11-17-15: The Mostly IGNORED Prophetic Piece of the End Times Puzzle

Revelation 13:6-10 –
“And he opened his mouth in blasphemies against God, to blaspheme His name and His tabernacle, that is, those who dwell in heaven. It was also given to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them, and authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation was given to him. All who dwell on the earth will worship him, everyone whose name has not been written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain.  If anyone has an ear, let him hear.  If anyone is destined for captivity, to captivity he goes; if anyone kills with the sword, with the sword he must be killed. Here is the perseverance and the faith of the saints.”



——–> And this is what Islam says: Surah 47:4 – “When ye encounter the infidels, strike off their heads.”




“The Anti-Christ” and Islam’s “The Mahdi” (AKA, “The 12th Imam”). . . . ARE THE SAME ENTITY!!  . . Barack Hussein Obama



Sadly, sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself on this prophetic revelation . . .



. . . .when I hear even the “alternative news sources” reviewing the Islamic invasion of Europe. . . .



….the Entity in the White House NEVER saying “Islamic Terrorism” . . . .



His support of Iran and their quest for nuclear capabilites, with stated goal: “death to America” and “death to Israel”. . .



His lack of concern for Christian GENOCIDE that is occurring in the Middle East, after HE started the whole thing stemming from “Arab Spring” . . .



There are at least 22 KNOWN Islamic Terrorist Training Camps in the United States.

Verified Islamic Terrorist Training Camps

image  image


The expansion of ISIS, which was funded, trained and supported by the current entity in the White House. . .




BECAUSE HE IS “THE MAHDI” (the 12th Imam) . . . Christians know as THE ANTI-CHRIST

image      Obama


If only people would add that revelation to the global “puzzle” of End Times . . .



. . . it would bring more understanding of why there is the global Islamic invasion going on and the Entity in the White House is doing his Islamic caliphate/beast system . . . New World Order job.




ISLAM. . . this cancerous infestation of demonically infused destruction, that is sweeping over the entire world like sulfuric volcanic puss spewed forth from the pit of hell . . . (maybe next time I’ll tell you how I really feel about this).



It is being used to help usher in “THE BEAST SYSTEM” . . . also known as “THE NEW WORLD ORDER”.



Maybe one person might see this post, take it to the LORD in prayer and “see” truth is being told and they will know when Islam manifests as full-blown JIHAD in the United States, other nations and around the globe. . . .  THE ANTI-CHRIST is behind ALL of this . . . . while currently occupying the White House. 



At least it is now written and I have done my job in warning, hear the Word of the LORD:


Warn obama

Please pray for those caught up in the DECEPTION of Islam . . . . these are lost souls heading into eternal damnation. . . and PLEASE make sure you TRULY know and serve Jesus.  TODAY may be the day you step into eternity.  Are you ready?





11-18-15 – Please consider looking at this video, and even subscribing to their YouTube channel.  This is a husband/wife team who are Biblically FULLY awake and understand the times we are in:

WOE – – – CONFIRMATION DREAM forwarded to me by our Sister, Bette Stevens (please watch this):


12-8-15 – Terrorism and the New World Order, Islam in Bible Prophecy – 




BREAKING: Wiki Leak Email Found Showing Secret Memo To Obama From ISIS






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67 thoughts on “11-17-15: The Mostly IGNORED Prophetic Piece of the End Times Puzzle

  1. WOW! This ‘Mahdi’ has been on my mind today, and it was with Gordon also; he had looked up some information separately today, and we had not even spoken together about it!!; just this afternoon comparing the Antichrist to Mahdi!! I have not seen the website yet he was looking at but,,,, my question is about the 12th Imam..?? Don’t know where it comes from, etc. I can google search but if you have a specific link please forward if you can.

    Thanks Linda!!!

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    1. Greetings, the “12th Imam” is another name for “the Mahdi”. . . . just like “the man of lawlessness” is another name for “The Anti-Christ”.

      I don’t have a specific link, but that is what I found when I was shown this truth: The Anti-Christ and “The Mahdi” (the 12th Imam) are the same entity.


    2. Hello Again, Terri,
      One of the YouTube channels that I subscribe to, is Biblically FULLY AWAKE, and aware of the times we are in. It’s a husband/wife team and may be a good channel to consider subscribing to. Here’s one of their videos, where she discusses Obama the Anti-Christ (Islam’s Al-Mahdi)

      I’m going to add this link to this post as well, under “post-publish info”
      Thanks again and ((BIG HUGS)))


      1. Thank you, Martin, I really appreciate the tip. If you come across a good interview that Joel Richardson does on Youtube, could you stop back by and share?

        I’ll tell you . . . things unfolding in these final days truly are much different than imagined back in the 1980s. I suppose that is what it was like when Jesus walked the earth. Many didn’t know he was the Messiah, even though He was fulfilling prophecy right before their eyes. The most blind? The “religous” folks who continued going to the Synogogs and kept waiting for their Messiah to appear . . . and He was right there.

        If not for the Holy Spirit .. . I don’t think any of us would be clued in that these are the times the Bible points to as “the last days”.

        Thanks again, Martin, for the tip.


  2. I feel your pain and anger when you feel like no one is listening or paying attention to what is going on. I feel that way with my own family. Please press on and continue to post what you hear from the Lord. It may take a while for even one person to listen or wake up, but we are out there. It took me months to find a website like this. God Bless you for what you do. I would like to talk more about many things. Please email me when it is convenient for you. God Bless, keep up the good work and fight the good fight.

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    1. Thank you, Justin . . . I really appreciate hearing from you. Yes, if only ONE more will wake up before it’s too late. I think many of us have family members who are snoozing or even resistent to the truth. . . but we must press forward.

      Yes, I’ll be sending you an email . . . check in your inbox. Blessings to you, my brother.


  3. Thanks for sharing this one. The warnings sent out are ignored by the masses. Most are busy going about their routines thinking all is well. Many rely on lame-stream media for their news, so they never hear the truth. Most times all we hear are “crickets” when we send out warnings. May everyone call upon him for salvation before it is too late. May the preachers and teachers see the truth before they condemn themselves to eternal damnation for not sharing the true word of the Lord, preaching false doctrine and not warning people to be prepared. May all who believe in man’s doctrine get a wake-up call.

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    1. Interesting, Mike. . . I wrote up a reply to your comment and to post your comment. . . hmmmm, the entire thing froze up on my iPad. . . . I have had my emails held before too.




    2. Excellent letter, by the way. I uploaded it on my google+ account. . . . but, I think that’s also like posting on the back side of a barn in rural Iowa (LOL) how many will see it? I don’t know, but it might be one person.

      Please share anytime, Mike. Blessings.


  4. Thanks for this. Its amazing how lonely one feels when for a long time thinking he was the only one out there sensing and seeing these things. Please lets pray together for the lukewarm “christians” to collectively pull on their big boy/girl pants and act like it ( a true follower of the Risen Saviour) and BELIEVE. Sometimes I just wanna smack everyone upside the head a bit. WAKE UP pseudo christians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and think of more important things than paved church parking lots and twitter. Eternity is a LONG time. Life is more than a rehearsal—its a spiritual threshing machine–separating the wheat from the tares. Its for real folks–and thanks Linda for your passion and humor.

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    1. Very welcome. . .. and yes, sometimes a big WHAP!!!!! with a megaphone in the face:
      WAKE UP!!!!!!
      And Yes, I do pray daily . . . sometimes throughout the night. The continued prompting prayer from the LORD: “pray they will call on my name in the day of trouble”.

      Many may have a brief moment before stepping into eternity, to call on the name of Jesus and be saved. That may be the majority of souls in “the final harvest”, but better that than going into eternal torment.


  5. Thank you, Linda, for saying what the Holy Spirit is showing you – no matter what! The first time I heard this was a couple years ago when Glenn Beck was making the comparison between the Mahdi and the Antichrist. Now, it’s becoming very apparent.

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    1. You are very welcome, Diana. Thank you for sharing what you learned from Glen Beck. One day . .. . all of these revelations will go LIVE and what we have been warning about/sharing, will show we have been speaking the truth, as revealed by the Holy Spirit.



  6. Awesome sister!! Thanks for posting. This is the truth!!!im gonna share this one. Most of my so called Christian friends do not believe any of this & don’t even believe we are in the last days .
    Staying in constant prayer that their eyes & ears will be open, to the Spirit of GOD, Blessings!

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    1. You are very welcome, Susan. Please feel free to share any of my posts. Sadly, what you’ll find is what I find/face: MOST professing Christians in the “Western World” do NOT even want to talk about the End Times, or if they do, it’s in a superficial, “Left Behind” movie kind of a way.

      Be prepared, particularly this post: most will only mock, scorn, belittle and say such things as: “that person is seriously misguided” or “mentally unstable” or “serving satan” or “That’s not true” and worse (yes I have heard it and been on the receiving end of it) . . AND NEVER SOUGHT THE LORD IN PRAYER, TO SEE IF THESE WERE TRUE REVELATIONS FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT . . . but I press onward as directed by the LORD Jesus, because HE is the One I serve.

      Anyway, please share as the Holy Spirit leads you and pray He will prepare them for what they will read, for the truth will set them free. Blessings to you.


  7. Have felt Obama was the antichrist in my spirit for 7 years now? The rest of the country try to figure out why he does what he does, but it is very obvious to me. I am so glad I found your site and Z3news.


    1. Thank you, Susan. Sadly, something like this revelation is so DIFFICULT for people to believe, they will not even take it to the LORD in prayer to see if it is the truth. It’s much easier to mock and scoff than it is to take time to seek the truth and yes, I’m talking about the professing Christians. NONE of us who have been given this revelation enjoy the backlash we receive when we are prompted to share what the Holy Spirit has shown or told us. BUT we are responsible to obey the LORD, regardless.

      We were given this to alert people to the times we are in and particularly when the bio-identification system becomes mandatory under “obamacare” . . . THAT is “the mark of the beast” and any who take that . . . will be eternally damned.

      Thank you for stopping by. Blessings to you.


        1. Absolutely, please feel free to repost, share, add my posts to your blog . . . may even more read and heed what the Holy Spirit is wanting us to know, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
          Blessings to you, bro, and a (((((BIG HUG))) to boot 🙂

          p.s., for any who are reading this comment. . . that’s one of my biological brothers, James, as well as a brother-in-Christ. Please consider stopping by his blog, particularly his info links . . he has many categories and subjects that will help you in your studies.


      1. Oh my gosh Linda! This codesearcher link is incredible! Not only does it support your message that O is the AC, but just after 38min O is identified with Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon! My first thought was “therefore USA=Babylon”. Now I must consider whether I am jumping to a conclusion.


        1. Hello Savage, The Codesearcher was one source the Holy Spirit took me to to give me confirmation that I truly heard from Him, re: “Obama is the Antichrist”. What I haven’t really shared here on this blog is the number of hours, days, weeks and months of the Holy Spirit taking me to different sites to confirm over and over again what He revealed to me. Even then, I moved ahead with sharing this revelation VERY SLOWLY, because it was difficult to share. To get to this point of stepping out and making this public declaration took time and strength from the LORD, for the backlash has been painful, yet I still had to do it.

          Now, regarding the United States as “Babylon” (Revelation 17 & 18), that also was something the Holy Spirit showed me over a period of time. Please consider getting and reading this book (it’s less than a dollar on Kindle):


          The author provides research information that will bring you more “ah-ha” . . . “Lightbulb” moments, but also many tears and sighs, for what U.S. Citizen wants to hear we are THAT nation in the Book of Revelation . . Or THE ANTICHRIST is your current president? What a grevious thing to know and understand .. . This is one of the reasons it’s not even taken to the LORD in prayer by MOST professing Christians, because it’s just to difficult to bear that thought.


  8. I’m sharing something I just learned and maybe it’s been discussed elsewhere on a different post.
    I love words & their meanings. Has anyone following looked up terms related to what happened in Paris?
    I just did. My head is spinning.
    HS led me to look up background name definitions.
    Voltaire was (the Avenue I understand some of the events occurred on) means “stage.” Voltaire, himself was against religious intolerance. I had to stop with that but I also looked into bataclan.
    This word is apparently (when applied via french translation) used in conjunction with (Daniel or Michaels?) Final trumpet call before Judgement. The online source noted that Bataclan (in this case) is “the bit” (as I recall) worn by the horse. I think it also said that one of the two words was associated with a “winged horse.”
    That’s what I gathered on a super fast search, but it was more than I was prepared to read.


      1. I’ll do that. Also I did watch the links you shared: Bill Weise 23 minutes in Hell & the Korean woman’s vision of hell. After watching those, I recognize I need to repent…the sin I never recognized; how embarrassing 😦
        But those pictures of hell – they are TRULY awful. Having watched them, I will likely create another blogpost to share them. They are very compelling….


        1. I know, Kenzel . . . the road has narrowed even further and we need to stay on that road, because a step off of it. . . opens us up to full-blown demonic attacks that may kill us and propel us straight into hell. If we die in the midst of sinning. . . . we are heading into eternal damnation, because we did not repent (and was not given time to repent). This is why I’m begging people to keep a clean walk before our Holy God, because looming will be a massive “and suddenly” situation, that will propel people into eternity . . . ready or not.


    1. hi kenzel – my nephew was due to play at the concert that was attacked but he was touring elsewhere – praise god


  9. Well, when Mr. Obama was elected I told people around me that here it comes! I felt from square one that he could be the anti-Christ, and honestly all he has done has confirmed that impression…with that said, I deeply feel that we never can forget that Jesus is Lord, and we have a responsibility to give Him what He paid for at Calvary; souls. My heart says that focus on all the evil will blind us to the blessing of heaven and how we can release that on the earth to bring in the harvest. A frenetic fearful Body will not be any different from the world…having peace in the middle of othe Storm speaks volumes. Is. 60:2-1 tells us of the conditions that we are living in right now, so it should be no shock to our hearts that things are in grave darkness. I believe our challenge is to arise! We don’t turn a blind eye to the evil that is surrounding us, for me it is like a starting gate bell! Today, I need to love someone into His presence and kingdom, the hour is late.
    I am grateful for your insights! It is nice to know that I am not crazy, because I have had more people give me the ‘cow looking at a new gate’ expression when I have shared my impressions of this president…I just hope to encourage the Body, WE WIN!!!! Now is our time for focus on His purposes and needs for our world, regardless of the darkness that would so try to invade our joy? Blessings!


    1. Amen and AMEN, Donna. You were ahead of me, then, but I was also not walking close with the LORD during the first election time of Obama. Sadly (and I had to repent for this), I was caught up on the possibility of a president of color and voted for him. . . oh yes, I was in delusion. It wasn’t until my walk got stronger with the LORD, that I was able to “hear” again . . . and was given the revelation: “Obama is the antichrist”. I wrote up in this post:
      Who is “The Anti-Christ”?

      Sadly . .. this is a revelation that MOST do not want to hear or believe and prefer to turn the arrows of verbal abuse on those of us who have been given this revelation and must share it, as prompted by the Holy Spirit. BUT, it’s the LORD Jesus we serve and not humans . . . and we don’t do this for “popularity”, but out of love and obedience for the one who died for us.

      Blessings to you and thank you for stopping by.


      1. sorry for posting this here i saw a post earlier about fema camps in the us and found tis its a list of 800 Wake Up World! Comprehensive List Of FEMA Camps …
        3 Aug 2012 – Sovereign Independent UK … These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should Martial Law need … sorry i do not know how to just send links we have them here in uk tp,

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        1. Hello Ray, thank you for sharing this info. . . please don’t feel the need to apologize. I didn’t know it was up to 800 FEMA (nazi concentration) camps and I’m sure most of my fellow U.S. Citizens don’t know it either. The liar’s comic news (“mainstream news”) doesn’t provide the truth anymore.

          Another good site for info is Dave Hodge’s Website: The Commonsense Show

          Blessings to you and thank you for sharing. May the LORD bless and protect you in the UK . . . the stormtrooper (aka, islamic) invasion is on “full tilt” over there. Keep safe and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, my brother.


  10. THank you for sharing this post. i have been saying this for weeks but the people i know just think i am mad. i was a church goer for a while. i have always believed in God. but i lost it with the church and the false teaching i encountered. i will continue to share all i can god bless you i am in the uk by the way. troubling times for all i said to my wife yesterday we have two small children and we will give them all the love we can until either we are killed or the lord comes.. god bless


  11. Concerning second coming any diligent study clearly points to close to end of great tribulation before bowls of wrath poured out .Having this study understood 4 decades ago for some proof see heavens helpers, false doctrine section, “timing of rapture” clear and concise whereas lukewarm disciples take the smooth path trusting in false prophets rather than the Word see john chapter 6 warning …Yahushua
    Hard difficult words rejected in verse 66 likewise when mark implemented many will become like “Esau” ( most interesting ,being the only man in scripture whom Yahweh called by his name saying He hated? Since this is the only person one should deeply consider his lukewarm stance concerning his birthright . All who seek Diligently the truth will find. As the proverb buy the truth and sell it not! 6 times in new testament it is written the Father is no respector of persons but whosoever ( respects,honors, fears) Him and works righteousness is accepted of Him. Gal.3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek neither bond or free there is neither male nor female for you are all one in Christ Jesus see also verse 16 covenant no longer human DNA but spiritual rebirth thus the great commission to make disciples ( not converts) of all nations teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and lo I am with you always*. So the true Israel of God are those who have crossed over to 6:15,16 Will you sell you birthright for a bowl of food in last 3+1/2 year period under Mr.Big Mouth because you didn’t have a better and lasting knowledge of His Word which gives light & understanding for you treated lightly knowing His promises and the oil (Spiritual guidance) in your lamp runs out like many in 6:66 rejected the hard saying to eat His flesh and drink His blood in 63 which are Spirit and Life. See Jn.8:12 7:16-18 His great secret in 5:29,30 likewise 15:5,3:30 for He is our 11:25 and we become His 1:14 as 1Peter1:23 we become Dan.12:3 thru Rom.12:1-3 understanding 2 Pet.1:2,3,4 key word has given past tense thus appropriation
    Until Rev.3:21 It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search it out see Pro.3:5,6 4:23 and certainly 13:10 * with 1Cor.10:13 for of Him and thru Him and to Him are all things to Whom be Glory and Honor
    From His Transforming Presence Thee Revelation of Messiah in us the hope of His Glory ,.. 2Cor.3:18, 4:11 could not possible go without Matt.13:47 = Rev.13:17 thus verse 18 is very misunderstood like the majority who can not quoat Jn.3:16 as it is written see if you can write from memory than compare, CH.8:32 same error “If you continue in my word then are you my disciples indeed and you shall know ……… “fill in the blanks ______is 3:16 conditional or unconditional ? And 8:32 compare with Rom.6:16 Matt. 6:24 all problems being spiritual in nature and pertain to “Relationship”. But getting to REALLY BIG POINT see “Vernon Jenkins the beginning of wonders” it will answer many questions in “ABSOLUTE” WONDER this will astound anyone who has an open mind Being ***Infinitely ****Simply and Pure and amplifies Dan.12:3 * which leads to matt.10:8 the only time Jesus Marveled pleasingly! Perhaps “a” scripture in Dan . (Isaac Newton’s favorite book which he studied for 77
    years and clarifies like Jn 3:16) Also appears to answer Job 7:17,18 a question asked by bewildered angles. and Extremely Pleasing to The Father pertaining to the Unique command of Isaiah 45:11 The Mark in Psalm 37:37 the mark of Rom.3:23 “a” scripture Verily Verily “PLEASING” later
    *even to the end of the world


    1. Hello Leigh, thank you for stopping by and sharing thoughts. I must confess, I’m having a bit of a difficult time tracking the information, but others may be able to understand what you are sharing here, so we’ll see what others have to say.

      I will say, different people have differing opinions regarding the timing of “the rapture”. What I do I agree there is no pre-trib rapture. I also do believe it’s prior to the Wrath of God being poured out, which is what I was shown in one of the “rapture dreams”.

      The most important thing we must all do, rather than to debate things such as the timing of the rapture is this: make sure our spiritual house is clean . . . That our walk with the LORD is right in His eyes, because each given day could be the last day for any of us, before we step into eternity.

      Blessings to you and thank you again for stopping by.


      1. Take The Sabbath, for example, is it possible setting any other day apart for recreating a clearer understanding of His mind will and purpose (intimacy) – Into Me See will be missing the appointed time of rest? Is that a possibility? If correct is it inconvenient to correct?

        A clearer presentation will conclude the rapture is near very end of great tribulation period the lukewarm churches appear as Jn.6:66.

        These disciples could not stomach (digest) this abstract saying of Yahushua like many may be offended by a closer pronunciation of Salvation ?

        Scripture teaches “let God be true and every man a liar”. Sadder still is the concept of what is in salvation to me?

        Deliverance [from tribulation] instead of Development, as in 11 chapters in Romans to get to 12.1-3 Therefore I beseech you brethren by the mercies of God to ….
        Put Him first as in 2cor.10:4-6 . . .
        being a whole hearted endeavor pulling down of strong holds casting down imaginations of every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.

        Awake to righteousness and din not for some have not the knowledge of God to prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

        The lie of a pretribulation is easily proven but not very popular after all he suffered so I would not have to [suffer] these are the seeds that fall on rocky ground (Matt.13:21) or the seeds that fell among thorns the deceitfulness of riches choke the word and bear no fruit of the Spirit.

        Mercy is for forgiveness, Grace is for overcoming the lust of eyes the lust of the flesh and Far more wicked and difficult – The Pride of life (pro.3:5).

        Truly what God asks of us is impossible in the natural man for the law was given to reveal the first teaching (Matt.5:3) that our spirit is dead because of Selfish Independent Negativity.

        We are cut off from God’s intended life for us the law is spiritual and we are bankrupt whereas The Father said I will put my law in their minds and give them a new heart …spiritual rebirth … So the lukewarm churches teaches we are not going thru the trib because we are not appointed to wrath. . . OK was it the wrath of the devil who slaughtered well over 100 million Christians in the last 100 years, When God poured out the judgements on Egypt?
        Did he not make a distinction between Israel and Egyptians?
        Psalms 91 sound familiar? He that dwells in the secret place? Or 23:4

        Rev.6:16 is spoken by sinners anticipating wrath though this was a judgement the bowls of wrath were not yet. If you want a scripture concerning wrath see Jn.3:36

        So if you ears are tickled into deliverance instead of working thru the fact that we have yet to fulfill the difficulties of the Great Commission and overcoming our own ignorance in the need for character development hear this though he were a Son yet learned He obedience by the things which He SUFFERED and being made perfect (mature) He became the author of eternal life to all that obey Him… (Rom.1:5)
        for obedience to the faith (Matt. 7:21 ,24-27) . . .
        sobering yet if our heart condemn us not then we have confidence toward God; whatsoever we ask we receive of him because we keep his commandments and do those things which are pleasing in his sight.

        Personally speaking until we find Him in the mirror I have a loooong, long way to go as Paul said. This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of Whom I am chief.

        The more you know the more you are held accountably. Moses could not enter the promised land for misrepresenting God when he struck the rock instead of speaking to it. For he declared God was angry with them when at that time He was not conterwise the more understanding the more grace to overcome . . . oops got to go for now.

        Linda’s Note: Leigh, I edited this comment for clarity, adding in spacing and punctuation. You’ll also see two areas where I added in a clarification word in [brackets].


        1. Thank you for sharing that insight, Leigh. You’ll notice I edited your comment to include some spacing, punctuation and added two clarifying words in [brackets], so it will be easier to read what you are sharing here. Yes, sadly MOST N. American “Christians” want to believe in the pre-trib rapture, thinking “I’ll be out of there before the persecution starts”, when that has not been the case since Jesus walked this earth.

          Now, where the true believer and follower of Jesus will be taken in what we commonly term “the rapture”, will be prior to the Wrath of God being poured out.

          I believe we are both basically saying the same thing, but you bring additional info/insight. Thank you very much for sharing and blessings to you.


  12. well guys some of you feeling the pain of telling and they not listening isnt limited to the us. im in australia and we have exactly the same problem. ive told my sister that i hadnt warmed to obama since i first heard of him when he started to run. i knew the vote would be along racist lines. anyway she is a believer but she has the same problem in that most she tells dont believe or dont want to believe.
    as time rolls on i feel more confident in declaring obama is the man of perdition – but its unfortunate that barry soetoro is the chosen instrument to chastise the united states along with his sidekick hillary (i actually fear her more than him).
    sadly the christians one tells look at you with glazed eyes. they just dont get it.
    god bless


    1. thank you for sharing that verdiblue . . . Greetings to ya there “down under” and welcome to our “virtual home group”. Please check out my latest post about the “creepy photo”.

      I also believe Hitlery (my name for Hillary) is very evil. There are many dead bodies trailing behind that witch (and yes I mean that literally . . . It has been alleged she is a practicing witch). Very diabolical times we are in.


  13. hi linda – i do believe that she is a witch myself (i thought the same thing about julia gillard who was our prime minister here a few years ago) – rumours were around years ago that she had communications with eleanor roosevelt. and she is bitterly anti israel (as is obama)
    the creepy photo post was the first thing i read here – im from z3 via trunews from some time ago if that makes sense.
    i feel an ever increasing sense of urgency but dont quite know how to deal with it.
    i dont think obama will be revealed as the ac for some time yet however – the temple (imho) must be rebuilt first and i dont see this happening until the mosque is destroyed. i think israel will allow the land to be split in exchange for the temple


    1. Hello Verdiblue,
      I understand that “sense of urgency” . . . That is why I spend so much time getting all of these posts out to warn the body of Christ, who will listen. One thing that you can do, is continue to pray for the Heavenly Father’s mercy and protection on His children, as well as get ready, for there will be many souls coming into the Kingdom of Heaven when things get really, really bad.

      Sadly, there are going to be more “professing Christians” falling away at the same time, because they bought in to the Western mentality: “we’ll be outta here, in the pre-trib rapture, before it gets bad” (and that’s not going to be true).

      I’m not sure Obama will be revealed after the temple is built. . It could be before that when he undergoes the Revelation 13:3 “transformation” (but that is going to be a delusion as well . . Do a multi-Bible search on that one, and you’ll see the phrase. . “Appeared to be” . . “As if it were”).

      WHEN Obama instigates that peace treaty, splitting Jerusalem in half. . . which the Bible tells us the antichrist will do, within 24 hours, there will be a MASSIVE Earthquake, stemming from the New Madrid, Missouri fault line. . It will literally split the United States in half; that is judgement for coming against Israel.

      Here’s a video I just found that has some other interesting information regarding judgement when the USA has come against Israel:


      1. linda – you may or may not know that regarding israel there is a proposal to build a railway connecting gaza and judea/samaria and another proposal to build an international airport at jerico (john kerry had been pushing this). the rail will effectively divide israel in half. netanyahu has been warned about this and has been told that if he allows it he will be removed


        1. WOW, no I haven’t heard that one. Thank you for sharing that. So much “stuff” happening right now, it’s difficult to take it all in. Without the Holy Spirit leading and guiding us, it would be difficult to make it through the day.

          Thank you again for sharing that.


  14. Regarding the John Price’s “The End of America”: I read it. However, I felt like his trial lawyer background was showing through too much – that is, I felt he treated the reader like he was in court trying to win a court case.

    I am a chemical engineer with a career in petroleum refining R&D, process engineering, and refinery economic optimization. I want data, and from that I can draw my own conclusions. Price didn’t mention any scriptures that didn’t fully support his hypothesis that USA=Babylon. So I studied Rev 18, Jer 50, and Jer 51 myself – first searching for scripture which supports “the Great Harlot”, Babylon”, and “Daughter of Babylon”, as all representing the same entity. I found it. Then I began a list of characteristic to see for myself which candidates could satisfy ALL of the characteristics.

    You’ve heard who people like to think Babylon is: theRomanCatholicChurch, TheVatican, theRomanEmpire, Jerusalem, Sin, aMindset, AncientBabylon, Communism, theUSA, etc. By Apr’15 my list was 21 characteristics long (though some were duplicates as the characteristic was duplicated in scriptures).

    Every entity except one conflicted with at least one characteristic. The USA conflicted with none, and satisfied 19 characteristics. By the end of summer, my list had grown to 22 characteristics, with the USA satisfying 21 of them.

    I don’t understand Rev 18:24 well enough for any physical entity to meet that characteristic. So, I generally tell people I’m 94% sure that theUSA=Babylon. I have to leave open the possibility that some future entity could satisfy all characteristics, but, like Rick Wiles points out, it would take a hundred years for another nation to develop to where the USA is today.

    I started to write my Bible Study in a book, but haven’t done it yet. I think I’m supposed to do this.

    Here are the quandaries: while I’m 94% sure USA=Babylon, I can’t 94% flee Babylon as the Lord commands. My wife isn’t on board, can’t see “abandoning grandchildren”, and threatens to divorce me, and keep custody of kids still at home, if I leave.


    1. Wow Savage . . . absolutely, if you are to write a book, then you must do it.

      Regarding leaving the United States: Only if the Holy Spirit leads you to do that. Some have been commanded to “go” such as myself, but most may be commanded to stay or relocate within the United States. The most important thing is to be exactly where the Holy Spirit wants you to be. You could leave . . . It not be the will of the LORD and His blessings do not go with you.

      You could stay . . That is where the LORD wants you and you see supernatural provision, protection and miracles. So, may the LORD grant you and your wife wisdom and clarity, and the courage to obey His leading regardless of personal preference (and yes, that may mean your wife is to leave and have Jesus first as her focus rather than the children/Grandchildren first as her focus). Maybe all are to leave. . Or all are to stay.

      I also pray for us ALL to have wisdom and clarity to do ALL that the Heavenly Father leads us to do, so we will stay in His will. Outside of that will? We are open for some massive attacks.

      Blessings to you, my brother.


    2. Excellent analysis Savage interesting how mysterious to most who don’t dig dissecting diligently Mystery Babylon Miss Statue of Liberty was originally designed to hold a cup.

      To whom much is given much required.. Worse still! the greatest constitution which was distilled from The Word of God promoting Life and Liberty is of no value. Ben Franklin said prosperity does best discover VICE! Adversity does best discover Virtue!

      Historians Spangler and Thornbe show the cyclical repeating history of civilizations revolving around this concept. Perhaps individual lives could apply? Perhaps this is an immunization program to see who is fit to be His representatives? Who will never stray back into the black hole dialectic,…Questioning the Goodness of God … ?

      The Liar’s philosophy of comprising truth which changes not… Thus the lukewarm church has lost its saltiness ?and so to be trodden under the feet of man?

      The Great Light from the city on a hill needs oil in lamp the USA has gone backwards trading consitutional birthright as ESAU (the only man named in scripture Whom God said he hated) like Rev.3:16?

      The Church blindly misinterpreted the very “first thing” Yahshua warned about concerning the end time’s Matt.24:4,5 Many shall come in my name saying Jesus is the Christ and shall deceive many… Hath God said this? …let me tell you once your saved you are always saved oh tell me more pleasing my ears sweetly? Hebrews 5:8,9 Jn.20:21 Ah contrary The book of Rev. was written for the Church being “ONLY”* those who experience JN.3:3, 1 Pet. 1:23 to bring them into final completion Eph.4:13 sealing up the covenant for which he shed His blood. Jer.31:31… Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even until the End of the world * You must be born again … “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever”! Who is an Antichrist.. Who is a liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Christ? he is antichrist that denies the Father and the Son whosoever denies the Son the same as not the Father


  15. 8-17-16 – leaked email . . . ISIS memo to Obama (“The Mahdi”):

    BREAKING: Wiki Leak Email Found Showing Secret Memo To Obama From ISIS


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