes in Hell”

Bill’s Website:


WARNING, EXTREMELY GRAPHIC ARTIST’S RENDITION OF HELL (DO NOT WATCH WITH YOUNG CHILDREN PRESENT). Scenes painted to illustrate the visions of hell, given to a young Oriental lady (English Subtitles):







Joshua 24:15“If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.






Post-Publish Info:

11-20-15 – I felt STRONGLY prompted to post this Sermon by Jonathan Edwards, from 1741:  “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”.  PLEASE LISTEN:





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50 thoughts on “11-19-15: Launching Countermeasures: PRAYER & the Reality of HELL

  1. Thanks For Sharing this with all the informative links too. The clock is ticking and many will choose eternal damnation, so they can feel better in this life. In prayer for those that still need salvation and clarity.


  2. Hello all. A good word Linda and much needed.

    Do you know why so many fall into hell? Because they are caught up in their sins…..and got caught.

    Many in hell do not care that they are in hell only that they got caught and blame God for their being there. In reality,God never never sends anyone to hell, each one is determined by a choice, called free will.

    In fact the opposite is true about God, He does all He can,in warnings ,in opportunities for all to repent,even the judgments to come are Redemptive. By allowing people to go to hell and come back is a merciful God, in that it is an opportunity for people to really know the realities of hell.

    If I were to ask the question Do you know what it is like to be fully separated from God for eternity???

    Most answers should be . . No I don’t and I don’t want to know and I can’t say I blame you, however God wants us to know period. So we can not stand before a holy and righteous God and say, If you knew what was happening or coming, why didn’t you warn us.

    I hope that people understand the realities of hell. It is REAL and people go there. I won’t go into much detail as there is more I could say about this, but saved or not, everyone needs to examine themselves…….Many people are under a false delusion about this subject .

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    1. AMEN, Bette . . . . This post was INTENSE to write and I felt the Fear of the LORD, when writing it. I also sense there is a looming event (or events) that will propel a multitude of people into eternity and they will NOT be ready 😓


  3. Amen and thank you so much. Hell is a terrifying place and I can’t IMAGINE going there!!! God please BREAK our hearts for the lost!! Help us to never stop preaching and teaching the truth to people. “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, Whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy” (Ps. 107:2). Interestingly, my lesson at church this week will be on Hell. God told me last week He wanted me to teach on it. We need to understand the reality and horror of it – so we can be spurred on to try to snatch souls out of there before it’s too late!


    1. Good for you, Jolie! Perhaps not all will like it. Perhaps you will have opposition.
      BUT TRUTH is of supreme importance, and you serve GOD, not man.
      Some will surely be convicted!


  4. Thank you for your post. I agree totally. The Father’s will is that none would perish (to to that place of everlasting torment). The reality is that we are each eternal spirits. We will live FOREVER. The question is which of the two destinations will we choose?

    I also found accounts by Mary K. Baxter to be very good. (She was taken to see both Heaven and hell.) She can be found on Youtube video, and one or two accounts on Sid Roth Television archives, which you can locate on the internet. She also has a book called “A Divine Revelation of Hell.”

    In addition, there are accounts of Marietta Davis, born in Berlin, New York in 1823.
    That book is called “Nine Days in Heaven” by Dennis and Nolene Prince. (includes experiences in both Heaven and hell)…..

    There is a fascinating book “Dying Testimonies of the Saved and Unsaved” complied by Rev. S.B. Shaw (first published in 1898). The testimonies span beginning several hundred years prior.

    Also, Dr. Maurice Rawlings wrote a his book “To Hell and Back.”

    I know that various accounts of those in hell said, “Why didn’t someone tell me about this? I didn’t think this would happen. There’s no way out.”
    I believe that they must have been warned. Perhaps they didn’t want to listen.

    I saw another theme and that was that those there had perfect recall of their lives on earth, and especially of the times they had to accept true salvation and rejected it for various reasons.
    That caused “gnashing of teeth” because it is unbearable regret that they came so close, and MISSED the eternity that God had wanted for them.

    Everyone REPENT before Jesus, and make Him your Lord and Savior NOW!!
    Don’t hesitate one second more!
    ETERNITY is a long time.
    Please join the magnificent Family of God. Mercy is still available, but probably not for long.
    Don’t play “Russian Roulette” with your ETERNITY. Remember, HE will take you AS YOU ARE, no matter what your past. Just come to HIM in sincere repentance NOW!!!


  5. Thank you, Linda. This was very sobering, as I’ve not given hell much thought. To be truthful, I’m probably like many other Christians who think it’s nothing WE have to be concerned about. A wake up call for all of us.


    1. You are welcome, Diana. This is one of the reasons we must be sure we maintain a clean walk with the LORD. .. forgive all who have sinned against us and repent of any sin. It takes the Holy Spirit to search our hearts, because we may think we are ok, in our eyes . . . but we are not ok if there is hidden sin in our heart or unforgiveness in our heart.


    2. Diana, I think that a vast majority of churches are NOT preaching the FULL Counsel of the Scripture, and thus the “sheep” are not being taught/ shepherded in this most important of all issues: ETERNAL DESTINATION.

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  6. Once Saved Always Saved or Eternal Security is sending untold millions to hell. I know, because I was raised Baptist, and considered it unthinkable that the Holy Spirit can and will depart. God has opened my eyes, thankfully, but convincing my family has not been successful. Yet!!


    1. I agree, Pam. .. that is a “doctrine of demons” and give people the false sense they are ok, but continue sinning. We have to keep praying .. . . that is the only way, because if we try to share the truth, with those who want to hear it? It will not be received. Only the Holy Spirit can prepare the hearts of people to receive truth. Sadly, we are seeing “the hearts of many have grown cold” . . thus the massive shaking coming. In desparation, some will turn to Jesus, because there will be no other answers and no place of peace, except within Him.


    2. In my experience I have really LIKED the emphasis on a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ (which I really hadn’t seen emphasized elsewhere in other mainstream denominations).

      I understand from a friend in Tennessee, that Once Saved Always Saved (OSAS) is quite prominent in the south. It saddens her deeply.

      I haven’t heard it preached directly in the other denominations, but sadly, I believe it’s IMPLIED.

      I agree with Linda below.

      I found that reading the Scriptures in their entirety for myself has helped to open my eyes, and has definitely helped to guide me to TRUTH. Time spent in the Holy Word allows wonderful guidance by the Holy Spirit, including Divine appointments.

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  7. The reality is that there is a hell and it is meant for those who earn it by not following God’s wisdom and laws while upon this earth. The reality is that Jesus spent some time there and He is witness to hell and if you don’t believe His words, whom would you believe?

    God sent Saint Sr. Faustina to hell as well for a short period and she too is a witness that there is a hell. We simply do not do enough in our lives to avoid going there if that is to be our final judgement. We are really too spiritually lazy to comply with the will of God and it is such a simple thing to do by sharing our time and our lives with Him as we experience this painful earth existence.

    Many have chosen to follow satan who offers only death and destruction of each soul. He awaits many who are on the broad path to hell to share his misguided, evil miseries for ever and ever with no chance of escape. This is a horrible fact to comprehend, if you really think deeply about it!


    1. Stan, Sadly, so true about those who chose to follow satan. . . and doing that is like deliberately chosing the LOOSING team, but thinking it’s the best. My heart GRIEVES, because a multitude of people will be heading into an eternity of pain and suffering that they did not have to choose. 😓😓


    2. Bill Wiese’s experience of “23 Minutes in Hel”l (the name of his book) is really wonderful.
      He supports his experience with MANY Scripture references. There are several of his videos on Youtube of varying lengths (also wonderfully informative and supported by Scripture) (Linda posted one above).

      Also, he has 3 more books:
      “23 Questions about Hell— everything you want and need to know!”
      “Hell”- separate TRUTH from Fiction and get your toughest questions answered
      “What Happens When I Die?”- True stories about the afterlife and what they tell us about eternity

      I truly wish that these would all be required reading of every church member in the U.S. !!!


      1. Sadly, Peggy, most churches today are too busy handing out “seeker-friendly” messages and things like hell, repent and forgive seem to be avoided like the plague. . . . sad and REPULSIVE, because they are NOT preparing people for eternity . . . and they are NOT preparing people for the persecution that is arising. MANY professing pastors will be giving an account for the lost souls that will be suffering in hell, because those pastors did NOT preach the FULL truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


    1. Knowing and receiving the LOVE of Jesus is amazing indeed and will heal the wounds of the most broken person . . . down to the depths of their soul. HIS perfect love casts out all fear.

      Understanding the reality of Hell, if one does not accept that perfect love and will be eternally separated from that perfect love, provides people with the full spectrum of choices. Those who don’t believe hell exists, miss out on the full truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

      It’s amazing how Jonathan Edward’s simple sermon Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God brought the reality of hell to many and souls were saved.

      So, the preaching of the FULL Gospel of Jesus Christ, with the reality of Heaven for those who repent and fully turn to and follow Jesus, vs. the reality of hell for those who do not. . . is wisdom.


      1. I agree totally, Linda. Also, in my experience as a teacher. In a classroom of 30, there were always many varying levels of understanding. There were some that naturally aspired to earn a good grade and there were others that were more motivated by the “fear” of earning a poor grade and possible “punishment”—- as well as many varying combinations of those 2 motivations.

        Again, awareness of the FULL COUNSEL OF SCRIPTURE is essential.
        There are SO many reference to consequences of not following God, but they are most frequently just skipped over.

        God says in Hosea “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.”


  8. It’s time to make sure you are right with God,VERY sure…..

    In the days ahead it won’t be anything,or anyone that can save you. Everything we have ever known is going to fall by the wayside. Then when we are faced with the inevitable,”What will your response be”

    The sword is coming down very shortly,and then all will see those who really have a true relationship with God and those that follow under an illusion.

    There will only be two kinds of Christians: Remnant and Superficial……and many are in the second category thinking they are doing ok and everything with God.

    Proverbs 16:25 There is a way that seemeth right unto a man,but the end thereof ,are the ways of death.

    Foot note:
    I know there are some churches /ministries and I was shown this several years ago and have been shown this again at different times of these churches and ministries are going to have their candlesticks removed because they are allowing things in their churches that are in the world ,and tho they think it is of God,just because so many put His name to things, ,doesn’t mean He is in it and there has been no repentance.

    These are the kinds of places where prophets are not invited nor wanted because of correction so be aware that the enemy is using whatever means he can to entice and bring division and he is already doing a good job at it because those that call themseives Christians and leaders are some of the very ones doing the leading with satan,repent,because you may find you have no church.

    God is not going to allow this to go on much longer. There has been way tooooo much corruption in the church and hidden things being left out and the Christians are being led to the slaughter because they are not informed.

    James 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not,to him it is sin.

    I leave you with this:
    We are to be accountable to warn,
    we are accountable to God on judgment day,
    we are accountable in our words and how we live and,
    even leaders are accountable….
    Much of this is not even taught anymore,
    but know that once you do know,
    you are accountable………..


    1. Also, it seems like for many churches, the Holy Spirit is not allowed in the building!
      Also, the true gifts of the Spirit and ministerial gifts are forbidden.
      HOW can we have a Service WITHOUT the Holy Spirit’s direction?

      I am SO BLESSED to be part of an awesome end-times Full Counsel of Scripture Church with a
      truly anointed Pastor, and many that are allowed to use their Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Church.

      It is so anointed that I really wish MORE people would attend. Sadly, there are maybe 70 souls maximum, although a decent number travel long distances to be a part of it.

      We also are taught according to our Hebraic roots, celebrate the Lord’s Feast Days, and have a big heart for supporting and praying for Israel.

      It is a Christian church, but we do have Messianic Jews that are part of the group.


  9. Linda,I will share one more important fact:

    When I walked with Jesus through hell, one of the things I experience was being ETERNALLY separated from God,and I was and am a born again believer.

    When Jesus left me there ALL thoughts and everything I knew as a Christian, my salvation and Jesus were completely wiped from my mind and the demons knew it.

    When the Lord did come back,I asked Him why He allowed this and His response was: so that you would know, that you would know, what it is like to be eternally separated from Me. Now I give you a charge to warn My people and church,

    Also salvation is not being properly taught right and because of that,people are saved in their sin, die in their sin and become the sin that sends them to hell.

    Be warned…….


    1. Thank you, Bette, for sharing that sobering TRUTH. I pray MORE will awaken, repent and turn FULLY to Jesus Christ. A day is coming . . an “and suddenly”, that WILL propel a multitude of people into eternity . . . and MOST into eternal damnation.


  10. Bette,

    I appreciate your accounts of hell which the Lord allowed you to experience in order to warn others.
    I did read both of your books online on your site and they are very good.

    Thank-you for adding your voice to the others that He has sent. Thank–you for being faithful!
    All of your insights posted here and on Z3news are helpful reminders and “re-inforcers.”

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  11. Thank you for your posts and thank you everyone for your comments to read. I was definitely one of the superficial Christians for most of my life (did what I wanted basicly). The Lord has gotten my attention this year and transitioned me out of my self serving ways. I am still learning as best as I can on how to follow and serve the Lord. Thank you again for what you all share. Glory and Praise to the Lord

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    1. Wow, that’s the BEST! Now, your name will be written in “The Lamb’s Book of Life”!
      There’s nothing better than that.

      We all have to remember that we MUST ENDURE to the end (of this earthly life), remaining FAITHFUL to Jesus Christ, NO MATTER WHAT. The power of the Holy Spirit will help us to achieve that goal.

      God BLESS and remember to wash in the Water of THE WORD daily.

      Hope to meet you at “The Marriage Supper of the Lamb” along with everyone else who is faithful to Jesus Christ.

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