8-15-15 – ALERT DREAM – The “Alien” Jesus Deception

I was prompted to share this dream from 5-8-15, to warn ALL of a future (and global) deception associated with an “Alien” Jesus (which will be a fallen angel, also called a “demon”, disguised as Jesus).  The media is “prepping the masses” to accept this demonic delusion.  Even in a Fox News article today, 8-15-15, reported: “Apollo 14 astronaut claims peace-loving aliens prevented ‘nuclear war’ on Earth.”




image       LIES, LIES, LIES!!! DON’T FALL FOR IT!!!


Mark 13:21-22 – “And then if anyone says to you, ‘Behold, here is the Christ’; or, ‘Behold, He is there’; do not believe him; for false Christs and false prophets will arise, and will show signs and wonders, in order to lead astray, if possible, the elect.”



PART 1 – I was with several people who were planning on going through a portal, that was accessible through what looked like the back entrance of a bus. The plans were for one person to go through at a time. The first person went in, then suddenly that portal closed up, the bus door closed down and took off.

Note: I don’t remember all of the details after that, but remember we somehow were able to get that person back out, who described the demons that were there.

PART 2 – MANY people were desperately yearning for the return of JESUS. We were feeling/believing that His return was very close. The anticipation of His return was intense.

I was in a building and suddenly I saw a women dressed in her coat, ready to go outside and she said “they’re here”. I looked outside and saw a spaceship coming down, but my heart was thinking “it’s Jesus coming back”. I rushed outside as the spaceship was descending and was able to make my way to this landing area that had almost like a lit up runway/aisle for Jesus to walk on (reminded me of a wide walkway, similar to a celebrity “red carpet” walk, but this was outside and the walkway was black).


I saw what would have been a perfect depiction of an artist’s rendition of Jesus coming out of the spaceship. Everybody behind me (a distance away) were already on the ground, bowing and worshipping. My emotions overcame me and I also got on the ground to bow/worship. Jesus started walking down the walkway and as He got closer, I reached out to touch his garment, but He ignored me and kept walking. Something wasn’t right.

Note: I woke up from this dream and the thought came to my mind that Jesus is coming back on a white horse and that was not the real Jesus. I then fell back to sleep.

PART 3 – I was talking to several people about the difference between Christianity and satanists. I said “they use a circle” (and had a picture of them drawing a circle around themselves) “and we have the cross” (I used my arms in front of me and made a cross as an illustration). I knew the circle the satanists drew was a portal that allowed them to access the demonic realm.

One of my former supervisors (who was not a Christian and did not like Christians) was there. I had a copy of Howard Pittman’s small book, “Placebo” with me. This supervisor had some questions for me. We went into another room together, where she started smoking. While she was smoking, I told her “I generally would not recommend this Howard Pittman book to those who don’t understand Christianity, but here, read it carefully.” I knew I would be able to answer her questions later.

Note: The Howard Pittman book, “Placebo” was highlighted 3 times in this dream. The main focus of that book is the fact that the majority of professing Christians are dulled into a superficial form of “religion”. Also, the reality of demonic forces that exist.


I understand these dreams all go together as a warning about the following:

Part 1 highlights the demonic forces that are associated with CERN’s quest to access other dimensions.When they successfully power up the supercollider to max, literally “the gates of hell” will be opened up and the demonic forces WILL be coming through. (Revelation 9:1-3)

Part 2 highlights the coming deception of an “alien Jesus” that masses of professing Christians will believe is the TRUE Jesus. This deception will be so massive, ONLY those who are filled with the Holy Spirit AND know the Bible will make it. Even then, the pull of deception will be so intense, only by knowing the TRUTH and standing on the TRUTH will any “overcome”. Those who get caught up in this deception will not follow the truth of the Bible and what Jesus said about His own return. (Matthew 24:23-26)

Part 3 ties everything together, highlighting the demonic deception upon the majority of professing Christians who are spiritually asleep, who have taken the “placebo” of “all is well” and are not aware of the reality of the times we are in, the deception that continues to rise and the risk of heading into eternal damnation.


Howard Pittman’s Testimony –

“Placebo” by Howard Pittman – http://www.amazon.com/Placebo-Howard-O-Pittman/dp/B0017YQLLU

CERN opening up gates of hell – http://www.allnewspipeline.com/CERN_Watch_Opening_The_Gates_Of_Hell.php
(note, many sites discuss this, just google “Cern opening gates of hell”)

Former Pope warning of Vatican “alien” agenda –

Pope Francis says he would baptise aliens:

Scientists in the United States are urged to make contact with aliens:

Dr. Jim Garrow, former CIA (45 years), discusses a future false “alien invasion”, whereby the current White House occupant (obama), will be “chosen” as the spokesperson for the world:

Fox News, 8-8-15 – http://www.foxnews.com/science/2015/08/15/apollo-14-astronaut-claims-peace-loving-aliens-prevented-nuclear-war-on-earth/

Native American Elders discuss their tribal contact with “star brothers”:




RESPECTFUL COMMENTS are most welcome in my “virtual home”, here on this blog, where the LORD JESUS CHRIST, Hebrew name is Yahshua, is lifted up and the TRUTH is being told.





AND ——– >

I don’t need to hear why you don’t believe what I share. I’ll tell you again, to take these posts to the LORD in prayer. I won’t engage in debate. . . time is too short. . . I’m too weary and it’s a WASTE of time!!!

If you have honest questions, yes. . . Or not quite sure, that’s absolutely understandable, some of this stuff is difficult for me too, so I must seek the LORD for confirmation and FULL TRUTH, just like you.

If it’s to bring the “you are wrong” comments. . .no. . . Those won’t be posted, Nor will the comments of Mockers & scoffers, those with hateful comments, and those who bring discord. . . .

POOF!!! There They go . . . Comments Bye-bye to the trash!!!!




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25 thoughts on “8-15-15 – ALERT DREAM – The “Alien” Jesus Deception

  1. I just want to let you know that the story of the nuclear interception by UFOs is as old as the incident and it really did occur. I am an avid UFO researcher with many years of study in the subject and I can assure you it is real.


  2. Tony, thank you for stopping by my blog, which is my “virtual house”. When peace no longer is a part of a conversation, then it’s best to end it. Time is much too short for any of us to cause harm to another who is seeking the LORD. I apologize if there was any done that I may have caused to you. With that, I’ll end this conversation thread by saying: May the LORD bless you, strengthen you and help you move forward in all that He has for you.


  3. So you don’t intend to comment. I knew you would attack rather than reason. It is equally insulting that you falsely blessed me because I was honest. And your veiled egotism is understood. Why would I not want to know more of my Lord. The answer you have given is what all Pentecostals/charismatics give when they have no answer. I would assume that people having seminary backgrounds scares you. You’ve made that quite evident. I Apologize if my Mormonism comment offended you but it’s the truth. I will say like Paul, have now become your enemy because I had told you the truth? I never said that you are like that I said that sounds that way. And you never even gave me the courtesy to even answer my questions. I truthfully want an answer. Don’t you realize that you were going to be judgef more harshly by the Lord about what you teach and tell people than those common lay people like myself. Scripture teaches that as well. So, let’s reason in the Scriptures rather than argue in a mean spirited way. I don’t think my comments to you were mean at all they were truthful and sometimes the truth hurts. So what’s it gonna be. Reason with me or just blow me off? How do you know that I was not sent by the Lord to confront you about some things?


  4. Awww, bless your lil ole heart, Tony, it just warmed my heart to have a deluded cult figure such as Joseph Smith be the illustration you compared me to.. . . uhhhh, not; I must say, that is the first time I got that insult.

    I numbered all of your comments/questions for ease in reading, however, I’m never going to be able to adaquately answer your questions that stem from a seminary-trained perspective, as if I’m in front of the Sanhedrin.

    What I do request from you, which I request that ALL people do when they stop by my blog and read my posts (which is like stopping by my virtual house), is this:

    PLEASE pray about what I share on ALL of my posts. Ask the LORD Jesus if what I am sharing is the truth. Only HE can confirm that. It’s an EXCELLENT way for anybody to increase their intimate, personal relationship with the LORD, while learning to hear that “still small voice” of the Holy Spirit . . . it’s an amazing, wonderful relationship that continues to help each of us develop the character of Christ, while exhibiting the fruit of the Holy Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control).

    HOWEVER, and sadly, the following verse more appropriately describes many professing Christians today, who do not have the fullness of the Holy Spirit within, nor understand the power of the Holy Spirit or the gifts of the Holy Spirit that are still given today:

    “But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.” – 1 Corinthians 2:15


  5. Well that was a good response. Thank you for answering it.

    1) Joseph Smith had the same thing and claim to be a Christian. He had dreams and he also was visited by an angel and now we have Mormonism. Now please don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to say that you’re not a Christian or anything like that but you still haven’t given me any biblical guidelines to how you interpret dreams everything you told me is completely subjective and not objective.

    2) I want to tell you that I appreciate you hearing what I have to say. I am very analytical as well and very skeptical as well. But Scripture teaches also that we are to be like Bereans and test everything by the Scriptures to see what is truthful. The apostle Paul reinforced this and by implication made it clear we are to test everything through the lens of scripture. There are so many blogs out there today where people like myself cannot express what they believe the Scriptures teach because the blogger is mean spirited and unteachable and so forth. I’m just glad that you have not been that way and I appreciate that. The Scripture teaches that iron sharpens iron. Also the Apostle Paul said, let us reason together in the scriptures. So if I disagree, please understand I am NOT being mean spirited I’m reasoning.

    3) Having said that I have a few things to say about this. In the book of Revelation near the end of the book, it teaches that we are not to add to or take away from the Scriptures. It’s an imperative command.

    4) Since I would hope you believe that the Canon is closed do you believe you were receiving direct revelation from God? And scripturally speaking, how do you know that what you’re saying lines up with Scripture.

    5) Since I believe you believe in ongoing revelation, what if you’re wrong does God still give ongoing revelation or is God giving substandard revelation because you got it wrong. Since God does not give substandard revelation, it’s impossible for us to get it wrong and yes it it was impossible for the writers of Scripture to get it wrong when they were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Otherwise God would not be God.

    6) Let me formulate my question this way, when God speaks it is Scripture. I know you would agree with me on that. Are you trying to say then that when God the Holy Spirit speaks to you and you write it down that it is equal to Scripture?

    7) And my second question is this do you believe in the sufficiency of Scripture?

    8) In 2 Peter 1:18-21, and we heard this voice when it came from heaven, while we were with him on the Holy Mountain. So we have the prophetic word strongly confirmed. You will do well to pay attention to it as to a lamp shining in a dismal place. Until the day dawns in the morning star rises in your hearts. First of all, you should know this, no prophecy of Scripture comes from one’s own interpretation, because no prophecy ever came by the will of man. Instead, moved by the Holy Spirit men spoke from God.

    This, in context, speaks of the direct revelation of God which is the Word.

    Note From Linda: numbers added to comments for ease in reading


  6. Hello Tony,
    We are given the choice to accept Salvation through Jesus Christ or not. Yes, in order to do that we must follow the command to repent and accept forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

    What’s an illustration of our choice? Jesus said this, in Revelation 3:20 – “Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.”

    So, do we choose to open that door (to our heart) and let Him in? It’s a choice we each are given.

    Regarding the Bible . . . it IS the TRUE Written Word of God (and no I don’t subscribe to the “King James Only” religious mantra . . . I read multiple versions of the Bible and cross-reference them to gain a full understanding. . . it would be best if I could read Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic, but I don’t).

    Regarding the Book of Enoch . . . I view that as “that’s interesting information” but NOT the same as the Bible, nor should it be viewed that way. In fact, I have a printed out copy of it, but haven’t read it completely. . . again, I put it on a shelf of “that’s interesting information”. I’m quite analytical/logical and ask many questions. Because I read information that is not in the Bible, does not mean I don’t use the Bible as my source of truth. Anything outside of the Written Word, must be read with wisdom, understanding and discernment.

    Being careful is absolutely VITAL, and I would say to be diligently walking with, listening to and obeying the leading of the Holy Spirit, for we are in the days of increased spiritual warfare. We don’t even have a television that we use (other than an old T.V./VCR combo to watch occasional cheap videos that must be spiritually acceptable). We must also be careful about the music we listen to, what we choose to do with our time and how we conduct ourselves with others, as well as our private life.

    Bottom line: we MUST be led by the Holy Spirit in all areas


  7. Hello Tony, I’ll be happy to answer your questions (which I numbered in your comment, to make it easier to reply and read).

    1) When I have a dream from the LORD, it stays with me when I wake up; that’s an initial “clue” but I don’t go only by that. Also, understanding of when a dream is from the LORD, is a part of my personal relationship with Him over decades. Here’s an example, if you have been married for decades and had a note stuck in your pocket, without a signature on it. . . you would know it’s from your wife by the wording used and the way it was written. Similarly. . . because of all of the years of walking with the LORD, there is a “knowing” . . . this dream is from Him (but I don’t stop there. . . read below):

    2) I take any dreams that “stays with me” to the LORD in prayer. Is it from Him? Is He trying to tell me something? Does it line up with Scriptures? Do I have a peace about it when I am sure it’s from Him? What am I to do with this dream? Is it for intercession, for writing up and sharing, or for my own edification/relationship with the Holy Spirit. If I’m to share it, when and with whom? Does this bring glory to the LORD . . pointing to Jesus?
    I’m also quite analytical/logical, which doesn’t seem to “fit” with one who is given these prophetic dreams, so I ask a lot of questions. I have to feel certain within my spirit, from the Holy Spirit that the dreams are indeed from Him and what to do with them from there.

    3) The Bible clearly tells us we are to “test the spirits”. If a dream is truly from the LORD, it will ultimately point to Jesus Christ as our LORD and Savior. It may be a warning dream, or a “teaching dream”, or it may be for intercession. It also has to line up with Scriptures. It can not be anything that goes against the Bible. Now, it may not “line up” with doctrines that have been developed by humans, but it must “line up” with the Bible.
    What’s an example of that? One of the “rapture dreams” that I had, which pointed to what I call “pre-wrath rapture”, or the Bride of Christ is removed, prior to the Wrath of God being poured out in judgement. That dream goes against the popular N. American Pre-trib rapture doctrine, that was marketed in the 1800s. Here’s a link to that post: A Dream About the Rapture

    4) I believe the Bible that we are given is what we are to use as the written foundation in all areas of our life. . . with Jesus Christ as our “firm foundation” . . and the Holy Spirit as our teacher, whom resides within every TRUE believer and follower of Jesus Christ.

    I do believe God continues to reveal things to His people, after all the Holy Spirit resides within each true believer, for the Bible tells us we are His temple. Logically who would reside with a person and never communicate? That would be rude and if that would be rude for humans, why would we think God would be rude and not communicate? The main way? Through the Written Word, but the Holy Spirit uses that written Word to minister to our spirit . . to come alive. How many times have we read a passage over and over and over again, then suddenly one day. . WOW, understanding. That is the Holy Spirit teaching us through the Written Word.

    Now, regarding prophecy/revelation, if we truly believe what the Bible says (which sadly, MOST professing Christians do not), we must believe then what it says in Acts Chapter 2:17-18
    “‘And it shall be in the last days,’ God says,
    ‘That I will pour forth of My Spirit on all mankind;
    And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
    And your young men shall see visions,
    And your old men shall dream dreams;
    Even on My bondslaves, both men and women,
    I will in those days pour forth of My Spirit And they shall prophesy.”

    I hope this helps answer your questions. Blessings to you and thank you for stopping by.

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  8. This comment is for the author. I found your article very interesting. Which is why I have a few questions. Because I honestly I’m curious.

    1) How do you know that your dream your dreams are coming from the Lord?

    2) And what criteria do you use to determine this is from the Lord?

    3) And how do you know that you are not being deceived yourself?

    I think these are fair questions and I honestly would like to know how you feel about it. Oh and my last question I almost forgot,

    4) do you believe that the canon of Scripture is closed and has God’s direct revelation to man ceased? Thank you very much.

    NOTE from Linda: I added numbers to this comment, so I can reply in a way that will be easier to the reader.


  9. Actually the command of God in the scriptures is ….repent and believe. It is not a decision we are asked to make, rather, it is a command. It is an imperative in the Greek.

    As to the Fallen Angel guy, you should be careful about believing extra-biblical literature when trying to understand truth. God’s Word found in the Scriptures is the only absolute truth concerning spiritual matters life and godliness. My advice is to be very careful. It sounds as though you’re getting your information outside of the scripture possibly The Book of Enoch which was not inspired text. Just be careful.


  10. Yes, Kevin, there is eternal torment in the Lake of Fire. Once we die, there is no more time to choose the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

    Some may say, “that’s not fair” . . but here’s the truth and the reality:

    It’s the Heavenly Father’s Home (Heaven) and it’s HIS rules that we must abide by or we can’t go to His Home.
    Here is the simple rule: If any want to be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven, the ONLY way to get there is through repentance (that is stopping that which is not right), ask for forgiveness and ask Jesus to come into your life to be your LORD (meaning He is the boss and decides what is the best and He really knows what’s best) and Savior (meaning, all of that dark, yucky, discusting stuff that we have been a part of, or has happened to us, is WASHED away). We are also saved from eternal torment.

    Here’s the reality: NONE of us know when our appointed day, minute or second will be, to step into eternity. Today may be the last day to choose.

    People who want to delay the choice for Jesus may be like those who went into the Twin Towers on 9-11 and thought they had tomorrow. Tomorrow never came and eternity was what they faced; did they believe in and follow Jesus? Then they are rejoicing in Heaven. Did they refuse to accept Jesus into their life? Then they are in torment for all of eternity; their best day on earth was the only “heaven” they will ever experience; and FOREVER they will be tormented in their thoughts, “why didn’t I choose Jesus, when I had that opportunity?”

    On the flip side, the worst day on earth, for a true believer and follower of Jesus, will be the only “hell” they will ever experience.


  11. Biblically, Lucifer rebelled against God; God Himself threw Lucifer out of Heaven. Here is just one Scriptural reference:

    Isaiah 14:12-15 – ““How you have fallen from heaven,
    O star of the morning, son of the dawn!
    You have been cut down to the earth,
    You who have weakened the nations!
    “But you said in your heart,
    ‘I will ascend to heaven;
    I will raise my throne above the stars of God,
    And I will sit on the mount of assembly
    In the recesses of the north.
    ‘I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;
    I will make myself like the Most High.’
    “Nevertheless you will be thrust down to Sheol,
    To the recesses of the pit.”


  12. Obedience to God
    There is a Sufi version of the story that states that Lucifer was the angel who loved God the most. At the time of the angels’ creation, God told them to bow to no one but Him.
    However, God created mankind, whom he considered superior to the angels, and commanded the angels to bow before the new figure. Lucifer refused, partly because he could not forget the first commandment, but also because he would bow to his beloved God only. The other angels saw Lucifer as insubordinate, and expelled him from Heaven.

    Those who believe in this version do not consider Lucifer or the fallen angels to be demons, since they did not rebel against God by refusing his mandate, but rather believed that creatures should bow before only God, and no one else.

    Some people believe that the Seraphim (Lucifer, Belial, Leviathan and Satan) were the only Fallen Angels, and those who believed and joined their cause became the first demons.

    I also never knew there was different ranks of Angels with different purposes …. I found 4 different versions of WHY Lucifer would not bow down before MAN (Gods new creation) The other 3 suggest he considered himself above Human kind he was said to be the most Beautiful of Angels but was filled with Pride …. He countered that God had created him from fire while he had created Man from clay and his reasoning was we should be bowing to him … HE DARED TO QUESTION GODS AUTHORITY

    Mmm then he set out on a mission to see that Adam & Eve were led in temptation obviously deceiving Eve whereby she ate from the tree of knowledge …. And he deceived her a 2nd time when she and Adam were to stand in the river for a set amount of time … And so the story goes im not happy i was supposed to get paid today and i was going to buy that bible but im having problems with the payroll company no matter it will get sorted out …I wanted to ask have you ALWAYS walked with the Lord ?


  13. There is judgement upon those who do not believe the truth, Kevin and that includes professing Christians who cling to false doctrines.
    I don’t believe everyone will follow this delusion, for those who seek the truth and love the truth (and not that which is personally defined as truth, but absolute TRUTH, as God defines it).

    The Bible warns us, in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11 – “…10and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. 11For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, 12in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.”

    Now, regarding fallen angels (which is not the best “nickname” for you, because that is calling yourself one with satan and his hoardes of demons), look up Genesis 6. The “sons of God” are the angels which fell from their original place in heaven and took human women as their “wives” . . from them came the nephalim and what many cultures know as “giants”. One of these hybrids was Goliath, that David fought as a young shepherd boy.

    I believe the text you may be referring to is possibly from the book of Enoch, but I have only skimmed through that. I would consider that more of an additional source of information, not necessarily “inspired” as the Bible (however, there are indications that the Book of Enoch was actually utilized by the early believers).


  14. So do you believe everyone will follow a fallen angel believing that this is Jesus ? He will display wanders and powers such as healing the sick and other magical powers …if this is the case id suspect this anti christ would start off doing GOOD drawing everyone in displaying his plans for our utopia …Could this be WHY it says in the bible that humans will try to raise an army against GOD himself ? Because many will be so completely deluded they will think they are on the RIGHT team when they are actually deceived …..I dont know WHY but i have a fascination with these Fallen angels Semjaza and Azazel & so on ….I wander if some of them were good because they were Gods creation and it sounds like Semjaza wasnt sure in the begining about taking a wife because he was their leader and he feared he would left to deal with gods wrath on his own so they all reassured him that they would be binded by curse and spell to do this thing …Which suggests they KNEW they were corrupting Gods creation but then again it says once they had left their 1st estate they became subject to temptations of the FLESH which must of been an unexpected problem to them ….All of sudden they felt LUST because they saw that the daughters of men were fair and beautiful so they took wives of all they chose ….but The Nephilim becoming giants i wander if this was a shock to them .. The Mighty men of old men of renown … makes them sound like Warriors with absolute Strength this story more than any other has been on my mind an awful lot …So many questions i could ask ..See youv got me started now Linda lol .


  15. Thank you, Catherine. I believe I have been in communication with this woman (or one who has a similar family concern). When somebody puts a reply on any of my posts, or in my “Do you need prayers” section, I won’t release it publically if it’s a personal request (unless they ask me to). Blessings to you, Dear Sister. >


  16. A woman has reached out in the last few days for prayer–Her husband is caught up inh this delusion– i am so thankful for your blog and dreams–I have sent her a link also– although the Lord has not led me directly to pursue these things at this time HE is making Divine connections with others– You are true and a faithful servant of our Lord—Please never stop showing what the Lord shows you- Peace in the name of Jesus- the one true and only Savior

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  17. More info regarding a FALSE Jesus and UfOs –
    According to an 8-14-15 article in the Christian Examiner:

    “Farrakhan met with local leaders to discuss the upcoming “Million Man March” on October 10, 2015. In his most recent promotion of the event in Milwaukee, Wisc., on Aug. 13, Farrakhan told an audience to prepare for God to rescue the black community in the event of a race war through the use of a UFO.”



  18. You are welcome, Terri. I feel REALLY STRONGLY about this urgent message. I hope more become aware of this coming deception. Also, “aliens” are fallen angels/demons. . . we have ALL authority over them in Christ Jesus. These things are going to start manifesting more in the days ahead, then eventually there will be the announcement coming from the Vatican. This will be globally and massively deceptive and even professing Christians, who don’t know the Word, will be deceived. LORD HELP US ALL!!!


  19. WOW!!! I just recently started reading a book by Howard Pittman about demons, as I don’t have a great understanding about them like I want!! Thanks Linda!

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