9-24-15 – The Soon-Appearing Fallen Angel, Manifesting as “Mary”, TO DECEIVE THE WORLD!!!

Jeremiah 7:18-20 –
“The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead dough to make cakes for the queen of heaven; and they pour out drink offerings to other gods in order to spite Me. Do they spite Me?” declares the Lord. “Is it not themselves they spite, to their own shame?” Therefore thus says the Lord God, “Behold, My anger and My wrath will be poured out on this place, on man and on beast and on the trees of the field and on the fruit of the ground; and it will burn and not be quenched.”





I’m STRONGLY compelled to write this up and post it on September 24, 2015 (today). Writing this up literally makes me feel queasy inside, as well as involuntarily shudder. When looking up the Scriptures (below), even my electronic Bible started acting bizarrely; it would scroll by itself through the pages, so I was unable to copy/paste. . this kept happening, so I had to go to the internet to get the verses to copy paste, as well as pray over this posting so I could complete it.

The spiritual warfare connected with this post is FIERCE. . . the demonic hordes do not want this to be revealed. Again, please pray about what I’m sharing with you. Ask the LORD if I’m sharing the truth. May the LORD Jesus help us ALL CLING, CLING, CLING to HIM, for the deepest darkest bowels of hell are about to be opened up.



1 John 4:1-5 – 
Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world. You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. They are from the world; therefore they speak as from the world, and the world listens to them.

A MASSIVE DELUSION will arise when this fallen angel, from the darkest regions of hell, manifests upon the earth as “Mary”, professing to be the Mother of Jesus.


In reality, this will be the “deluding influence” as discussed in 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12 –

Then that lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of His mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of His coming; that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders, and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.”


This fallen angel will be presented as one from another star system, here to help all mankind (an “alien” or “extraterrestrial”).


It will present Jesus as one who is also from another star system; a FALSE presentation of Jesus.

It will bring “another gospel” that is from satan himself.

This representative of satan will usher in the dark demonic global “religion” that WILL be embraced by “even the elect” if it were possible, as discussed in Matthew 24:23-25 –

Then if anyone says to you, ‘Behold, here is the Christ,’ or ‘There He is,’ do not believe him. “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.  “Behold, I have told you in advance.

This fallen angel appeared before as “Mary”, in 1917 and is known as the “Fatima” appearing. Here’s a copy of a photo taken at that time:




This delusion will be SO GREAT, people will literally feel themselves drawn in, as in a trance. ONLY those who are fully 100% sold out, believers and followers of Jesus Christ, will be able to STAND FOR THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. All of the others will be drawn in like metal to a magnet.

image image

What will happen to true Christians? That is when ALL must go into hiding, like our brothers and sisters are doing currently in China; this is “the underground church”.  ALL must be FULLY led by the Holy Spirit, for the darkest bowels of hell will be on the prowl to kill, steal and destroy the remnant of true believers.

THERE IS GOOD NEWS: The TRUE remnant of believers and followers of Jesus, WILL experience the most amazing, supernatural events from the Kingdom of Heaven. It is in the darkest hour, our LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ, WILL come back for HIS bride.



We must be sure our hearts are clean and pure before our Holy Lord Jesus, DAILY asking Him to search our hearts and show us ANY area that is unpleasing to Him. REPENT, where we need to repent. FORGIVE where we need to forgive and listen to/obey the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Note: I do NOT have a day, date or time on any of this. I just KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW this must be written up and shared on this date, September 24, 2015.

May EACH person who reads this take it to the LORD in prayer for confirmation. May HIS FULL will be done in our lives and may 100% TRUTH be revealed to ALL of us. In Jesus’ MIGHTY name I pray. Amen and AMEN!!


Aliens in the Vatican – interview with Tom Horn & Chris Putnam


Exo-Vaticana : Petrus Romanus, Project L.U.C.I.F.E.R. And the Vatican’s Astonishing Plan for the Arrival of an Alien Savior Paperback – March 26, 2013


Heavenly Lights – The Apparitions of Fatima and the UFO Phenomenon:


The Catholic Church Refers to Mary as “The Queen of Heaven”. Here’s a song dedicated to that (not recommended listening to it, for it is worshipping that which the Heavenly Father calls “other god” in Jeremiah 7:18-20). This is used only for documentation purposes.


Catholic video discussing “Mary as the Queen of Heaven”


Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, October 13, 1917


“Prophecies” given by the Fallen Angel “Mary” (Fatima appearing). Note: those who are in the occult have access to “knowledge” supplied by the demonic forces. This “knowledge” is that which caused Adam and Eve to sin, for it is the knowledge from the tree of the fruit of good and evil; it’s accessed by the “secret societies” today, along with all of the satanic/occult practices.



Feb 2013 News: “Pope resignation & Fatima secret: Destruction of Catholic Church Prophesied”http://exonews.org/


Additional info, Post-publish – 

9-28-15 – Please watch the video below, paying special attention at the 47:00 mark – listen to the confirmation of “Mary” being a “sign in the heavens”:


RESPECTFUL COMMENTS are most welcome in my “virtual home”, here on this blog, where the LORD JESUS CHRIST, whose Hebrew name is Yahshua, is lifted up and the TRUTH is being told.


AND ——– >

I don’t need to hear why you don’t believe what I share. I’ll tell you again, to take these posts to the LORD in prayer. I won’t engage in debate. . . time is too short. . . I’m too weary and it’s a WASTE of time!!!

If you have honest questions, yes. . . Or not quite sure, that’s absolutely understandable, some of this stuff is difficult for me too, so I must seek the LORD for confirmation and FULL TRUTH, just like you.

If it’s to bring the “you are wrong” comments. . .no. . . Those won’t be posted, Nor will the comments of Mockers & scoffers, those with hateful comments, and those who bring discord. . . .

POOF!!! There They go . . . Comments Bye-bye to the trash!!!!




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19 thoughts on “9-24-15 – The Soon-Appearing Fallen Angel, Manifesting as “Mary”, TO DECEIVE THE WORLD!!!

  1. Hi Linda, I saw you post this, as I was up early! I watched the whole Tom Horn video – how interesting! I’ve never heard of him, but his book sounds fascinating. I actually hate thinking about aliens, but when I became a believer, (I was about 15) and clearly God told me that aliens were demonic. I never really looked into it further, but that’s what I have always believed. I was actually reading this yesterday : https://shortlittlerebel.wordpress.com/2015/09/22/pope-francis-doesnt-even-hide-it-he-calls-for-one-world-government/

    In the Tom Horn video, he references a quote from the Pope prophesies about the city on 7 hills being destroyed. If you have read his book, do you know if he takes a stance on the Vatican being Mystery Babylon? If things go down with aliens & the pope the way he describes, that would sure make sense!

    Blessings, Emily


    1. Hi Emily, Thank you for sharing that link.
      I have Tom Horn’s book, but still haven’t read it yet, so I’m not able to comment on Mr. Horn’s stance on Mystery Babylon from that book. I was aware of the info he presented by listening to his interviews on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report. He generally is interviewed with Steve Quayle.

      A good book to get would be The End of America, by John Price. He goes into great detail why the USA is “Mystery Babylon”. I also believe the USA is “Mystery Babylon”.

      p.s., The Hagmann & Hagmann Report is an excellent nightly broadcast to listen to (Mon-Fri).
      Steve Quayle’s Website is an excellent resource to visit daily, to stay current on truthful news that you won’t get on the “mainstream” media sources.


  2. Hi Linda, I heard Pat Robertson say many years ago that ‘aliens’ were just demons on the earth and that where there are a lot of sightings there is also a lot of evil activity going on in that area. It has always made perfect sense to me and I have explained this to all my children. The Bible says they can change their form to deceive.


  3. Amen, and thank you Linda. And I agree with these comments too. I am convinced that America is Mystery Babylon. No other nation or geographical area fits the descriptions in Jeremiah 50, 51 and Revelation 17, 18. And yes, Steve Quayle’s website has a lot of great info. God bless!


  4. Occult Invasion: The Subtle Seduction of the World and Church (Dave Hunt Classics) Paperback – Facsimile, December 31, 2010
    by Dave Hunt

    Occult beliefs march freely across America today, powerfully influencing our children, our society, our government, and even our churches. The deadly impact of Satan’s dominion is seen in the rise of teen suicide, the increase in violence, and the immorality that pervades our society. Sharing the knowledge you need to protect your family from this invasion, noted cult expert Dave Hunt reveals how Satan’s lies are being taught behind the academic respectability of science; how demonic activities are presented as the path to enlightenment through “alien” contacts and paranormal experiences; how pagan religions are being promoted through ecology and “we are one” philosophies; and how evil is being reinvented as good by psychology and the legal system. Readers will discover how to exercise biblical discernment to ferret out and defeat the “wiles of the devil” in their own communities and will learn how to lovingly but firmly take a stand against every thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.




  5. Hi Linda,

    The Luciferian religion, as taught by the fallen angels to the Nephilim to be spread over the face of
    the earth as god/goddess is seen in the first mention in the Bible of Nimrod, Semaramis, Tammuz. The rise of the goddess is what is seen in the rise of Mary to co redeemer, then as the outward guardians of the secret religion is fallen away, it will expose Mary-Semaramis and the Queen of Heaven false religion. Goddess worship is associated with the so called ‘love’ message and synonymous with planet worship where Venus is important. Behind every goddess and god the devil is worshiped, the baphomet of duality is acknowledged, and the epitome is in the Mary-Gaia revelation of earth worship. The transit of Venus through the skies makes a five pointed revolutions in 8 years, so it is a constant pentagram. This was well known by the fallen angels, and inculcated into pagan rites and rituals.

    You may have read what is known as the Heresy of Genesis 1:27. I never heard about it until one morning I was directed to read that specific verse. I suddenly got it: The heretical teaching of both sexes in one body, a forerunner of transhumanism, and the underpinnings of ancient pagan religions, is in the false teaching of this verse.

    I agree with you about things to come under the auspices of this strange woman, and the harlot she represents, . You may want to read Two Babylons by Hyslop. Another one is Wind Swept House exposing dark rituals at the Vatican. People got to wake up, like yesterday! Those that partake in the Eucharist in the daily Mass will be ‘charged’ with dark energies to fulfill the intent of satan. The Mass will take on another aspect and ecumenism will be a means of carrying out the infiltration back to their churches, influencing further and to conclusion the doctrine of demons. (cakes and drink offerings) Bear in mind that this cake is called the ‘host’, that correlates to the host of heaven…however the host of heaven as angels rule the stars and planets, both good and dark angels. The host also has a darker connection to being a host to something alien, a body to be entertained then overtaken.

    These are concepts that I have learned through studying the Word, researching, including my dreams, and I believe that the mystery of Mary-Semaramis-Isis will usher in the final blow to the religious that have been deceived to be adherents of the world religion of catholicism. I do believe that there are catholics that do really have a heart for Jesus, but scripture admonishes them to come out…it’s for their protection!

    Mary as redeemer is just patently out of order. The basic governmental unit is family and that is father, mother, child. The anointing and covering comes from the head down, and Mary becomes the head and a usurper being venerated. So, in this religious regime, it really examples the fall of the family. Do you see that, too? By extension it is the fall of the church, except for a remnant, which I believe is very small and spread around the world.

    Guess what? I got queasy trying to reply. I am also watching a video of the Pope touchdown in DC as I write, and it is like watching a demonic comedy, so unreal…people chanting for the Pope and Obama. How can this not be the foreshadow of Revelation 13? Yes, I agree with you that we must pray about all things. We get pieces of the puzzle that fit into a larger picture, but the picture isn’t pretty. yet behold, the Lord Jesus Christ comes quickly.


    1. WOW, thank you for that insight, Sue; it brings more understanding about the “Queen of Heaven”, the mass and the info on the Eucharist. Also, interesting about the “queasy” feeling . . . I believe it’s related to the dark forces associated with this info, as well as the Pope and Obama.



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