8-14-15: Who is “The Anti-Christ”?


2 Corinthians 13:1 (NASB) – “This is the third time I am coming to you. Every fact is to be confirmed by the testimony of two or three witnesses.”

—->> Request For ALL Readers of this Post:   

PLEASE PRAY and ask the LORD to confirm whether or not I’m telling you the truth. What you believe is up to you; it will not impact me one way or the other, because I was obedient in doing my part to warn you. However, please don’t cast aside this revelation before seriously praying about it.

There are some people in the body of Christ who have been given dreams, visions or revelations from the Holy Spirit, regarding the identity of “The Anti-Christ”, also known as “The Man of Lawlessness” or “The Son of Perdition”. This revelation is given to alert the body of Christ to prepare for the imminent return of Jesus Christ and to be aware of the signs of the times.

When sharing this revelation, the response from people is generally anger, hatred, rebuke, criticism, name-calling, mocking, scorning, belittling, rejection, chastisement, etc.. Regardless of this “unpopular” revelation, it still must be given, out of obedience to and love for the LORD. The following is how this revelation unfolded in my case:


The Revelation of the Anti-Christ

It was sometime in 2011. I was pushing the garbage out to the curb for pick up the next day, when suddenly and unexpectedly, the Holy Spirit said: “Obama is the Anti-Christ”. I stopped in my tracks, stunned. How could that be? It certainly didn’t “line up” with what I thought about this end times being.

I, like most in the body of Christ, was expecting somebody from Europe, like it was depicted in the “Left Behind” series of books, by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Needless to say, that was not only what I didn’t want to hear, but I also did not expect, YET I knew “the still small voice” of the Holy Spirit.

I kept that revelation of Obama as the Anti-Christ to myself, with the exception of one other person who was also given the same revelation back then; it helped to have that confirmation, yet I still kept that to myself until 2014. The Holy Spirit started prompting me to slowly share that revelation over the months, even with the backlash that came along with it.

Confirmation of Obama as the Anti-Christ

Post-publish info link, 9-29-15 –


James Bailey, from Z3News.com – Provides various revelations about the Anti-Christ, from different people in the body of Christ: http://z3news.com/w/category/antichrist/


Jonathan Klek:

Additional Information

Obama’s lineage traced back to the tribe of Dan and European Royality:

Nathan Leal, from Watchmanscry.com, provides a Biblical Review, looking at the “what if” regarding Obama as the Anti-Christ:

The Bible Codes reveal Obama as the Anti-Christ:



9-13-15 Obama/Pope News:


32 thoughts on “8-14-15: Who is “The Anti-Christ”?

  1. That’s not it, Linda! If you print it out in full color and turn it upside down, you can see a demon in red on the left side of his face, coming out of the flames of hell outlined from his chin to his forehead. The demon has his mouth open and his right arm covers O’s mouth (who’s doing the talking?) It might help you to outline the red with pen (the left side of his face is shaded in red and the right side in white.) Spooky! This answered my question to the Lord!

    LMK if you see it. It’s kind of like a Rorschach test. I had to stare at it a minute b4 it was clear to me.


  2. Hi Christine. I looked that up on the Internet, then viewed it upside down. . . I’m likely missing the “clue”, but I do see that his logo looks like an eyeball (such as the “all-seeing eye”, which is demonic).


  3. Thank you for sharing that info, Christine. . . Sounds like you were on learning curve like many of us have been. THANK YOU JESUS!!! It takes time to wade through all of the doctrines of humans, to get through to the FULL TRUTH, but the LORD is with us and will open up our eyes to the truth, which can make our minds go “SPIN” LOL.

    I’m glad you found this blog and are joining our lil ole virtual group here 🙂
    Blessings to you 🙂


  4. Sorry, Linda! I meant to ask you if you have done this (print out the Hope Poster and turn it upside down)? If so, what do you see?


  5. Yes, Linda, I read that. I used to be a pre-tribber. The Lord opened the floodgates for me this past January when he told me in a voice I’m unused to hearing (His voice is usually gentle):


    Whew. After I stopped trembling, I did a thorough study. What I discovered was truly astounding. I had been taught by excellent Bible scholars (toward whom I mean no disrespect) that the Day of the Lord was the entire Book of Revelation beginning at Seal 1 and ending at the final bowl/vial judgment. But what I discovered in my study was that Zephaniah, Amos, Jeremiah, and Joel concur that the Day of the Lord is PRECEDED by the cosmic signs–and the cosmic signs are found in the sixth seal. Also in these OT scriptures, the Day of the Lord and the Day of God’s Wrath are synonymous, hence the reason Paul tells us we are NOT APPOINTED TO WRATH (1 Thess 5:9).

    After 6 months of intense study, the Lord kicked me out of the nest and told me to go TEACH this pre-wrath rapture view. I argued with Him for a week or so (LOL) but I did that this past October at a 2-night women’s retreat. He wants the word out, apparently.

    I also studied the verses about the Antichrist and put them all in one place. That was part of the retreat as well. When you do that, it paints a verbal “picture” if you will of the O. Incredible.

    I am going to enjoy this fellowship, Linda. I have been His since 1976 and belong to a small Bible-believing church, but know very few who are truly interested in eschatology.

    Peace, sister. Thank you for your work here.


  6. Thank you VERY much for seeking the LORD to confirm that revelation and for sharing that, Christine and I totally agree with you in all that you said, including “the Rapture occurs after the sixth seal. . .” I was shown that very thing in a dream:

    8-26-15: A Dream About “The Rapture” | believeacts2’s Blog

    Blessings to you and please feel free to join in any post comments . . . We have a developing “virtual home group” here, where you are “safe” to share what the LORD places on your heart.


  7. I spent three days in prayer about whether O was the AC beginning 12/24/14, after watching Jonathan Kleck’s videos about the Son of Perdition. I also asked the Lord to verify that Jonathan’s ministry was from Him. On 12/27/14 this is what I heard: print out the Hope Poster from O’s 2008 campaign and turn it upside down. Please do this and you will be stunned. Not only did He confirm the identity of the AC, but He also confirmed Jonathan’s ministry, as the truth is in plain sight when you turn the poster upside down, which is part of what Jonathan has heard. I continue to pray for confirmation. I have not personally received any, but I am finding confirmations all over these blogs since then.

    I do believe our King wants us to recognize him because by doing so we will discern where we are on His timetable. He is first seal, opened at his re-election in 2012 or his inauguration in 2013. Second seal, I believe, is the rise of ISIS, which takes peace from the earth. We are awaiting the third seal–global economic collapse. The Lord has also confirmed for me that the Rapture occurs after the sixth seal and before the seventh seal, which is the beginning of the Day of the Lord/God’s Wrath.

    Peace, my brothers & sisters in Christ. Our King is greater than the one who rules this world.


  8. AMAZING testimony, Ann. So glad you found this blog and share today. You’ll find more who understand and believe what you have to say here. You are “safe” to share whatever the Holy Spirit lays on your heart, for I don’t allow mockers/scoffer’s or those who are abusive to comment here in my “virtual home” . . Those comments go to the trash . . POOF!!!

    I also believe we are in the days when the LORD returns. I was given many “rapture dreams” back in the 1990s, and many of the things I was shown then are happening now. One of those dreams I was prompted to write up and it’s on this post:
    8-26-15: A Dream About “The Rapture” | believeacts2’s Blog

    You’ll also find “like minded” brothers and sisters in Christ on

    Blessings to you and hope to see you again.


  9. Back before the last election, I had the TV on and Obama was on giving a speech or doing a press conference. His hair was not all gray at that time, but I saw cleary the shape of a gigantic “S” outlined with just gray hair on his scalp! I thought I was going nuts!

    I had my suspicions about him being the Anti Christ, and this confirmed it for me!

    I kept that TV recording until my husband came home. I showed it to him and asked him if he saw anything on Obama’s scalp and he saw the “S” also. Needless to say, I did not vote in the last election because of who Obama was and the fact that Romney was a Mormon.

    I have never shared this with anyone else except with my friend on the phone, who just politely listened to me and really did not make any comments, so I just moved the topic of conversation on.

    Also has everyone ever noticed all the videos of all the flies constantly around Obama in Youtube videos? Type in Obama and flies in the search.

    Also within the last few months, I heard the words eloph tav in my head over and over in my head one day, so I started to research it on the Internet. It means the beginning and end in Hebrew, like the Alpa and Omega in Greek. I really believe Jesus is coming very very soon! May God Bless all who read this and stay strong my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.


  10. Thank you for sharing those thoughts and yes, I agree with you. I also looked at Sarah Menet’s 1979 vision, along with others. Absolutely amazing.
    I agree about the false rapture planned (please look at the warning dream I posted about the “alien Jesus”). We’ll see how that unfolds, but I think one of the possibilities is the utilization of “Project Blue Beam” technology, along with HAARP technology.
    I also agree about the “strong delusion”, for those who do not love the truth; we’re warned about that in 1 Thessalonians 2:10-12 –

    “…10and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. 11For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, 12in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.


  11. The 2 main actors of endtimes bible prophecy (the Pope & Obama), are right in front of us, yet a lot of people esp. Christians can’t see it. They think it is business as usual. I believe it is the strong delusion not from the devil but from God. It takes a lot of prayer, fasting, getting closer to God and hearing his voice, to enable us to see thru all the daily distractions and see the true colors of these 2 individuals. The past few weeks i’ve been reading online Sarah Menet’s 1979 vision, Michelle Dullin’s ebook dreams n visions, Augusto Perez’s End of Times Dvd from the Prophecy Club, the revelations given to them all seem to confirm. One of the things believers have to be aware about is the fake UFO rapture planned by the devil and his people mentioned in Michelle’s ebook.

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  12. Yes, that was the trip of a lifetime…every step prophetic. I agree, we do need to encourage one another. Blessings to you as well.


  13. Wow. . . excellent thoughts. Thank you very much for sharing. It’s amazing how what you wrote almost 2 decades ago is unfolding now.

    I imagine your trip to Turkey was incredible. Imagine one day we will be able to talk to those who have walked the streets in ancient times. . . the faithful who have gone before us. Imagine the testimonies we will hear and the first-hand accounts of the miracles. And . . . we may actually get to taste manna 🙂
    We need to encourage one another that “the other side” of this increasing global chaos and darkness is the MOST amazing times we will see with Jesus.
    Thank you again for sharing and blessings to you.


  14. The term “Twilight Zone” is very apt.
    “The time we live in …the end of the 6th day (understand 1,000 yrs is as a day, and a day is as 1,000 years)…is approaching the millennial Sabbath Rest. When does Sabbath begin? At sundown. The Sun (Natural Light) began to set on the age of Grace (the times of the Gentiles) when Israel became a nation. There is a period after the sun has set, when there is still light in the sky. It’s an overlap between Day and Night, between Light and Darkness. It’s called twilight. In Job 24:15 and Proverbs 7:9, twilight is the time of adultery (adultery is committed with the “strange woman”/Harlot church.

    Consider the television program “The Twilight Zone” of the ’60’s. It was the beginning of moral neutrality in programming*. Episode themes offered situational relativism or inverted values. There were no easily identifiable heroes/villains. This program had a very fitting name. Twilight is a deceptive time, because we think it’s still Day, but it isn’t. And, ever so gradually, the light lessens, but our eyes keep adjusting, and still we think it’s yet Day. Then, suddenly, not enough light remains to see clearly, and it is dusk. The word (6153) that Strong’s defines as dusk was the time, in Ex. 12:6, when the paschal lamb was slain. Another of it’s meanings is to pledge/risk one’s life by exposing it to imminent danger. The root (6148) of this word (Dan. 2:43) also has the meaning of mixture and “traffic” (Ezek. 27:9, 27). It’s also used in Daniel to describe the mingled iron and clay in the feet of Nebuchadnezzar’s image. And, it’s a reference to alliances between foreign kings and Israel, I Kings 10:15. This twilight speaks of a time when dangerous and unholy commitments/loyalties imperil the lives of men. In the mid-east, this time is one of the five times a day that Muslims pray. It is said to be the time when one can no longer tell a white thread from a black thread.

    So, this is our time, when men can’t tell black from white, good from evil. We must, now more than ever, be able to discern between the holy and the profane; because after dusk, darkness, even gross Darkness is coming.”

    I wrote those words in my journal 18 years ago, and here we are. In fact, here we have been for almost 2 decades. But truly, now, even the Natural Light of common sense has left men’s darkened minds. It is also telling that when I was in Turkey in 1995, access to the site of ancient Laodicea had only then been opened, i.e. before then, it was impossible to get there. We are living in the culmination of the ages and, you are correct, we haven’t seen the worst of it yet.

    But God…

    *At this point, we know ‘programming’ to be ‘mind control’ programming.

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  15. I use to be a fan of Hal Lindsey…back in the 70’s. I think that is how his name is spelled, and then later, when I read the Left Behind book…the first one, I didn’t like the added drama. But, things are really developing, and in some ways it is obvious that this is Biblical, and at other times, it is almost as bad to guess what comes next. The learned men of Jesus time missed all the Biblical clues concerning the appearance of their Messiah and I guess the Church, on the whole, will miss the cues on the Second Coming as well. You all stay safe and I’m going to be doing some extra study and prayer!

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  16. It really feels like that, Sherry and it’s not the “Left Behind” movie either. These End Times aren’t what I had expected they would look like . . and I’m sure others are feeling the same as well. I think most (like me) had a “check list” mentality and that again is not happening. It’s like “Twilight Zone” and we haven’t seen the worst of it yet. There are more things ahead, such as the global economic crash, leading to “the New World Order” (which is the beast system and “the mark of the beast” . . . cashless society).


  17. It’s a good idea to keep our eyes on Sept 23, 2015 . . that is when the pope (the false prophet) will be meeting with the antichrist (the entity in the White House). Will we see something “special” unfold?


  18. Amazing story, Sherry. As time unfolds, I believe more are seeing the demonic evil in and surrounding the individual currently occupying the White House.

    Regarding the Bible Codes: It’s important to prayerfully and carefully consider what’s being presented and by whom. I personally don’t use the Bible Codes myself, but have looked at (prayerfully/carefully) what has been presented by Johnthan Wright, Codesearcher, who is 100% dedicated to Jesus Christ and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. I have had the opportunity to personally speak with him as well; the humility and character of Christ are there.
    I take what he shares as a supplement to what the Holy Spirit has also shown me, others and what I have found in research.


  19. When Obama visited the Joplin High School after the 2011 tornado, he came to the 2012 graduation ceremony to speak…the presentation to him during the ceremony was a brick from the old school that was blown away. On this brick was a photo printed from one part of a four part mural that I painted for the temporary high school. (Each student graduating also received a brick). I was asked if it was okay to do this, and when they told me that they were going to present this brick to Obama, I was unexpectedly totally repulsed and said that I didn’t want to be there during the event…I didn’t know that there was a wave of suspicion about him being the Anti-Christ…I just had a creepy-crawly I don’t want anything to do with it moment when they told me about it. Needless to say, the person on the phone from the high school didn’t know what to say to me. We quickly excused ourselves with a goodbye and no invite for me to attend, LOL. I see that you use the Bible codes…when I inquired of different people what they thought of that, there was uncomfortable silence, and I still don’t know what to think about that.

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  20. Absolutely, Harold. I would venture to say, there would be more Christians who could “accept” that, but there is something many in the Body of Christ don’t know: “The Mahdi” and “The Anti-Christ” are one and the same.
    “The Mahdi” (also called “the 12th Imam”), is the “messiah” the Iranian Muslims have been waiting for to help usher in a global caliphate. I have been warning since last year, for people to keep watch on Obama and his interactions with the Iranians (just look at the nuclear deal).

    In addition, many in the “Western World” view the Roman Empire from a European point of view. What they don’t remember or know from history, is the Roman Empire also encompassed portions of the Middle East as well.

    Here’s an article I located for you, regarding the Mahdi and The Anti-Christ: http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/45627-the-antichrist-and-the-muslim-mahdi-part-2

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    Prophetic Words for 2015 by Dale Gentry 03-16-2015

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