8-19-15 – VISION: The Swirling Black Nazi Crosses

Revelation 13: 5-6 – ” There was given to him a mouth speaking arrogant words and blasphemies, and authority to act for forty-two months was given to him. And he opened his mouth in blasphemies against God, to blaspheme His name and His tabernacle, that is, those who dwell in heaven.”

I had the following vision on 7-25-15, from an “outer space” perspective:



I saw black iron crosses swirling around the Northern Atmosphere of Earth. I knew these were related to the Nazi iron crosses, used in Hitler’s time. I saw other things swirling in even more rapidly after that, but was unable to see what they were. I then fell back to sleep.

When I woke up later, I asked the LORD, “what does this mean?”   This is what the Holy Spirit said to me:

The spirit of anti-Christ, that propelled Hitler, is swirling through your country. Arising is worse than what was seen in the Nazi regime.”

image  image



The spirit of anti-Christ is rising in the United States, because we have turned away from the Lord Jesus Christ.  We now have the “son of perdition” (THE Antichrist) residing in the White House,  who has taken over control of the country, with a sweep of the executive order pen. While many citizens anticipated a change in government, with the last election resulting in both the House and the Senate becoming “Republican”, the only change seen has been greater demonic darkness as we continue slipping into the abyss of “politically correct” and onto the global stage as “Mystery Babylon” (Revelation 17 & 18).


What is coming upon the United States will be worse than what was seen in the Nazi regime. The technology developed from Nazi scientists and those who worked with them, will be implemented in the United States to subjugate the citizens and later the world.

Hitler’s regime did not end in World War II, for the United States Government brought over many of the Nazi Scientists and top officials, under “Operation Paperclip”. The horrific human experimentation, along with the fallen angel (demon) technological advancements continued on the U.S. soil and still does to this day, with DARPA as the primary dark agency overseeing these occult luciferian technologies.

image           image

We are heading into “The New World Order”, which is also known as “the Beast System”. Many in the United States will gladly accept “the mark of the beast”, because they won’t see it as “THE mark”;  it will be mandated under obamacare and initially seen as the only way one can access medical assistance.  This will be voluntary at first, but the mandate will kick in and “the mark” will be necessary after the global economic collapse, which includes food and water shortages. People will cry out for help and “the New World Order” (the beast system) is ready to step in.  These will be the most horrific times this planet has EVER seen.

The Good News? Holy Spirit-filled and led, obedient servants of the LORD Jesus Christ, have authority over fallen angel technology. It can be the most sophisticated military equipment, including robots, human/demon hybrids, fallen angels, giants, drones, ammunition, space weapons, etc., BUT, because it stems from the demonic realm, we can REBUKE IT IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!


Some will do great exploits for the Kingdom of Heaven, with the POWER of the Holy Spirit; this is to help bring in the final souls. Sadly, the majority of professing Christians truly don’t know their authority in Christ and worse yet,  some are not really following Jesus as their LORD and Savior.

The clock is ticking and the day is coming when there will be no more time to choose to fully follow Jesus.

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FREE Spiritual Warfare information and Training, Russ Dizdar, “Shatter the Darkness” ministry:   Shatterthedarkness.net


General Info on Operation Paperclip:


Annie Jacobson (Book) “Operation Paperclip“:

Annie Jacobsen (interview on TruNews) “Operation Paperclip”:

9 Nazi Scientists Who Helped Build the American Space Program:

New York Times, “Nazis Were Given ‘Safe Haven’ in U.S., Report Says”:

German Jews During Nazi Germany (from The Holocaust Encyclopedia):

Nazi/CIA MK Ultra Mind Control Program:


Revelation 12:11-12 –
” . . . But they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb
and by the word of their testimony,
for they did not cling to life even in the face of death.
Rejoice then, you heavens and those who dwell in them!
But woe to the earth and the sea, for the devil has come down to you
with great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!”

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1-3-16 Post-Publish Info:

Please consider looking at this video, it will truly give you “food for thought” – 



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79 thoughts on “8-19-15 – VISION: The Swirling Black Nazi Crosses

  1. Marvin, thanks so much for sharing your testimony. Mine is very similar. I walked away from the Lord for almost 30 years and didn’t come back until early in 2015. I found that the stronger my walk is with the Lord, the more attacks come my way. What Linda states is the truth, you need to rebuke the demons in the name of Jesus. Some attacks can come to your mind or through those with a religious spirit. I have done a prayer walk around my property and home a few times, as sometimes non-believers can enter into your place and bring unwanted demonic entities with them. The Lord’s protection and love is truly amazing.


  2. Hello Again, Marvin, please consider listening to this worship song and let the Holy Spirit minister to you as you listen (and this goes for anybody else who is reading this comment) . . Be blessed:


  3. Just a follow up note: Because God is HOLY this is why ALL of us must be clean from sin. . . For we can’t enter into His presence or His Kingdom with sin. . . .

    But sadly, the majority of people like walking around with the poopy diapers of sin and refuse to be cleaned up. . . Sin is a STENCH in the nostrils of the Heavenly Father, just like poopy diapers are a stench in the nostrils of the person who has to clean up that baby.

    OH THAT THE LOST WOULD TURN TO JESUS. . . REPENT. . . ASK FOR FORGIVENSSS and experience the JOY, JOY, JOY of being a part of the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s difficult and many times painful, but the JOY goes down into our soul, when we know the LOVE of Jesus as our LORD and SAVIOR.

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  4. Marvin, truly the pleasure is mine, my brother. I believe most of us here have “a past” that could haunt us if we allow the enemy to do that. . . . THAT LIAR WHO WILL BURN FOREVER IN THE LAKE OF FIRE!!!! GRRRR . . We need to remind him of his future, like he tried to remind us of our past. . And add this to that torment the tormentor: I’M FORGIVEN AND YOU WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER BE FORGIVEN!!!

    You see, Marvin, the enemy tormented you because he knows you ARE a threat to the satan’s kingdom. . . . So he sent tormenting spirits to try to hold you down and hold you back . . . BUT HE IS A LOSER!!!! And the Heavenly Father LOVES YOU VERY MUCH . . . Now here’s an analogy that should give you a picture:

    EVERY Good and Loving Father LOVES HIS CHILDREN. . . Now let’s say he has a baby boy who then has a poopy diaper. Does the Dad stop loving him because he has a poopy diaper? NO!!! He cleans his beloved baby boy up. . . Puts on some new diapers, tickles him a bit to get him giggling, does the “oh what a big boy, as he holds him up in the air to bring out more giggles” then holds him, loves him and feels that JOY rising up as He, the loving Father looks at his baby boy. . .
    THAT is the true picture of our Heavenly Father, for when we are HIS and we sin, it’s like a poopy diaper. We get cleaned up by confessing our sins, asking for forgiveness and receive that . . . We bring JOY to our Heavenly Father as we giggle with glee that we are CLEAN, HEALED and WHOLE by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, whom our Heavenly Father sent so ALL would not have to have the poopy diaper of sin.

    So, anytime those lying spirits from the pit of hell try that again. . . POW!!! Send them away and remind them their future is in the Lake of Fire!!!

    ((BIG HUGS)) to you, Warrior Man of God, who will bring healing, hope and love to the hurting and the dying that the “religious church” has cast aside.

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  5. Thank you VERY much, Marvin for that confirmation and absolutely we will pray for you right now:

    In the NAME OF JESUS . . . I cast out that spirit of doubt . . You must release your grip, let the Holy Spirit FIRE, FIRE, FIRE rise up within my brother and be a SCORCHING HEAT that will send this demonic spirit fleeing . . . . May the angels of TRUTH remove it from that area and take it to the deepest, darkest dry places to never be released again. . . FILL, FILL, FILL my brother with the OIL of JOY. . . Let the soothing presence and assurance of the Holy Spirit be as warm oil filling and surrounding Him. May the angels of Gladness sing worship praises to the Most High for the JOY of the LORD is the strength of Marvin. I speak healing, wholeness, LIFE and HOLY BOLDNESS to step into His destiny. We rebuke any lying spirits and command you to LEAVE in the name of Jesus. May the angels of truth be sent forth to shine truth in the areas of darkness where any remaining lying spirits hide . . ALL must be gone in the name of JESUS . . Amen and AMENand AMEN!!!

    Now, Marvin . . . These entities will try to come back. . Rebuke them in the name of Jesus and tell them to be gone. Speak the blood of Jesus over your mind, will and emotions, dedicating who you are, all you have to the Kingdom of Heaven, in the Service of Jesus. Do a prayer walk around your property. Dedicate it all to the Kingdom of Heaven. Speak forth the breaking off of any curses said against you, for I sense there is witchcraft in that area. Speak the blood of Jesus over the entire property, each room in your home. Apply oil to the doors and windows as you pray all in the name of Jesus.

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  6. Im blessed. I went to shatterthedarkness.net on ur site after I posted my last comment.
    All I can do is smile and cry. Satan is a lyer and a thief. I just completed part 1 of the course I have 5 pages of notes and the 1st hour turned into 2.5, but my mind was set free.
    Praise God the Holy Spirit dwells within me. The doubts and feeelings of unworthiness was from the enemy. Thanks u so much Linda Clay a child of God I was in that type of torment for the last 25 yrs I’m 48 now and I feel like a teenager. . lol I know withou a doubt God still loves me. All the bad choices over the years and now I finally made the right one I found ur blog somehow I dont even know the holyspirit led me here amen Be blessed.

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  7. linda and others as well todays interview on trunews.com is truly one that must be heard about barry sortero aka obama it confirms what the holy spirit spoke to about him being the one many will follow and take his mark please pray for me to be walking in the spirit daily my mind is full of info and i feel as though when im talking to god all day long that im talkin to myself i backslid for so long and have been on the fence back and forth so many times in my life doubts of me actually having the holy spirit dwell inside me is overwhelming thanks for listening be blessed


  8. WOW, Lisa, thank you very much for sharing that confirmation and I thank the LORD you stopped on by. I hope you feel welcome here, in my “virtual home”. 🙂


  9. Last fall God began to show me visions while I was praying. One of them were countless black crosses like you have shown falling in the dark hours of morning. I have been asking God for months to show me what they mean. I stumbled upon your website and was astounded! Thank you and may God bless and keep you safe. Maranatha, even so Lord Jesus, come!


  10. AMAZNG experience with the LORD. I sounds like you were literally having an “out of body experience” with the Holy Spirit, rather than a dream. Even Paul said, in 2 Cor 12:2-4 “know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago– whether in the body I do not know, or out of the body I do not know, God knows– such a man was caught up to the third heaven. 3And I know how such a man– whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, God knows– 4was caught up into Paradise and heard inexpressible words, which a man is not permitted to speak.”

    AMAZING also to be given a glimpse of what you will be doing during the Millennium. What the LORD lays on our heart for “ministry” indeed may not be on this side of the Millennium, but during that time. .. . WOW AMAZING AGAIN. . . Thank you so much for sharing that.

    About witnessing in the workplace. I worked in a public hospital as the Behavioral Health Community Liaison. The LORD opened up many opportunities to share with people, even in that position. So, for those who read this comment and are employed. . . YOU are a “Marketplace Christian” . . . With a “Marketplace ministry” . . . Don’t feel sorrowful that you are not in “ministry” full time . . Because you are. The LORD places His people in all types of situations. . . Mechanics . . . Waitresses. . . Business owners. . . Pilots. . . Accountants. . Day Care workers. . . Teachers . . All areas, so HE can be represented in places where people will go, who will not go to “church.”

    Blessings to you and thank you again for sharing that amazing experience. .. I want to add another WOW here 🙂


  11. Thanks for the kind reply, Linda.

    Just wanted to share something about feeling a burden of trying to do the Lord’s work.

    It was back in 2003 and i was feeling like I had a heavy yoke upon me to do something more than witness through my employment. Also, I have now realized that witnessing while in the workplace is probably not the best place. On a lunch break, away from others maybe, but it is better done without the pressure of being flagged or even fired.

    Anyways, a good friend of mine at work, (while on break) said he was going on a three day fast. Since he had done it before and had plenty of mid-body reserves, it was not as big a deal for him, and I gave it much thought. A week or so later after reading up on fasting, i decided to do a 24 hour fast, and thought that it may not kill me since I am hypoglycemic.

    To make the short of it, I wanted to know what Yahweh expected of me, and what my purpose was in this life.
    So after nearing the end of my fast, which happened to be just before bed, i prayed and was expecting to receive a possible answer in my dreams. Well it did not happen that night, or even within several nights. Then finally it came during my sleep a few nights later, and I was taken to a place where my dream became reality and i could actually feel what was happening with my body and soul. it was amazing and partially scary. When I returned, it was like a switch came on and i was lying flat on my back, breathing heavy and drenched in sweat. I was so drained and utterly amazed at what just had happened, that I lay there about fifteen minutes…motionless.

    That experience and revelation from My Heavenly Father was so amazing and surreal, that it has changed my life forever. No matter what life, of this world, throws at me, I am free and my spirit has no qualms with dying. If not for my wife, i would gladly lie down and pray that My Father would take me out of this world immediately. I was blessed with feeling the experience of living in a spirit body, so no high on drugs or alcohol can even come remotely close.

    To finalize, I will say this; what Yahweh lays upon us, doesn’t have to be a burden. If a burden becomes overwhelming, I would definitely pray for some clarity, because it could be something else. And btw, I had it all wrong, because I thought my work for Him was in this life. Mine isn’t all that much in this flesh life, it just so happens that I will be a teacher during the Millennium. Yahweh took me there.

    I do have a usefulness in this life, and it is like an option that may add to my garments/holy attire, for the eternity, but Yahweh let me know that it is not a burden, nor a requirement.

    May you be relieved of your burdensome feeling, and btw, I am a retired male, and i love to cook and my wife loves that i bake also, especially the cookies.


  12. Hello Selna, I received word from a Christian attorney who may be able to help you. I attempted to send you an email, but was not able to do that, utilizing the email you provided when you posted a comment. Please send me another comment, with email. . . I can keep that private, to protect your information. Thanks a bunch.


  13. I’m not really sure. What I thought these “end times” would look like and the progression of these times is nothing like what is unfolding. All I know from the Holy Spirit is the true believers and followers of Jesus . . Hebrew name Yahshua, will be removed prior to the WRath of God being poured out. . . That is “The Day of the LORD”. About all of the details, like you described, again I’m not sure.


  14. Greetings. Thank you for being respectful. Absolutely each person has the right to his/her opinion and viewpoint. . . Yes, absolutely. When I shared what I did about Obama, it was a revelation given to me by the Holy Spirit, with these words and I quote: “Obama is the anti-Christ”. I was not sharing an opinion, and quite frankly preferred not to say anything about this to anybody, but I must obey what the LORD commands, regardless of the backlash/consequences that have certainly been unpleasant, to say the least.

    I understand that is very difficult for most people to believe, but it is not for me to make somebody believe it or not. I was not sharing an opinion . . . I simply shared what I was given and prompted to share; each person can then choose to ask the LORD: “is she sharing the truth”. It’s up to him/her. I also understand the sobering responsibility of what I say when I use the name of the LORD, as in “the Holy Spirit said” . . For I will face the consequences of what I do on Judgement Day. . . May the LORD help me bring honor to Him and share ALL that He has me share . . The TRUTH. . . The FULL TRUTH and NOTING BUT THE TRUTH. . . So help me God.

    Truly, I will be glad when this “assignment” is over . . . And wish my “assignment” had been to bake brownies and visit the elderly in the nursing home; that would have been much more pleasant and better received. Anyway, thank you for the compliment on this blog; I pray the LORD continue to sustain me and give me the strength to do this. I pray He help each of my brothers and sisters in Christ step into their role in the body of Christ . . . Regardless of what others say, believe or do.

    Blessings to you and may we all endure until the end.


  15. earlier you addressed the 144,000 remnant…
    the Heavenly Host Armies along with the Earth Changes/Tribulations/the beheadings by the AC Empire will decimate humanity by over 75%… as needed to ‘cleanse’ the Earth for the 1,000 year Kingdom
    so, there will be more than 144,000 Israelites, including Jews, surviving the AC & the Trumpets/Vials/Bowls/Thunders/Woes needed to ‘cleanse’ the body of humanity


  16. Just picked up a link from the SQ site, and decided to read through some posts. I was locked in to the vision/dream of Odrama as Antichrist, I am a believer of visions and dreams, plus visitations by angelic beings and even the Lord Jesus Christ to a select few people.

    I have thousands of hours invested in Bible study, along with direction and truth with divine guidance of the Holy Spirit, through prayer. As having experienced several spirit filled dreams and an Out of body experience that was in conjunction with a dream, I am a believer. The explanations and connections of dreams and visions is where it gets real sensitive, and sensitively real.

    As to the idea of Odrama being the antichrist, I must respectfully disagree because it is not biblical that a flesh man plays that role. Many of the doctrines of men have the antichrist walking the earth right now, but that just isn’t true, nor biblically backed up. However; you are absolutely correct, if you say that he is playing the role as a “precursor” to antichrist, and in the spirit of antichrist. There have been many that have come in the spirit of antichrist. Nebuchadnezzar and Hitler are two fine examples. Now we can surely add in another large influential figure, known as Barack Hussein Obama.

    We must always follow the alignment of scripture and the unction of the Holy Spirit to our dreams and visions for them to become manifest into out lives.

    BELIEVEACTS2, you are doing beautiful work with this blog and i wish you much success. May God Bless it and you as well.


  17. Very possible. . . Things are so “wonky” right now, it’s almost impossible to guess which thing “the global elite” will do next. Just when you think it might be “A” . . . There goes “Q”. . .
    SO. . . Listening to and obeying the leading of the Holy Spirit is not only a good idea, it’s VITAL for any of us to make it in these final days.


  18. Well continuing on the last thought maybe Obama will reveal himself during an major conflict in Dabiq as the mahdi by betraying western forces and annihilating them with Weapons of mass destruction.
    And then promptly lock down mainland Us with martial law and instituting sharia law!

    What would follow is of course civil unrest and war in which Obama might emerge as a victor and harnessing Us superpower in the future in the name of Islam with the Goal of annihilating Israel!

    One possible scenario?

    Good blog you have here with free discussion


  19. If you consider Obama is not fully manifesting lucifer yet . . But will take that role on as “the anti-Christ” when we see the “false signs and wonders” . . . . There still has to be some events take place for that to occur. . . . Which would also coincide with “the Mahdi” . . . Now, since they have a demonically-inspired prophecy, a demonically-inspired “religion” and a demonically-inspired book, it very well would make sense “the Mahdi” prophecy will not look like they expect . . And as you said “the devil is a master of subterfuge”.

    How it happens, I’m not sure. However, if we just put that piece of puzzle . . .Obama as “the Mahdi” into the current global events . . . It may help make more sense. Please consider looking at this post:

    11-17-15: The Mostly IGNORED Prophetic Piece of the End Times Puzzle | believeacts2’s Blog

    I can’t convince anybody of any of this; it must be taken to the LORD in prayer, asking Him: “is she telling the truth in what she says about this?”

    What’s the main point about all of this? For people to be aware. . . Be warned and be prepared, for we ARE the generation the Bible points to . . . When JESUS returns.


  20. Hello again

    The idea of Obama being the mahdi is not fully supported by muslim eschatology if i remember correctly. The mahdi is supposed to appear from beneath the earth close to dabiq in Syria. Closely followed by the muslim jesus appearing close to Damascus on earth.
    If Obama is the mahdi he must somehow be in Dabiq in syria once the major battle Isis is trying to start in that region to destroy the “romans” as they call westerners.

    Joel Richardsons book the islamic antichrist lays this out as well as much of Walid Shoebats work.
    Of course the devil is a master of subterfuge and Obama still might be the 12th imam or mahdi as you say!


  21. Hello Courtney, I’m not sure how this “false rapture”/second coming will work, but it may involve Project Blue Beam; it will likely involve some of the “fallen angel technology” that they have hidden from the public’s eye.

    About “Planet X/Niburu” . . . I have been tracking that info as well. It seem there may have been some potential sightings this month. I just heard about that yesterday, when I watched Pastor Paul Begley’s interview with Gil Broussard (see link below). If that is the case, it is anticipated we’ll see/experience the consequences of this in March of 2016 . . . MASSIVE DESTRUCTION.

    I have had several warning dreams about a comet heading our way. I believe they were pointing to “wormwood”, also referred to as “Planet X-Niburu”:

    DREAM – The Comet | believeacts2’s Blog

    9-19-15 – Multiple Dreams About a Comet, JUDGEMENT, and the STRONG URGENCY to Call the Body of Christ to Repentance | believeacts2’s Blog

    I don’t know anything about “The Final Call to the Anti-Christ via Star Wars” . . . But what I do understand is “the global elite” utilize movies, written media, television, music industry to “broadcast” their intentions.


  22. Hello Ian. Thank you for sharing. I haven’t planned on writing a book . . .but I suppose this blog is like a book, if you want to view it that way.

    Regarding the antichrist. . . . He is already here in the White House, but has not fully manifested Lucifer yet. That’s coming, however. Things are accelerating at a more rapid pace than we have seen even a few years ago.

    Blessings to you in Australia.


  23. My friend
    Anyone who rubbish’s your views an visions is being close minded.

    Why because there is way more in the truth with heaven and earth that we all can imagine.

    As the river of time moves forward the knowledge and devices we acquire becomes more and more astounding.

    The great Maxwell founder of electromagnetics alluded to the ether and alternate energies and dimensions.

    Telsa of AC current fame further more added to the wonders but his time was cut short.

    Since 1947 with ET technology beginning to be re engineered the world now have a classified USAF Space Navy. But alas the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned of is part of the troubles to come.

    So too is complacency, out of control greed and a lack of faith in Angels and Christ.

    No one knows when the Antichrist will come but events in the world sure aren’t going well .

    We have evolved from mass destruction in World Wars using HE to continual small scale conflicts in many countries to further big power agendas ie USA.

    I have faith that reason and God will prevail as there are many with good intent even if misled.

    Your thoughts and book are a welcomed and valuable addition to human knowledge.
    God be with you.
    Ian Qld Australia


  24. While we are talking, 3 minor earthquakes have hot Oklahoma. It sounds like you are referring to the False Rapture/Second Coming aka BLUE BEAM PROJECT??

    What are your thoughts on Planet X-Niburu and The Final Call to the Anti-Christ via Star Wars??


  25. Interesting testimony, Cortney. I have heard the LORD is visiting Muslims in dreams and visions, revealing who He is to them; a huge number of Iranians are turning to the LORD Jesus.

    Regarding the 144,000 . . . I’m not sure that is the only number of Jews who will be saved; it may be the number who have been chosen to share the Good News of the Gospel in these final days. More and more Jews are turning to Jesus . . . Yahshua as their Messiah.

    I do agree there is corruption on this earth and absolutely we must repent and stay in the Will of the LORD. There truly will be some very difficult times ahead, prior to the return of the LORD Jesus . . . Who is coming back on a White Horse (and not in a space ship, which is a planned “false return” by the global elite, to bring in their agenda).
    Here are two posts discussing that:

    Alert Dream: The “Alien” Jesus Deception



  26. According to Breaking Israel News, Elijah spoke to a very old and respected Rabbi in Elijah’s tomb back in October. When Elijah speaks in his tomb, he is letting us know that The Messiah, Our Beautiful Yeshua, has come to claim the throne of His Kingdom on earth for 1000 years!! Also, I am a descendant of the St. Augustine blood line and Christ came to me in physical form as a homeless man last night. I have him $10 and a blanket and when I went to give it to him, we locked eyes in the middle of the parking lot in the pouring rain. I started crying. He grabbed me and hugged me so tight yet tenderly and kissed my cheek. He is walking among us already everybody. He will reveal himself soon on the mount of olives and split the mountain in two with His hand so that the remaining remnant of the 12 Tribes will be able to escape the final battle at Harma-Gheta(Armageddon)unharmed. Think about it…Out of the 15 million Jews walking on earth, only 144,000 will be saved by The Messiah!! That’s how corrupt everyone has gotten on earth. Not just the Jews, but Americans, Europeans, Muslims and beyond!! Pray, Repent, REPEAT!! WE MUST NOW REMAIN FULLY CLAOKED IN GODS ARMOR AND WE CANNOT REMOVE IT NOW!! We are days away from some very heavy apocalyptic events that will forever change the course of humanity and life as we know it!! Amen?


  27. Evil, as in the (a) anti christ?! The Illuminati had Barry as a pick of 7 – the other 6 were most likely taken out of the picture permanently?! It was clear BHO was the one chosen (to me) back in 07, but didn’t know that it’s the one occupying the Oval. We can say this guy is Evil, fore, he truly is but, he (BO) seems to have powers (principalities in very high places) that even people like Adolf, Stalin, Mau & others in recent history – We know he wouldn’t have these powers if the Lord had not previously approved – Remember back in late 08 (election season) how Barry went around acting like the prez before he was (use this word loosely) officially elected and the after before the inauguration? The arrogance of ‘yes we can’!
    Back to where I was trying to get at, does Barry actually have the Biblical description of where, why & how – if anything he’s either Kenyan, Indonesian or just plan Asian – I don’t know – he doesn’t seem to have any Assyrian (Syria/Turkey) in him or ties to Rome – one things for sure, I can see him becoming someone of pure evil – whoever The real AC is we know he’s being restrained & the system he’ll rely on (beast system) still has some kinks & a lot of chipping or tattooing – Who ever assures Israel of that 7 year pac, well, that’s the guy!

    *Christian’s, remember this, with the Lord’s Spirit in us, fear of the straw man (that’s all he is compared to the Lord Jesus) diminish’s!

    in Christ


  28. Thank you for the links, Dennis. I agree, this planet is not going back to “the way it was”. If you only look at the nuclear waste spewed out from the Fukushima . . . Just that alone has changed our planet with all of the die-offs of the aquatic life . . . Then you have birds and mammals die off.

    Here’s the GOOD news. . . We ARE the generation the Bible points to and the prophets wanted to live in. . . THE DAYS OF THE RETURN OF THE LORD. This is why we are seeing so many Biblical prophecies unfold before our very eyes, if we have “eyes that see” and “ears that hear”.

    I know what I thought these “end times” would be like and what they actually are like . . Are so different. I was thinking more “check box”/linear. . . First A, then B, then C. . . Check, check, check and all would be presented in an “orderly manner” . . Uhhhhh, not happening. So POOF!! Out went my ideas and now it’s:”LORD HELP ME KNOW 100% TRUTH’ because we certainly are not hearing it in most building gatherings on Sunday that some politely call “church”.


  29. Agreed.

    Our world is about to change. By the way, Obama has already said that Christians are hindering progress. Anyway, perhaps you might be interested:
    http://www.Theextinctionprotocol.com and http://utopiathecollapse.com/.
    wordpress sites. Sort of mirrors what you have posted on other matters but also on earth changes. Very interesting site.
    Our world is not going back to 2008 if there is a new president. The operation to bring in the new world order is ongoing The President has said The Old Order is Dying.


  30. AMEN, Selena I pray for the Heavenly Father’s Kingdom of Heaven FAVOR upon you. That He will draw a STRONG Christian Attorney to you, who has compassion for individuals with disabilities. I pray for the LORD to send you those in your area who will support you in MANY ways you can’t even imagine right now. I ask that in Jesus’ name, Amen and AMEN.

    Now, here’s something you don’t know and I believe most don’t know about me, my education and professional career focused on individuals with disabilities. Depending on where you have relocated to, if it’s in the United States, there is a National Organization that may be able to assist you, or at least support your efforts. It’s the National Rehabilitation Association:

    If you feel comfortable giving the State where you are located, I may be able to provide you with some additional suggestions. Also, there may be an attorney who looks at this blog, located in your state, who can assist you with your efforts.

    Blessings to you and indeed the LORD will give you strength and courage to move forward, regardless of the naysayers. Think about Noah . . . We can be glad we didn’t have his “job”

    Liked by 1 person

  31. there will always be mockers and scoffers of truth.
    that’s a given,
    IF someone has A Word,let them speak.

    the 1s ridiculing and even getting personal w/attacks are nothing, nothing at all.

    Keep putting out WHAT The Almighty is telling YOU to reveal publicly to HIS Children.
    thank you.___

    Now for myself, in the present location I relocated to, we are under severe stress and distress due to the legal system…..and others have derided WHAT I WAS TOLD TO DO HERE SAYING IT IS IMPOSSSIBLE,as one cannot even find an atty to write it up as the constitutional challenge this state is as this code is a real money maker for the state,only serves the state etc.

    There is nothing impossible to the Almighty, He has told me what to do and i better do what i am told-
    for me,its remotely similar to Moses,stutter and all,liberating people.

    Please pray w/me for my inner strength and courage as even typing takes me hours==it has to do w/the disabled adults and them winding up as wards of the courts etc//

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Absolutely, He is a Muslim, Dennis. One thing most Christians don’t know is this: “The Mahdi” is the prophecied Islamic “messiah” who “rises from the West” and helps usher in a global caliphate. . . Obama is that individual.

    What most also don’t know. . . “The Mahdi” and “the Anti-Christ” are the same entity.

    People don’t have to agree with me, which is the majority of people anyway, but at least the info has been shared for people to seek the LORD and ask: “is she sharing the truth here?”

    When more unfolds in the days ahead, the Holy Spirit will bring back this warning to the minds of those who are seeking the truth . . The warning about Obama as the anti-Christ.

    They will then understand that when the economy collapses, the “bank bail-in” removes most of a person’s income in the bank and the new global economy is cashless. . . That all who want access to that economy will need to accept a bio-identifier rolled out under “Obama-care” . . That it IS “the mark of the beast”. The warnings have been going out through several in the body of Christ, but mostly . . . Not heard. At least we did our job and the blood is not on our hands. Honestly, I’ll be glad when this is over and I’m no longer responsible for sharing this revelation. I’m sure others who have this revelation feel the same way.


  33. I am not saying he is the Anti-Christ. But I will say he has the spirit and he is a Muslim.
    In his book, he states that when the winds turn ugly against Islam, he will stand with Islam (paraphased)


  34. Greetings Lucky, we should change your nickname to “BLESSED”, for you are now a part of the KINGDOM of Heaven. Do you know that means you are a Prince? Imagine that, for we are Sons and Daughters of the KING of kings and the LORD of lords. Deep inside of you is a princely gentleman WARRIOR for the Kingdom of Heaven.

    All that you have been through, places you in a position of understanding the dark side, so you will also be given strategies and plans to counteract that for the Kingdom of Heaven. Satan and his minions LIE, LIE and LIE some more, for they try to tell you “you are powerless now” . . That’s because they FEAR YOU finding out the TRUTH that there is GREATER power and authority for those who are in Christ Jesus . . Serving and following Him.

    Now, this is not the “power” that is know in the World, but is Authority granted from the Heavenly Father. Please read Ephesians Chapter 6, to find out about the “Full Armour of God.”

    Also, please consider this your “virtual home group”, where you are “safe” to share any dreams or questions you may have. We are all “works in progress” and many, like me, have had “less than perfect lives” as Christians (in fact, I have a horrible “Christian resume” . . . . I would be booted out of the “Pharisee Church of Suppresive Religious Doctrine”.)

    About things being more difficult for you now. Consider this: the Bible tells us we are soldiers in the Army of the LORD. . . What opposing Army would attack an outhouse? Don’t you suppose they would go for those who are DEADLY to their plans? This is why it’s more difficult for TRUE believers and followers of Jesus, than it is for those who are “superficial” and like the “woo-how, happy,happy” Sunday Social Clubs. Uhhhhhh, no thank you. . . That’s not happening here.

    Blessings to you and thank you for stopping by . . Again, please consider this your “virtual home group”. We have some interesting discussions here.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Just recently started attending a church and have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

    I have heard about Christianity most of life but never really knew much other than the people I worked with would call each other brother and I always felt left out. None of them spoke to me about the Lord or accepting him.

    I decided to follow Christ one night watching an old rerun of Jimmy Swaggart preaching. Something he said really touched my heart unlike any of these preachers I see in these big mega churches. Especially knowing that Jimmy is still a christian even after he messed up so long ago, and he was plastered all over the TV as a total failure and people walked away from him as if they were disgusted or disappointed in what he did.

    Even back then, I knew that what he did is nothing different from all the bad things that I have done over the years and never even gave it a second thought.

    Also I know for a fact that most of the Christians I know were all just like me we were all on the same boat on our way to hell, before Christ lighted up our minds and hearts to understand where we were and what we were doing was only hurting ourselves and taking us further from GOD.

    It took me longer than most to understand this. Now I know where I am going and what is happening around me is not a coincidence.

    It seems that things have become increasingly harder for me since accepting Christ as my personal lord and saviour. Someone told me that is good because it means that I must matter to God and what he has planned for me must be great, that is why the devil is constantly trying to throw a wrench into everything that I do. It doesn’t bother me as before.

    Now I have someone to pray to and talk to. Before if problems arose I would take care of them myself through means that were not necessarily legal and often involved physical violence and getting others involved who I paid to take care of things for me my way. I no longer have that option and I feel powerless. Although I know that I could pick up the phone and things would happen, I don’t. Christ would not do that, and so neither will I any more.

    I just wanted to let you know that I have had a dream similar to yours for many years now, only before I knew Christ I did not understand it.

    In my dream I see the same things, Crosses like that picture flying around in the sky with other things that look like space ships of some kind. I always felt fear, like it was really close to being the end of the world or something.

    All the time the world around me is dark the people are dark. The buildings are dark, everything is dark. Almost like you cannot see the sun. Everyone seems to be in hiding all the time. They seem to live in darkness and seem to feel more comfortable in it. Now I understand what it means.

    Before I knew nothing of it and it really meant nothing to me. I just filed it away into the back of my head as just weird dreaming. So much other stuff that I did not understand has also come to light over the last several months.

    I thank God that I have found people like you and Steve Quayle on the internet. You people are really doing God’s work.

    I know that soon a lot of that stuff that other people call conspiracy and weird will be happening in plain sight for all to see.

    God bless you and thanks for the work that you do.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Greetings, Carl, I can understand why you believe what you do about Obama; it certainly is a very logical perspective.

    When I shared what I did about Obama as “the Anti-Christ”, it’s not from my opinion, or it is not from a logical analysis of global events and individuals, it’s a revelation given to me by the Holy Spirit. I also am very aware I will be held accountable at the Judgement Seat of Christ, for what I do and say in His name. What I do ask each person who visits my blog is to pray about what I share here.

    Quite honestly, Carl, I would prefer not to have to do this at all and go back to what is a more “normal life”, where I made a nice income, in a professional career. Who likes being a target of scoffer’s, mockers, those who basically say “you are a liar”, if even in a polite way, by saying “that’s not true”? NOBODY and that includes me. However, I LOVE the LORD and will continue to obey Him, regardless of the personal pain it has and will continue to cause; it’s a part of my “calling” and my part in the body of Christ.

    So, please consider taking what I shared to the LORD in prayer. Ask Him: “is what she is saying the truth?” It won’t impact me one way or the other, since I did my job, but it may help even one more person know what times we are facing. It will also bring more understanding to why NOBODY seems to be able to stop the entity in the White House.

    Blessings to you and thank you for stopping by.


  37. Barack Hussein Obama is to The Anti-Christ, what John The Baptist was to Jesus Christ.

    That is, just as John The Baptist came to prepare the way for Jesus Christ, Barack Hussein Obama has come to lay the ground work for the coming of the “Man of Sin” – The Anti-Christ!

    Expect the “American Spring” (referring to the Arab Spring) to begin in the early spring of 2016 – bringing about the death-blow of The United States of America and our way of life as we know it today!!!

    After all, the Trojan horse has been gifted upon the American people with the forced migration of hundreds of thousands of battle ready militant Muslim males, dozens (22) of Muslim training compounds withing the United States and some 15,000 armories called Mosques.

    The American Spring will be Muslim driven and directed by Barack Hussein Obama and his underlings.

    Mystery Babylon has been revealed and will soon experience God’s judgment for the sins of abortion, homosexuality, wholesale promotion of pornography and the murder of an unknowable number of innocent souls thru unjust wars & drug trafficking and… arguably, the most egregious of sins against God – forcibly removing God from a nation that was once founded on and dedicated to Godly principals. The people who are responsible and those who followed are the “Walking Dead!”

    It’s a very short time now, and we will hear… Mystery Babylon has fallen, has fallen!

    Liked by 1 person

  38. As some may already know, I didn’t come back to the Lord until earlier this year (2015). What sickens me more then anything is those that prefer to sow seeds of discord. I closed my Facebook account because of this. I pray for all that are doing this. When these people display acts of discord, it makes none-believers laugh at us all. There are so many that seem to enjoy spreading gossip and rumors of true believers as well. Those people too need prayer.


  39. Thank you, Stig-Ove. Here’s something else that’s easier than trying to look up stuff in a Concordance: Use Bible hub.com
    They have many versions all in one location, as well as inter-linear Texts. I use it all of the time for these posts and it sure makes things much easier.

    There are other online resources as well. . . One of the great things about the Internet. The enemy has plans for EVIL, but the Heavenly Father is using it for GOOD.


  40. Well thanks for the prompt response Linda.
    I have all those books concordance etc and they open the scriptures up nicely.
    Being a father of 2 boys and 1 girl all under 3 yo is time consuming but rewarding. The minus side is that concordance gathers dust in shelf 🙂
    Underneath is a copy to that russian documentary. The meaty part i wrote abour portals is in the end part, last 10 minutes.
    In Christ



  41. Hello Linda and thank you for looking me up; welcome to my “virtual home” here on my blog.
    Yes, many of us are feeling the heaviness of the darkness rising on this planet, like we were told would happen in the bible. . . BUT HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS. . .
    Yes, we’ll have some horrific events to still face, but this life is but a blip on the radar of eternity. . . .so we’ll continue to endure until the end.

    ((((BIG HUGS))) to ya and thank you for stopping by.


  42. Wow. . . Thank you for that additional insight and info, Stig-Ove and greetings to you in Finland.

    Now, about staying in God’s Holy Word. . The best is being able to read the original Hebrew/Greek/Aramaic, but most (including me) can’t do that. So, an even better idea, for those who want to “dig in” is to utilize multiple versions, along with a Strong’s Concordance, since the translations can’t adaquately give the full understanding one would gain reading in the original languages. It’s also a good idea to find out more about the Hebrew culture and customs; we really “miss it” in our Western Mindset, when we try to put our view on a Hebrew culture.

    Blessings to you and thank you for stopping by.


  43. You are welcome, Marie. All I know about Obama, is what the Holy Spirit revealed to me back in 2011 (as well as what we see unfolding today, along with other things the Holy Spirit reveals).
    I have to share these things prayerfully and carefully, because I know I will give an account to the LORD on the day of Judgement, for saying something in His name, if it is not from Him.

    This is my testimony of how the Holy Spirit revealed the identity of Obama to me, as well as additional info:
    8-14-15: Who is “The Anti-Christ”? | believeacts2’s Blog

    You know, Marie, I’ll share something personal with you (and hey, anybody else who reads this comment as well): I really DON’T like this position I have been called to. It has been painful, depressing, isolating and places me in a position of being a target for mockers, scoffer’s and any who feel it’s Okay to ridicule. I have lost friends, family, employment and just about everything I had, in order to accept this calling on my life. I even tried to BEG the LORD to release me from this, but I was met with silence.

    So, here I am and I LOVE the LORD, so I obey Him, even when I know in doing so . . . I am a target for verbal abuse and scoffers/mockers.


  44. Thanks, Just wanted to make sure you are not another Linda who prophesizes. Didn’t think so. You sound more genuine. Do you think Obama is the Biblical little horn ruling during the last 7 years of this age?


  45. Hello from Finland

    As a thought when you so well stated that your country was to an almost complete level infiltrated by nazis after ww2, through operation paperclip and Reinhardt Gehlens Fremdt heere Ost. The symbols in space you saw light be supernatural portals of evil opening in space where fallen angels enter our domain.

    The reason i think so is because the swastika is with small modification an symbol of counter rotation which is a basic building block of zeropoint energy, extradimensional physics like portal openings etc.

    In addition there is a russian document on you tube with English subtitles that opens the Idea of an portal in space above earth in space.

    Hence the book of Job the devil going up and down to and fro on the earth and also to heaven to stand before the Lord.

    Much is in play in these end times people wherever your from.

    Stay in Jesus people and Gods holy word what i consider being a finnish swedish person the King James bible.


  46. Hi Linda I’m a linda too…well my heart has been so heavy latly…I know something bad is coming soon…I pray all the time for my family and everyone. Love all your articles .I look you up on Z3 news love it..God Bless and keep us posted.


  47. I understand you have difficulty accepting a revelation given to some of us in the body of Christ, concerning the identity of Obama. It does not fit the “Left Behind” Series that most of us have been familiar with. I always ask people to please pray about what I share here, because I know I must give account for what I say when I use the name of the LORD, claiming something is from Him.

    Here is my testimony, with additional information, on how I was given the revelation of Obama (and was certainly NOT looking for that, nor do I like being responsible for sharing this highly despised, mocked, scoffed, ridiculed revelation):
    8-14-15: Who is “The Anti-Christ”? | believeacts2’s Blog

    In closing, this revelation is not my opinion, it was given to me by the Holy Spirit, so I don’t and won’t debate it. I do, however, encourage people to again pray about it. It won’t impact me one way or the other. I did my job and am doing my job in sharing these revelations with the Body of Christ (even though most wont’ even ask the LORD: “is this true what she is sharing?”)

    Blessings to you and thank you for stopping by.


  48. Amen and AMEN!!! I’m about to be able to release some of the dreams that have miracles, signs and wonders in them. . . Given in the 1990s. Why have I been held back? I don’t know, but the release time is soon. Your prayers will be appreciated. I sense you ar a WARRIOR for the Kingdom of Heaven and have been given prayer strategies that cause MASSIVE damage to the kingdom of darkness.

    Blessings and thank you for stopping by. Please keep in touch.


  49. Satan plays the role of anti-christ – not Obama. He comes in peacefully and prosperously, with lying signs and wonders! Does anyone see Obama doing that? He was seated to fast track the chaos for global conflict, and ushering in the false messiah as savior! It’s pretty obvious that the beast system will have a mixture of commies and muzzies! The (mark) is not the chip, but worship and deeds to satan! The only reason I will refuse the chip, is because it will make people sick, perhaps the scripture that states grievious sores?


  50. Hello Marie, It’s Linda Clay. I have that at the bottom of each post and in the “about” section. Calling me Linda is fine with me, better than some of the things I have been called, as a “mocker’s target”.
    Blessings to you and thank you for stopping by.


  51. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing that and for the blessings and prayers, I certainly need them.

    Blessings to you, dear sister and may you have an AMAZING day with the LORD Jesus.


  52. Interesting insight, Dennis, particularly about the dates.

    Here’s something most in the body of Christ don’t know: “the Mahdi” (the prophecied ‘messiah’ of Islam, who will bring the global caliphate) and the antichrist are the same entity. Please consider looking at this revelation and taking it to the LORD in prayer for confirmation:
    11-17-15: The Mostly IGNORED Prophetic Piece of the End Times Puzzle | believeacts2’s Blog


  53. I have already saw this dream of the Nazi moved to the USA help by the Bushes. But God will pin them all ,so all can see and then total justice will be done. MAY GOD have mercy on there souls


  54. It has been 70 years since the fall of the Nazi Empire. If you look at 1945 as the end date.
    Ponder if this is one of the heads wounded to death but is healed? Paraphrased.
    Over the years too many events occurring regarding people attempting to locate lost Nazi Treasures and other items of interest. Turned up dead.

    To get an understanding regarding this article, I would recommend a study of the rise of Nazi Germany and their fascination with the occult that also included time travel research. Pay attention to the history channel and some military history channels. Explains much. Have to get a foundation of understanding if true.

    Also, if what is true, then there was a heavenly divine intervention. In 2018 Israel will have been in existence 70 years,this time. May be seeing a tolling of the time to bring Israel back. There could be a connection here.

    On the other hand, i fthere is an Islamic snti-christ, then his rule will make what the Nazi’s did look like godzilla versus bambi.


  55. Linda, my Spirit bares witness to what you see & I have been commenting on “Operation Paper Clip” for several years,knowing they were hidden in plain sight within our Govt, are! our Govt. God Bless You for you work, may God Protect you in Jesus Name God Help Us & Have Mercy on All , its begun . Blessings in Jesus


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